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Avatar f tn I have never met anyone I wanted to have a child with until now...I am 45 and my husband is 35. I went to a fertility doctor last week for advice. She said I was in good health and that the only issue was my age. I am still set to go for further testing to determine if I can use my own eggs for IVF, otherwise only option is donor embryos. I can' t believe it costs $23,000. I have become very depressed and wake up in the mornings with a feeling of impending doom.
1560891 tn?1302138502 Hello, I was wondering if there are any women out there who are 45 or older and still ttc? Either by IVF or donor? Thank you.
Avatar n tn At age 45, you're not too late to try IVF w/donor eggs as long as you get a good lining in your uterus for the embryos to implant. I was 44 when we did IVF w/donor eggs and I delivered a healthy baby boy last April. I wish you much luck!
163305 tn?1333668571 Because hepatitis C is more virulent than HIV, no one was confident a vaccine against all the various strains around the world could be developed. But Michael Houghton, the University of Alberta researcher who announced his work today at the Canada Excellence Research Chairs Summit in Vancouver, says his vaccine works against every known strain of the virus.
4677558 tn?1357863679 The odds for a successful treatment of IVF over the age of 45 statistically are slim...just a general inquiry as to whether there has been any success story amongst patients that have not been publisized...?
218177 tn?1240140219 Congratulations!!!!!!! We have a lot in common. I'm almost 22 weeks pregnant after IVF with donor eggs. I'm 45 and my donor was 21, transfered 2 5 day blasts, froze 10 (I think, can't remember, pregnancy hormones). Anyway, I'm soooooo happy for you girl!
1272624 tn?1395434357 Just checking in on all my TTC over 45 Sisters. I just wanted you to not give up and keep the faith! My little Ella is such a beautiful baby and although she was conceived via frozen donor eggs...She is mine and as odd as it seems I see myself in her face! I love her I love her I love her!
Avatar m tn Hi. I'm 14 weeks pregnant after my 1st IVF with donor eggs. I'm almost 45. My Fertility MD monitored everything. He adjusted meds for optimal uterine lining thickness, etc. Nothing was ever mentioned about egg rejection-but they do administer antibiotics and steroids during/after embryo transfer. I will be happy to answer any questions that you have. Good luck.
Avatar m tn hello to all need help i got my self tested for hiv 45 days after exposure via CMIA test and the result was non reactive now i am considering a 3 month test that is on 17 of march but the problem is it may sound bizarre i got a rabies vaccine on 4 th of march now i am concerned can a rabies vaccine show a false positive? if yes then what should i do?
Avatar f tn They also said that this did NOT mean that I was deferred from donating, just that I could not be used as a white blood cell donor. I think that was the part that confused me the most. Maybe he meant that I could try again to give blood to see if it was reactive again? I was given no other information other than that message. I understand through reading that normal donor testing involves checking for the HB surface anitgen, of which he did not tell me I was reactive for.
1272624 tn?1395434357 Hi, I will be 45 in June,I started a forum for us closer to 45 than 40. It just seems like being 40 is so different than being 45 when it comes to TTC. I'm not abandoning my TTC over 40, because without you I could not have gone through this. I love all of you, I would no absolutely nothing!
Avatar f tn ) It is possible to get pregnant at 45, but unless you are doing it with donor eggs, the odds are worse. Please see a professional.
218177 tn?1240140219 Were these with your eggs, or with the eggs of an egg donor? The chances for a successful pregnancy in a 45 year old using her own eggs is only 1.2% (refer to Using an egg donor, the chances each month are close to 50% (same website). Thus, even with a donor there is only a 50-50 chance each time you try. By far egg donor or adoption at age 45 are the most realistic roads to take to have a family. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I'm 45 & wanting to get pregnant for the 1st time. I learned that I have 1 follicle in each ovary. All else is good. My Fertility Dr. said to give up trying & either use donor eggs or adopt. ANyone had luck with conceiving their 1st after 45? I'll be 46 at the end of the year. I'm healthy, no diseases, & was checked the 2 yrs prior for fertility with no problems. Just had a doting partner who couldn't make up his mind....
Avatar f tn Hi. I am also 26 weeks pregnant after my 1st IVF with donor eggs. I'm 45 and didn't want to risk losing time by trying with my own eggs. I already have 2 biological children so I am fine with the whole donor thing. Insurance would not cover any medical expenses and my fertility MD thought my chances would be much higher with donor eggs. I too was very concerned about multiples so they also placed 2 eggs. Good luck to you a keep trying!
218177 tn?1240140219 I'm the 45 yr old who just had a failed IVF with my own eggs. All went well but did not work. If you have two sets of eggs, the same quality, one from a 45yr old and the other from a 25 yr old. Why is the success rate so much higher with donor eggs? We are thinking about trying again in August with donor eggs. Due to cost we have to make the best choice to have a baby because we can't afford to do this a third time. Is this really our best chance of having a baby?
1068953 tn?1255177334 I received 1 HBV vaccine and formed surface antibodies but still showed core positive. In 2005, I had blood work done which showed high levels of HBV antibodies and core negative. Is that an indicator that I could be an organ or blood donor? Gastro said there was no indication of ever having HBV, so I asked her if I could donate and she said she did not know.
Avatar f tn Anybody there conceived naturally at 45? Soon will be 46. I had a MC 1.5 years ago, maybe because my blood turned to be Rh(-)? Since then TTC. I am already too old for IVF... Tried clomid last month...No luck. Want to add baby aspirin. When is the best time to take it - at night, in the morning, with food, after a meal? Any advice there? Thanks.
Avatar f tn (I was also growing uterine fibroids from the pregnancy hormones, so I had to have surgery just to be a good candidate for donor ivf.) I am now 9 + weeks pregnant with twins from donor eggs and really couldn't be happier. Every blood test, every ultrasound comes back with great results, and after so many painful experiences at the RE's office, it is such a relief to have good news!
Avatar f tn org/diseases-conditions/hpv-infection/in-depth/hpv-vaccine/art-20047292 It states that getting the HPV vaccine even if you have had hpv prior would be beneficial as there are so many strains, it would counter additional strains you could be exposed to. Your doctor would tell you if it is specifically safe for you but would imagine it is. Again, you need to be in the right age range though.
1560891 tn?1302138502 Hello, I was wondering if there are any women out there who are 45 or older and ttc? Either by IVF, donor, or their own eggs? Thank you.