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Avatar n tn I hate to add to this string -- but a question on HIV testing. You continually state that 90 days is conclusive and many of the sites agree with you to include the New York and Seattle. However, in one string you mention your friend in San Francisco at the clinic and they say it is 95% accurate at 3 months and 100% at 6 months. The CDC on its site says 3-6 months, but on the Oraquick site they use 3 months. Can you help me any here.
Avatar n tn Thank god the test is at least free. tested at 35 days negative i wish i could get it in my head that im ok that i dont have hiv...I see lots of people have this problem believing that they dont got it never understood that before but im understanding it now. Mike_no and quite a few others have been really helpful with there reassurance i want to believe it i want it to sink in hell i wanna be normal again.
Avatar m tn You aren't bursting anyone's bubbles here. No one here, including myself, thinks I am not at risk. No one here has said "Ah, if it's the one time you're okay, don't bother testing." What they are trying to do is give me some support to lessen the anxiety I'm feeling while I wait for the test results. They're trying to help me sleep those 7-10 days before I go back to the doctors, and for that I thank them. What you seem to be doing is trying to convince me to get tested.
1290799 tn?1272086028 It started with pain in my hands and feet, swollen glands in my neck, low grade fevers and sore throat. I kept getting more and more tired. It lasted for 4 months, doctors looked for hiv, strep, mono, hepatitis, and thyroid. Nothing was found. Then the fatigue got worse, the pain in my hands and feet got worse. I kept going to the doctor because I was so tired, my throat was red and hurt and my bones hurt...they would draw the same tests...
Avatar n tn Poor you! My son is anaphylactic (eggs, milk & every nut on the planet) and he has regular blood tests and skin ***** tests to assess his current level of reaction to his known allergens and assess possible further allergy to new substances. The new substances are introduced one at a time and include allergens known to be linked to his existing ones (like sesame seeds, lupin flour, latex etc).