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Avatar m tn Cunnilingus does not put you at HIV risk, you are fine. Sexual routes of HIV transmission are unprotected anal and vaginal sex.
Avatar f tn no...any further HIV questions please post in the HIV community.
Avatar n tn But you could have saved the posting fee if you had followed the advice in the Disclaimer message to read other questions like yours. You would have seen innumerable discussions that hand jobs never transmit HIV. You were not at risk and do not need testing. Use condoms for vaginal or anal sex, but otherwise don't worry about HIV. Please use the search link to find many discussions about all this.
Avatar n tn HIV is rare in "escorts", i.e. relatively expensive commercial sex workers (as opposed to street walkers, brothel workers) in industrialized countries. And you had only safe sex. Further, when a CSW insists her clients use condoms, it usually is good evidence she is does not have HIV and wants to stay that way. After all, such women are more at risk from their customers than vice versa.
Avatar n tn HIV etc? I hate needles and the thought of testing for HIV again scares me a little! Do i have much to worry about?
Avatar n tn That makes the odds you had HIV, before you were even tested, in the range of 1 in 2 million. And hand-jobs are absolutely zero risk for HIV. Finally, there is no serious chance of a false negative HIV antibody test at 6 weeks. Your wife's symptoms are for sure just a coincidence -- which is about a million times more likely than the possibility you caught HIV and gave it to her. To your specific questions: 1,4) HIV is not transmitted by hand-genital contact. No chance.
Avatar f tn I also shaved my penis area a week prior to keep it clean. So just worried if I was at risk of HIV or anything serious. Do I need testing?
Avatar f tn I had protected oral sex once three years ago and since have had six deep kissing incidents and about the same hand jobs. I have to go for compulsory hiv tests where I live and it is causing OCD do I need to worry too much?
Avatar f tn Hi, I recently happened to visit hiv testing center for rapid blood test. And the lab technician did it by pricking my finger first and then drawing the blood using a mouth pipette. I am getting tensed by thinking if it had any infection possibilty? Or the person before me had hiv? Is this process safe? What if the sharp end of the pippette was infected?
Avatar n tn ve tested negative for hiv at 9 weeks and will be testing tomorrow for 10 weeks. Wish me luck that it remains negative. Though I think I've always had floaters.... didnt really think about it much.. thought it was just natural.....
Avatar n tn No HIV testing is required. But as you suggest yourself, if you want to get tested anyway for peace of mind, it's fine with me. And by the way, if you haven't seen a urologist (as an adult) about your penile defect, you might consider doing it. A urologist probably could tell you whether it increases the risk of UTI. Also, microsurgical techniques and technologies are far better than in past decades, and surgical repair might be possible.
Avatar n tn do you think i need futher hiv testing,idiopathic cd4 lymphocytopenia.i am sure that is what i have i have been looking on the net.
Avatar n tn I told her I am afraid of getting STDs and then she laughed at me and said do not tell any body about this because u never get STD from below jobs especially SIDA. SIDA I think it is HIV. Any how and beyond my control at that time she proceeds and gave me unprotected below job for 2 minutes maybe. She looks clean but u never knows if she is really clean of any STD. and the fact she gave unprotected below jobs means that she gave the same to many customers before me.
Avatar n tn Was out a few weeks ago and got drunk ended up with a *****, we had sex for about 2 hours, I wore a condom the whole time, only thing was she was giving me alot of blow jobs and then we were kissing after them so from sex - blow job - kissing. My question is, if she had HIV could it be transfered in this way, from me having sex and then she blowing me and then kissing me, I did see some blood at one stage as we were having fairly hard sex, what if the blood ended up in my mouth can i get HIV?
Avatar m tn Over the past year I have received multiple unprotected blow jobs from people who might have been HIV positive. I have read that oral sex is a risk for HIV infection. Is this true? I have not had any other form of sexual contact with my partners except receiving blowjobs. So my question is, is this a big risk? Can I contract HIV from receiving a blowjob? Do I need to get an Hiv test in light of my exposure history?
Avatar f tn The risks of HIV transmission in adults is to have unprotected vaginal or anal sex where penetration occurred or sharing IV drug needles. Those really are the only documented cases that have been proven to spread HIV. It's actually a very fragile virus. Hand jobs do not transmit HIV. You didn't need to get tested but your negative test confirms that you don't have HIV.
Avatar f tn I can guarantee that we didn’t go any further than hand jobs and I did play with her private parts and so did she. I have a habit of biting nails and I am sure none of my nails were bleeding during this time. What are the chances of getting a STD and HIV? Also will a 3 week antibody / antigen result is conclusive ?
Avatar n tn Not an HIV concern. You've never had a risk of contracting HIV nor do you need testing.
Avatar f tn 1. Not going to happen with you not living in a isolation tent. You don't have an HIV concern. You are conclusively negative.
Avatar m tn You never had a risk of hiv transmission from the situations you described and never required testing at all.This is all you need to know.The symtoms you are having are noit related to this incident but some other condition.
Avatar n tn Nobody has ever contracted HIV through hand jobs.
Avatar m tn Just gave a urine sample today for testing. The clinic is offering an early detection test for HIV, Syphillis and Hepatitis which they're saying is reliable after 7 - 10 days post exposure. Its quite expensive. Im thinking of getting it done after a couple of days so that I can know for sure and put my mind at ease....
Avatar f tn By the next day, my tonsils were fine, but the headache remains. I recently changed jobs and some coworkers have been ill, however the internet has me worried that I have HIV. Two questions: 1) Is this a "high risk" case for HIV? 2) What other STDs do my symptoms fall in line with? I plan to be tested next week, but I want to know what I could be looking at. Thanks in advance!
Avatar m tn First you are correct that there is no known risk for HIV from receipt of oral sex. There are NO proven cases in which someone has gotten HIV fro receipt of oral sex. You are not going to be the first person to get HIV by this route. Second, the symptoms that you describe are those of a severe, flu-like illness and are among the symptoms the are typical of the ARS. However, flu-like illnesses are common and the ARS is not.