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Avatar m tn are not indicative of hiv...BUT...the only way to know one's status is by testing. get tested so that you can put this fear behind you and move on with your life. it's that simple ! !
Avatar m tn // for very early screening. The CDC is correct. The other doctors are incorrect in my humble opinion. I would qualify that a little though and say that if you had a very high risk exposure - for example receptive anal sex with a male who was recently diagnosed as a newly infected HIV positive man, then I would repeat that test at 4 weeks with a 4th generation HIV DUO test for certainty.
Avatar n tn --The vast majority of medical opinions seem to agree on the 12-13 week range, including the states with the heaviest HIV case loads like New York and California. --Nonetheless, the 6-month testing window is not such an outlandish professional opinion as it may appear in some of the discussion above. Lots of leading research centers, like Harvard University's health website, still say 6 months is the window.
Avatar f tn but they will get it from your newborn if you refuse so by new York state law that would constitute that HIV testing is in fact mandatory right?!?! Lol I can get tested with a harmless blood draw of they can draw blood from your newborn. One or the other is a law and must be done Sooooo.......I don't really see how she was lied to. I say decline it. Get another OBGYN who does the same thing....
Avatar m tn Why are you being rude to me? I am stating what I have been told by counselors at NYC std testing clinic. I don't care about what you have. I am just relaying what I have been told. And by the way, the window period they are quoting is 3 weeks, not six. The name of the test is "Acute HIV Test" Call this number 1-877-364-8191. This is New York City Std testing number. And be a little more mature about your answers in the future.
Avatar m tn 718-638-2074 -- In New York (counseling): 800-872-2777 (M-F 2-8, Sat/Sun 10-6) -- Taped information, 24 hrs.
Avatar n tn The reason all the doctors are giving you the same information is because they're all reading from the same script. There are many studies you can read on the Internet if you go to a standard search engine like google. Everything I've read supports a much higher percentage than 80% at 6 weeks.
Avatar n tn When Dr. HHH states that a 6 week HIV test is conclusive, I believe that is his professional opinion based on his extensive training and experience with STDs. I do not believe anyone will be able to produce a reference for that information. The New York State Department of Health has a website where they provide HIV information in the form of questions and answers.
Avatar f tn New York, NY (AHN) - New York City Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden has come under fire for trying to implement new national HIV testing guidelines. The federal Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta has revised its recommendations and now advocates that tests for HIV be a routine part of medical care without requiring the consent of patients......... Then let's pray that urgest on HCV testing too.
Avatar n tn I am a 22 year old male living in New York City, I just moved here a month and a half ago. I am in good health and rarely get sick, I have no got sick in 5 years. Anyways, exactly 25 days ago I had protected sex with a prostitute. She was also 22 years old and informed me that she had been doing this for 2 years now. She seemed very clean and well kept. About 2 hours before she arrived I took a shower and shaved my pubic area because I thought it was unattractive, ha ha.
Avatar n tn This is from the NYS Dept of Health website: With the HIV antibody tests used in New York State, virtually all people who are infected will test positive within one month of being infected. Most people will test positive even sooner.
Avatar m tn does anyone know how these new strains were detected in the first place and would modern HIV testing detect possible new strains by a cross reaction/common connection? i have had several routine tests within the last 12mths (3 tests since a possible exposure in africa, condom break with a CSW) all have been negative in an NHS gum Clinic, is it safe to say that i can rule out being infected with a new strain?
Avatar f tn "With the HIV antibody test used in new york state, virtually all people who are infected will test positive within one month of being infected. Most people will test positive even sooner" This is what is written at the bottom of my negative test result sheet/recipt or whatever it is This test is from St. Vincents Clinic in New York City They Used the "Finger stick with whole blood" Is this new information? Does that mean a test after months exposure is clear?
Avatar m tn I've gone to the doctor (I live in new york city) and had both a Rapid Test and an HIV 1/2 EIA Ab Screen. Both of which were negative. I have a few questions: 1) How can I tell if my EIA test was the 3rd or 4th generation? 2) What is the confidence of a negative result 5 weeks after exposure for either 3rd or 4th generation tests? Thank you very much. PS. I promise I'll never be so stupid to put myself in this situation again.
Avatar n tn recently i started hearing rumors about how way out there she was--and it scared me even more----called the same testing center and a counselor--not an HIV tester---a phone counselor said 4 weeks no good---then I called the GMHC hotline in new york---they said 4 weeks for vaginal--I been dating her for 8 weeks---test was good but it was up to me to test out--cdc guidelines are more black and white and thats why they say 13 weeks....So am I doomed? Do I need to go back and test?
Avatar m tn I was quite anxious and was tested at 4, 5, and 6 weeks for HIV in New York STD clinic\. Three times were rapid blood test and were NEGATIVE. At 5 weeks, the counsellor also gave me a "virus test", which I assume was a P-Naat test. It was also NEGATIVE. Now comes the 12 weeks mark. This time, I decide to do a standard, ELISA test, which was 4th generation (the best lab in my own country). I drew the blood today and the result will come out tomorrow.
Avatar m tn New York is still using the OraQuick Advance HIV 1 and HIV 2 test for blood and plasma testing. They're just not using the oral testing at this time until the investigation is complete.
Avatar m tn She was AA in New York. Looked shabby, I have strong suspicion she was an injection drug user supporting her addiction. She smelled like she smoked 5 packs a day, like druggies do. Wanted to use condoms, I only wanted vaginal, condom used but failed, penetration unprotected for maybe 5 minutes. I freaked out and asked her if she was sick, hesitated said no, she didn't clearly answer asked me if I was if I remember correctly.
Avatar m tn This is especially true in transplant centers in the San Francisco, LA and New York City areas where it is not uncommon to have patients very ill and close to death before there is any liver available to them. For example I am waiting for a transplant due to hepatitis C, cirrhosis and liver cancer.
242985 tn?1192591669 The names of people who test positive for HIV are given to the New York State Department of Health to help the department better respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in New York State. Information about your HIV status is given only to the New York State Department of Health and is kept confidential. The confidentiality of all HIV-related information is protected by New York State Public Health Law.
Avatar n tn Please help, doctor. I went to a public STD clinic in New York City to get tested for HIV and the counselor who performed the rapid test did not wear gloves. Thankfully she couldn't to find a big enough vein in my arm so rather than draw blood first (which seems to be their standard procedure in case of a positive result) she went ahead and pricked my finger. I was so nervous about getting tested that I neglected to ask her to put any gloves on. Am I at any risk for HIV?
Avatar f tn It's possible they could be using a new screening test, or they are reducing the time based on new research. I spoke with someone at Orange County Health Department in New York State, and they say it takes 35 days, but they still tell patients who get an HIV test or think they have HIV that 3 months is the conclusive result.
Avatar f tn 6 months previously) should either receive HCV RNA testing or undergo follow-up antibody testing. HCV RNA testing might also be considered for immunocompromised individuals.5 Reactive HCV antibody results need to be confirmed with HCV RNA testing (or an alternate method). Positive HCV RNA results are consistent with current infection and negative results indicate absence of current infection.
Avatar n tn at the montifore medical center in bronx (dr gilbert) its $10 for the bio kit rapid assay and $30 for th offive visit (i have the same problem my results was 1.79 over four months ago and still no symptoms. i have to go there as well for the test because no one in michigan does conformation testing which is weired i spewed about it in my blog very irritating lmfao) the herpes select test by focus has "issues" w false positives with scores under 3,5 some were even saying 3.0.
Avatar n tn 9 weeks, and I plan to do a final one at 12 weeks, following New York State guidelines, but the hiv counselor said I needed to test at 6 months and 1 year, and I can't figure out what's making him test so long-term. He told me my risk was low (oral sex without ejaculation, I was the one sucking), but is it standard practice to make any men who have had sex with other men test that often? I haven't had any additional risk events and don't intend to, in the future.
Avatar f tn Two days ago I received a massage from a CSW in New York City. During the massage I used my finger on her vagina and outside her anus. I never insert my finger and I did this for approximately 2 minutes. Immediately after I noticed a fairly deep paper cut on the same finger. The skin was split but not bleeding. I didn't notice any blood from her but obviously there were vaginal secretions on my finger. Can you please tell me what kind of risk this is for hiv?
Avatar n tn What percentage of white escort women have hiv in New Jersey/New York? Is four weeks enough time to get tested? Have you ever heard of a sitituation like this where a man got hiv, and you belive that they weren't lying?
Avatar n tn I'm not sure what type of HIV test you had, but essentially all generations of HIV antibody tests will be positive at 6 weeks if indeed your are HIV positive. The New York State Department of Health has a website in which there are 100 questions and answers associated with HIV/AIDS. The resonse to question 39 states "With the HIV antibody tests used in New York State, virually all people who are infected will test positive within one month of being infected.
Avatar m tn is suspending a midstage study of a potential hepatitis C treatment after at least one patient suffered heart failure. The New York company hasn't determined the cause or whether it is tied to the potential treatment, so it is examining all patients who took the drug.