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Avatar m tn My "encounters" I know would be classed as zero risk activities on this and other respected forums, but anxiety leads me to probably having to test for peace of mind. French kissing (multiple) events Mutual masturbation Protected oral (receiving) No penetrative sex Events occurred over a 3 month period with various sex workers, with the last being 30 days ago.
Avatar m tn A 4th generation test taken at 4 weeks post exposure can give you a good indication of your HIV status. But it's a good idea to take a confirmatory test at 12 weeks after the exposure to be considered conclusive. All HIV tests currently on the market are considered by experts to be conclusive at 12 weeks post exposure.
Avatar f tn On the 21st day, I went for the following tests - HIV antibody and antigen and the HIV DNA PCR test. Thankfully, all of them were negative. Do i need to undergo any further tests, since my understanding is that the antibody+antigen test should have detected either one during the sero conversion period. Also, the PCR test is said to be effective after 72 hours and that too was negative. Please respond. Need some peace of mind. Thanks.
Avatar m tn I would like to enquire what is the testing window for the product 'OraQuick ADVANCE ® Rapid HIV-1/2 Antibody Test'. Will a test at 28 days be conclusive and what is the accuracy of such a test? Will I be able to use this test 3 weeks post exposure?
Avatar n tn Seems like the only difference is that the OraQuick tests for HIV-2 antibodies as well but they're both looking for HIV-1 antibodies. I'd like to know if they're both sensitive or if one is better than the other.
Avatar n tn Hello Dr - Posting this question on behalf of a friend. Thanks for taking the question I had an unprotected oral / vaginal exposure a month back. I had the following tests at 4 week mark: 1. HIV-1 Antibody - < 1 - Negative 2. HIV 1/O/2 Abs, Qual - Non Reactive - Negative 3. HIV-1 DNA - Negative I have the following questions: 1. Do I need further testing or can I take these results conclusive?
Avatar m tn Hello Doctors, I had a quick question about the HIV Testing Window Period. I apologize, I have posted a question here in the past, but for the life of me, I cannot find my login information. But I assure you, it was only one thread. :) I will make full disclosure up front that I had an extremely low risk (if any) exposure and you have advised that I did not need to test unless I wanted to for peace of mind.
Avatar n tn Hello, I received an hiv dna by pcr test at 20 days and a hiv rna test with a hiv antibody test after 6 weeks and 4 days after my possible exposure. I engaged in unprotected vaginal sex. All came back negative. Should I have further testing?
Avatar m tn Any thoughts or information concerning hiv rna qualitative testing accuracy and window periods? Have read this test is full proof, but expensive.
Avatar n tn as to at what time can one be confident of the results of HIV blood testing. The answer is a bit complicated because there are a number of different kinds of tests available and the quality of the tests has improved substantially over the past 5-8 years making some sites’ data outdated. Things are further complicated by the fact that many official, governmental agencies must give general, as opposed to individualized, answers which have to be broadly applicable.
Avatar n tn A brief answer. The hepatitis B antigen test is the important test. A positive hepatitis B antigen indicates that the virus is present and when it dissappears, the infection has run its course and is gone, making the person no longer infectious. In your case, there was no risk to start with since there is no information to suggest that hepatitis B is transmitted thorugh oral sex. You negative tests just confirm that you are not the first person to get hepatitis B through receipt of oral sex.
Avatar n tn My saliva issue makes it very hard to speak or even eat. This doesn't sound HIV related does it? I had a negative HIV test 4 months after unprotected vaginal and anal sex.} Now that's not me saying that but it could be for I have the same white dumpster mouth as he describes. I'm no doctor but i know my own body something is going on here and i just don't like the timing of it at all.
Avatar m tn ( They recommend yearly HIV testing for EVERYONE no matter that only 1% of the population in the US has it and the vast majority of folks are in too low of risk categories to even make it worth the time and money but they don't recommend HSV testing for everyone routinely even though over 60% of the adult population has hsv1 orally which can be transmitted to a partner and is also the cause of 30% of all new genital herpes infections and 25% of the population has hsv2.