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Avatar m tn My "encounters" I know would be classed as zero risk activities on this and other respected forums, but anxiety leads me to probably having to test for peace of mind. French kissing (multiple) events Mutual masturbation Protected oral (receiving) No penetrative sex Events occurred over a 3 month period with various sex workers, with the last being 30 days ago.
Avatar f tn On the 21st day, I went for the following tests - HIV antibody and antigen and the HIV DNA PCR test. Thankfully, all of them were negative. Do i need to undergo any further tests, since my understanding is that the antibody+antigen test should have detected either one during the sero conversion period. Also, the PCR test is said to be effective after 72 hours and that too was negative. Please respond. Need some peace of mind. Thanks.
Avatar n tn as to at what time can one be confident of the results of HIV blood testing. The answer is a bit complicated because there are a number of different kinds of tests available and the quality of the tests has improved substantially over the past 5-8 years making some sites’ data outdated. Things are further complicated by the fact that many official, governmental agencies must give general, as opposed to individualized, answers which have to be broadly applicable.
Avatar n tn A brief answer. The hepatitis B antigen test is the important test. A positive hepatitis B antigen indicates that the virus is present and when it dissappears, the infection has run its course and is gone, making the person no longer infectious. In your case, there was no risk to start with since there is no information to suggest that hepatitis B is transmitted thorugh oral sex. You negative tests just confirm that you are not the first person to get hepatitis B through receipt of oral sex.
Avatar n tn How did the 3 month widow come about? when i was at the clinic yesterday the nurse told me, unlike my situation,that almost all people who test positive cannot pinpoint their time of exposure. And that symptoms vary. And almost most of the positive are high risk groups. What really freaked me out was when she told me how she's seen a 3 month NEG turn POS. ANd she's been at the job for 6 months. So how did they ever get 3 month conclusive? I'm starting to get concerned.
Avatar m tn Is the hiv elisa test{without the confirmatory test}the most reliable and accurate for detecting the hiv virus if you wait outside the 6 month window period?Is a second, third or fourth generation superior to a first generation elisa? Also why do blood banks use naat and other fancy tests to detect hiv? Do they do that to simply shorten the window period or would such fancy tests as naat, antigen, etc.
Avatar f tn does valtrex have any effect on the hiv window period seeing that study finds that valtrex lowers hiv viral load Also,would taking valtrex shortly after exsposure to hiv delay hiv window period like pep does . I don't understand how it could not .
Avatar f tn Manufacture of tests do controled testing to set a window period and as time passes techonology gets better. So in 2004 after years of controled tests and millions spent the manufactures applied to have the window period moved from 6 months to 3 months. The FDA approved this and the CDC has gone along with it. It boils down to tests being more senestitive and the millions of dollars it takes to confirm the shorter window period.
Avatar f tn Sir what is window period of hiv test .sir nurse told me window period is 6 month .sir i am so scared.
Avatar f tn Since my last post a few weeks ago, I have seen my doctor, psychiatrist, and spoken with subject person. What I learned is that the incident was likely an acquaintance assault which explains my emotional reaction. I am dealing with it and on meds to help process. I have searched repeatedly on the hiv and std prevention forums for a complete std testing window schedule but haven't succeeded. I am looking for responses from the highly regarded doctors.
Avatar f tn Hello, basically, i understand a conclusive result occours at 3 months, but from browsing other sites and even looking at the NHS (National Health Service UK) website i found this info: "Anti-HIV testing (window period of 15 days, test sensitivity 99.9%, error frequency of 0.1%), or an HIV combined antigen/antibody testing (window period 11 days, test sensitivity 99.9%, error frequency of 0.1%), or HIV RNA testing (window period 9 days, a combined test sensitivity of 99.
Avatar m tn With regard to HIV testing, how come my clinic's website is saying it may take up to 6 months for antibodies for HIV to show up? I thought 3 months was accurate?
Avatar f tn are man crossed every window period there not any chance to infect hiv and he not need any kind of other test....
Avatar m tn 26 days after unprotected oral sex with a commercial sex worker, i got tested for HIV 1-2, Syphilis, Herpes, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia. I just got tested today, and i would like to know how accurate these tests would be in 26 days mark? Thanks.
Avatar m tn Any thoughts or information concerning hiv rna qualitative testing accuracy and window periods? Have read this test is full proof, but expensive.
Avatar f tn There is evidence that taking some types of antiretroviral medicines - HIV meds - will work as a protecton against getting new HIV infection. So it is likely that if you did not pick up HIV on the first occasion then it will have hopefully been averted on the second occasion. The certain answer to your question will be to do a 4th generation HIV test at 4 months after finishing PEP.
Avatar m tn If 100907 had unprotected sex with his girlfriend during his window period (yes irresponsible) but if he was negative at 99 days why should his girlfriend be tested as well as him again? Can he be a carrier for HIV during his window period and infect smeone else even if he comes back negative at 99 days? Can their symptoms just be the flu season, anxiety, or psychosymantic? Teak, Unique or NB can someone shed light on this?
Avatar m tn Your government is reading outdated guidelines.The Hiv window period is 3 months.Oral sex is zero risk and if that is all you did then you never had a risk of Hiv infection.OCD is obsessive thoughts,compulsive acts and irrational thinking.
Avatar f tn The DUO test is an HIV test that looks for antibodies for HIV-1 and HIV-2 and also looks for evidence of the p24 protein which is on the surface of the HIV virus particle.