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Avatar n tn I asked a military lab technician. NO! The military only tests for HIV routinely. All other std's are only tested for if there is a reason aka present symptoms. I thought I was right on that. I looked it up myself last year and found that only chlamydia is routinely tested for in women once a year at their annual pap. And that only started less than 10 years ago. HIV is tested for in every military member. It is a must.
Avatar n tn As far a the vietnam era goes though, between the wounded triage treatments, (no testing of blood supply beyond typing) rampant use of heroin, and intimate contact with the infected populace, there's more than one way that Nam era vets could have gotten HCV.
Avatar f tn When I found out that I have Hep C and realized I unknowingly gave birth to 3 children while having Hep C, I did some research on whether or not the military tests their personnel for Hep C, because I wanted to know if the military would have tested my military son (so that he wouldn't have to be tested by local our doc too) and I came up with the following information that had been updated in 2009.
Avatar f tn If I had this for a long time how did not show up in him if we did everything under the sun. I have several questions about Military STD testing because he keep saying I EXPOSED him to Herpes. He also said the doctor emailed and told him his levels were high on Herpes Simplex II and he should wait until next month to be test but didn't have any levels information. Are military results not Positive or Negative and this was a month after I told I was diagnosed. I don't understand. HELP ME PLEASE!
1043834 tn?1269046623 Today I was wondering about how knowledgeable people are about HIV, well It turns out most of the people I know are completely oblivious to the idea. So I went ahead and looked it up on Youtube, turns out there are some stupid people leaving comments on why noty to test yourself for HIV. I was completely infuriated. I mean if knowledge is power this individual was saying that an HIV test could ruin your life. This was that individuals comment: DON'T GET TESTED!
Avatar f tn My understanding is that he US military requires HIV testing once a year, and in some settings they may strongly suggest or even require testing for other STDs as well. But for sure not once a month. Even if this were true, it still would be reasonable for your partner to be tested for STDs in this situation, if only for your peace of mind and even if he genuinely believes his other partner was at low risk.
Avatar m tn I was on leave from the military about a week ago and I had unprotected sex with a random woman. I stopped after 30 seconds when I noticed a horrible smell coming from her vagina. When I think back at it, she did have a sickly look to her. Im very worried I may have gotten HIV. Doc, help me out, what do you think.
Avatar f tn i am not sure about that one i think that only if something else comes up :)
Avatar f tn I was in the Navy, and I was tested once a year. In addition, an HIV test was part of my enlistment physical. Anyone testing positive for HIV would be disallowed from joining the service at all, let alone going into a combat zone. Anyone already in the service who tests positive would be processed out on a medical discharge. And, BTW, all four branches of the military follow the same testing procedures, I believe.
Avatar m tn But I am after the latest information about HIV testing it does not even have anything about testing with P24 which is common practice now in the western world. Which shortens the window period? The information is endorsed by Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Department of Human Services, Australasian Society for HIV Medicine, Australasian Sexual Health & HIV Nurses Association. What do you think my chances are of having HIV?
Avatar n tn Teak is correct. You have tested conclusively HIV-. Further testing is not warranted, regardless of symptoms. Symptoms are NEVER a reliable indicator of HIV infection. Someone ELSE'S symptoms are an even LESS reliable indicator. Your wife's specific symptoms - fatigue, headache, runny nose, even rash - all indicate a cold, not HIV.
1199040 tn?1265239024 If you read some of those links you'll find that the protocols in using the airguns were far less existent in the 70's and were not adhered to especially in the military. Adults of military age may have very good recollection about the event whereas I wonder how many first graders even remember the day.
Avatar m tn last time she checked and she will check again before we stop using condoms. I am in the military. I went in to the doc the other day to get checked for STD's, and when I told him I have no symptoms and no known contact with someone who has a STD, he said not to worry about getting checked. I get checked during my physicals for HIV and another big one (either gonorrhea or syphilis, I can't remember), so I don't have either of those.
Avatar m tn So now, I am really scared about having HIV. Did he purposely infect me? I have had several wbc since then which were normal. However, I got a low wbc (3.4) and low neutrophils count (by .2 i.e., 1.6) but my lymphocytes and others are normal. I have not been ill or had any symptoms, and I am really scared about doing an HIV test considering that I am a student and do not have a means to get the medication. What are my chances of testing positive given the about information.
Avatar m tn So now, I am really scared about having HIV. Did he purposely infect me? I have had several wbc since then which were normal. However, I got a low wbc (3.4) and low neutrophils count (by .2 i.e., 1.6) but my lymphocytes and others are normal. I also took benadryl some times during the last month before the test. I have not been ill or had any symptoms, and I am really scared about doing an HIV test considering that I am a student and do not have a means to get the medication.
Avatar m tn i had some symptoms that are similiar to that of ars.i have had testing every month since then-all negative.the tests were the military,home access and one ora quick. i did this on deployment and had unprotected sex with my wife 2 months ago. she has had various symptoms the last few started with sore throat and swollen tonsils that lasted about a week and a half.she had one night of night sweats where she broke her fever.her doc said it appeared to be tonsillitis.
Avatar f tn You husband has been tested for HIV as part of is military testing so that is not a concern either. As far as your persisting vaginal discharge and irregular periods you have good alternative explanations. Changes in birth control will have this effect on your periods and your vaginal discharge could be due to any number of things but, even if it is a recurring yeast infection, this is not particularly suggestive of HIV. If I were you I would not be worried at all.
Avatar f tn I wanted to know if i had gay anal sex with my partner a month ago and recently had sex with him again and i went for testing will the negative results still be the same?
Avatar f tn Second, acute HIV infection, also known as ARS, symptoms are vague and mimic hundreds of other afflictions. Symptoms are never used to diagnose HIV infection, only testing can confirm an infection. I would not try to worry too much and I would not consider your exposure high risk. If you need peace of mind, I would recommend speaking with the ship's doctor about your exposure.
Avatar m tn However, after talking to him more in depth, i have now come to understand that he has had as much as 13 different sexual partners, all guys, and he is the bottom. Some are in the military. This is considered high risk right? The sex didn't last longer than 5 or 6 minutes and I didnt ejaculate, although when i pulled out, a little of his feces was on my penis head.
Avatar m tn Said he was in the military and had been tested for HIV and was negative. I was on my period. There was only one contact about 10 to 15 minutes, no ejaculation. However, afterwards I used a tampon, and I am worried that if there was any HIV virus it would have longer exposure due to my use of a tampon. I'm freaking out a little bit. However, I have heard that HIV transmission for one incidence of heterosexual contact is very low. Just looking for some advice and comfort as I bide my time...
Avatar n tn Self assessment by non-health professionals is highly unreliable. I see no reason for worry or for HIV testing. But if it will make you feel better, see your primary care provider -- or visit your local health department -- for a reassuring examination and testing. But truly, there is no plausible risk here.
Avatar m tn Does the US Military use an HIV Test that can detect HIV-1 and all subtypes to include CRF01_AE?
Avatar m tn it isn't a fun prospect to be found to have a new HIV infection with the regular HIV testing they under go. But even if he had acquired HIV since his previous negative test, there was no transmission risk from the events described.
Avatar m tn Are there any known effects of various immunizations on the HIV antibody tests? I am in the military and have had an onslaught of immunizations in the past year to include HepA, HepB, Influenza, IPV, Meningococcal, H1N1, PPD, and TDAP. They don't hold back on us these days. Just wondering if anyone has seen any studies involving any of these immunizations and HIV testing.
Avatar m tn Also, now knowing the context, I would assume that caning often is accompanied by other high risk sexual exposures. If so, that circumstance also warrants periodic HIV testing, even if no particular exposure seemed to be high risk.
Avatar f tn You are in an extremely low risk category. It is exceedingly unlikely that an active duty US military member has HIV. They are tested on recruitment then repeatedly -- and most who are infected are discharged very soon. And your other partner sounds to be at equally low risk. Almost every woman in the US with sexually acquired HIV was the regular partner, usually for years on end, of an infected man. Very few catch HIV from the occational encounter with infected partners.