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Avatar m tn I should have thought about what i put before i did it because I don't think i have found a post that said HIV was rare in the USA. What I have found in previous posts was the doctors saying that hiv was rare in heterosexual women, rare in sex workers in America, or she probably don't have HIV or something like that. What im wondering is this, in that website that ww2008 sent me it says there are around 1,000,000 to 1,200,000 people living with hiv/aids in the US.
Avatar m tn thanks,can I understand the transmission of HIV in China and USA is same?
Avatar m tn hello, in october 24 of 2009 I got a risky exposure, so I want to get tested for hiv, the problem is that actually I'm at united states and I'm as a visitor so I'm not legal resident the question is: where can I get tested? Is allowed to visitors get tested in USA? which Identification document could be required? How much could it be? is 55 days after exposure time enough for getting tested?
Avatar n tn In Australia and Western Europe, you actually do have access to better tests as you can be tested for HIV with the DUO tests which detect both HIV antigen and HIV antibody, thereby providing positive results even sooner following infection than antibody tests alone (HIV antigen may be detectable before HIV antibody tests are). The U.S. FDA which must approve tests for HIV testing is in the process of evaluating the DUO tests for U.S. use but has not yet approved them.
Avatar m tn may be it's because the world is starting to realize that HIV isn't really that deadly with proper precautions & nutrition.
Avatar n tn I am far east guy of China,ever since I encountered the hiv risk,I've keep searching the E-net for the conclusive time to finally relieve my soul,and I find it difficult to get a conlusion,I am sure that in China,it varies from 4 weeks~12 weeks, and 6 weeks is most popular in the online forums and 12 weeks in the formal hospotals and official departments.
Avatar m tn In preparing to answer your question I also reviewed your interactions on the HIV Community Forum and agree with the advice given there. As pointed out, outside of a monogamous relationship, a licensed brothel will provide some of the lowest risk partners one might encounter. These women are tested regularly and condom use is the norm. Your symptoms are those of virtually any systemic viral illness including the flu or, far less likely the ARS.
Avatar n tn Hi does getting tested for hiv in USA effects health insurance? i heard that they will consider those persons who get tested as risky is that true?
Avatar m tn Note that I had pulled off some skin from my lip approximately one hour earlier, leaving a very thin (blood clearly visible under the layer, though not bleeding) layer of skin on my lip. I do not know her HIV/std status, she is from the US, she may have traveled to other countries with higher HIV prevalence, non-drug user. I have some rash areas on my hand, shoulder, face - and some come/go rashes on the top of my forearm. No fever. Come and go sore throat/difficulty swallowing.
Avatar m tn I sew below info from USA CDC Web state Oral Sex and the Risk of HIV Transmission The risk of HIV transmission from an infected partner through oral sex is much less than the risk of HIV transmission from anal or vaginal sex. Measuring the exact risk of HIV transmission as a result of oral sex is very difficult.
Avatar n tn The services which does this kind of testing are not sending their blood sample collection kits outside of usa. any help? maybe someone living in usa can help me.
Avatar m tn Negative across the board and non-reactive for HIV. While I know this does not settle the issue for HSV and HIV risk with this incident, it is a good start, and I had never been tested before in my life for STDs, so it does set my mind at ease for a number of other encounters I had over the past 15 years. I have no real symptoms of anything, though my mind plays some tricks on me as I worry about this...I seem to have a mild symptom of some type that changes it's form every day.
Avatar m tn Thanks for your answer. But I don't her to change her treatment...Will see then.
Avatar n tn Allow me to post a similar question again.I visted the usa cdc website,and it shows that,6 months is conclusive, the link is: Some one kind in this forum answered me that,it was changed to 3 omnths in 2004. But in USA,every state has its own cdc,they have differnet guidelines.And,what is the window period of the national cdc of USA,but not the window period recommended by a certain state's cdc. I am waiting for your help, please.
Avatar f tn Hi there. I'm from the USA. I know that experts say hiv2 is not in the USA as much as other countries. They also say to only test for hiv 2 if you have had sex with someone that is from west Africa. My question is what if you sleep with someone who is from the USA but that person had previously slept with someone with hiv2. You just wouldn't know. I know many tests look for both. But is this a legit worry? Does this ever happen?
Avatar m tn she sucked me 10seconds without condom and we had viginal sex with condom 40seconds. but i am very affarid of HIV please advice me. is there any chance to get HIV or any other deseas? please reply me.
Avatar f tn One thing I am sure is available world wide is nasal saline spray. I find that simple liquid helps. In the USA we have a nasal decongestant nasal spray marked under the name Afrin, there are others too that works very well for me, but the general advice/warning is not to use the Afrin type spray more than a few time is a row. If the above doesn't relate to your question, you may want to try to rephrase the question and post again.
Avatar n tn 1) what are my chances of infecting with hiv 2) how safe are the sex workers in USA 3) should i need any testing after 3 months..
Avatar n tn 1) what are my chances of infecting with hiv 2) how safe are the sex workers in USA 3) should i need any testing after 3 months..
Avatar f tn Symptoms will not decide about HIV, Blood test is the only way.
Avatar f tn Then after I did my last cycle of chemo (high dose of cytarbine for 5 days ) on 8 Feburary 2016 and after 17 days I had Infection in PICC line so doctors removed it and had fever for 2 days then blood counts recovered by GCSF and finished chemo on 29 of Feburary 2016. My question is is it common to have these infection during chemo or I contacted hiv.
Avatar m tn Just wondering if prenatal test routinely test for HIV/Stds and if they are mandatory?
Avatar m tn i guess below is the answer for my Question, What is equivalent test DUO test in USA? if not please advice some one Lab Corp Inc 083824 Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1/O/2 (HIV-1/O/2) Antibodies, Preliminary Test With Confirmation HIV antibodies by ICMA with Western blot confirmation. If ICMA results are repeatedly positive, Western blot analysis will be performed at an additional charge.
Avatar m tn The approval for TAF for HIV is close , but it will be only for a coformulation with other HIv drugs, so it will be useless for HBv patients. No HIV mono formulation is currently in sight. for HBV, TAF is likely to be approved sometime in 2017 or 2018 and at the higher dose of 25 mg, since it is not coformulated with an absorption enhancer.