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Avatar m tn And even in babies, the risk is lower than most people realize. When a newborn is nursed by an HIV infected mother not on treatment, on average only about 15% of the kids become infected by 6 months of age, despite swallowing a few ounces of mild every day.
Avatar n tn Hi, is it possible to have 1 time unprotected sex with a lady, catch HIV, then sleep with my pregnant partner once during her pregnancy and pass onto her and for her to then also to pass it onto our newborn baby? I would think this is extremely unlikely but was wondering what you experts think. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I think i might have HIV, can I hold a newborn. Is there any risk of someone with HIV holding a newborn baby?
Avatar f tn On the same Japanese technology by Matsumoto PreventiNe Life Care in India in offering Direct to Home newborn metabolic screening to any part of the world for more than 100 Inborn Errors of Metabolism. The technology is based on GC/MS which identifies components in minutest concentration making the diagnosis very reliable. The automation of GC/MS technology has revolutionized the newborn screening space which was originally ruled by the blood spot screening.
Avatar f tn Okay, so I know that MedHelp's stance on oral sex of all forms and most circumstances is of a negligible risk for HIV, as in, you probably won't get it unless you have meth mouth, but if that's the case, why do so many experts warn against HIV+ mothers breastfeeding their children? Can someone explain that?
Avatar n tn In following the same basic scenario. My wife and I are going to adopt a HIV - newborn baby. Obvsiously we will not be breastfeeding. What precatiouns should be taken to prevent environmental transmission of HIV to our baby.
Avatar f tn Hiv positive relative spat on me while they spoke a few landed on my lips and in my mouth. Particularly concerned as they spat on me following them picking their teeth with a toothpick. Therefore what if their spit was tainted with blood? I have a newborn do extremely concerned that u have put my baby in harms way. Shall I get tested? What is the level of risk?
Avatar n tn Even in the most disadvantaged populations, routine strategies have prevented newborn HIV infections, i.e. automatic testing of pregnant women and treating the positives. And the very rare HIV infected kids are almost all on treatment, which prevents them from infecting other people. So even if some of the kids in your child's class come from high risk populations, the chance any of them has transmissible HIV is exceedingly low.
Avatar f tn I am a 34yr old male, 160lbs. I contracted hiv in December of 2009, and got diagnosed formally in January of 2010. Started treatment immediately, with 60,000 viral load. I forget my original cd4 count. Up until a few months ago, I was on treatment pretty much the entire time I was infected. There were a couple breaks due to insurance issues, and one break last fall when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I'm told the diabetes is from the hiv medication.
Avatar n tn My son was born 2 months premature. His newborn scan showed "moderately elevated" levels of TSH. The newborn scan was repeated with the same result (I guess it's repeated because preemies often have elevated levels of TSH initially). The NICU doctors then ran a blood test and the TSH levels came back over 300. So, he was started on 50mcg of Levothyroxine/daily. Should I worry that treatment wasn't started until day 18 of his life?
Avatar m tn HIV can be transmitted due to sharing needles, this is because the blood interact. Unfortunately, there is no cure for HIV (note that HIV isn't the same as AIDS) but treatment for this virus is really advanced. There are medications that permit people live a completely normal life with HIV without developing AIDS. I hope everything is ok, post your results. Personally, I think you didn't involve in high risk. This virus is very fragile and die easily at normal temperature.
Avatar f tn blood test cannot show liver damage at all and also ultrasound cant, if you are so unlucky to be in US you have the wrost healthcare, even worst than third world countries as regards hbv you have been lucky they didn t treat you, in US they prescribe antivirals easly and prior entecavir and tenofovir, so about 2006-2008, they used weak hiv antivirals that made resistance to hiv and lost much business......the same happened with hbv.
Avatar m tn On day 10 of intercourse the middle of my tongue changed in color and turned into light brown color with a strange taste,i don`t know if it is from smoking as i am a heavy smoker ,anyway on day 13 i developed a flu-like symptoms fever and sore throat without tonsillitis , IS THAT AN HIV SYMPTOMS ? CAN IT HAPPEN THAT EARLY?, please help me as i am really scared.
Avatar n tn In my state of KY, docs r not allowed to administer methadone for purposes of drug treatment. A OB doc is not licensed to administer methadone in this manner so therefore they never wud! I was on 30 mg when my baby was born. She is 5 and perfectly healthy n normal. ^^^ Not slow or behind...she is actually above average with what she knows. Methadone is much safer for ur baby than for someone to continue to abuse pills or other street drugs through their preg.
136689 tn?1419580447 my sister has been told here 5 week old has cf but looking at all the symptoms and what not we are hoping for a glimmer of hope here is is a bit of history I the aunty are a cf carrier only found out due to having test done before fertility treatment so thinking my sister is too and not sure about her husband anyway.. so her newborn screening has come back positive but she doesn't taste salty or have any cough or wheezing nothing of the sort..
Avatar n tn I had PEP treatment a few months ago after believing i was exposed to HIV through anal intercourse. I was told that the treatment could delay the development of anti-bodies. My question is, since i haven't been on the treatment for months, could it still delay the development of anti-bodies after exposure to HIV even though it isn't in my body anymore? Or does that just occur when taking the treatment?
Avatar n tn the hospital that my newborn is at is treating my baby with morphine and quanadine for what they say are suboxone withdrawls. he wa doing ok untl they put hin in the nicu. Now he is having problems and they say getting worse. they keep upping his dosage. I dont want them to do this and they say then my insurance wont pay for the bill if i refuse treatment. I hae asked them to start reducing his dosage so he can come home. He is fine when i am there holding him.
Avatar n tn many people feel the way you do post treatment. it can take 6 months to a year to feel better. Add to that reducing the methadone and you have good reason to feel the way you do. It will get better with time. Put all your enegry into your baby. I'm sure it must have been hard going through treatment with a newborn. Now is the time to make up for any time lost with them. Best of luck and hope you are feeling better soon.
Avatar f tn My friend newborn baby was diagnosed with microphthalmia and this was the greatest agony to them...according to the local eye specialist surgeon, they will measure the baby's eye every 3 to 6 months to monitor its grow, and most likely the baby's vision is impaired... may i know any possible treatment to maximize and improve the baby's vision for this disease?
Avatar m tn ve had a risk and need testing is by using the following list as a guide. These are the risks for HIV that would warrant testing. If none of them applies to you, you have no worries. 1. UNPROTECTED vaginal or anal sex 2. Sharing IV drug works 3.
Avatar m tn The IGG blood test is the most accuracy way to diagnose HSV infection . But as i know IGG can be passed by mother to newborn .Hence ,is it mean IGG test for a baby is useless? as even the IGG of baby is postive but still not 100% means the baby was infected by HSV virus? 2. If acyclovir can effect the index value of IGG and IGM ? My newborn baby was tested IGM as postive on his 12 days,after 14days acyclovir treatment the IGM now turnd to negtive .
Avatar n tn I have a newborn who was born with SVT, we knew about it a couple of months before she was born. she has been in the hospital since she was born and they are trying different medications, but nothing seems to be working. Her heart rate jumps to 280 to 300 and stay up for 20 minutes then gets medicine administered to get it down, they have tried Dijoxin, Inderol, and two other ones I can't even come close to spelling. Anyone else have experience with this?