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Avatar m tn I also had french kissed her as well, I commonly bite my lip although there was definately no bleeding on my part, I also get oral cold sores or herpes orally once every other year or so, so I guess you could say Im positive when it comes to oral herpes, not sure if this increases my risks and to what degree, It was a very short encounter, I was protected during the entire encounter, I had a OraQuick Rapid test at exactly 28 days or 4 weeks which I have read is 90% accurate, it did come back ne
Avatar f tn Did you call the hotline? I really think that you may want to just go now. Why wait another 4 days? By Monday you can be going on day 5 clean. I think if you don't go now while you are in this frame of mind that you may change your mind. Especially going through the weekend. I don't think band was trying to be hurtful but rather just trying to motivate you to prove him wrong. I, myself, am glad you shared as much as you did with us. That takes alot.
Avatar f tn keep in touch with the folks at the hotline - they are good people :) as long as you are over 14, you are able to be treated without parental consent in most states. you need to be seen, get the testing done at the proper times and protect your future fertility! if you don't want to go to your regular doctor, a std clinic, your local health department or planned parenthood are all options. you have medical privacy from your parents too at your age.
Avatar m tn Dec 26th: HIV Test at a top Chinese hospital. Not sure what test, but used my blood sample. Negative Jan 21st:6-week 3rd generation ELISA test back in Canada. Negative. Mar 3th: 88-day 3rd generation ELISA test. Negative Also tested for influenza, Hep A+B+C, and all STDs and everything was negative. Before this whole series of health problems, I didn't know much about HIV at all.
Avatar m tn Met a random guy who performed oral sex on me. He was rough, used teeth, and had tounge ring. I ejaculated into his mouth. When I got home about twenty minutes later I noticed small scapes on my penis shaft, from where he must've scaped his teeth, as welll as bruising in two areas of my penis shaft (one in center, ontop of scrapes, the other on base of penis, with not noticable scapes). What are my risks for HIV?
Avatar f tn ve read and heard from calling the aids hotline, hiv has a hard time surviving in the mouth because of some enzymes that our saliva have. Then when semen is swallowed the hiv cannot survive the acidity in our stomachs. Our mouth is a strong bacteria fighter. You would have to have like an active cut or sore or recent dental work in order to get HIV from Oral. Lets be honest, how many times do we even get cuts or sores in our mouths?
Avatar n tn I called the hiv and aids hotline, and told the people there my story, they agree it is a risk, though low . Its these peoples jobs to know how hiv is spread and how its not, they get paid to do it. If my account gets suspended whoop-de-do at least i spoke my mind. People post on here for reassurance and comfort, they are afarid of loosing their lives to a terrible illness, you would think people would be nicer, but ne who im off to go enjoy some life and get tested.
Avatar n tn I have acknowleged the miniscule but theoretical risks of fingering to transmit certain STDs other than HIV. I challenge anyone to provide concrete evidence of HIV transmission by fingering. This thread is over.
Avatar m tn However, as long as such sexual exposures continue, I would advise you to have routine HIV testing on a regular basis, like once a year, as well as a syphilis blood test and yearly rectal swab testing for gonorrhea and chlamydia. (Also a throat swab for gonorrhea, if you perform oral on your partners.) If you follow the guidelines just discussed, you can expect testing to remain negative-- but better safe than sorry!
Avatar m tn A friend of mine called an hiv hotline and they told him if you become infected you get extremely sick, nausea, headaches, fever within a few days after exposure. I guess my question is can you show symptoms before the two weeks like a few days after your exposure.
Avatar m tn The CDC's hotline advisors are not health educators and for the most part answer questions by script -- and those scripts are intentionally very conservative. If there is any theoretical risk, they'll tell you about it, and generally don't distinguish between exposures at truly high versus low risk. You can easily get the impression that, say, oral sex and hand jobs are just as risk as unprotected vaginal or anal sex. It simply isn't true, but many (most?
Avatar m tn It came back negative. I was screened by my doctor at 18 weeks. Negative. Do I need more testing? Can I rely on these results? Is the 6 month window something I should consider because of my previous lifestyle? Thank you for any and all replies. I feel weak, like achey, but I assume this is much too late for ARS. I cannot sleep, but I'm hopeful that it's only stress.
Avatar m tn I wish I knew more about the various tests for HIV, but surely there must be a clinic or HIV Hotline where you can get accurate information. I'm not sure if you've been to our HIV Forum or not, but if you HAVE and you're now HERE on the Anxiety Forum, then I know for a fact you've been given the absolutely correct information already! What I do know is that only after 12 weeks (3 months) POST EXPOSURE, can you receive conclusive results.
Avatar f tn Yes it is to soon to have symptoms and HIV cannot be diagnosed by symptoms. HIV has no specific symptoms. Testing is 6 weeks post exposure and if that test is negative, retest at 3 months and that test will be conclusive.
Avatar n tn It seems to me that I've had way too many symptoms of **** to not have caught something, sore urethra, bloody stool one time, nausea a couple of times, and my tongue looks weird and my mouth doesn't feel right. I'm sure I've caught herpes or HIV. I can't get past this. I never wanted to do anything like this, and now my life is over. Really contemplating suicide right now, and there is nothing anybody out there can do to help me.
Avatar m tn dr. hansfield explaination of the cdc hotline: It's appropriate that you and others who call CDC's national HIV/STD hotline do not actually reach CDC, but a contract answering service company. The telephone personnel there are not health professionals, not even health educators -- just low-paid lay persons with minimal training. They are required to give standard, stock answers.
Avatar f tn Instead, we recommend that you seek testing with a 4th generation, combination HIV antigen/HIV antibody test (sometimes called a DUO test). these test provide conclusive results at 28 days/4 weeks after exposure. I hope these comments are helpful to you.
Avatar n tn I was in the hospital for OCD and I was wearing thick fleece gloves. I looked down and I had a red spot on a fiber of the glove. I bite my nails and my cuticles until they bleed sometimes, when this red spot was noticed my fingers were not awful and not bleeding whatsoever. The doctor said it was okay and the HIV/AIDS hotline said it was not a risk. I'm so afraid that when I took the glove off that my finger with a bite mark on it could have gotten blood or whatever it was in it.
Avatar m tn Hello guys, I went to an STD clinic in Brooklyn, NY a few weeks ago to test for HIV after I had unprotected sex 6 weeks prior. I was given a rapid finger test, which was negative and was also drawn blood from my vein for what they said was a new HIV test offered, called "Acute HIV Test" They mentioned that a window period of this test is about 3 weeks. They said that this is a very new and expensive test. The results were ready today, two weeks later and they were negative.