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Avatar m tn There is no cure known to medical science as of today for HIV. The available treatment, called Highly Active Anti Retroviral Therapy (HAART) is a cocktail of various medicines only prescribed by experts for the patients living with HIV, after examining the progression, helps keep their viral load at minimal and CD4 counts at a reasonable level so that he can survive longer, though his post infection health condition is not as good as a normal person has.
Avatar n tn Assuming you were SVR (cured), i.e. non-detectible for HCV virus for six months after stopping the treatment drugs -- then the virus probably has not come back. There could be other causes for the elevated ALTs. That said, given your elevated ALTs, I'm pretty sure your specialist will run a battery of tests, including a viral load test. I would certainly ask for a viral load test if my ALTs elevated like that.
Avatar m tn (Personally I don't want to go into ChemoTherapy) Is there any other safe treatment. I understand HAART treatment from the net can help to prevent KS to grow, but somehow will HAART treatment will cure this KS as well.
Avatar n tn All in all it doesn't matter which test is used when it comes to treatment. No one that is recently infected will need to start HAART medications to begin with.
Avatar n tn Serine Protease Inhibitors Many companies have pursued drugs designed to inhibit the HCV serine protease enzyme, based on the success of protease inhibitors in HIV treatment. As with HIV, the hepatitis C virus encodes a protease enzyme essential for viral replication. However the HCV protease has proven a more difficult target due to the shape of the molecule. While many compounds have demonstrated antiviral efficacy in vitro, few have moved into human studies.
Avatar f tn If, for HIV, his RNA is undetectable,/negative after having a viral load above 3 million, he just has the virus under control with HAART. He is still HIV positive. HIV antibody persist for life and does not go away.
Avatar n tn I have not been tested yet (last test was several years ago and was negative) and am afraid to find out the answer, but assuming I am HIV+, how long would I be symptom-free? Are there any alternatives to HAART? I am scared to death of having to go on regular drug treatment, because of the side effects and the fact that I can't afford it. If I go to get tested, how am I going to face the result if it is positive? I know these questions are moot, but please humor me.
Avatar m tn First of all, keep your hopes high,,,,,, You are going to be reported "Negative",,,,, We all wish. Although I am not aware of nature of your exposure, even then, everyone exposed to even highest risk behaviour, doesn't necessarily catches the virus. By the way, which country you belong to? Well, before 1996, HIV meant a "Death Sentence" but after introduction of Highly Active Anti Retroviral Therapy (HAART), living with HIV is considered to be a life time medical condition.
Avatar m tn I know you are an educator, do u have lectures in current HAART treatment, simplified lecture?
Avatar n tn One lady freaked out b/c she was going through early menapause and read that it was a sign of hiv. She was convinced she had hiv. She posted back w/a negative result. Never rely on symptoms. HIV symptoms can also be associated with pretty much anything.
Avatar n tn Tomorrow, contact any STD clinic or any Nephrologist and ask them if HCV will delay HIV seroconversion. The only thing that complicates coinfection of the two is treatment. Some times HAART medications have to be stopped to treat HCV.
Avatar n tn It can be used to assess patient prognosis by measuring the baseline HIV-1 RNA level or to monitor the effects of antiretroviral therapy by measuring changes in EDTA plasma HIV-1 RNA levels during the course of antiretroviral treatment. The test is not intended for use as a screening test for the presence of HIV-1 in blood or blood products or as a diagnostic test to confirm the presence of HIV-1 infection.
Avatar m tn I've read that people with hiv and hep-c also develop type II diabetes in some cases. Each of these diseases on their own is a handful. I read of a helthcare worker getting a coinfection of hep-c plus hiv who died within a year after thats startling.
Avatar n tn As mentioned by Joggen, you should have waited for 3 months after quitting the drugs. Believe me, HIV is no more a "death sentence" and I disagree with you. With the development of HAART cocktails, HIV infected people can live longer with very low viral load and manageable CD4 counts. Thanks to the medical science for this breakthrough.
Avatar f tn Several volunteers on other forums who are HIV positive themselves and are receiving ongoing treatment have confirmed that, once they tested positive for HIV, they would always test positive (similar to mono).
Avatar m tn Yes, I mostly agree with you about the time frame when using the commonly used antibody tests, such as OraQuick Advance. My understanding is that these tests are much more sensitive than they were 15 years ago. These tests can detect antibodies on a vast majority of people by 6-8 weeks, which would have not have been detectable using older tests. The OraQuick package insert manual, however, still shows that there are still cases beyond 3 months.
Avatar n tn i still drink pretty heavy on the weekends could this be from the high liver enzymes or does it sound more like HIV. The muscle weakness goes on even if i havn't drank anything in weeks. I am so scared to tell my doctor about this. But iam fixing to have to do something give me some words of encouragement. Thank you so much for your time.
Avatar m tn It sounds like you have a physician very knowledgeable about HIV and its diagnosis and treatment, more so than anyone that usually participates in this forum. You'll do best following up with him, or perhaps speak with him about getting a second opinion. Good luck with it!
Avatar n tn Hi, On 1st June I had a sexual intercourse which potentially exposed me to HIV. A post-exposure prophylaxis was started 15 hours after the intercourse, which ended on 4th July. On 24th July I felt that my cervical glands were swelling, and a day later, tonsillitis symptoms appeared. Symptoms lasted for about a week and have progressively disappeared. On 30th July, after a GP appointment, I did blood tests for HIV (antibodies and p24 antigens), mononucleosis and toxoplasmosis.
Avatar n tn It doesn't really matter how one contracts HIV. It is how one takes care of themselves and gets treatment when necessary.
Avatar m tn Hi I have HIV hep c gen 4 coinfection and chirosis. I have started interferon treatment but after only a week they say I may have to stop because of alarming plateletes counts. They are now schooling me on dying. All very efficient of them. But thing is I feel well and have some liver pain but low. I know my situation is serious but I sense a real tunnel vision in these doctors. No creative thinking or thinking outside the square. Is there anyone who has any alternative ideas?
Avatar n tn Found Jesus did ya? Don't blame you, so did I. OK, question 1. Individuals taking HAART medication due to HIV infection stop HIV from replicating, therefore eventually reaching undectable status,...sometimes. Mutations can delay or halt this process. Individuals taking PEP for a High risk exposure would theoretically take longer to produce antibodies. If the virus is being supressed or eradicated very early on the body would have no need for a large production of HLA antibodies.
Avatar m tn There has now been papers in international literature showing a normal life expectancy in those taking HAART (Highly-Active Anti Retroviral Treatment) You should have regular check ups if your having unprotected sex with commercial sex workers.
Avatar m tn I write you because I have inquiries about risks of transmission of HIV. Three weeks ago, I had receptive and protected anal sex ( we used condom which did not break) with a guy whom has HIV (I realized of that the next morning of the intercourse). Also, I did fellatio to him (without condom), but there were not ejaculation, and when we were kissing ( eating a chocolate), he did a cut in his mouth lip.
Avatar n tn I am a 27 year old male, born with hemophilia, and contracted HEPC via anti-hemophiliac therapies in the late 80's. I also have been HIV + for close to 20 years, HAART works, I'm living proof that being faithful taking your meds pays off. I have been HIV undetected for many many years, and only had one minor spike due to a drug that didn't do what it was supposed to do. Before therapy I was 150lbs or so, diagnosed with HCV sometime in the 90's.
Avatar m tn CD4+ 1236 my dr dosent want me to put on medication yet, bt i am a kinda worried, is he doing right or do i have to consult some better doctor provided that i am a poz now (i know my life wont be the same again) will i be able to live a normal life, can i live my life upto 80 ( i am now 27 yo) years. from some online resources i have come to know that, HIV virus will eventually be resistant to medications and will not react to medication leading to death.
Avatar m tn The result is described by the US scientists as merely a “proof of concept”, but has inevitably sparked talk of a cure for HIV. The virus can already be kept in check by treatment with a powerful cocktail of drugs known as highly-active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). But the virus persists in a latent state in infected people.
Avatar m tn These results reinforce the importance of the high viral load as risk factor for the HIV transmission to health care workers, especially in patients with viral load above 150000 copies/mL. Thus, access to HAART and good adherence to treatment would be probably capable of reducing the transmission risk in occupational accidents.