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Avatar f tn I understand the mechanistics of these tests. At least one and possibly several have been approved by the FDA for use in the US. However, neither quest nor labcorps (nor any of the third parties that sell access to these tests direct to informed consumer) seem to offer it. So what gives? If the strategy of simultaneously testing for viral antigen and host antibody production has been validated, why isn't the combo test part of the US HiV testing mantra like it seems to be in the UK?
163305 tn?1333668571 jmjm530 said: "Perhaps twill one day pinpoint why some people naturally get rid of the virus and some don't, and use this to develop a less toxic cure." Understanding the underlying pathological functions of hcv IS the key -- and until science has a better grasp of its genetic signals on a cellular/metabolic level, imho, attempts at cure will continue to be tantamount to a crapshoot (some 'luckier' than others, perhaps...
Avatar m tn I've read comments by EWH and HHH that HIV is extremely rare amongst sex workers in the US and in most other industrialized countries (probably less than 1%) However, I've read that HIV rates amongst prostitutes in certain cities are extremely high (ie Newark 60%, DC 30%). Are these studies or the people who present these stats most likely skewing them or taking them out of context? While these cities may be impoverished etc, I find it hard to believe these numbers would be so high.
Avatar n tn 1% of adults in the US has hiv but cdc has recommended yearly testing for everyone over 12 years of age. 25% of adults in US have hsv2 and 56% have hsv1 but it's not a part of routine testing. Makes no sense at all to me.
Avatar f tn ve been very afraid of getting HIV through blood I was tested for both HIV antigen HIV antibodies and RNA 9 days after and they did at the hospital only because I was so afraid they said they wont dont testing after a blodtransfuion and everything was negative, my doctor will not take more tests because she says that the test will continue to be negative and that I am not in danger, and about a week ago she electrolyte blood test on me and everything was fine, she said that if there has to be HI
Avatar n tn Dear Dr., I obviously went to the wrong forum to ask a Dr. Dr. Sean, sounds fantastic, but i'm not a sex worker nor man who is freaking out cause of an over seas or out of the Country oral sex situation. I'm a normal female in the US. His answers sounded professional a knowledgeable, but I'm probably better of at this forum, as Vance recommended in his recent post to me. (thanks Vance)! I just want to here it from a Dr.
661382 tn?1224950637 Thanks for your reply.The doctors on this forum are saying that African sex workers(20% with HIV) are probably having higher viral loads because of not having access to medication ,so the same rule about oral sex does not apply to everybody, for instance to North America or Europe where there is a medical treatment available.
Avatar m tn There are about 1million people in US with HIV and about 300million living here. So it's 1 in 360 people have hiv? That seems very high to me is that right?
Avatar m tn It is a risk, take a DUO test at 28 days.
Avatar f tn The 517 patients randomized to the treatment arm received 90 micrograms of peginterferon in weekly injections for 3.5 years. The 533 patients in the control arm underwent the same follow-up and care as the treated patients including liver biopsies, quarterly clinic visits, and blood tests. All patients had advanced liver fibrosis, a gradual scarring of the liver that puts patients at risk for progressive liver disease.
Avatar f tn HI! I hope everything goes well tomorrow! I was diagnosed with Medullary Thyroid cancer and have had a partial thyroidectomy in September. They had trouble with the biopsy- it came back benign on the table, then follicular variant papilary, then they sent it to Juan Rosai who diagnosed Medullary cancer with small papillary collision tumor. I see the endo on Nov.2 to discuss what to do next with surgery and screening out MEN syndrome ect. I may be going to Washington University in St.
Avatar n tn Does anybody know of a 4th generation HIV test which is available in the US (possibly from commercial labs) and if so, can you post a link?
Avatar m tn Most commercial sex workers do not have HIV or other STIs (in fact, in general rates of STIs and HIV are lower in CSWs than in casual partners who you might pick up in a bar- bad for business) and most exposures to not lead to infection. I would not worry. Testing for routine STIs is reasonable but unless you develop symptoms, probably not essential. You ask about the statistics related to risk. The quotes that you have mentioned form Dr. Handsfield and I are in agreement.
5875562 tn?1410898886 The fertility specialist will look into more blood work and possible imaging to investigate possible causes of infertility. I'm not sure what type of procedure they did, but a Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is pretty common to check for blockages in your tubes. It's a type of Xray with dye flushed through your fallopian tubes. They can check more specialized labwork, verifying that your hormone levels are appropriate at certain stages of your menstrual cycle.
Avatar m tn Hi, I was wondering if people could help relax my fears over an encounter I had with a friend of mine who I know to be HIV positive. She knows I am very worried about contracting anything, as we've been friends for years and have chatted about this in the past. We went out to dinner and had a bit to drink and ended up hooking up - there was no actual sex (was too worried) but she gave me a massage (both of us naked) and we both touched each other.
Avatar m tn what's the difference between the fever in acute hiv infection and late stage hiv as to duration, treatment, grade, etc?
Avatar m tn Does the US Military use an HIV Test that can detect HIV-1 and all subtypes to include CRF01_AE?
Avatar f tn When you stop taking your meds, it gives the HIV in your body a chance to multiply and it wont ever stop multiplying when you are off of your meds. It multiplies in your blood, in your organs and in your brain. They cant measure the amount of HIV in your organs because it hides there. But your viral load is continuing to go up all the time. Being off of your meds I recommend that you go for a blood draw once a month to keep a close eye on your CD4 and your VL.
Avatar m tn t really need these drugs, that use of interferon is safer because it is in use for a long time. And that in general in the US at least drug companies control just about every aspect with what doctors can treat their patients. Take the contents of vaccines for instance