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Avatar m tn // quotes studies showing a life-time expectancy of as much as 50 years from infection. There is undoubtly going to be great further advances in HIV treatment in the years to come. And some scientists haven't even given up on finding a functional cure or even drugs that would allow full erradication of HIV from the body.
Avatar m tn I started HIV HARRT 3 years ago as my CD4 count was 33 and viral load was 377,000. HAART combination was selected to also combat the low level of HepB DNA also present in my bloods. The HepB has been undectetcable for nearly 3 years now and my CD4 count rose to 370. However over the past few months I have tested positive for core antigen antibodies and neg for everything else and my CD4 count has fallen to 290.
Avatar n tn I have not been tested yet (last test was several years ago and was negative) and am afraid to find out the answer, but assuming I am HIV+, how long would I be symptom-free? Are there any alternatives to HAART? I am scared to death of having to go on regular drug treatment, because of the side effects and the fact that I can't afford it. If I go to get tested, how am I going to face the result if it is positive? I know these questions are moot, but please humor me.
Avatar n tn I had sexual contact 3 months ago with a high risk girl and developed most symptoms of acute hiv infection . 2 weeks after that contact, I started Baraclude for my hbv treatment. Can Baraclude DELAY hiv antibodies response ? still negative 3 months. Can Baraclude suppress VL to undetectable ?
Avatar n tn I havnt seen a signle report showing a conformed case of AIDS without HIV antibodies. As Teak said , it could impact becouase of HAART or Latest stage of AIDS in which an immune system is collapsed and unable to produce certain antibodies.
Avatar f tn Several volunteers on other forums who are HIV positive themselves and are receiving ongoing treatment have confirmed that, once they tested positive for HIV, they would always test positive (similar to mono).
Avatar m tn Also the use of rapid test like oraquick is not sensitive and can even be negative in a small percentage of hiv positive patients on haart. So the guideline you should be stating is testing out to 6 months, and even in some cases out to a year, in cases where pep were used.
Avatar m tn A false negative can happen with any test taken to early. OI doesn't happen until a person infected with HIV has a CD4 count below 200. So yes, that is during advance HIV infection and usually only happens with people not taking HAART or having a resistance problems with the medication that they are on. People with CD4s that low are always put on antibiotics to help prevent OIs. I've been on antibiotics w/HAART for the last three years.
Avatar n tn Is Cytomegalovirus Retinitis (CMV Retinitis) an Acute HIV sympton? I had pink eye that I am worried it is CMV but is this an Acute HIV sympton?
Avatar n tn 42 days after a high-risk (involving a HIV+ ejaculating inside me) encounter, I did a HIV PCR test and the result was negative, no virus was detected. And 52 days (about 7 weeks) after the same high-risk encounter, I did a HIV antibody test and the result was negative. I'm just curious and I know I still need to do another antibody test after 12 weeks, but I just want to ask if this means it's more possible that I might not contract HIV so far? Thanks.
Avatar f tn If, for HIV, his RNA is undetectable,/negative after having a viral load above 3 million, he just has the virus under control with HAART. He is still HIV positive. HIV antibody persist for life and does not go away.
Avatar m tn HAART would be irrelevant since I was told I was non-risk I am not medicated. I've read in the living with forum of a person being diagnosed ks after only one year. I suppose my only question is would any other symptoms be present and what else is visibly similar to ks? This is only to ease my worries before I am examined.
Avatar n tn I am seeing the DR on Monday should I ask for a PCR test to balance off the ELISA just in cass, or test for CD4 count just to rule out non cad B HIV Virus. If I have HIV will taking Haart calm the symptoms of Guttate Psoriasis and PSA or will my Immune system be so overworked that I will arthritic complications for life.
Avatar m tn I write you because I have inquiries about risks of transmission of HIV. Three weeks ago, I had receptive and protected anal sex ( we used condom which did not break) with a guy whom has HIV (I realized of that the next morning of the intercourse). Also, I did fellatio to him (without condom), but there were not ejaculation, and when we were kissing ( eating a chocolate), he did a cut in his mouth lip.
Avatar m tn you do NOT have hiv and staying on the internet searching about hiv and on forums talking about hiv is doing nothing but adding fuel to the fire of your anxiety. you have a conclusive test result...therefore this forum has nothing left to offer. further comments/questions should be addressed on the hiv anxiety community forum. a link is provided in the lower left hand corner of this page.
Avatar n tn Just because he doesn't have detectable levels does not mean that he doesn't have HIV. He does have HIV and takes HAART and is still able to infect others.
Avatar n tn well had sexual encounter with this guy and am hiv positive and did not use protection despite me having insisted on using a condom and the guy said he didnt care. the whole thing was so brief .could he have contracted the virus from me. believe me that was a once off thing never to happen again.
Avatar m tn I really appreciate for your help, Teak. I have some more questions. 1) This is the report professor Cho in Seoul Asan Hospital. Twenty hemophiliacs were infected with Korean subclade B (KSB) of HIV-1 from two cash-paid plasma donors in Korea in 1990. Our previous studies revealed that Korean red ginseng (KRG) intake increases the frequency of gross deletion in the nef gene (gDeltanef).
Avatar m tn Peripheal Neuropathy is caused by HAART medications not AIDS.
Avatar f tn Will Stribild even be an effective PeP treatment?  I dont want to take HAART unless it will be useful in my situation.  Due to the ongoing Clinical Trial, it appears the effectiveness is not yet known?  Isnt the standard regimine 28 days and not 30? I took the first dose 25 hours post exposure.  I just took my second dose.  The side effects are moderate so far.  I have a headache, a great deal of fatigue, and loose stools.
Avatar m tn What will make this viral load so low to cause this? Is it the HIV meds? Is there anything else that would cause this? Thanks.