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Avatar m tn // for very early screening. The CDC is correct. The other doctors are incorrect in my humble opinion. I would qualify that a little though and say that if you had a very high risk exposure - for example receptive anal sex with a male who was recently diagnosed as a newly infected HIV positive man, then I would repeat that test at 4 weeks with a 4th generation HIV DUO test for certainty.
Avatar f tn The most currently used HIV diagnostics have detected HIV antibodies. But it takes two to eight weeks for a person newly infected with the virus to make detectable antibodies as a sign that the body is working to fight the transmitted virus. The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/ Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or UNAIDS stated that as of 2008 there are 33.
Avatar f tn New York, NY (AHN) - New York City Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden has come under fire for trying to implement new national HIV testing guidelines. The federal Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta has revised its recommendations and now advocates that tests for HIV be a routine part of medical care without requiring the consent of patients......... Then let's pray that urgest on HCV testing too.
Avatar m tn your nicknames new york, new york has fantastic treatment and does a good job of covering most cases but first get tested, very few women have HIV in the first place and your most likely ok good luck man god bless
Avatar f tn "With the HIV antibody test used in new york state, virtually all people who are infected will test positive within one month of being infected. Most people will test positive even sooner" This is what is written at the bottom of my negative test result sheet/recipt or whatever it is This test is from St. Vincents Clinic in New York City They Used the "Finger stick with whole blood" Is this new information? Does that mean a test after months exposure is clear?
Avatar m tn according to, New York uses PCR tests which detect HIV directly in the blood instead of detecting viral loads. Clearly they say 99% of people will test accurately in 1 month, but is that only under the PCR test or ELISA too?
Avatar m tn After going through HIV posts from the people, understand there has been a lot of confusion among the HIV window period and the time of HIV testing for obtaining conclusive results, even though medhelp HIV experts answered a lot. This is why I am going to post for the people who has concerned for HIV after possible risk for HIV situation. Window Period: Before analysing the Window Period for HIV we need to consider the testing generation which people are getting.
Avatar n tn nc health clinic for pap, std testing, hiv etc.
Avatar n tn std and hiv testing 1 week antibiotics for inflammation
Avatar m tn Why are you being rude to me? I am stating what I have been told by counselors at NYC std testing clinic. I don't care about what you have. I am just relaying what I have been told. And by the way, the window period they are quoting is 3 weeks, not six. The name of the test is "Acute HIV Test" Call this number 1-877-364-8191. This is New York City Std testing number. And be a little more mature about your answers in the future.
Avatar n tn When Dr. HHH states that a 6 week HIV test is conclusive, I believe that is his professional opinion based on his extensive training and experience with STDs. I do not believe anyone will be able to produce a reference for that information. The New York State Department of Health has a website where they provide HIV information in the form of questions and answers.
Avatar n tn There have been studies to try and determine the percentage of prostitutes infected with hiv. For example in New York City it was found that 30 to 40% of street walkers were hiv positive, call girls which are somehow a higher cast of prostitues less than 10%. It's important to know that this studies ARE NOT 100% certain there are many variables.
Avatar m tn where can I get std testing done in new york city ? is it free ? is it anonymous ?
Avatar m tn HIV statistics state that 7 people in our age group with white skin were reported with an HIV diagnosis in 2010. Also in New York alone (The City, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx and Queens) only 135 people who are ranged from 13-19 were reported with a new HIV diagnoses.
Avatar m tn ve gone to the doctor (I live in new york city) and had both a Rapid Test and an HIV 1/2 EIA Ab Screen. Both of which were negative. I have a few questions: 1) How can I tell if my EIA test was the 3rd or 4th generation? 2) What is the confidence of a negative result 5 weeks after exposure for either 3rd or 4th generation tests? Thank you very much. PS. I promise I'll never be so stupid to put myself in this situation again.
Avatar f tn but they will get it from your newborn if you refuse so by new York state law that would constitute that HIV testing is in fact mandatory right?!?! Lol I can get tested with a harmless blood draw of they can draw blood from your newborn. One or the other is a law and must be done Sooooo.......I don't really see how she was lied to. I say decline it. Get another OBGYN who does the same thing....
Avatar m tn A 4th generation test taken at 4 weeks post exposure can give you a good indication of your HIV status. But it's a good idea to take a confirmatory test at 12 weeks after the exposure to be considered conclusive. All HIV tests currently on the market are considered by experts to be conclusive at 12 weeks post exposure.
Avatar f tn out of anxiety and worry i went to get tested at 12 days after the encounter here at the std clinic in new york city and it came out (rapid finger prick test) Negative, and they took a tube of blood since i didnt take the test anonymously. That test also came back negative thankfully. i went back at the 5 week mark and 7 week mark to get tested and both came back negative.
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