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Avatar m tn Does viral load and amount of bodily fluids exchanged affect HIV transmission?
Avatar f tn I know the window period is 90 days but because I was so worried the doctor did a viral load test. She said that if I have HIV the viral load test will detect it. My test was normal but I did some research and according to the information the viral load test will come out undetectable if you do not have enough virus in your blood stream. How accurate is this test? The reason for the concern is that I had repeated unprotected sex with my partner for 2 weeks straight. He says that he is o.
Avatar n tn your viral load can be undectable. real low. there are many new infection with hiv with a undectable viral load, that is why the antibody test is used for diagnosis. you can have antibodies and be undectable. i know that terrible, but true.
Avatar n tn I was recently screened for HIV and was found reactive for p24 and indeterminate on my western blot. I also had three viral load tests done- HIV-1 RNA, QN, RT-PRC, and they all came back negative. What are my chances that I am HIV positive? The last unprotected sex I had was a little over a month ago.
Avatar f tn 1- does the one test detect hiv 1 and 2 or is a separate test conducted for each strand of HIV? 2 - does taking Lexapro medication effect the validity of the test? 3 - can a person outside the window period have an undetectible viral load or does it only apply to people who have HIV and are on medication?
Avatar m tn i read on another website that if you have been infected with HIV and your viral load remains sky high it is possible to test negative even though your infected. is this true ?
Avatar m tn hi sir/mam i had sexsual exposure with sex worker and the condom broke for 1 or 2 seconds then i changed then after i did pcr proviral dna pcr test the result was non reactive then after 6 weeks rapid test for hiv1/2 the result was negative then after 3 months elisa result was non reactive then after 5 months the result was negative then after 6 months 4th generation elisa test the result was also non reactive then after 8 months rapid test as well as rna pcr viral load test for hiv 1 the resul
Avatar n tn Also some places say that PCR testing after 3 weeks give accurate results and some say it only is for testing the viral load their for it may not be accurate. Do you have any information on how accurate PCR testing is?
Avatar f tn The viral load test if that is what you are calling the quantity test, is accurate at the time you had it done. You do not have hepatitis C if that was an HCV/RNA test better called a viral load test or PCR test.
Avatar f tn // Also,would taking valtrex shortly after exsposure to hiv delay hiv window period like pep does . I don't understand how it could not .
Avatar m tn 6)What does a combination of PCR testing and antibody testing suggest ? Had my viral load been lower than 100 copies would antibodies still be produced ? And is it possible for viral load to be below 100 copies at 8 months post exposure without any treatment ? 7)And what does a negative combination of a pcr proviral dna test and hiv antibody indicate ? Have you ever come across anybody who tested negative on both theses tests at 8 months post exposure then positive later ?
Avatar m tn They are used to count the viral load in patients who are confirmed HIV positive. The only test that can diagnose HIV is an antibody test. You had no reason to get a PCR test. If you're concerned you may have contracted HIV, have an HIV antibody test at 3 months after your last unprotected exposure and your result will be conclusive.
Avatar f tn I have had an undetectable viral load for over 6 years, yet my semen viral load is in the thousands. Serum viral loads have nothing to do with the semen viral load. The HPTN 052 study proved that just because you are on ARVs and undetectable that HIV can still be transmitted.
Avatar m tn WRONG. Viral Load test are not used to diagnose they are monitoring tests for people that ARE HIV POSITIVE.
Avatar m tn It is possible that antibodies can made viral load as undetectable but if antibodies as well as viral load is missing then- Is there any theory which can be applicable to justify presence of HIV in this case.
Avatar f tn ART can reduce a person’s viral load to the point where it is so low (usually under 40 copies/ml) that it cannot be detected by measurements. This is called having an ‘undetectable viral load', this prevents the sexual transmission of HIV along with improving the health of a person living with the virus. It does not cure someone of HIV.
Avatar n tn pdf sorry for disturbing you again I read by mistake the above link its mentioning viral load less than 20 copies/ml means there is viral load but it is below the reportable range because of this only I confuse and having more fear pls some body help me and my result is viral load less than lower detection limit what is the difference pls help me
Avatar m tn He doesn't know anything about HIV and testing. I'm HIV positive and have been for 29 years and my viral load is undetectable. If you want to test use the correct antibody test.
498948 tn?1253055841 When I started treatment I asked about the frequency of the viral load testing and I was told -4 weeks, 12 weeks, 24 weeks and 48 weeks, the standard protocol. I don't remember what was said about after tx. So I will push the 4 week issue with my doctor, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't being unreasonable about it. (Trish, I'll see what I can get out of the Canadian system. Being in the know is important to me too.
Avatar f tn You need to know there are viral load tests and there are viral load tests. The SOS (standard of care) is a test accurate to the low value of about 50 IU(international units) per mL. This test is okay for your first test, but I recommend you do your homework for the rest of the testing. Find out which lab the new doctor will be using. The common ones are LabCorp and Quest. LabCorp's QuantaSure does down to 2 IU/mL and Quest's Heptimax goes to 5 IU/mL.
Avatar n tn c and a prc or pcr viral load test. This was after 16 days after exposure. The rapid hiv and hep c test were neg. (non reactive) the prc viral load test came back no detectable limits or as my doctor states negative. Is this a conclusive test that I was not exposed to hiv? Your help would be greatly appreciated... What is this prc or pcr viral load test?
Avatar m tn org/posts/HIV-Prevention/-A-Question-on-Testing/show/1347755). No physician who understands HIV would have requrested a viral load test in this circumstance. It will be negative and was a waste of money in view of the antibody test results. (Did you select your own tests from an online service?
Avatar f tn HCV Viral Load (HCV RNA test, Quantitative) detects and measures the number of viral RNA particles in the blood. Viral load tests are often used before and during treatment to help determine response to therapy by comparing the amount of virus before and during treatment (usually at several time points in the first three months of treatment). Some newer viral load tests can detect very low amounts of viral RNA.
Avatar n tn Dr. Hook answered basically the same questions in your other thread 2 months ago. It would help to know the status of your partner's HIV infection, especially her viral load, if you know it; and/or whether she was taking anti-HIV drugs. If low viral load and/or she is on treatment, likely the risk was near zero, even for unprotected vaginal sex.
Avatar f tn I need to know what herbs can reduce the viral load? Secondly, for a viral load of 195,000 and CD4 Count of 209, can one start ARV treatment?
Avatar n tn Viral load to increase? You don't want your viral load to increase you want you viral load to become undetectable.