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Avatar m tn Does viral load and amount of bodily fluids exchanged affect HIV transmission?
Avatar n tn There has never been a confirmed case of HIV transmitted orally. No risk, no matter the viral load. Oral sex is a theoretical risk, it does not happen. There are several published reports of suspected oral sex transmission but none can be proven. If they could, don't you think that there would be a ton more cases of HIV? Yes there would. No risk insertive or receptive. Period.
Avatar n tn your viral load can be undectable. real low. there are many new infection with hiv with a undectable viral load, that is why the antibody test is used for diagnosis. you can have antibodies and be undectable. i know that terrible, but true.
Avatar m tn Is there any medicine of Retro Viral treatement for HIV/AIDS in India?
Avatar f tn I know the window period is 90 days but because I was so worried the doctor did a viral load test. She said that if I have HIV the viral load test will detect it. My test was normal but I did some research and according to the information the viral load test will come out undetectable if you do not have enough virus in your blood stream. How accurate is this test? The reason for the concern is that I had repeated unprotected sex with my partner for 2 weeks straight. He says that he is o.
Avatar m tn They are used to count the viral load in patients who are confirmed HIV positive. The only test that can diagnose HIV is an antibody test. You had no reason to get a PCR test. If you're concerned you may have contracted HIV, have an HIV antibody test at 3 months after your last unprotected exposure and your result will be conclusive.
Avatar m tn i read on another website that if you have been infected with HIV and your viral load remains sky high it is possible to test negative even though your infected. is this true ?
Avatar n tn c and a prc or pcr viral load test. This was after 16 days after exposure. The rapid hiv and hep c test were neg. (non reactive) the prc viral load test came back no detectable limits or as my doctor states negative. Is this a conclusive test that I was not exposed to hiv? Your help would be greatly appreciated... What is this prc or pcr viral load test?
Avatar n tn What i understand is that virus multiplies to a great extent in this period that load increases to thousands or millions. So viral load tests can find this out easily. I feel sore throat sometimes , but i am always in anxiety and depression so that might be the reason for a sore throat.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, was wondering if high viral load will affect successful tx. My viral load is 7,174,370. From what I've seen from other viral loads posted, it's very high. Also, thought I became HIV around 1992. ( needle stick from working e.m.s. Years). But now not too sure. Read somewhere that tests to determine hep c came about in early 90's. I was a regular whole blood donor while working e.m.s. In the 80's.
Avatar f tn My Hep C viral load was decllining for the past few tests over 5 years. 8,000,000 to 6 million to 4 mil and now my most recent test came out 15,600,000. Is this so significant that I have to be treated? My liver enzymes are always normal.
Avatar n tn And I can hardly ask. But one only tests for viral load after testing for the presence of HCV antibodies, right? So I'm sure the first test would disqualify me before they bothered with the second to find the viral load below detection level. Sigh. Does it mean anything that my HEP C AB test reads NONREACTIVE NONREACTIVE? This the test for antibodies? Does that mean that I'm immunocompromised (
Avatar m tn He said I was most likely infected very shortly before my appointment because my viral load was low compared to other seroconverters. I was tested that day (1/29) and my viral load came back undetectable, and my antibody test came back negative still. My doctor said that my second viral load either came back undetectable because I was on Truvada, or that the first test was a false positive. I am currently on HAART (Stribild) just incase it was a true positive.
Avatar n tn I was told that having an undetectable viral load and negative on the antibody would rule out HIV at 3 weeks. The doctor said that either the viral load would be very high or antibodies would be present at that time if I was infected. I'll ask dr HHH when I get a chance to post a question.
Avatar n tn I was hospitalized for 5 days during which i was given corticosteroids and antibiotics. HIV testing was Negative Viral load test was undetectable The Dr advised that my lmpyhonodes clinical test was ok placquets count was ok normal and blood white cells were normal. During the five days stay in the hospital my temperature was 38.2C to 38.6 C. (100.76 to 101.48 F).
Avatar m tn , namely weather the female is menstruating, presence of other STD's and viral load. However, I am wondering if the woman has a high viral load, for example she has been infected in the past month, does this influence the 1/1000 statistic to as low as 1/10 etc. Or is the "influence" that is often talked about not as impacting?
Avatar f tn -( Would you recommend to actually do the Viral Load and a third HIV antibodi at 6 months??
Avatar m tn In particular, I'm still very interested in how the viral load declines as one responds to treatment. I asked him the same question I asked the other doc "Why does it take so long to get all the virus - are they just harder to kill, the tougher ones left over as time goes on?" This doc gave me a different perspective. He said UNLESS a particular strain has developed that is resistant, ala a DAA induced type thing, no one virion is really any tougher to kill than another.
Avatar n tn I was recently screened for HIV and was found reactive for p24 and indeterminate on my western blot. I also had three viral load tests done- HIV-1 RNA, QN, RT-PRC, and they all came back negative. What are my chances that I am HIV positive? The last unprotected sex I had was a little over a month ago.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if the mother tests negative for HIV with the RNA (viral load test) at the beginning of pregnancy and at the very end. What are the chances that she does have HIV and will give it to the baby? Are there any other tests that would be more conclusive?
Avatar f tn // Also,would taking valtrex shortly after exsposure to hiv delay hiv window period like pep does . I don't understand how it could not .
Avatar m tn hi sir/mam i had sexsual exposure with sex worker and the condom broke for 1 or 2 seconds then i changed then after i did pcr proviral dna pcr test the result was non reactive then after 6 weeks rapid test for hiv1/2 the result was negative then after 3 months elisa result was non reactive then after 5 months the result was negative then after 6 months 4th generation elisa test the result was also non reactive then after 8 months rapid test as well as rna pcr viral load test for hiv 1 the resul
Avatar m tn Does undetectable viral load by HIV RNA PCR after Intermediate Western blot will rule out my HIV concern? .It certainly is strong further evidence that you do not have HIV I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn The surgery got me freaked out so I went to an online testing site and tested with the Elisa test and PCR RNA Viral load test (down to 48 copies) at day 21 (20.5 days post exposure). Both of these results were negative and I was told at day 21 one or the other would be positive. At day 29 I came down with a fever (around 100+) and coughing up dark green mucuous with a sore throat and bad headache. Family Doctor gave me Zithromax.
Avatar n tn Id like your opinion on p24 antigen testing? 3. Before testing, I inquired about viral load testing using PCR. He said this test will tell him nothing. But I've read that although more expensive, it is alot more sensitive than the p24 anitgen test, and it is used by some physicians for early detection. This costed me $470. Was he saving money testing p24 antigen rather than testing for viral load?
Avatar m tn Your DUO tests prove you do not have HIV. 2. Reliable. When people have untreated HIV they have viral loads measured in the thousands, not in the hundreds or below for the duration of the infection. 3. The lymph node swelling of HIV occurs over the entire body, not in isolated areas. 4. Believe your dermatologist. The rash of early HIV occurs at 2-4 weeks following exposure, not at 7 months 5.
Avatar m tn hi sir/mam i had sexsual exposure with sex worker and the condom broke for 1 or 2 seconds then i changed then after i did pcr proviral dna pcr test aftr 45 days the result was non reactive then after 6 weeks rapid test for hiv1/2 the result was negative then after 3 months elisa result was non reactive then after 5 months the result was negative then after 6 months 4th generation elisa test the result was also non reactivethen after 8 months westernblot test that was also negative, then after 8