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Avatar m tn ve just start to get worried again after reading that some strains of the virus are resistant to AZT. My PEP treatment was just lamiduvine 100mg + zidovudine (AZT) 300mg. Do you think that lamiduvine could handle the azt resistant virus? This very resistant virus are rare?
Avatar m tn Jose, As you know from my posts to you before, I have considerable anxiety about HIV and sex. I have also decided from this point onward I will not mix alcohol with sex. Just not worth it. On Saturday evening I went out and had sex with a man I met a bar. We were drunk and I bottomed. It hurt really bad and so didnt last long, and he ejaculated outside of me. We had sex the next morning and he came outside again.
Avatar f tn gov/pubmed/16276517 According to some information from various sites, people suffering from Sjogren Syndrome, respont well to treatment with AZT, a drug to treat HIV+. I don't know whether this was posted earlier, but I think it might be interesting and horrible news at the same time. Overstressed.
Avatar m tn What about short period of lopinavir retronovir & truvada , taken for 25 days sir? can they have serious side effects in future or cause death?
Avatar m tn Stay off the internet. Well, I know that is hard. But try to refrain from googling HIV and visiting HIV forums. Try to keep yourself distracted with something else. Pursue a new TV series perhaps. Find something that you have been meaning to watch and buy it on Amazon. Anything to take your mind off of this.
Avatar f tn im 6months pregnant and im hiv positive waitin 4 my results 4 the cd4 count and the viral load.
Avatar f tn Hello Doctor - I have experienced long term side effects and toxicity related health problems after taking a course of HIV post exposure prophylaxis (also known as PEP). I took mine in February and was put on Combivir (AZT Zidovudine) and Kaletra to prevent infection after I was exposed to an HIV positive female. Ever since then I have been struggling with health problems that seem to have no explanation.
Avatar n tn the meds today are great,as before when i got diagnosed they had azt,which was like taking drano.hang in there as hiv is a manageable disease like diabetes.god bless .
Avatar m tn during one of my extraction my instrument got stuck to my finger n produced needle stick like injury. that pat. was hiv positive. i started medition 3 drug contaning azt,statavudine,nevipramine. now i want to know which is d test to dig. earliest hiv today is 5th day.n what r d chances of becoming hiv positive.
Avatar m tn I immediately washed my penis with water and asked the girl about HIV status She said she used to have HIV testing every month and she was HIV negetive on the last test(10 days) back. No rashes on ore genitals. I even started PEP (2 drugs) after talking to doc i.e.
Avatar n tn I had virginal sex with a hiv+ lady 8am friday, left and came back and had another same with her at 1pm same day. i requested we test same time. i came negative and she had a clear line and a faint line. i went to my doctor who said she was positive, then said i need to get pep 3days azt. i finished it and still told the dr i wanted the 28 day pep, he gave me zidovuden 28days. all this was under the 72hrs mark up.
Avatar m tn ll try to answer some of ur questions but you should know that going on PEP only should be prescribed by an HIV specialist.usually PEP is prescribed for people who had unprotected sex with a confirmed HIV+ person since it has many side effects on you should see a specialist or post ur question on expert forum as soon as possible because PEP is not effective more then 72 hours post exposure. ARS symptoms happen 10-20 days (2 to 4 weeks)after possible exposure and will last for 1-2weeks .
Avatar n tn I have a hard like lump on my neck thats sore. No puss, just swollen. Its at the bottom of my beard area, so it could well be an ingrown hair although I don't really get them, only occasinally, and I'm concerned following an episode of unprotected cunnilingus around 4 weeks ago that it could be a Syphilis chancre? Has anyone ever heard of a chancre on the neck - is it possible?
Avatar m tn I am scared about not remembering the anal sex, should I take the AZT they gave me, too? I tried taking AZT the first time I did PEP and it made me really sick. The doctor said Viread and Epivir would be fine. Do u agree? Y would I remember mostly everything including the anal sex but not wanting to have more and refusing other people but not unprotected anal sex?I am also wondering if the condom was on correctly when I penetrated that guy briefly.
Avatar n tn and right before delivery they did a rapid test it was hiv pos...they then had a lab tech redo the test with fresh blood after the lab opened officially it was closed the first time....the tech said the rapid test was neg now whih made the tests inconclusive they then did an elisa test which was also neg...
Avatar f tn Most likely you are fighting an infection of some sort if you had high fevers. There are a lot of viruses going around already and even influenzae is starting to take off in a few states. Whether the fever is STD related based on your lack of symptoms is hard to say. The only thing we have to go on is the smell. I would still rule out STD's because of your worries and what I have suggested above. I'm sure the doc will check your throat etc.
Avatar m tn , I suppose you meant this one and any future ones right? Is it possible that because of taking AZT in the past my body is a bit stronger against the HIV virus? (I know you don't like to discuss theoretical things on this forum so a simple answer would do) Thank you very much for your patience, again, sorry for the long post, this is my last comment on this post...
Avatar f tn My brother has been HIV+ for over 10 years now and Ive accepted this with no prejudice. I am very close to my brother but the problem is he doesnt always want to talk about it. Yesterday we ran some errands together and he tells me his doctor who specializes in Infectious Disease wants him to see another doctor who I believe is an Oncologist. I also noticed my brother has a rash. He takes no medications at this time.
Avatar m tn Cancer patients use ESAs to manage the hemotoxic side effects of chemotherapy, as do many people with HIV and hepatitis C to counter the side effects of AZT (zidovudine; Retrovir) and ribavirin, respectively. These findings prompted the FDA to undertake a more through review of the research on ESAs.
Avatar m tn You also stated that you will get an HIV test IMMEDIATELY after you finish your PEP treatment. Whichever doctor put you on PEP should have explained to you the post-PEP HIV testing recommendations are to test at six weeks, three months and six months from the date of exposure for 100% conclusive results. I'm sorry you are going through something you never had to. PEP is NOT a pleasant experience.