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Avatar n tn A patented product in India and South Africa, patents for Nudoxa have also been filed in EU, US, Japan and several countries globally. Doxorubicin, the first generation drug, was launched in 1960s and gave a new lease of life to cancer patients with its ability to combat aggressive and malignant tumours. This DNA-interacting drug, however, was discovered to cause life-threatening side effects in the form of cardiac abnormalities.
Avatar m tn As a result of the very high successful response rate and the possibility of shortening the duration of treatment in nearly all patients who achieve an RVR in the absence of cirrhosis, treatment of HCV-2 with a standard combination of PEG-IFN/RBV may be continued.
Avatar m tn After given for 24-48 weeks, this treatment resulted in a sustained virologic response (a marker for cure), defined as undetectable HCV RNA in the patient's blood 24 weeks after the end of treatment in 50%–80% of patients (with higher SVR among persons with HCV genotypes 2 or 3 infections versus infections with HCV genotype 1, the most common genotype found in the United States).
Avatar f tn At least one and possibly several have been approved by the FDA for use in the US. However, neither quest nor labcorps (nor any of the third parties that sell access to these tests direct to informed consumer) seem to offer it. So what gives? If the strategy of simultaneously testing for viral antigen and host antibody production has been validated, why isn't the combo test part of the US HiV testing mantra like it seems to be in the UK?
Avatar m tn Note that I had pulled off some skin from my lip approximately one hour earlier, leaving a very thin (blood clearly visible under the layer, though not bleeding) layer of skin on my lip. I do not know her HIV/std status, she is from the US, she may have traveled to other countries with higher HIV prevalence, non-drug user. I have some rash areas on my hand, shoulder, face - and some come/go rashes on the top of my forearm. No fever. Come and go sore throat/difficulty swallowing.
1994269 tn?1327148617 i haqd my tonsills operated when i was a kid.whats the matter wid me then? i had read in a book that hiv has a similar it sore throat in hiv does nt go this i okay ??plz help. i am worried. .
Avatar n tn The tests you took, look for specific components of the HIV virus in your body. This test is HIGHLY accurate after a short period of time. They would detect group O or N. You don't need to be concerned about these groups as they are exceedingly rare and very region specific. Your tests(which are NOT recommended for POC asthey are designed to monitor VIRAL LOAD in CONFIRMED infected patients and very expensive) testing is overkill.
Avatar m tn headaches,fatigue,Nausea and bad appetite,flu like symtoms swelling testicle,lost weight,gingivitis, diarrhea, pain in bones,hives that come and go when i'm cold slow heart beat,every large green vains in hands and feets,muscle pain,eye pain I took std test at 1.5 month after exposure everything came back negative, except herpes.
Avatar m tn Even though I know that treatment is best for me in the long run I am still very anxious about starting treatment. I think once I have a support system in place I'll feel a bit better.
Avatar n tn 1% of adults in the US has hiv but cdc has recommended yearly testing for everyone over 12 years of age. 25% of adults in US have hsv2 and 56% have hsv1 but it's not a part of routine testing. Makes no sense at all to me.
Avatar n tn --Can IVDUs be safely treated for HCV --Does methadone affect HCV treatment --How does length of drug sobriety impact upon HCV treatment outcomes in methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) --Does intervening alcohol use by MMT affect treatment outcomes --Does illicit drug use by MMT during HCV treatment affect virologic outcomes OASIS HCV patients: --The majority are IVDUs in all stages of recovery, more than 50% are on MMT --About 75% have active substance abuse issues --OASIS has screened
Avatar f tn -funded doctors failed to give the AIDS drug AZT to all the HIV-infected pregnant women in a study in Uganda even though it would have protected their newborns. U.S. health officials argued the study would answer questions about AZT's use in the developing world. The other study, by Pfizer Inc., gave an antibiotic named Trovan to children with meningitis in Nigeria, although there were doubts about its effectiveness for that disease.
936016 tn?1332769204 Many of the questions we answer on this Forum and also the Freedomhealth Sexual Health Forum relate to anxiety about HIV and also possible early HIV symptoms. One of the main problems in relying on HIV symtoms themselves is that they are notoriously vague and almost all the symptoms may in fact be symptoms of a different disease. The best method always of diagnosing HIV is to have a modern HIV test.
163305 tn?1333672171 jmjm530 said: "Perhaps twill one day pinpoint why some people naturally get rid of the virus and some don't, and use this to develop a less toxic cure." Understanding the underlying pathological functions of hcv IS the key -- and until science has a better grasp of its genetic signals on a cellular/metabolic level, imho, attempts at cure will continue to be tantamount to a crapshoot (some 'luckier' than others, perhaps...
Avatar m tn 45 percent is 4.5 in 1000, approximately the same as getting HIV from a single unprotected vaginal encounter. If you read the Dr.'s boards, you'll see they typically don't consider that type of risk even worth testing, except to ease your mind. I don't know when this happened or how long after you were tested, but know that a test 3 months after the needle stick will give you conclusive proof you were not infected.
Avatar m tn I've also noticed 4 micro tiny red spots in my hands, they don't itch or anything. I've tested negative for HIV at 10 and 13 weeks so I am assuming this is conclusive. Any ideas if the syphilis could cause this tiny spots? I tested negative for Chlamydia and Gonorrea. Maybe I'm just suffering of anxiety? Thanks!
Avatar n tn Trihepguy, we must have posted near same time or I would have put this in with yours. Sorry for taking a post.
Avatar n tn Sean, sounds fantastic, but i'm not a sex worker nor man who is freaking out cause of an over seas or out of the Country oral sex situation. I'm a normal female in the US. His answers sounded professional a knowledgeable, but I'm probably better of at this forum, as Vance recommended in his recent post to me. (thanks Vance)! I just want to here it from a Dr., although the community forum has been extremely patient and knowledgeable,w/answers, their Awesome!
215816 tn?1212494007 All lab reports with every PCR test done showing liver panel functions, log drops, counts, and bx report done ...each in their own folders reflecting their months...( including my HIV in it's own seperate folder.) I think I might take a mini recorder with me if it's allowed just to make sure that I don't forget anything, and it might be sorta cool to play that back to my new Dr. My list of questions for Schiff's team will be short, direct, and percise.
Avatar m tn Pakistan is said to have 14% of the population with hepatitis C so it is much more common than here in the US where the percentage is 1.8%. Genotype 3 is the most common in Pakistan and is currently treated with peg-interferon and Ribavirin for 6 months. Good luck to you!
936016 tn?1332769204 The rationale behind the research is that because so many people with HIV have been correctly identified in the San Francisco area, many more have been offered treatment. The aim of treatment with ARV's is to reduce an individual's viral load and thus his or her infectiousness.
Avatar n tn Willy, that's a Press Release written by the company! (Owned by some guy named James Joyce, and according to Dun & Bradstreet, has a total of 5 employees.) "On September 17, 2008, Aethlon reported robust viral load reductions in tested HCV patients that completed the three Hemopurifer® treatment protocol. The outcomes were derived from consolidated viral load values of all three patients.
Avatar n tn Oh, I also smoked pot. I'm in a med-marijuanna state and chose to exercise that option. I now consider myself cured and living very well w/ESLD.
8092660 tn?1442444098 I would certainly appreciate it. I would love the support while i'm in this treatment. I ope I hear more in detail if you reached a SVL. Okay checking out for now, It is a bit easier to sleep these days. As long as I stay away from brain deadening television. But sometimes it helps, Thank you for your responses .
Avatar n tn In 59 other cases, however, there was no indication that the patient had undergone any medical test or treatment that would indicate the presence of a cancer. (In 10 other cases, which Clark diagnosed as HIV infection, there was no history suggestive of AIDS. In the rest, it was not clear whether the patient had been medically diagnosed with cancer.) Judging from the reports, Clark's judgments were based entirely on the results of her own peculiar diagnostic tests.
16584782 tn?1449398004 to estimate the chance you need HBsAg quantitive test, which is unfortunatelly not available in the US
Avatar n tn Extended treatment and higher doses of INF are about the only options left for us. There is no doubt in my mind that longer treatment will prove beneficial for many "somes" is the big questions that needs to be evaluated to judge the benefit vs risks of such a program. I think in the short-term the treatment of 2' & 3's who show a slower response time will be much improved to a extended treatmetn, i.e. 48 vs 24 weeks of treatment...
1043834 tn?1269046623 Today I was wondering about how knowledgeable people are about HIV, well It turns out most of the people I know are completely oblivious to the idea. So I went ahead and looked it up on Youtube, turns out there are some stupid people leaving comments on why noty to test yourself for HIV. I was completely infuriated. I mean if knowledge is power this individual was saying that an HIV test could ruin your life. This was that individuals comment: DON'T GET TESTED!
149675 tn?1416676733 and those were made pretty damm available (relatively speaking) to people suffering with HIV, at least in THIS country.... Current treatment protocols are less then say the least....I would think that any treatment protocols that would improve on them to a great extent...would be expedited.... Of course, got some wishful thinking here but this is another scenario that I feel should be considered...
2207631 tn?1369848423 For genotype 1 treatment naive patients, the treatment will be Sofosbuvir in combination with RBV and peg-IFN for patients with genotype 1, 4, 5 and 6 HCV infection. So the next new treatment to come to market in early 2014 for genotype 1 patients will have peg-interferon. http://www.medhelp.