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Avatar m tn Like HBV, HIV is a fast-mutating virus prone to developing resistance to drugs used on their own. That's why many HIV patients responded well to treatment with AZT in the late 1980s, but sickened as the drug lost effectiveness. Locarnini fears a repeat of the HIV story with emerging Hepatitis B drugs.
Avatar n tn 1. Many users of LAM develop resistance, many doctors will prescribe some combo treatment to lower HBVDNA. 2. Even when HBVDNA is brought to UND it does not mean there is no more virus or there is no more liver damage. 3. Another direction to look to is to be liver-friendly and help make the body environment good for the liver and non-fitting for the virus. For a long time, one may co-live with the virus but eventually the body gets healthier and the virus dies out. 4. How? a.
26471 tn?1211940121 // ... ci_arttext "of all the Non Responders How many are Insulin Resistant? From what I am reading seems Many?" We don't know exactly. Most of the doctors do NOT test people with Hep C for insulin resistance. Even though we've known for years that insulin resistance lowers SVR. According to some of the studies, up to two thirds of Hep C patients have IR.
Avatar n tn A week after coming off doxy a urologist looked at my urine said it was clean, took a urethral swab and blood test, both of which came back negative for the common std's including HIV. He started me on Cipro 500 mg 2x daily for two weeks, despite telling me he thought I was clean. 10 days into Cipro, still burning, I had unprotected sex with wife for 1st time since this started.
Avatar f tn With my treatment history being a multiple null responder to interferon /ribavirin, with cirrhosis who relapsed after Sovaldi and Olysio I would not be entirely surprized if I did have a resistance factor possibly NS5A Yes my doctor did use the argument no point in testing it would not change our treatment protocol. Had I been tested and was positive for NS5A would they not have treated me? Or would they treat me as I was treated?
Avatar f tn LAM mutations are present even naturally and if you happen to have it etv is wrong i had a secondary mutation (not resistance) from lam and adv naturally before starting treatment and since test detects these mutations when higer than 20% other mutations might be present but not this is way combo is very important anyway.
Avatar n tn I have read some comments about antiviral resistance and wonder if I somehow messed up my resistance by using the medication in this manner. (3) Also, if my partner were to take acyclovir before or after sex, would a superdose of two 400-mg tablets be advised? I understand there are no data on this issue, but I'm reading more and more about the negative partners using medication, usually a Valtrex. This is a great website--thanks for any responses.
Avatar n tn A week after coming off doxy a urologist looked at my urine said it was clean, took a urethral swab and blood test, both of which came back negative for the common std's including HIV. He started me on Cipro 500 mg 2x daily for two weeks, despite telling me he thought I was clean. 10 days into Cipro, still burning, I had unprotected sex with wife for 1st time since this started.
Avatar m tn Naturally occurring dominant resistance mutations to hepatitis C virus protease and polymerase inhibitors in treatment-naïve patients." Checking the pubmed related citations section should turn up lots of others; this issue has been covered extensively over the past couple of years.
Avatar n tn This is old news but may answer your question. Drug Resistance The risk of viral resistance is likely to pose a major challenge to the development and clinical use of NS3 serine PIs, as it has with HIV PIs. in vitro studies using HCV replicons have identified mutations conferring drug resistance to BILN 2061 and VX-950. These findings were certainly not unexpected. Indeed, the potential for resistance is virtually guaranteed for compounds targeting the NS3 protease.
948882 tn?1270557407 may increase the risk of renal dysfunction; HIV resistance may emerge in patients with untreated or unrecognized HIV; lactic acidosis and hepatomegaly with steatosis have been reported with other nucleoside analogues Entecavir (Baraclude) Guanosine nucleoside analogue with activity against HBV polymerase. Competes with natural substrate deoxyguanosine triphosphate (dGTP) to inhibit HBV polymerase activity (ie, reverse transcriptase). Less effective for lamivudine-refractory HBV infection.
Avatar f tn Referring again to HIV, they've found recently that about 9% of those newly diagnosed with HIV already show resistance to some of the HIV treatment drugs. HOWEVER, I have to say I don't quite agree that they should simply play it safe with regards to HCV by suggesting incorrectly to people that if they've taken a particular PI such as Telaprevir that they'll have resistant mutations forever if it's not true. If you can scientifically prove they die off, why take away hope from people.
Avatar m tn This is very important to me and may very well be the reason I failed Hep C treatment... HCV slowly damages the mitochondria through a process of oxidative stress. Aerobic exercise helps produce more mitochondria and a high-protein diet boosts the benefit of exercise, which decreases insulin resistance. Being insulin resistant impairs your ability to achieve a sustained response to Chemotherapy drugs peginterferon and ribavirin...
446474 tn?1446351282 Similarities and Differences With HIV Source: HIV and Hepatitis C Annual Update 2011 By: Stuart Ray, MD Impact of Baseline Protease Inhibitor Resistance in Phase III Trials In the pivotal phase III boceprevir trials, data on baseline viral sequences were available for 980 patients treated with boceprevir. An analysis of these sequences revealed that 43 patients (4%) had pretreatment detection of the high-level resistance-associated variants V36M, T54A/S, V55A, and/or R155K.
Avatar f tn Dear Vance,teak,howardh,nursegirl and all the experts of the forum few days ago i was having a normal discussion over the HIV topic with few of the medical representatives and they were saying that now a days medical science is so advance that a cure for hiv and AIDS is there but medicine giants are not issuing it out just because a huge amount of money they have invested in treatment of HIV and AIDS so they are restricted to reveal it for the public interest whereas few were saying that cure o
Avatar m tn In these two trials, TDF remains safe and effective over a 7 year treatment period with no detectable resistance to TDF; a relatively low rate of renal events and no evidence of clinically relevant bone loss were also observed.
Avatar n tn I got tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia (only tests they had available) and was given 1 gram of Zithromax along with the single dosage of levofloxacin (Levaquin brand). The treatment started on Oct 27th. I received the results on Oct 31th and I tested positive for chlamydia. Here are reasons why I am concerned: a) It is now October 31st and there is still discharge b) I've been on antibiotics a few times this year and I am worried about developing some sort of resistance.
86664 tn?1291561395 I'm thinking that probably I'll do about the same schedule for PCRS post treatment as I did during treatment (4, 12, 24...) if I can. I haven't talked to the doc and don't really know what is considered "typical" but I'll TRY to stick to it. I don't want to go to jail for forging Medical Orders for PCRs ;) Of course - I have to convince the doctor what I want but I don't think it will be much of a problem.
Avatar f tn • Includes HCV genotype (subtype) assignment for the NS3/4A region, providing information that may be important for long-term drug treatment strategy and drug resistance assay interpretation. • A turnaround time of approximately 7 to 10 days HCV GenoSure NS3/4A can be ordered using Monogram test number C5000 (LabCorp test number 550540). LabCorp and Monogram have applied their expertise in HIV drug resistance to the newly approved, direct- acting antiviral agents for hepatitis C.
Avatar m tn Somewhat higher expectations of effectiveness/ resistance preventive power can be placed in the use of the FTC/TDF combo a drug already in use for HIV under the name Truvada. FTC is very similar to LAM, just has an extra Fluor atom on the ring. There was an HBV trial in Honkong a while ago where the combo FTC/ADF was vastly superior to ADF alone, showing almost synergism in Vl reduction, this has been reported at the AASLD.
Avatar n tn In 59 other cases, however, there was no indication that the patient had undergone any medical test or treatment that would indicate the presence of a cancer. (In 10 other cases, which Clark diagnosed as HIV infection, there was no history suggestive of AIDS. In the rest, it was not clear whether the patient had been medically diagnosed with cancer.) Judging from the reports, Clark's judgments were based entirely on the results of her own peculiar diagnostic tests.
16584782 tn?1449398004 1-Patients coinfected with satellite virus (HDV) 2-Patients combining ART (antiretroviral therapy ) with natural medicines 3-Patients suffering of hypertensive on treatment that combine their treatment with ART or natural medicines. 4-Patients on direct natural medicines. Yes ,you may feel good and be ready to take peg when your hbsag quanti drops , but weigh the consequences very well . You may have a low hbsag ,but developed fibrosis , or damage your liver .
Avatar m tn This will have consequences on your future treatment options...just ask anyone who developed resistance to Lamuvidine. Resistance is a difficult one way road. I think it's okay to just go on mono-therapy with Baraclude now since your DNA is still not that high. But do ask your doctor when is a good time to go with combo. If the answer is after resistance develops, that's a bad answer. You don't need FDA approval for combo treatment. FDA approves the individual meds.
Avatar m tn High BMI Insulin resistance HIV Coffee consumption Vitamin D status Fibrosis More advanced fibrosis and particularly the presence of cirrhosis is a strong negative predictor of treatment outcome in patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. The reason why cirrhosis is associated with interferon nonresponse is unknown but is likely to be multifactorial.
Avatar m tn I'll talk with my doctor about "Truvada".
Avatar m tn I am in Montevideo, Uruguay. I was diagnosed with HIV within 6 months of the infection in December 2009 and I decided to start treatment right away. By then I used to live in NYC and the decision of starting treatment right away was mine- I didn’t know what the future would hold! When I was diagnosed my CD4 count was 600 and my viral load 7,000. My genotype showed that my virus was sensitive to all treatments and I started with Atripla.
Avatar n tn How reliably would those drugs work, and how long does it take for them to remove my symptoms? 3. Am I at risk for HIV? If so, do I need to be tested. 4. After finishing my prescriptions, would it be safe to have sex with other partners without risk of transmission.
Avatar n tn But neither cipro nor erythromycin are indicated for the treatment of syphilis. Testing for Hiv in 6 weeks also may be a good idea. So to answer your question for advice on treatment. I would seek a physician or health care provider that follows the CDC recommended guideline. I must also ask if you are having and symptoms and if you had any tests done . Take care.
Avatar m tn No Detectable Resistance to Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate (TDF) Following up to 240 Weeks of Treatment in Patients with HBeAg+ and HBeAg- Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection P. Marcellin1; E. Heathcote2; A. Corsa3; Y. Liu3; M. D. Miller3; K. M. Kitrinos3 1. Hopital Beaujon, University of Paris, Clichy, France. 2. Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, ON, Canada. 3. Gilead Sciences, Inc., Foster City, CA, United States.
Avatar m tn Nitazoxanide has been approved as an antiprotozoan agent for the treatment of diarrhea caused by Giardia lamblia and by Cryptosporidium parvum in HIV-infected children. In this setting, it is administered twice daily for 3 days and produces minimal adverse events. Nitazoxanide was recently studied in combination with peginterferon in a phase II study to treat HCV-infected patients, most of whom had HCV genotype 4 (Capsule Summary).