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Avatar m tn What are the transmission rates of HIV thru oral sex when one partner is believed to be HIV positive. I recently took a HIV test and have not received my results but I did have Flu like symptoms a few months ago and a frequent partner has informed me he is HIV positive. I am hoping the test results are negative but based on what I am reading online I believe the results may be positive. I am very concerned about spreading the virus. I am freaking out please advise.
Avatar m tn I never said there are no strains of HIV. All I want to say is the mode of transmission/infection for all those strains is the same.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know the transmission rates for Hep B? I am unsure if I was ever vaccinated, but what are the chances that a one time unprotected encounter (vaginal sex) could bring Hep B? It has been 6 months since a possible exposure and have had no symptoms. I tested for all STDS (including HIV) at 3 and 6 mo and all were negative? If the female was vaccinated for Hep B, can still be a carrier if she was exposed before me? Stupid question, just asking.
Avatar n tn what is the probability of a male contracting HIV from a female partner of unknown status what is the probability of a male contracting HIV from a female of HIV+ status?
Avatar m tn they used mathematical modelling as opposed to observation of discordant couples to determine the transmission rates so maybe that's why researchers don't pay attention?
Avatar m tn About the hpv, i wasnt asking about the hpv in regards to hiv, just hpv, in regards to hpv transmission...
Avatar m tn The odds of your partner having HIV is extremely low. Second, female to male HIV transmission via vaginal sex is highly unusual. Based on this facts, HIV is extremely rare in the heterosexual community. The published odds of a healthy male with no preexisting STDs acquiring HIV from a one-time, unprotected vaginal encounter with a female partner of unknown status is 1 in a 1,000,000. You literally have much better odds of dying in a car accident or getting shot to death.
Avatar n tn Do you know the rates of HIV co-infections with STDs?...I could look for herpes fairly early. You're doing a great job giving honest to the point advice. Thank you kindly.
Avatar n tn Am very worried about the high transmission rates for Hep B. I had unprotected sex with my ex girlfriend (who already has a bad immune system due to heriditary blood issue) two weeks after the episode with the prostitute. It was just once unprotected, but twice protected, but I know that is still several times too many. Did not know that I had a physical problem at the time. Thought that the condoms used with the prostitute on Dec 14th was enough, but I may have been very wrong.
Avatar n tn I have not read of any documented cases of hep c transmission by saliva. If you have an open wound in your mouth and he has blood in his saliva, it could be possible, but very rare to get infected in this manner. There has to be blood present.
Avatar n tn Good question. I have answered it before, in fact fairly recently--but can't find my own reply (too many threads under search term "HIV transmission risk"!). The mathematics of infection transmission in a population--or "transmission dynamics"--dictate that the AVERAGE risk of transmission, such as 0.
Avatar n tn One of the reasons that male-to-female transmission happens at higher rates than female-to-male transmission is because as one noted HIV doctor remarked: "...the vagina is like an open doorway, while the penis is more of a peep hole." There are many great sites for HIV info: I hope this helps. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Cunnilingus is so low risk it hasn't even been clinically studied for HIV transmission rates, at least that I or Doc H knows of, especially in his 30+ years of clinical STD study. But it is EXTREMELY low risk, both giving AND receiving. Conversely, type in the search field of this web site, "oral sex HIV", "HIV transmission". There are SO MANY threads on oral sex and oral sex and HIV in, it's not even funny. Also, check out this table. http://ww2.
Avatar n tn Sir I’m a 26yo hetero male from the UK who started a relationship with a girl a few months ago. I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardise our relationship or her health, so got an STD & HIV test – all negative. I’ve had some sporadic anxious spells over HIV in the past, perhaps triggered by certain experiences including one of my friends becoming HIV+.
Avatar n tn On a one time encounter the risk is low, but as you continue the risk grows-So I would say if you continue to engage in sexual activity with multiple partners you should suit up- Also, is you are sexually active you should test for STDs, including HIV once per year-Many std's, including HIV, may not produce any symptoms- so you could be passing it on without even knowing it.
Avatar n tn I'm going to take the time for a comprehensive, blog-like reply which can be used later for future questions about oral sex and HIV transmission. The bottom line is that you were not at any measurable risk of HIV, not only because oral sex carries little or no transmission risk but also because it is statistically very unlikely your partner has HIV.
Avatar m tn There's probably no more than a 1% chance your partner had HIV. Second, sexual transmission of HIV doesn't occur except by unprotected vaginal or anal sex. If it occurs at all by oral sex, it's very rare; on estimate is once for every 20,000 events. And your risk is lower still, given the very brief oral sex exposure. Finally, HIV is not transmitted at all by hand-genital contact, fingering, kissing, etc.
Avatar n tn That can be gonorrhea and chlamydia, as well. And yes, I'm sure. I can't say for sure what the transmission rates for this would be, as its not a situation that would ever be studied. The best way to put this all to rest is just to test. All of these would show up within about 3-5 days.
Avatar m tn You never had an exposure. Oral sex is not a risk of HIV transmission with or without a condom. HIV is unable to reproduce outside its living host (unlike many bacteria or fungi, which may do so under suitable conditions), except under laboratory conditions; therefore, it does not spread or maintain infectiousness outside its host.
Avatar m tn If he also takes daily suppressive therapy with valtrex and the couple uses condoms properly too, the risk is cut to 2-3% each year of transmitting hsv2 to the female. Fairly low rates of transmission with very little effort. The stat you listed in your post is from I assume HHH and it applies to the risk of transmission in general in a couple in which one partner has hsv2. No, the uninfected partner taking herpes antivirals does not decrease the risk of them contracting herpes.
Avatar m tn Transmission via the vagina and rectum appears to be far greater than that via the mouth/throat. The lower transmission rates of HIV via the oral route are leading many individuals to the false conclusion that oral sex is safe from the risk of HIV infection. Epidemiological data support the premise that, whereas HIV transmission via saliva is low or non-existent, oral infection with HIV in semen appears to be possible. Animal studies confirm that HIV can be transmitted via the oral tissues.
Avatar n tn I agree, it does get a bit paranoid sounding around here discussing transmission modes. By far the most likely method of transmission remains IV drug use, however with the numbers of those with HCV proving to be more prevelant than prediction models indicated ( for instance, the estimate for 2005 of newly diagnosed cases was off by a million+) after quite a few years of HCV infection rate trends historically DECLINING we do need to look more carefully at other possible transmission modes.