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Avatar m tn I never said there are no strains of HIV. All I want to say is the mode of transmission/infection for all those strains is the same.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know the transmission rates for Hep B? I am unsure if I was ever vaccinated, but what are the chances that a one time unprotected encounter (vaginal sex) could bring Hep B? It has been 6 months since a possible exposure and have had no symptoms. I tested for all STDS (including HIV) at 3 and 6 mo and all were negative? If the female was vaccinated for Hep B, can still be a carrier if she was exposed before me? Stupid question, just asking.
Avatar f tn In all settings, however, the rate of heterosexual transmission of HIV is low. The high rates in African Americans largely are due to heterosexual transmission, but even there it's very much a reflection of hidden homosexual exposure, injection drug use, and prior incarceration (with jail and prison time largely reflecting sex among men). Of course there are portions of white, Asian, and other population groups with high rates of HIV related to injection drug use, sex between men, etc.
Avatar m tn However, we have been broken up since March and I know he has been with other women and I have no idea if he used protection wtih them. I have seen all kinds of statistics as far as transmission rates from male to female and don't know what to believe. If he happened to become HIV positive in the last six months, what is my likelyhood that I got infected? I thank you for your help.
Avatar n tn I am certain this happens a great deal, but, what stood out here was the transmission rates in all 3 cases. What I found to be a discrepancy in the CDC posted rates was one guy who had sex with 15 women and 5 have contracted HIV from him, the other was 11 sex partners and 7 were infected. This math does not come close to the 1/1000 estimate for male to female, assuming it was strictly vaginal. Any comments ??
Avatar m tn If interested, have a look on the statistics of transmission rates and risk factors for long term sexual relationships on the articles. Their conclusion is not 100% transmission upon a certain time, however length of sexual relationship as well as other factors do affect the probability, bearing in mind some figures are for every and each sexual action. If she is fine, start using condoms to keep her safe.
Avatar f tn The large majority of new HIV infections in the US continue to occur in men who have sex with men, because anal sex carries far higher risk of HIV transmission than vaginal intercourse. Second, combinations of factors like low rates of male circumcision, higher rates of other STDs especially HSV-2, a higher proportion of infected people with high viral loads, and certain sexual behavior patterns (high rates of "concurrency", i.e.
Avatar m tn thanks so much 4 the ansmwer, makes me feel better..About the hpv, i wasnt asking about the hpv in regards to hiv, just hpv, in regards to hpv transmission...
Avatar m tn As you already learned on the community forum, oral sex is safe sex with respect to HIV transmission. Perhaps not totally risk free, but to my knowledge there has never been a confirmed transmission by cunnilingus (in either direction), and although there have been claims of transmission from mouth to penis, many experts believe it never occurs. Dildos and sex toys carrly little risk, especially if cleaned between clients -- and it is unlikely that a knowledgeable escort would not clean them.
Avatar n tn Good questions. While in theory, the anatomy of an infected person inserting a penis into a partner's mouth should result in higher transmission rates than with cunnilingus on an infected sex partner, the truth of the matter is that the risk of HIV transmission through oral sex is so low that there is no measureable difference.
Avatar f tn As far as hsv1 really the kissing would have been the main way of transmission.
Avatar n tn I know transmission rates are lower when no semen is involved and that although pre-cum carries hiv, the quantities are often believed not to be great enough to cause infection. Any help or shared similar experiences would be greatly appreciated. I normally wouldn't be so worried, but I found out later the guy was also seeing other women at the same time, and if he would try to penetrate me without protection, why not them as well?
Avatar f tn Hi Terri I just wanted to clarify that I was concerned about spreading this to my partners genitals, not their mouth as you have mentioned above. She already has HSV1 orally. Do your comments still apply for this? Also for my own future reference, if a future partner didn't have a prior HSV1 infection, what are the potential transmission rates if daily suppression therapy and condoms are always used?? Is it true HSV1 genital sheds far less than HSV2?
Avatar m tn The other aspect of higher rates of HIV in heterosexual African Americans is related to high rates of incarceration, in turn from opportunistic sex with other men (among men who otherwise only are heterosexual) and from injection drug use -- which is rampant in some prisons. Paragraph 2 is exactly right. When the HIV expert forum was active, one of docs (Hansfield I think) had a couple of great comments about why heterosexual HIV was so much more common in AAs than whites.
Avatar n tn So far no symptoms. Do you know the rates of HIV co-infections with STDs?...I could look for herpes fairly early. You're doing a great job giving honest to the point advice. Thank you kindly.
Avatar n tn 1000 for Female to Male transmission. Rates are higher for Male to Female transmission. It is like buying a lottery ticket. You can buy 999 and never win, or buy a first one and it will be a winner.
Avatar n tn So, I would like to provide him with stats on transmission rates. I have read different numbers in different places and hoped you could clear it up for me as well as provide me with the name of the resources/studies where the stats came from so he can look them up. It would be helpful if there were any written in layman's terms. In particular, I was wondering about transmission rates with just condoms alone as well as suppressive therapy without the use of condoms.
Avatar m tn So, my question basically is what is the likelihood of passing this onto him? What are the transmission rates of hsv1 from an infected female to an uninfected male using the precautions that I do? I don't want to be a worry wart all the time and constantly be worrying that I might have given him something or triple checking to make sure there's nothing out of the ordinary down there. I don't like living this way. Please help me.