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Avatar n tn Facts: Male, mid 30's In mid October, I had sex with a women stranger in Las Vegas ( a night I can barely remember). She could be considered high risk category. After the initial encounter, I had pain the urethra, tingling in the testicles lymph node swelling. I have tested negative for STD's (twice) and HIV (at 2.5 months). As well, other blood work (Hep etc) was fine. However, I continue to have the following symptoms (3.
Avatar m tn Got really drunk in vegas 3 days ago and had sex with a stripper at the treasures in las vegas. This waswas my first time in vegas. So I'm not familier with this place or the sex industry. I've read this is supposed to be the most expensive strip club in vegas, very high end. They don't even get fully naked. The stripper told me she was only sleeping with me because she thought I was good looking.
Avatar m tn I've been reading up on this online and am getting very worried this is HIV. 1) What are the chances I've been infected with HIV by a Las Vegas CSW? 2) Am I having ARS symptoms, how soon to they appear? I do not have a fever, just swollen neck lymph nodes a dry cough. The tingling in my scrotum has decreased and I think it's just my imagination now. I have decreased appetite but I think it's just the anxiety.
Avatar f tn 24 days ago I took a work trip to Las Vegas, got really drunk my last night after a presentation and I met a woman. She came back to my room and after talking, she told me she was a sex worker, it freaked me out because I thought I was going to get arrested and it was obviously illegal. I remember standing in the corner of the room and I believe I gave her whatever money I had and asked her to leave. The next morning, I checked myself, the bed, trash baskets, bathroom etc.
Avatar m tn hello i recently took a trip to las vegas. I had protected sex with a prostitute. She touched my penis with her hand and pulled it out. She put the condom on my erect penis with her mouth (never actually touching my penis). Then she gave me oral for about two minutes. After that we began to have sex (from the back) and that lasted about 5 min until i came. After which i relaxed on her for about 45 seconds. With what was described should i be concerned about hiv.
Avatar n tn 29 days later went to a provincial std clinic in Canada for HIV and STI testing - all returned negative. Not sure what type of HIV test - blood drawn and result a week later. Nurse advised that while not conclusive, her personal opinion was that I didn't need to worry about it. I have read many of the other questions and responses and appreciate the redundancy on many occasions. I still face some worry about this experience and hope you can provide some advice.
Avatar n tn Dr, I have a question for you regarding risk and need for testing. I went to Las Vegas last week and received a lapdance from the dancer. During the dance she offered a handjob and i accepted. She had my member in between her breasts and spit on it and than sat on the front of my lap and had it behind her in her hand. My question is this.
Avatar n tn Almost zero. It is the rare commercial sex worker in Las Vegas who has HIV, probably under 1 in 1,000; and when a woman has HIV, the transmission risk for a single episode of unprotected vaginal sex is believe to average somewhere around 1 in 2,000. Combining those two facts makes the chance you caught HIV somewhere around 1 in 2 million. For practical purposes, too low to worry about and too low for testing. Third, your and your wife's symptoms do not suggest HIV.
Avatar f tn for sure you don't have HIV. No further testing is needed. See your doctor if any symptoms continue to bother you, but you can be sure HIV isn't the cause.
Avatar m tn I went to a massage parlor last Friday night (6/10) on my trip to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. Prior to visiting the massage parlor, I went to a strip club where I received a lap dance with involved lots of friction. Soon after I went to a massage parlor when I received a manual stimulation (without a condom) then received oral sex and vaginal sex (WITH a condom the whole time). Sex lasted about 2 minutes and after they brought in a towel which i cleaned myself with.
Avatar n tn For further detail use search the function, using search terms such as 'HIV transmission risk', 'time to positive HIV test', and 'HIV anxiety'.
Avatar n tn I honestly need your reassurance for my own peace of mind. I had two oral exposures in Las Vegas 4 weeks ago. One episode I was the receiving partner and another episode I was both the receiving and giving partner. The episode where I was both the receiving and giving partner, there was no ejaculation in either of our mouths. I realize oral sex carries negligible risk in terms of HIV. However, I can't help but get tested because of the "WHAT IF" type worries (i.e.
Avatar n tn Guess what? You don't have it. Few Las Vegas CSWs have HIV. Even if yours did, the risk from the exposure you describe is close to zero. And almost everybody with a new HIV infection has postive test results at 7+ weeks (51 days). Could you be the extremely rare exception on any one of those risk calculations? Sure. But not for all three. The odds are simply too low to count for anything. The chance you have HIV is zero.
Avatar m tn Good Day Doc, I had a protected sexual encounter (oral and vaginal) with a CSW in Las Vegas 6.5 months ago. Since then I was tested for everything with sufficient time and everything came up negative. What worries me is HIV. Because in the middle of the sexual encounter I looked at my penis and it looked like there were some fluids in the reservoir of the condom. I hadnt had an orgasm yet so I worried that it was the CSW's vaginal fluids trapped inside since I didnt have a full erection.
Avatar n tn I had a risky encounter in Las Vegas about 4 months ago. I got a blood test(RPR) to look for syphilis. I didnt notice and chancres or anything but wanted to get tested to be 100% sure. I seem to have some minor redness right under the head of my penis, the area is not raised or anything, just a slightly darker color then the rest of my penis, and it aches occasionally.
Avatar f tn I recently was in Las Vegas and had oral and vaginal intercourse with a 50 year old african american female unprotected. I am 32 and white. What are my chances of contracting a STD or HIV?
Avatar n tn I posted a message to Dr H four weeks ago (under the name nofun911 - couldnt figure out my password) and he said it was impossible for blood to get through clothing but I failed to mention how much blood was present. My story... I believe I was exposed to blood from a stripper in Las Vegas. It's a difficult scenario to figure out because I was very inebriated.
Avatar m tn How reliable are these testing sites re HIV testing? Is there a chance that they made a mistake with my tests and either performed them incorrectly or mixed my results with someone else's? 3. Have you ever heard of any horror stories about mixed results at a planned parenthood? The woman left the test unattended in another room, am concerned that she picked up someone else's test. Is that a realistic concern? 3.
Avatar n tn I realize this is too soon to be a HIV indicator, but is that too soon for a cold sore? What are my odds here? Is HIV testing warranted? How concerned should I be? From reading here, I figure the earliest I can get tested is early November. Does that sound right? Thanks in advance for your educated input.
Avatar m tn So to make a long story short, I had a sexual encounter a little over 1 year ago with a CSW at a massage parlor in Las Vegas. It was condom protected oral and vaginal. It freaked me out when the act had ended because I came back to my senses and realized the severity of my mistake. Since then I have had the below tests done.
Avatar n tn Few Las Vegas CSWs have HIV, and you had condom protected sex. From a risk standpoint, you didn't need testing for HIV. But having done that, you have had 100% reliable results. All the business about window period, and the need to way 6 weeks, 3 months, or whatever (6-8 weeks actually is sufficient) have to do ONLY with the HIV antibody tests. Until a few years ago, those were the only tests available.
Avatar f tn I recently had sexual intercourse with an asian female who works in a massage parlor in Las Vegas. She did not sound like she was born here. I used a condom and sex was only 2-3 minutes. There was no rip in the condom. When I took the condom off, I don't think it touched the penis. My questions are as follows: 1) What are my odds of contracting Hepatitis B/HIV? 2) Can Hepatitis B/HIV live outside the body and the condom acidentally touched the penis to give me the disease?
Avatar n tn I am a married man of 20 years and had a drunken lapse in Las Vegas with a prostitute. The incidence involved protected intercourse with a prostitute and I have been worried sick since. I realize that this is normally almost zero risk and my symptoms (sore throat after 1 week for 2-1/2 weeks, night sweats, headaches, tingling at the tip of my penis, etc...
Avatar m tn So to make a long story short, I had a sexual encounter a little over 1 year ago with a CSW at a massage parlor in Las Vegas. It was condom protected oral and vaginal. It freaked me out when the act had ended because I came back to my senses and realized the severity of my mistake. Since then I have had the below tests done.
Avatar n tn There were no signs to follow at all. However recently I was in Las Vegas and had a protected experience with a lady from Brazil, the sex was protected but there were hours of touching and heavy open mouth kissing. About a week after returning from the trip, I experienced a weird feeling in my mouth, almost as if I had not brushed my tounge hard enough and there was scum on the back of very back of my tounge.
Avatar n tn I had a high risk encounter about 9 1/2 weeks ago, sex with a prostitute in Las Vegas. I did use a condom, but during intercourse it came off 2 times but i used a new one each time it came off, and I was left unprotected for a total of about 1-2 minutes. Since then I've been having some muscle pain and headaches, but no fever or swollen glands. I've also had negative ELISA tests at 28, and 42 days, and I'm now waiting on the results from my 2 months test.
Avatar n tn So I was a my best friends bachelor party in Las Vegas last week, as so many of these stories go. We, of course, went to a strip club (it was my first time) and I disappered to the back for a lap dance. The stripper tore off my shirt and rubbed her breasts against me. She also licked and bit my nipples. My concern was that her tongue left saliva on my nipple where I tend to have cracked skin from eczema and I don't recall it being scabbed over, it was dark and I'm not sure.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am in panic mode...I was in Las Vegas a week ago and drank way to much and made a stupid decision to go home with someone from the bar and have unprotected sex. Now I am not sure if this person is HIV positive or just getting scared by the statistics that surround black americans and HIV. He did not *** inside me...