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Avatar n tn Is there anyone in ventura Los Angeles County that removes a metronic interthecal pain pump!
Avatar f tn Is there a place where I can get a duo HIV test that is not a scam in or near Ventura County in Southern California??
Avatar m tn t know my results for two weeks. I am now suffering from the worst anxiety of my life and can barely cope. My county offers rapid tests via a mobile unit, so I plan to track them down tomorrow. My question is: they offer two types of rapid tests, the oraquick and the rapid blood. Which test will be more conclusive after a 9.5 week low risk exposure?
Avatar n tn You did not need any type of testing because you did not put yourself at risk.
Avatar m tn So to start, I had an incident early the year, had sexy with a massage woman. Condom used penetrative, not for oral though. Ended up catching "clap" got treated and tested for everything including HIV and all is clear. Did all testing at county health department. But that's besides the point. Anyway, saw my dr for routine visit, told him everything and health dept said I was fine etc which I do accept their assessment.
Avatar m tn To be more specific. I'm a white heterosexual, non-drug using male from a small suburb in Southern California. 5 of these 6 woman were born and raised in the town where we grew up. According to County Records, our county saw roughly 30 cases of Syphilis in White Males in 2014, so I'm assuming that means it's rare here...
Avatar m tn I had my last sexual encounter on August 31. I received and gave unprotected oral sex to a old friend of mines who is a girl. I began to experience possible symptoms of herpes such as fatigue, body aches, and a fever 2 days after the encounter but I dont know if that was just me over working myself up and being stressed about it. It has now been 7 weeks since the encounter. Is this enough time to test for Herpes and the other STDs?
Avatar f tn Do you take the T3 all in one dose or do you split it into 2 doses throughout the day? When are you scheduled for testing again? Depending on your next labs, you may be able to increase the T3 med up to 15 - 20 mcg, split into 2 doses (half first thing in the morning, with your T4 and the other half around noon). I wouldn't make anymore changes, though without retesting to see where your are.
Avatar m tn Which reminds me that yesterday, while talking to our board of Health office (verifying immunizations), I happened to think about this issue and asked What, if anything Volusia County (Florida) has for testing. She said they had a grant so that anyone can come in and get tested at to cost to them! I also asked about HIV. They test for that also, but there is a fee of approximately $18. I thought that also interesting, too, but of course, my main focus is the Hep C testing at no cost.
Avatar n tn Mine didn't give me one But it's normally standard for them if you don't answer certain questions correctly.
Avatar n tn I went to the clinic several days after the assault to be tested for most of what could have been contracted, but have had to wait for HIV. This has been causing me significant worry. I have been number-crunching to find solace. The epi numbers in my county show that in his racial/ethnic group there is a 0.225-0.90% chance that he's infected depending on his risk factors. I went for a test at day 33 which came out negative. Yes, I do plan on a 3 month follow-up test.
Avatar m tn Hello Dr. HHH or Hook I tested for HIV at the Dallas County Health and Human Services Department. It was a Rapid HIV test as well as a Nucleic Acid Test for the virus itself and I was tested for syphilis as well. All of my tests came back negative and this was 47 or 48 days after potential exposure. I made sure to ask whether the testing facility re-uses needles/syringes and I was assured that they do not.
Avatar m tn Hi, I heard that some states pay for paternity testing. But it didn't say anything about Ohio. Is there a list of states that cover paternity?
Avatar m tn You had a risk and there are free HIV testing sights for Rapid test all over the country along with free regular HIV testing (blood-drawn sample). Just search it in google. Just type in your state and possibly county/area and you'll definitely find a place.
Avatar f tn Virginia is horribly behind on HIV testing guidelines. When I went to a county clinic for my testing they told me the same thing and my jaw dropped. But there are still laws against fornication and adultery on the books here, so I guess it should be no surprise. Everybody will test positive by 3 months after an exposure, and almost everybody tests positive by 6-8 weeks with modern HIV tests. The information the counselor told you was completely out of date.
Avatar n tn I had testing done at a County Clinic at 5 weeks post exposure for HIV, HSV 1,2 , HEP A,B,C, Gon, Chyl. The test results all came back Neg. I am concerned that I received some inaccurate advice at the County Health Clinic. Upon receiving my results, I asked the Dr. about need for further testing and conclusive results at a later time period. She told me "tests are pretty sensitive now." "I don't think you need to any additional testing.
Avatar m tn At the Seattle-King County STD clinic, we routinely do pooled HIV RNA testing for gay men, but for no other group." And check out their website: As I have said I hope you and Dr's Hook and Handsfield are right regarding the risk level and I will be very happy to post negative results for all tests when I receive them.
Avatar m tn We know approximately how long it may take a person to produce antibodies to HIV based on years of data, research and advancements in testing. A person who has contracted HIV may show up positive as early as two weeks after the time they were infected. According to page 11 of the Module 6 Training Manual from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the vast majority of those who contract HIV will show up positive between 4—6 weeks after infection.
Avatar f tn Cool.
Avatar f tn Ventura county, Ca. Due October 20 and hoping for rain. It's been so so hot here.