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Avatar n tn doctor said it was a typhoid fever but when treatment start mouth ulcer is there and the treatment finish the mouth ulcer is there any chance of condom sure that i ejuculate in the condom and there is no breakage as the tip..
Avatar m tn What are the prevention regimen or measures for patients who are taking drugs with hepatotoxic side effects? What should he/she must do to avoid this effect?
Avatar m tn As well as dealing with some of the social barriers that may come with it. As this is the HIV Prevention forum, it might be good to speak more from a perspective of being negative and trying to stay that way than from the usual "paranoid" perspective of being positive and trying to find a way out of it.... Does anyone have an opinion? Teak, what do you think?
Avatar n tn This is true with or without treatment. Obviously, the risk is diminished to a much greater extent with treatment with INH. Have you had a chest radiograph (x-ray)? When? What were the results? It is difficult to say if you may have fostered INH resistance because of your inconsistence adherence to the therapy. There is no way to determine whether you may have fostered INH resistent latent tuberculosis.
Avatar n tn I have acquired treatment of chlamydia today as well as my girlfriend. The following are my last questions, 1) I was given a single dose treatment which are 2 Azithromycin 500 mg tablets (The total is 1 gram). Is this enough for curing chlamydia infection? 2) What is the best timing to have sex with my girlfriend after the treatment (1 week or 2 weeks)?
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Avatar f tn One question which always comes to my mind is that as per the experts comment here in this forum that hiv virus dies as soon as it comes out of host body then how come uses of syrienge Leeds to hiv transmission as the virus is suppose to be dead as soon as it comes out of hosts body.
Avatar m tn you put yourself at risk for not only hiv, but other stds as well. a test at 6-8 weeks post exposure will give you a good indication of your status...but follow it up at 3 months for a conclusive result.
Avatar m tn Hello Doctor, I highly appreciate your time to read and to reply to my post. I have had counseling several times, back in university, then again few years ago, but the treatment never was focused on OCD specifically, but rather, on its consequences. Probably for this time, because my crisis is about HIV, i'll just see the psychiatrist (having had an MD background).
Avatar m tn No incident HIV infections among MSM who practice exclusively oral sex. Int Conf AIDS 2004 Jul 11-16; 15:(abstract no. WePpC2072)??Balls JE, Evans JL, Dilley J, Osmond D, Shiboski S, Shiboski C, Klausner J, McFarland W, Greenspan D, Page-Shafer K?University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, United States Oral transmission of HIV, reality or fiction?
Avatar n tn Please take a look at link below. People from ALL OVER THE WORLD post questions on this forum. Sometimes with high command of English and sometimes with lower. Sometimes the word "DUO" or "4th gen" may be lost in translation, but the term "12 weeks" is more likely to stick.
Avatar m tn Recently, read an interesting article about a man - positive with Aids -who had a bone marrow treatment and apprently appears to be hiv negative. ( 20 months after suregery ) The following url will take you to the story. Just wanted to share this in the event any party on this site with hiv/aids or not, may not know this exciting medical information. Now that Bush is gone, let's hope Obama takes the lid off the jar and opens the kitchen for stem cell research.
Avatar m tn I want to know whether I am at a higher realistic significant risk of contracting HIV or STDs due to having the freezing treatment on my remaining warts a week ago and having had protected vaginal sex and receiving unprotected oral sex yesterday from a woman. I am worried that I am at a higher risk of contracting STDs or HIV because the skin where the warts were treated is healing.
Avatar m tn Truvada is a coformulation containing two drugs, tenofovir and emtricitabine, both of which are active against HBV as well as HIV. Tenofovir (sold alone as Viread) is currently the most effective antiviral treatment for hepatitis B, though it seldom produces a cure.
936016 tn?1332769204 Many of the questions we answer on this Forum and also the Freedomhealth Sexual Health Forum relate to anxiety about HIV and also possible early HIV symptoms. One of the main problems in relying on HIV symtoms themselves is that they are notoriously vague and almost all the symptoms may in fact be symptoms of a different disease. The best method always of diagnosing HIV is to have a modern HIV test.
Avatar m tn After I asked my question last night ( & got quick replies from Lizzie Lou & Teak- thank you) I read through this site for HOURS!. I started reading about 9pm and stopped around 4:30 am! It seems to me after reading all the questions & replies that HIV is very difficult to get... even through some 'questionable risky' behaviors.
Avatar n tn Roche is number one in the global diagnostics market, the leading supplier of pharmaceuticals for cancer and a leader in virology and transplantation. As a supplier of products and services for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, the Group contributes on a broad range of fronts to improving people's health and quality of life. Roche employs roughly 62,000 people in 150 countries.
Avatar m tn I would say no, because this drug has a nice track record as an FDA approved med for HIV. Lamivudine, Hepsera, Tenofovir all started out as HIV meds. Hepsera was scratched for HIV because it needed higher dosage, which wreck havoc on the pts' kidneys. They reduced the dosage and use the drug for HepB. So it's not cancer that you have to be concern about with Hepsera. It's the low antiviral power / resistance profile / and potential to cause kidney problems.
Avatar m tn I certainly consider it chemo. The treatment chemicals kill malignant cells as well as benign cells, just like cancer chemical treatment. The same rescue drugs are used to help maintain the good cells, just like in cancer treatment. You need to adjust your life while on the drugs. People just got used to calling cancer treatment 'chemo' but it doesn't exclude other similar treatments.
480448 tn?1426952138 I am very honored to be a regular contributor on the HIV Prevention Forum here at MH. The forum is very busy, and we often get the same inquiries over and over. I figured that putting together a journal entry covering the most popular topics, and just laying out the facts may be helpful. I also invite Lizzie Lou and Teak to share their thoughts, and to cover anything I may have missed.
242985 tn?1192591669 Is it wise to buy at least 50 sleepless nights for a pleasure not lasting for more than a few minutes ? Certainly not. Until medical science discovers a perfect treatment, prevention is the only cure available at our disposal, and there are only three proven methods for prevention, known to mankind.
Avatar m tn blood check is very important because selenium is toxic higher than 150 and have opposite results 10-15 min sun to keep vitamin d higher than 50ng/ml, boost immune system melatonin 20mg, as cancer prevention, it helps to sleep well and has been used as cancer therapy on some trials, it is used with cancer chemotherapy to boost it, it is strong antioxidant.
Avatar f tn People with both HCV and HIV infection should be offered therapy for hepatitis C as long as there are no contraindications. Indeed, hepatitis C tends to be more rapidly progressive in patients with HIV co-infection, and end-stage liver disease has become an increasingly common cause of death in HIV-positive persons. For these reasons, therapy for hepatitis C should be recommended even in HIV-infected patients with early and mild disease.
Avatar m tn Is the treatment for HIV-2 similar / as effective as the treatment for HIV-1? Who is at risk for getting HIV-2? Are there any tests that can detect HIV-2?
Avatar n tn Tongue ring or not, changed out or not, getting HIV from receipt of oral sex is nearly to, if not entirely, unheard of. As for the wart, they are incredibly common and not a source of concern. They are readily treatable if they do not go away on their own. Search this site for HPV and you will find numerous posts regarding HIV and what they do and do not do. Now for some advice. 1. Get the HIV test.
Avatar n tn If you have not done an HIV test, such as this, then the only way you can be diagnosed with HIV is by doing one and then if these antibodies show up on the test, another test is used to confirm the presence of the virus in your body. If you are diagnosed HIV positive, then you need to see an HIV specialist, who can discuss your treatment options with you. I hope this helps, best of luck.
Avatar m tn Handsfield as well as your recent interactions at the HIV Prevention Community site. I have several informational comments and then a suggestion. First, indeed saliva can be tested for HIV and the performance of such tests is similar to the performance of blood tests- there are rare false positives. Thus your specimen could have theoretically been tested for HIV.
Avatar m tn In your case your partner was HIV+ but also on HIV treatment. HIV treatment greatly lowers the risk of transmission, at least in the cases where full HIV suppression is achieved. There are case reports of transmission happening anyway, which is why it is not recommended as a prevention strategy. But it is safe to say that the risk is many times lower than for an untreated individual. So in summary you did run a risk and I would recommend you get tested.
Avatar m tn IF a condom should break, go immediately to the nearest ER and begin PEP treatment. Consult with an HIV specialist. Not to disparage CSW's, but using escorts provides a little more protection as they tend to be more informed about safe sex and rigorous in practicing it. They are also more apt to test on a regular basis. I would recommend that you also test at least twice a year. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure........which, when it comes to HIV, there isn't one.
1707536 tn?1334977677 It is well known that alcohol helps the virus to spread and survive, why does anyone want that risk during the treatment. I was told about HCV six years back, I chose not to do treatment until this year as my condition was not serious and there was only 50% chance of cure until we had incivek. During these six years I totally avoided alcohol.