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Avatar f tn I moved here from Eastern Oregon where you never know what kind of weather you're going to get. It's so much better here and so beautiful! I'm glad I made the move.
Avatar f tn Ya Vancouver its by Oregon?
886304 tn?1256091904 So, I was wondering if theres anyone that is in the portland, OR/ Vancouver, WA area. Anyone??? I need a walking buddy!!
Avatar n tn Nevertheless, you should see a health care provider in the next couple of days for STD/HIV screening and personal advice. The Vancouver STD clinic would be an excellent choice for expert care. Testing for gonorrhea and chlamydia would be valid now, and you should then follow the clinic's advice about other testing.
5002615 tn?1366014009 does anyone live near Seattle or in the state of WA?
Avatar f tn Anyone else up still. I live in Vancouver Washington and it almost 5am and I haven't slept all night.
Avatar n tn My family has recently moved to the Vancouver, WA area and my husband is in desperate need to a pain specialitst either here or in Portland, OR. He is seeing a orthopedist that has told him that he needs to be seen at a pain clinic (sadly, the doctor doesn't recommend anyone). We are paying out of pocket for all of his visits and I just need someone to recommend a doctor that will treat his severe pain without having to flip through the yellow pages and take a guess.
Avatar n tn Hello doc, On 15 Jan 2009, I had sex with a street CSW (Canada/Vancouver). We had sex for about 30 mins. For the last 10-15 mins, sex was so good and I finished inside her. When I pulled out, the condom was broken. She was very wet so juice was all over my penis. When I told her that the condom was broken, she said that she can't get pregnent because her tubes are tied? Also, she was concerned whether I was clean. I told her I was and she stated that "are you sure? Well you look clean.
Avatar f tn I have heard that Canada has a better health system than Washington state and would like to find a place in the Vancouver/Victoria area where I can have the cystocopy (I do not have health insurance valid in the U.S.) Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Who pays for the facility, nursing and anesthesia care? How about the physician's overhead, like malpractice insurance, office staffing, office maintanence, supplies, drugs, dressings? It is unlikely that any plastic surgeon would agree to perform "free" surgery. This is particularly true for a cosmetic procedure. It may be possible if the above overhead expenses are covered if the problem is truly functional.
Avatar f tn I have seen in my website and pages that " most HIV specialist will consider HIV 4 th generation will be conclusive at 6 weeks " . What does they mean 80 per HIV specialist or 90 percent ?? And the AIDS VANCOVER which is HIV society they do service for free from Canada stated that 4 th generation test is not so conclusive at weeks and that starts that it is a good indicator of your status . Can you please tell me how far they are true?
Avatar n tn t conflicting information from HIV experts. The way that adults actually get HIV is very straight forward. HIV is transmitted by unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing of IV drug needles. That's it. So, this was not a risk.
Avatar m tn I own an HCG clinic in Vancouver, WA. You need more protein than what you are describing. 850-1250 calories a day, highly nutritious, organic foods, high in protein, low in carbs. If you eat only twice a day you will promote the Leptin resistance in your body and your body will go into the starvation mode. The intent of the HCG is to improve the communication between your hypothalamus and the Leptin hormone so that your body will release stored fat.
Avatar m tn I am purely speculating on if the testing method at THE MAIN STI provincial health clinic in Vancouver is unique in some way (test results for the 3 STI's tested took 3 days _ tested Tuesay, results today, Friday) from the labs that are standard for you, but I appreciate that it unreasonable for me to expect you to know testing methods here.
Avatar m tn Not an HIV concern. HIV is unable to reproduce outside its living host (unlike many bacteria or fungi, which may do so under suitable conditions), except under laboratory conditions; therefore, it does not spread or maintain infectiousness outside its host.
Avatar m tn regardless of how high a risk of HIV may be, HIV testing override exposure, symptoms, etc. Of course, that's when testing is done sufficiently long after exposure. Four weeks isn't ideal, but at least 90% of the time, the standalone HIV antibody tests are positive at 4 weeks (one day shy doesn't make a significant difference); and if your negative test was a "combo" or "duo" test for boht antibody and p24 antigen, the result is 100% reliable.
Avatar m tn So, you have been diagnosed with HIV plus HBV? Did you do the proper testing to find out if your HBV is acute or chronic? If acute, no treatment is needed and hopefully your body will resolve HBV on your own. If chronic and depending on where you live antiretroviral treatment should be explored. I know in the US, they now advise anyone with HIV to start treatment, regardless of their HIV viral load. The cocktail they give for HIV takes care of keeping the HBV in check.