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Avatar m tn you are putting the horse before the cart here. for is highly unlikely that she has hiv...most ppl dont. the odds are definitely on your is much harder for a man to contract hiv from a woman. the deed is done. you need to get off the computer and stop reading about hiv...all you are doing is adding fire to your anxiety. so far, you have over 60 posts / comments regarding this. test at the appropriate time to know your status.
Avatar n tn It was most likely a combo test since that is the standard test given in Canada (I live in Canada) All blood tests in Canada are 4th gen and only rapid tests are 3rd gen. I confirmed this with an HIV clinic. Remote areas might not use the 4th gen but in Ontario I would definitely say it was a 4th gen. Your results are conclusive. 12 months is only if you are using antibody only testing. I highly suspect you had a duo/combo test.
Avatar f tn still looking for possible IL28B testing and any of the latest in Canada, Has anyone filed in Ontario for transfusion compensat claim, just wondering about questions and procedure of the health long term care Hep C assist program.
Avatar m tn If chronic and depending on where you live antiretroviral treatment should be explored. I know in the US, they now advise anyone with HIV to start treatment, regardless of their HIV viral load. The cocktail they give for HIV takes care of keeping the HBV in check. The active drug for HBV is Viread and I think the FDA recently approved the new HIV cocktail with TAF, which is still Viread but a lower dosage that has less toxicity.
Avatar f tn Also, when a treatment gets approved in the States, it takes some time for it to be approved in Canada as we are behind the U.S.
Avatar f tn Welcome to the discussion group. I see you're in Canada. Do you know the name of the trial you're in and how the 'arms" are broken up. Also, how do you know what arm you're in as they are usually blinded for some time.
Avatar n tn However our current license from Health Canada is for only HIV-1 and that is the reason the product inserts you saw at the clinics in Ontario mention only HIV-1. Our application for HIV-2 is pending with Health Canada and we are hopeful that very soon INSTI will be licensed in Canada for HIV-2 also like it is many countries including Europe. I did a rapid test at 6 weeks and 1 day and tested negative thinking I was tested for both strains. Then I found out Canada is so behind the curve.
Avatar n tn I don't think you have any serious worries about HIV. Heterosexually transmitted HIV is much rarer than you think. Assuming your friend comes from a similar background as you do -- i.e., if he isn't an injection drug user or bisexual, hasn't been in prison, and isn't an immigrnat from an country with high rates of HIV -- then it is extremely likely he has HIV. And if he did, probably he would know and certainly would have admitted it. On top of all that, even with typical (i.
Avatar m tn hello i live in canada and about 10weeks ago i recieved unprotected oral sex (blowjob) from a prostitute and i got tested about 5 or 6 days after contact everything came back negative, but my doctor told me that everything would be conclusive after 5 or 6 days except for syphillis and HIV, syphillis testing at 6 weeks, but i had no painless sores on penis or symptons so i think im good there, and he told me that HIV would be conclusive at 6 months, i have been reading the forums here and everyon
Avatar m tn I know that the Insti HIV Antibody test is common there in Canada. I'm sure Canada has several different tests like the US.
Avatar n tn Now i feel like i am lonely and my eyes did stop picturing my future. I have a girlfriend who lives in Canada and I live in England. It was her who told me to get tested when she comes to see me couple of months ago. I never had any idea about this bloody virus that i have been told i have it in my blood. When i did my test all i was worrying about was HIV. My all results became negative apart from this bloody virus at least i am thankful that it’s not HIV.
Avatar f tn Also, as a side question, any information on getting treatment in Canada would be helpful. My husband has dual citizenship and I'm wondering if that might be an option for me. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Research performed in Canada suggests that the routine practice of qigong, a form of meditative movement, can help lessen the pain.
Avatar m tn Yesterday i went to visit a reflexologist for neurogenic leg pain treatment. He asked for my medical history, then took my weight, height, blood pressure. Finally, he pulled out a long lancet device which looked like a high lighter and said he was going to test my blood sugar. At this i told him i did not want to be poked by a lancet as it felt unsafe. He assured me that a new lancet needle will be used.
Avatar n tn However (CATIE, Canadian Aids Treatment Information Exchange) the governing body for HIV research in Canada says a duo test is conclusive at 28 days or anytime after. I personally spoke with the medical director and she stated the window period is 4 weeks for the Duo test. That information is also stated by HIV experts such as Dr. Handsfield and Dr. Hook (World reknowned HIV experts) based on numerous seroconversion panel studies. The 90 day window period refers strictly to Antibody only tests.
Avatar f tn Well, i just found out my boyfriend is positive. Would he be a candidate for Hep C treatment, even though he is an IV user? he is going to be going to rehab soon for his drug addiction, it is a process....should he be referred to a liver specialist?... I have some questions concerning my own health in relation to this: * Can i still kiss him? he has a lot of tooth pain/decay issues, and right now i have chapped lips.
Avatar m tn They are still recruiting patients in Italy, US, germany, Romania. Anyone wishes to volunteer ?
Avatar m tn The DUO test which tests for both the p24 antigen and antibodies to HIV provides definitive information on the presence or absence of HIV infection at 4 weeks following exposure and beyond. Perhaps what the person you spoke if was referring to is the fact that in some persons with HIV the p24 antigen may no longer be detectable after a few weeks if infection.
Avatar f tn We live in New Brunswick and the drug is still under review with our provincial drug plan and it is not an approved treatment on our regular medical insurance at work. The only option I can think of is assistance through the drug company but I was wondering if any fellow Canucks knew of how long the wait is for a typical review under a provincial health plan? I called our plan here but could not even get a time frame for the process. Thanks very much!
Avatar m tn My 23 year son was in Toronto , Canada for the last nine months and has come back to India just today morning. He says that during the month of July (on 13th of July) because of depression he went to a prostitute and had sex with her. He says that she has applied condom on his penis before the sex but he says that the condom became loose at the end of the sexual intercourse and was filled with fluid. He also says that he might have swallowed her breast milk.
Avatar m tn 1) Are these more specific HIV or other STD symptoms or is me discoverying them out of anxiety.) 2) Any knowledge of unanimous STD/HIV testing in Canada 3) Does these symptoms coming in stages mean anything? Please your urgent response is highly appreciated as I am worried about passing on any illness to my wife.
4355200 tn?1354593144 Hi all. I have some questions about cost of treatment. My husband's company sold this month and we are trying to decide between two different insurance programs (both PPO). I have no idea what I'm looking at cost wise and it will make a difference in which one we go with. I'm Genotype 1a-CT, Stage 2, Grade 3. Assuming I do triple therapy for 48 weeks, any general estimates? I hate dealing with this part of it. I told my husband to just shoot me and bury my by my two cats.
Avatar m tn we are only able to finsh to week 24 and then fair pharmacare wants us to pay 10000$ deductable , we are no where near able to pay this as hubby is on medical leave from work and even if he wasnt we are still a family of 6 on 1 income , not sure what to do as hubby is und and has been since week 12 , what is the likely hood of it not coming back now if he were to stop treatment ??