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Avatar m tn Anyway, assuming you're in the US or other industrialized country, and if your partners are not injection drug users or immigrants from countries with high HIV rates (or a few other obvious high risk factors), the chance any of them has HIV is near zero. Since you're nervous about HIV, have a blood test for reassurance purposes. It will be negative.
766573 tn?1365170066 * The HIV test used in the project employs a mouth swab and takes about 20 minutes to yield an initial result. Pharmacies Offer HIV Testing Through CDC Program Daniel Weiss, Senior Editor Published Online: Tuesday, June 26, 2012 Pharmacies and retail clinics are offering HIV testing in an effort to help reach the CDC’s goal of testing every adolescent and adult in the country.
Avatar m tn Is there a risk of infection with HIV? ? Q2. Is there any medication to avoid the disease now? -------------------------------- - I went directly to an examination of AIDS. The doctor told me you can do after 2 days to 21 days of the communication process. But he advised me that I am doing after 10 days Q3. Is this true?
Avatar m tn I just got a hiv test back and its negative. its says HIV AB, HIV 1/2, EIA, WITH REFLEXES HIV 1/2 EIA AB SCREEN NON-REACTIVE A Nonreactive HIV-1/2 antibody result does not exclude HIV infection since the time frame for seroconversion is variable. If acute HIV infection is suspected, antibody retesting and nucleic acid amplification (HIV DNA/RNA) testing is recommended. i am going to post this is the hiv forum and ask further questions there as I assume that is the proper forum. . thank you.
Avatar n tn HHH When you refer to 6-week HIV test being 99-100% conclusive, does this include testing with the OraQuick Advanced Oral test? Will both HIV-1 and HIV-2 produce antibodies at the same rate? Thus, does the 6-week timeline hold for both types of HIV? Many people mention a Generation 4 ELISA test. I have done a lot of hunting and have been hard pressed to come up with testing locations for this (including my own GP and the local STD hotline); can you recommend somebody who does these tests?
Avatar n tn Due to original high risk sexual incident and continued lymph node tenderness in several different locations in body, I went for an another hiv test (rapid blood) today. Previous tests at 6 and 14 weeks were negative. Today's test was 19 weeks since unprotected sex incident. Test was negative. Nurse at health dept. said to come back Sept 1 for six months testing and that I needed to see doctor about lymph nodes. Comments? Can I move on? Ready to move on.
11271581 tn?1429729835 all negative. I was tested for HIV 8 times, multiple locations all negative. Up until 7 months after. I still have no idea what is wrong with me. All I can tell you is that you need to trust the test results. You do not have HIV or any other traditional STD. I am working on moving on mentally from this, I think you should do the same.
Avatar n tn I am one of the workers in one organization that works via internet where people can get informed about STD testing places and suggestions about test and time intervals. Of course we always advise doctor visits or at least STD advisors, because here in this location there is not STD clinic, so you basically have to go all around.
Avatar n tn I ask this cause some of the locations I went to were very busy places, and the testers do the testing really fast, and it's one person right after another. ( 2.) If the person before me was infected and I was tested right after ( within 1 to 2 min ) and that little white stick was reused, can infection happen? Especially, the second to last test, that I just took on Monday has me very concerned.
Avatar m tn It is entirely normal for blood specimens to be sent to lab facilities in different locations. Am yes, it would seem your psychologist is behind the times on HIV testing parameters. You might refer him or her to the thread I cited above, print it out for him.
Avatar f tn I did call, the woman said she could give me locations for testing, but not specific tests that they provide. Thanks for your response.
Avatar m tn that was all we did besides mutual JO I assume minimal risk for this encounter...however for peace of mind and to protect my health i got an HIV test done at 6 weeks (i get the results tomorrow) and follow that up with a 12 week test..
Avatar m tn When I mentioned the sore throat (which it doesn’t take much to get my tonsils inflamed) and the fever, she checked for a rash (which I didn’t have) and asked about HIV testing. I told her it had been awhile. That was the end of that. I went to the hospital, and after receiving the IV antibiotics, and some steroids, I felt like a million dollars. But I am freaking out, because the doctor had asked me about HIV testing.
Avatar f tn I had several low sexual behaviors with another guy in the past months, and everytime I was convinced that I was infected with HIV. I think it is reasonable to think as that way because of HIV anxiety. Hence, I had another sexual behavior which the least risk- masturbation each other. I thought I should be ok with this behavior as it doesn't have any risk that can caused.
Avatar f tn // . The result for the hiv test i took at 6.5 weeks was negative, and i was ready to take your advice and take it as conclusive until the cankersore and mouth sores in my mouth that started growing around 6 weeks remained until just a few days ago, which is around more than 3 weeks.
101028 tn?1419606604 • The Gay Men’s Health Clinic in North Park, run by Family Health Centers of San Diego, offers STD and HIV testing on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. • UCSD offers HIV testing through the “Early Test” research study. Other places that offer STD and HIV tests are listed at or Third, remember to get tested every three to six months. It can be hard to keep track of when you’re due for your next round of tests.
Avatar f tn Hey Terri, Back on December 12th of last year I developed red rash in my private area. It was in two separate locations (under my foreskin and in my groin crease between my testicals and pubic area).I also noticed a few red dots on the lower part of my shaft. These seemed to go away overnight. The rash persisted on and off until late January (around the 23rd).
Avatar n tn One year is sufficient time to get an accurate test reading for HIV. HIV testing is different from other STD's. Usually a regular std panel is chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. Which can be taken as a blood test or swab test from the inside of the penis. HIV can be taken as a blood test, or a swab test from the mouth. But HIV is defintiely a test that is done all on it's own. Chlamydia can be tested in urine, as well ad gonorrhea but the doctor has to be looking for it.
Avatar m tn just as you suspect. The difficult part, as you've enocounterd, is getting tested for it. Testing is usually done in clinical studies or in a few labs via PCR. You may want to speak to your doctor about this and then he/she can order the test and collect the sampled from you and ship it to the lab for testing. The differenece between NGU and M. Gen is that NGU is a condition cause by bacterial infection, M Gen is one of those bacteria that can cause NGU.
Avatar n tn So Question 1) does this pose an HIV risk and do I need testing? Second, I'm curious about HIV's survival under the penis foreskin and in the mouth. Question 2) I am uncircumsised and I'm curious if HIV is able to survive under neath the penis foreskin and in the mouth while retaining the ability to infect the individual even after the sexual exposure has passed.
Avatar m tn Almost no risk and testing is optional. Before asking follow-up questions about parts you don't understand, please spend some time scanning/searching the forum; almost certainly anything you don't get has been discussed many times.
Avatar f tn On january 4th i had a small instrument poke on my finger and the patient was hep c positive but hiv negative, on january 11th i had a needlestick injury and the patient was negative for hiv and hep c. Bothe tests were done using rapid hiv testing. About 3 weeks after, I developed severe joint and muscle aches, weakness, loss of appetite and a sore throat that i still have today. I had a hiv test done at 4.5, 7, and 10 weeks and were all negative.
Avatar f tn I would not worry about HIV however, should you want to test, the results of a 4th generation, combination HIV p24 antigen/HIV antibody test will be defintiive at 4 weeks I hope these comments are helpful to you.
Avatar f tn Thanks for your question. Actually, you don't need to wait 3 months (and certainly not 6 months) for reliable HIV testing. You don't say the exact timing of your first test, but if it was done about 3 weeks after the exposure, it's around 80% reliable. It takes about 6 weeks for 100% reliability for the standalone antibody tests (below I have provided the link to a thread that describes why the official advice remains 3 months).
Avatar f tn I just want to make sure 3 months is long enough for HIV testing when one has HSV-1. BTW, I used condoms with my previous partner, although we had one condom mishap. I know condoms aren't 100% full-proof for herpes, but just wanted to add that. Thanks!
Avatar m tn With the possible exception of terminal illnesses and advanced chemotherapy, no medical condition changes the reliability of HIV testing and that certainly includes warts. Almost certainly you did not have warts of the face. If you remain concerned about that, see a health care provider. As for HIV, move on. You don't have it. Don't post anything more about it.
Avatar f tn Some ID doctors are inappropriately applying the HIV testing [approach] in the case of Lyme testing. When testing for HIV[,] it is crucial to do the ELISA [test] first because it is possible to have a positive Western Blot and a negative ELISA[, thus giving an overall] ....negative test. Luckily with HIV there are other, better, confirmatory tests available [but there is] no evidence the same applies with Lyme testing.
Avatar n tn com and they do have some HIV RNA tests (which I know are more common in Europe). However, the tests they have did not specifically mention testing for HIV infection, it was supposed to be used for an already positive confirmation in conjunction with a t-cell test to check for viral load and immune system function. The test is: RNA Quantitative bDNA They also had: HIV-1 RNA quantitative real time PCR. My questions are: 1.
Avatar m tn There was little of any HIV risk from the exposure you describe, and your test results prove that you did not acquire HIV. All the answers to all your questions can be seen by reviewing any 10-20 threads at random; or by using the search link to look for 'HIV anxiety', 'time to positive HIV test', and 'ARS symptoms'. No ongoing discussion here, please.