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Avatar m tn also of note is Admedus received approval to go to Phase 2 clinical trials for their HSV2 vaccine around Xmas last year. They expect interim results sometime this year. Dr. Cullen at Duke is commencing mouse trials for a cure: http://cullenlab.duhs.duke.
Avatar n tn Vaccine Campaigns May Be The Cause of New AIDS-Like Disease in Asia and Drug Resistant HIV Affecting Africa Researchers have identified mysterious new symptoms that have left scores of people in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa with an AIDS-like disease and drug-resistant HIV respectively. Coincidentally, vaccine trials took place in several regions in both continents. The patients' immune systems become damaged, leaving them unable to fend off germs as healthy people do.
Avatar f tn 6 million ($49 million) in a European IPO, earmarking its new cash to push a hepatitis B vaccine into pivotal trials and hit the gas on an HIV drug. Abivax has registered about 2 million shares on the Euronext Paris exchange, setting aside another roughly 300,000 for its underwriters. The biotech will be placing shares through June 22, expecting to price them at a midpoint of €21.30 ($23.91) each. If Abivax's overallotment allocation comes through, the company could gross €57.
Avatar m tn Did they find any cure or vaccine to prevent hiv?
Avatar m tn There is no year in the date, so I am not sure when the article was written and I found another article from 2010 saying that a widely followed GSK vaccine failed in its trials. I am not sure if these two are the same drug. Do you know anything about the vaccine that is described in the ABC news article?
Avatar m tn Recent trials on animals have shown it is between 85 and 100 per cent effective at blocking HIV and Herpes transmission. 4. Astellas ASP-2151 The most promising of the long-awaited Helicase Primase Inhibitors (HPI) drugs. And I really mean long-awaited. This is like super-acyclovir, and there's been some speculation that it could inhibit the virus so effectively that asymptomatic shedding may not be an issue. 5.
Avatar f tn I just read that Maryland may have a potential cure and is trying to get the FDA's approval to start trials in January next year. I know it's going to take a while but I pray that trials are successful because I am so ready to be done with HIV. I've always had faith since I've been diagnosed that a cure would come about but I will still prepare myself for the worst.
Avatar m tn It was actually two trials. hiv and hep c vaccination. But no clue if attenuated live particles were used. Also a concern for a carrier type that just did not seroconvert. Just don't know what the vaccine consisted of.
Avatar f tn Have the clinical trials for the E75 vaccine been completed, and is it for use with early stage breast cancer or only for late stage? I have Her2/neu positive breast cancer, stage 1 or stage 2a and was told that this vaccine might be helpful to me.
Avatar m tn I have an appointment in 2 weeks. I'll ask if it's safe and If I can take part in it since one of the trials happens near me.
Avatar m tn html Using inactivated Hepatitis C particles, a Japanese company has successfully suppressed the Hepatitis C virus in mice.
163305 tn?1333668571 Because hepatitis C is more virulent than HIV, no one was confident a vaccine against all the various strains around the world could be developed. But Michael Houghton, the University of Alberta researcher who announced his work today at the Canada Excellence Research Chairs Summit in Vancouver, says his vaccine works against every known strain of the virus.
Avatar m tn i am not expert on vaccine but i read trials in the past and you don't risk any cronic hepatitis B at 100% from hbs ab vaccine and will have a high percentage of protection from disease but not 100% protection, so you might have a mild hepatitis i'd use condom and safe sex.
Avatar m tn NASVAC is meant to be a therapeutic vaccine, so the results of the Phase II trials are keenly awaited as they should be testing on patients with chronic hepatitis B. A paper was presented at a recent conference in Cuba by the doctor in charge of the Bangladesh trial. The Cuban press hailed the vaccine. Despite numerous requests to the Conference organizer about publishing papers from the conference, no reply was ever received.
Avatar m tn He said that in 4 years they MIGHT have a therapeutic vaccine for HIV to be given to infected people. This will NOT prevent infection and will NOT be a cure. We are not even close to anything of that sort.
Avatar m tn Partners and collaborators include the University of Pennsylvania, Merck, NIH, HIV Vaccines Trial Network, National Cancer Institute, U.S. Military HIV Research Program, University of Southampton, US Dept. of Homeland Security, University of Manitoba and PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative. More information is available at For further information: Roche Partnering Emilie Vincent, Head of Roche Partnering Communications, emilie.
Avatar n tn Some diseases are harder to develop a vaccine for than others. Since Coronavirus behaves, in the body, like the flu, the foundation of knowledge to develop that vaccine already exists. Also, I think most people would agree that a vaccine for a disease (Coronavirus) that is highly infectious and has killed nearly 1400 people already this year is more urgent than a vaccine for a virus that isn't deadly.
Avatar n tn One article I found looks on the level though, and seems like they may be on their way to a vaccine and possible cure, Now, as I'm all new to this, would be great to get some feedback from those who've been around a while dealing with this.
3191940 tn?1447268717 Researchers in New Mexico have started trials on a vaccine that they hope can prevent Alzheimer's disease. It's only in animal trials for now, but results are promising: Would you take this vaccine if it eventually becomes available for humans?