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Avatar f tn I was reading on this website that you need at least two undetectable results within six months of treatment before relying on it.
Avatar n tn No. The new STAT-C meds can be used in combination with SOC drugs (peginterferon & ribavirin) for those who previously failed SOC treatment and want to try again to achieve SVR. These patients will have a better chance of SVR with the new meds.
Avatar m tn Some of the early medications were very toxic and caused problems themselves which impacted ont he lifespan of the person taking them. As the science of HIV treatment has matured and is still maturing newer, better tolerated drug have become available. The bottom line is this; we won;t know just how long a "normal" lifespan will be while taking HAART for at least another 20-40 years.
446474 tn?1446347682 Here is a great talk with audio and slide presentation from "The Best of The Liver MeetingĀ® 2010 Postgraduate Course sessions" The doctor explains viral resistance and how treatment with DAAs works with peg-interferon and ribavirin. Therapy of Hepatitis C: Viral Resistance and Remaining Challenges Cheers!
Avatar m tn "Try Truvada. There are reports that it clears surface antigen at 11% per year. The benefit of interferon still will be there as it had a long lasting effect." - do you have this reports ? "Five years ago they were right on the spot with Baraclude saying it is weak drug and resistance issue will be a problem with HBV..
Avatar m tn People have mentioned that the full 300 mg strength which was originally approved for HIV may more than needed for HBV.
Avatar n tn Yes 2 grams of azithromycin is recommended therapy for gonorrhea but there are reports of some resistance to azithromycin. If you are really concerned about treatment failure, go get tested again.
Avatar f tn LAM mutations are present even naturally and if you happen to have it etv is wrong i had a secondary mutation (not resistance) from lam and adv naturally before starting treatment and since test detects these mutations when higer than 20% other mutations might be present but not this is way combo is very important anyway.
Avatar f tn There are no reported cases of drug resistance to Tenofovir. If there were, Truvada is the recommendated treatment.
Avatar m tn In general it may be that any new or different form of treatment that can trump the originating PI resistance issue could be sufficient to provide a response and an SVR. Deal is...... that is unproven and it may be a while until it is proven. I'd guess it may not be addressed until post approval of TVR and Boceprevir. And yes, from what I've heard they are thinking that resistance to TVR will likely mean resistance to Boceprevire and vica versa and also to other PI's.
Avatar m tn The mechanism for resistance is differ from antiviral to antiviral. For example, Lamivudine resistance is more on and off. Adefovir is more gradual. Unless you research this area, it's hard to know what exactly is happening. But we do know all antivirals are at risk for resistance over time. And since you are 40 with early cirrohsis, you need the antiviral to stay working for another 30 years or so without resistance, that is a tough goal.
Avatar m tn To evaluate amino acid changes within HBV pol/RT after up to 240 weeks of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) treatment and determine their potential association with resistance to TDF. No TDF resistance has been detected through 192 weeks of TDF treatment. Methods: Patients in Studies GS-US-174-0102 (HBeAg-) and GS-US-174-0103 (HBeAg+) were randomized 2:1 to receive TDF or adefovir dipivoxil (ADV) for 48 weeks followed by open-label TDF.
Avatar n tn Another appropriate time to alter therapy by switching or adding another drug to the treatment regimen is when there is development of HBV antiviral drug resistance. Treatment with adefovir is associated with a 29% rate of resistance in HBeAg-negative patients after 5 years of therapy. Entecavir is associated with one of the lowest cumulative rates of resistance in treatment-naive patients, < 1% after 4 years of therapy.
Avatar n tn I understand that my parter has a good chance of being infected ( I am the one that had chlamydia and got treatment, he did not know I had it) and did not get treatment then most likely I will have it again this is why I need to take it again. This time both of us will get the treatment. So this will be the third time i Take it in a 6 week period.
Avatar m tn Somewhat higher expectations of effectiveness/ resistance preventive power can be placed in the use of the FTC/TDF combo a drug already in use for HIV under the name Truvada. FTC is very similar to LAM, just has an extra Fluor atom on the ring. There was an HBV trial in Honkong a while ago where the combo FTC/ADF was vastly superior to ADF alone, showing almost synergism in Vl reduction, this has been reported at the AASLD.