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Avatar m tn I recently got blood tested for Hep B, Hep C, syphillis, and HIV. I knew beforehand that HIV tests can't be released online. Blood was drawn for these tests late Thursday. The test run was a "Hepatitis B Antigen Test," which I'm assuming would be the surface antigen test from what I've read about the most common forms of testing. I received electronic notification of 2 test results - negative for Hep C and syphillis.
Avatar n tn Here is the continuation of surfnsand247's original Tingling after Swine Flu Vaccine.
Avatar n tn About a year ago, I had a few protected, receptive anal sex sessions with transsexual sex workers in Amsterdam. None ever ejaculated, though one did use spit as a lubricant. Around 6-9 months ago, I had between 5 and 10 encounters with men that included giving oral sex, though none ever ejaculated in my mouth. For the past 4 months, I have been in a monogamous, heterosexual relationship with a woman who was tested for all STDs at the start of our relationship. About 8 weeks ago, (~2.
Avatar f tn Unfortunately, there is no vaccine for hep c. Hep b is serious but not as serious as Hiv or hep C. Do you have any symptoms for hepB? Joint pain/stomach pain/yellow skin or eyes/dark urine.
Avatar m tn Finally, I wanted to include a timeline of my symptoms for you to see if these add up to HIV/AIDS symptoms. I didn’t notice any symptoms until about 24-26 days after the encounter. The only symptom that I believe was affecting me after 24-26 days was my neck lymph nodes felt and appeared swollen. When I moved my head back and forth I felt them swollen; this symptom lasted for about 5-6 days. Didn’t notice any other symptoms that were apparent.
Avatar n tn Doctor suggested to wait a week and if it does not improve we will do another blood report and hiv test. Hiv test did not sink in properly until a couple of days. I had not even thought in this direction and doctor had not even done any risk assessment. I started reading about it. And yes to my surprise almost all the symptoms of ARS matched except fever.
220090 tn?1379170787 However, HBV and HIV only reproduce within cells. HIV uses the DNA of the host cell to reproduce. HCV reproduces free in the bloodstream and not within a cell. This makes HCV much easier to treat with PIs since the virus is exposed during reproduction and the other two are hidden. This is the reason it is possible to cure HCV with a PI, but HIV and HBV are not curable with PIs.
Avatar f tn on febuary 2011 some social health workers with the permission of my organisation asked all workers to take hep b vaccine..i took a shot without pre test and i was given an appointment for a second shot after a month ..they didnt show up for the second shot until last 27th july 2010 . This time they took my blood sample and the result came positive to hbsag..i panicked and went to a hospital for a confirmatory test.
Avatar m tn you are thinking of HIV timeline. HBV surface antigen usually goes up in several days. If you don't have it and you have had STD panels done and you have no symptoms you are OK. But only tests tell the truth here friend.. If you don't have HBV, my advice would be vaccinate against this monster and at least not ever worry about it. ALL active young adults that are not vaccinated yet against HBV please do yourself a favor and take a vaccine - protect your life.
Avatar f tn In the studies used to evaluate the protective effect of the vaccine on risk for warts, the vaccine provided 99% protection. 2. Further, with respect to your concern about the other HPV types, types 6 and 11 are two of the types found in the vaccine your received and these two HPV types cause well over 90% of visible genital warts. 3. You note that your partner was treated in July. Typically if warts are going to return, they do so in 3-6 months.
242516 tn?1368227505 gov/node/5026 These were 3 test cases for 5,500 others against the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program claiming one of these means of causation: - measles, mumps and rubella, or MMR, vaccine and thimerosal-containing vaccines can combine to cause autism; - thimerosal-containing vaccines alone can cause autism; and - MMR vaccine without thimerosal can cause autism. The U.S.
Avatar f tn Finally, please talk to your health care provider about getting the HPV vaccine (trade name Gardasil). The vaccine protects against both wart-causing HPV strains, and against the 2 types (HPV-16 and 18) that cause most cervical cancer. Every woman under age 26 should be immunized with Gardasil, including those who have already had an abnormal pap smear. I disagree with your comment about a need to use condoms in monogamous relationships.
Avatar m tn hello doctors.... I was a hiv worried well just like several others....i tested at 3 months and got a negative result Okay so my hiv concern is over (my doctor wants me to re test at 6 months which im going to this friday) but i am not concerned because I have already received my 3 month negative So now my issue is hpv. A month after my unprotected encounter I started a relationship with a female. Her and I have been having protected sex and will continue to do so.
Avatar f tn CBC/diff, General Chem. Profile, RPR, HIV, THS, Normal Except: ESR: 40 AST: 40 ANA: positive Titer: AB 1:80 Pattern: Speckled Think this might point to Lupus. (From my Research) But what would a Vitamin B12 level of 1364 Indicate/suggest?? Can’t find any information on a High Vitb12 level. Suggestions/ thoughts?
Avatar m tn Hi Dr, I have had symptoms of NGU for a month now. Please see the timeline of events: Recvd unprotected oral sex on 7/12 by a CSW. I did have 2 minor nicks (1-2mm in length) from shaving 24 hours before. 7/14 - constant burning sensation in the tip of my penis and also started to feel "wet" but no discharge. 7/15 - started taking Cipro 500mg twice/day 7/18 – Went to GP, got HIV/Syphillis blood test, Urine sample for Gon/Clmyda/Bacterial Culture which all came back negative.
163305 tn?1333672171 I thought since we are not organized in the way the cancer or HIV lobbyists are but need approval of Telapriver which can potentially save many livers and many lives, the least I can do is encourage everyone I know to write to the FDA, their representatives and anyone else we can think of. I'm sending a request to everyone in my email address book. I'm including my letter below which anyone can gladly cut and paste to send or use to compose one of their own.
Avatar f tn I recently began a monogamous relationship in mid-November, 2015. My male partner and I used condoms in the beginning, but stopped once he was screened for STDs (including HIV and an HSV blood antibody test) and got a clean bill of health. I had been tested in August, 2015 and my results were all negative (my tests included the standard screening, plus an HSV blood antibody test). To date, all of my Pap Smears have been normal.
Avatar n tn as usual drugs that cure are not developped, today hiv researchers in rome said that hiv therapeutic vaccine works to rebuild immune system even in those with hiv und since hiv und is not equal immune system working back again normally, well after they reached phase 2 and results there is no money left......this research is all government funded no money from drugs pharma, how come?
206807 tn?1331939784 Is there a cure for Ebola? “Right now, there is no cure or vaccine. Doctors typically provide supportive care to patients, which may include oxygen, fluids, blood transfusions and treating subsequent infections. A few patients infected with the virus have been given experimental treatments, including doses of a promising drug called ZMapp. But supplies of ZMapp were limited and have since run out.” http://www.cbsnews.
Avatar n tn I need one clarification ,are we talking about HSV-1 or HSV-2?
Avatar m tn This is the general timeline of HIV: day 0 - infection day 10 - viral load becomes detectable a week later - p24 becomes detectable 3 weeks - ELISA becomes positive 3 days later - bands appear on the Western Blot 1 month - Western Blot becomes fully positive This is what happens most of the time. Now you need to discuss with your doctor how to go about this. As ECN said, p24 test is worthless at 8 days - p24 is never detected this early on.
Avatar n tn I understand there is little evidenciary data on all of this, but would be curious to hear your educated opinion nonetheless, if possible. Also along those lines, whatever my partner's timeline and challenges for clearing the virus end up being, do you think this would have any special impact on my own situation? In other words, if he ends up being more infectious / contagious for longer (for ever??
1738923 tn?1327330269 for 3x already and performed oral sex on each other. Ok here's the timeline July 15- french kissing, oral sex, and mutual masturbation July 24- french kissing, oral sex, and mutual masturbation Aug 06- french kissing, oral sex, and mutual masturbation I avoided "penetration" even though she wanted it and I have a condom with me, i dont want to risk it. Now, on July 24, i noticed that i have a cold sore...
Avatar f tn Even if these 2 warts go away with one treatment, should I expect to get new warts for the next 24 months? 9. What does the vaccine do? 10. Are you a nurse or just a knowledgeable carrier? Thanks again for everything.
Avatar n tn It would probably be late 2008 for drug launch if the timeline goes according to plan. It is an aggressive timeline, but so far, they are at, or ahead of schedule. They have started producing manufacturing batches, etc. I have followed this since it was just a compound in a lab going back almost 5 years, which is hard to believe I have followed it that long already, which means, more than half of the time to approval has already passed.
Avatar f tn I recently began a monogamous relationship in mid-November, 2015. My male partner and I used condoms in the beginning, but stopped once he was screened for STDs (including HIV and an HSV blood antibody test) and got a clean bill of health. I had been tested in August, 2015 and my results were all negative (my tests included the standard screening, plus an HSV blood antibody test). To date, all of my Pap Smears have been normal.
Avatar m tn If I’m taking anti-viral meds, does that have any effect on the timeline for HSV/HIV testing? In other words, do I have to be off those meds for a certain amount of time, in order for the blood test to be accurate at 3 months? I also have an appointment with a rectal surgeon this afternoon. I want to see if he can take a look at my rear end for a definitive answer on what is/isn’t going on back there.
Avatar n tn If you are sure you have no damage, I would talk over the options with your doc, but you might be a good candidate to wait for newer treatments that don't include ribavirin, and might be much shorter in duration, especially if you are feeling well now. If VRTX's timeline holds, and into the start of phase 2 it has, they might have VX-950 approved in less than 3 years. 2006 has the chance to answer many questions about it, and data will start to flow very early in the year.
Avatar m tn Sometimes a couple may be close to each other. This all started after an oral sex encounter but all stds and HIV have been ruled out by several tests. Doc also did 3 blood tests including CBC and kidney and liver function, not sure what tests exactly but everything was normal. My original doc thought maybe a UTI or kidney stones. So I was put on 10 days of CIPRO. Does this sound like something you've heard before?