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Avatar f tn I did call, the woman said she could give me locations for testing, but not specific tests that they provide. Thanks for your response.
Avatar n tn I am one of the workers in one organization that works via internet where people can get informed about STD testing places and suggestions about test and time intervals. Of course we always advise doctor visits or at least STD advisors, because here in this location there is not STD clinic, so you basically have to go all around.
Avatar n tn Dear Dr. Lately I have been causing myself alot of stress. Back in May 3rd, 2011, I had protected sex with a escort with condom slippage. I tested many times out to 5 months. Total of 15 times at about 8 different locations ( 14 rapid antibody tests and 1 RNA test ). I know it's crazy!!! All tests with the same result NEGATIVE. Thank God.
Avatar n tn Due to original high risk sexual incident and continued lymph node tenderness in several different locations in body, I went for an another hiv test (rapid blood) today. Previous tests at 6 and 14 weeks were negative. Today's test was 19 weeks since unprotected sex incident. Test was negative. Nurse at health dept. said to come back Sept 1 for six months testing and that I needed to see doctor about lymph nodes. Comments? Can I move on? Ready to move on.
Avatar f tn This would be considered high risk for you had an unprotected encounter with someone whose HIV status is unknown. Symptoms cannot be a way to diagnose HIV because symptoms are legion and can be something else other than HIV. Ejaculation had nothing to do with it. You are also exposed to many other stds such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, syphilis, and Hepatitis. The likelihood of HIV transmission from a single exposure is low however it does not mean you won't get it.
Avatar m tn when i had my hiv scare..which lasted fro 3 and a half months....during the peak of my worries...i used to discover swollen lymph nodes everyday..then i used to go on the see if they are real nodes..etc..etc...dont do will turn u mad....i was seeing a doc at that time and he used to tell its not a node...but in my deep i will not believe forget bout nodes..if ur concern and had a real a test...
Avatar n tn Not only would you get Gono, Trich, NGU, Syphilis, and Chlamydia out the way, but, you can get a good indicator what your HIV and Herpes status will be in 3 months time. You can go to the planned parenthood locations to see the pricing availible to you or nearby walk-in clinics. The norm for comprehensive STD panels range from $178-400. It depends on which clinics have these prices. If you want to, go to gettested,com or personal to see what prices you can get.
Avatar f tn the time, date, testing site, and locations of the store he purchased the test. If his test is negative at six months and positive later he has proof he knew his own body and a lawsuit is in the pawn of his hand.
Avatar m tn Hi Lucas, you question would be best posted in another health forum. This forum is specific to HIV not node locations.
Avatar m tn Hi guys I was talking to a friend he told me that southern Arizona aids foundation does HIV testing do you think next time I actually need to test this would be a good place to get testing done? Iam thinking there probably a little more knowledge on the subject then most clinics.
Avatar n tn One year is sufficient time to get an accurate test reading for HIV. HIV testing is different from other STD's. Usually a regular std panel is chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. Which can be taken as a blood test or swab test from the inside of the penis. HIV can be taken as a blood test, or a swab test from the mouth. But HIV is defintiely a test that is done all on it's own. Chlamydia can be tested in urine, as well ad gonorrhea but the doctor has to be looking for it.
Avatar f tn Can lymphoma be painful. I have had painful lymph nodes for months and thought I had hiv. But tested negative outside the window. I've also tested for all the infectious causes I can think of. Now I will need a biopsy. Can anyone answer this for me.
Avatar n tn you can develop a latex reaction over time too. it's certainly worth getting tested for too. herpes is more typical as not being blisters to be honest. especially if you had hsv and never knew it and this just caused your first obvious recurrence. definitely follow up on this. while there, mention your concern about herpes so they can determine what testing is appropriate. If you've never had a type specific herpes igg blood test before, ask for one while it's on your mind.
Avatar m tn I think you can go to the Home Access website and even order a test. I'm certain there's a way for you to get your results - even if you can't call the 800 number. You're going to be negative ... and again, there's no need for testing. I hope you'll be able to put this down, because trust me, HIV anxiety can be a VERY slippery slope.
Avatar n tn I would recommend testing for other, far more common STIs such as chlamydia being more important than testing for HIV. HIV blood tests in your situation will be reliable about 8 weeks after exposure. Testing for chlamydia can be done at this time. I hope these answers are helpful. Take Care.
Avatar m tn No need for further testing. An HIV test result is conclusive with no further need to test at 3 months, with the ONLY rare exception being people that are immunosuppressed (examples being people taking aggressive chemo, people with end-stage terminal cancer, people taking anti-rejection drugs after an organ transplant, or chronic IV drug abusers). If you don't fit into those categories (which 98%+ of the population does not), then you are fine.
Avatar m tn As we have said many, many times on this forum (just scan any 10-20 threads at random), in the US the vast majority of commercial sex workers, strippers, etc do not have HIV (probably around 1 in 1,000); and when a woman has HIV, the average transmission risk has been calculated at once for every 2,000 episodes of unprotected vaginal sex. These facts alone indicate the chance you caught HIV under 1 in 2 million.
Avatar n tn com and they do have some HIV RNA tests (which I know are more common in Europe). However, the tests they have did not specifically mention testing for HIV infection, it was supposed to be used for an already positive confirmation in conjunction with a t-cell test to check for viral load and immune system function. The test is: RNA Quantitative bDNA They also had: HIV-1 RNA quantitative real time PCR. My questions are: 1.