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Avatar n tn Does a standard urine culture test for all STDs and/or HIV? I recently was showing symptoms similar to that of a bladder infection (frequent urination, burning during urination, lower abdominal pain). Over the 8 weeks or so, I've also had some moderate to severe headaches and some night sweats. Would the full panel of blood work I had done plus the urine culture pick up any and all STDs including HIV? Is this something that is looked for in standard blood work and urine cultures?
Avatar n tn My question is basically that since HIV is hard to detect with-en the first few weeks or months because of the window period and they ran blood tests and urine tests on her and they all came back negative is it possible she could still have HIV? Are there tests for HIV that are accurate enough even if the sexual intercourse just happened a week ago. She said all the tests came back negative, but i'm still curious that she could still be at risk. Thank you for your help.
Avatar n tn Dear Sir I had sex with a prositute with condome and after that i observed a discomfort while passing the urine and then i went for urine testing and it gave the result "Klebsiella pneumoniae" and doctor gave me a single dose tablet for that. Then I went for HIV DNA PCR test ( 57days after the exposure ). it came negative. After 3 months I went for Elisa test it came negative. And after one and half year i went again for Elisa test.It came negatvie.
Avatar n tn they often show up 1-3 months later.) Unless your partner is an injection drug user or known to be HIV-positive, I wouldn't worry much about HIV. The chance of getting an asymptomatic STD after only a single exposure is low. If you want to be super-safe, wait about 2 weeks and have a urine test to check for gonorrhea and chlamydia; and then at about 4-6 weeks have an HIV test and a blood test for herpes.
Avatar m tn At 6 weeks post exposure I got tested for HIV. The test came back negative. The test administered is below. My question is how accurate is this test at 6 weeks post exposure? The only symptoms I have had are my penis head seems slightly red, and I'm getting a lot of dribble after I urinate or atleast more than I usually would. Also very very mild discomfort on the right side of my upper groin/lower abdomen area.
Avatar n tn is it possible for me to have syphillis without symptoms?
Avatar n tn Again in 2006 I had to undergo testing as a part of changing Job which the UAE govt. prescribes HIV testing is mandatory. Negative. (12 months)(Results were never informed). If it was positive I would have deported. Then a change in job in 2007 and a medical check up same situation. (24 months). But my doubt still remains as I have developed some urinary tract infection and after treatment the problem is still there. My doubt is. 1) How much relevant is this mass testing ?
Avatar f tn So I decided to do a full sexual health screen 12 days later I took urine samples and hiv duo 4th gen both negative At just over 11 weeks I took another hiv duo 4th gen Results where negative the specialist I seen said I would not require further testing as a few days won't make a difference. My question regarding the testing is. During the whole course of these events.
Avatar n tn I recently took an STD and HIV test and am awaiting results from both. I have a question about the urine test I took for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea though... The nurse gave me the cup and told me she wanted to have the beginning of my urine stream in the cup. I ended up urinating beyond the point she asked for though, so I poured some out. I'm not afraid that I may have poured out some of that "beginning urine" she asked for.
Avatar m tn If you test a normal urine test, it will show any bacteria or infection in the urine which means it needs further testing to determine if its STD. However, if you have any symptoms such as Chlamydia check for Prostate infection. Prostate infection can’t be seen in urine or blood, it requires a physical examination.
Avatar m tn AJ Could you tell me what your opion is of ONLINE testing sites like; or: I am going now. I am sure I am free of anything but I need to check to make myself feel better.
Avatar m tn had protected onenight stand was fingering the girl then touched mouth for brief second to wet hand cought myself then pulled away fast got scared and and got tested at 7 weeks because of anxity and stress all came back neg hiv syphilis clamidia all test do you think i should be ok verry worried
Avatar f tn I now have what I believe to be anal discharge which smells. What could this be if its discharge in both areas? Vagnial and Anal area? Im very very upset and don't know what to do and my doctor is not in today and will only be there tmw.
Avatar f tn I got hiv testing and it came out negative. Now i want to get a urine test for gonorrhea and chlamydia just to make me stop worrying. what type of urine test would detect both?
Avatar m tn Your Combo blood test at 8 weeks is conclusive to state you are absolutely free from HIV. No need of further testing. There are no urine tests for HIV/ I havent heard of any. Blood tests are accurate and are used in every country. Urine is a sterile fluid, it generally doesnt contain the virus.
Avatar m tn Yesterday a client handed me there bottle they wiggled there hand and I believe some urine hit the corner near my nose by my left eye not sure if any went in but let's say it did or there any chances of catching Hiv? Let me point out the bottle of urine looked normal didn't look like the ones I have seen you can tell have blood in it just nervous cause I know the person was in prison and was a needle drug user.
Avatar f tn You had zero risk therefore testing is irrelevant to your situation because you had zero risk. HIV is a fragile virus, which is instantly inactivated in air and also in saliva which means it is effectively dead so it can't infect from touching, external rubbing or oral activities. It doesn't matter if you and they were actively bleeding or had cuts at the time either because the HIV is effectively dead. Only 3 adult risks are the following: 1. unprotected penetrating vaginal with a penis 2.
Avatar m tn AG/AB HIV 1+2 test: 3,5 weeks negative AG/AB HIV 1+2 test: 5 weeks negative AB HIV 1+2 rapid screenhome test 6 weeks : negative(JAL innovations) AG/AB HIV 1+2 test: 8,5 weeks negative AB HIV 1+2 rapid screenhome test 9 weeks : negative JAL innovations) HCV AB test: 8,5 weeks negative. I have been feeling "strange" ever since i read about the symptoms of conversion-flu.
Avatar n tn Doctor also said that there is no need for hiv testing since i engaged in oral sex. Its been 75 days now. So am i free from all possible STDs?? Do i need any further testing. Kindly advise me.
Avatar m tn Yes, your PMD is being overly cautious and apparently is behind the times on modern HIV tests. Few if any HIV experts or public health agencies recommend testing beyond 3 months. In fact, most newly infected people have positive results by 3 weeks.
Avatar n tn This hasn't been studied carefully, but many experts feel that chlamydia may be missed in people tested under 4-5 days after exposure. 2) You can trust the test results in standard HIV testing centers, pretty much anywhere in the world and certainly in the US and other industrialized countries. 3) Yes; see above. There is no realistic possibility that results have different reliability at 89 versus 90 days; that's a major hair-split.
Avatar m tn I took a home bio hiv urine test today it came negative is this test reliable ?
Avatar m tn At this point, wait a few weeks and if symptoms return, then it would be better to do urine testing. you've already treated for the most common causes of symptoms so no reason for the urine testing. you don't have to worry about hiv from oral sex.