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Avatar n tn If you or anyone you know has any questions about HIV or AIDS, the AIDS Action Hotline is a great resource! The Hotline is open Monday - Thursday: 9:00am - 9:00pm, and Friday: 9:00am - 7:30pm. To reach the HIV Hotline, call 1-800-235-2331 Most people will test accurately for HIV after 6 weeks have passed since their last risk.
Avatar n tn that was up for review for about 4 years. Seriously, look to medical professionals that specialize in HIV testing (like national aids hotline, and others) if you want an acurate picture of what you can expect from the portfolio of modern HIV tests. Don't wait for CDC to change. That's like waiting for history books to be written to find out yesterday's news.
Avatar n tn I just went to another gyn about other reasons than HIV, and I asked her a question at the end in regards to my HIV testing. She said 3 months was not good enough and that the standard testing is every 3 months for one year. I kinda gave her a look like what?! Why would she say something like this???
Avatar m tn (212) 807-6016] People With AIDS Coalition Hotline: 212-647-1420 (Staffed by HIV+ people) North Carolina 800-342-AIDS North Dakota 800-472-2180 -- Nationwide: 701-224-2376 Ohio 800-332-AIDS -- TTY/TDD: 800-332-3889 Oklahoma 800-535-AIDS Oregon 503-223-AIDS -- Within Area codes 503, 206 and 208: 800-777-2437 Pennsylvania 800-662-6080 -- Critical Path AIDS Project Hotline: 215-545-2212 -- 215-463- 7160 (publications orders) Puerto Rico 800-981-5721 -- Linea de Infor SIDA y Enferm
Avatar n tn I dont think Cancer patients do 1/10th the research that those who are HIV testing do. HIV is the only disease where the more you read the less you know. Its enough to drive anyone nuts." I'm sorry, I know this isn't the place for this discussion, but I just had to comment. I think this is such a fascinating phenomenon.
Avatar n tn HHH When you refer to 6-week HIV test being 99-100% conclusive, does this include testing with the OraQuick Advanced Oral test? Will both HIV-1 and HIV-2 produce antibodies at the same rate? Thus, does the 6-week timeline hold for both types of HIV? Many people mention a Generation 4 ELISA test. I have done a lot of hunting and have been hard pressed to come up with testing locations for this (including my own GP and the local STD hotline); can you recommend somebody who does these tests?
Avatar m tn Like the counselors you spoke with, I also wouldn't have recommended HIV testing at all after this exposure. In any case, your negative test results are highly reliable. Although official advice remains testing 3 months after the last exposure, tests at 5 and 7 weeks are virtually 100% conclusive. You don't need any more tests, unless you would like perhaps additional reassurance from another negative result at the official three-month interval. I hope this is been helpful.
Avatar n tn recently i started hearing rumors about how way out there she was--and it scared me even more----called the same testing center and a counselor--not an HIV tester---a phone counselor said 4 weeks no good---then I called the GMHC hotline in new york---they said 4 weeks for vaginal--I been dating her for 8 weeks---test was good but it was up to me to test out--cdc guidelines are more black and white and thats why they say 13 weeks....So am I doomed? Do I need to go back and test?
Avatar m tn On December 10th, I had sex for the first time in my was protected vaginal intercourse with a commercial sex worker near Guangzhou China.
Avatar n tn Doc, I have been searching online for more info regarding DNA PCR Testing of HIV. Across the boards I have seen a negative consenus on using this test for low risk exposures. What would be the right time window to take a DNA PCR test? The test looks for HIV virus DNA, so wouldn't be more accurate earlier than anti-body. Isn't the DNA present regardless of antibodies?
Avatar m tn I was getting anxious and was told about PCR tests by an HIV hotline - I didn’t know that they weren’t used for routine screening. So at 104/77 days respectively I requested to have an RNA PCR test done. Because I was getting tested at a walk-in urgent care center, the doctor didn’t review my medical history/go over my testing/ask me about the exposures, etc. - he just quickly signed off on it and left. It came back positive. An infectious disease doctor dismissed this as a false positive.
Avatar m tn I'm a heterosexual male that had contact with about 20 high class CSWs (expensives) in the last 8 years (about 2 or 3 per year) ever use a condom for vaginal and oral sex (except two occasions that they performed on me unprotected fellatio), no cunnilingus, always had been very carefully with the use of those condoms (running under water etc) never broken or slip off, I think my overall risk was very low near to zero, called to my HIV hotline that said me if I used the condoms every time and fr
Avatar n tn // But RNA (viral loads) can become not detectable in some (meaning not many) cases when the body finally fights back. But on the other hand PCR DNA tests are best used from 28 days on, but as early as 2 weeks, b/c these levels will not become none detectable over time.
Avatar n tn 1) He is wrong. By 6-8 weeks, a negative standard test is at least 95% and perhaps 99% reliable. It is very rare for someone to take 3 months to become positive. But the misinformation might not be the fault of the hotline counselor. Most likely s/he is not medically trained and is just saying what s/he has been trained to say. 2) Zero. Your odds of getting hit by lightning are higher than the chance you acquired HIV during the exposure you describe.
Avatar n tn cuz she comes from south asian country where % of Hiv is 1% ,it seems quite high for me cuz my country only 0,05% carries HIV ,other fact is she has 2 babies -Thank u meworried for ur answer,I know that maybe i wrote some stupid things but 2 weeks ago I have no knowledge about hiv and i was very scared,now i feel better and hope everything would be ok but i am not certain yet: give me 2 answers yet risk increases when a girl has menstruation? 2.
Avatar m tn When I went to the doctor for a sore throat I found out that I had strep throat, so I ask her whether my last two HIV test enough to say that I was HIV negative and she said yes. I am also having tingling in certain parts of my body but I think it is due to my high level of anxiety or my mild case of epilepy. Is my 3.5 months blood test done with LabCorp enought to put my worries aside. I think the last test with LabCorp was an Elisa test but they did not state which test.
Avatar m tn A slutty tranny came up to me and we ended up ******* on the roof of the club. Basically I ****** him in the *** using a condom. Now I have called the HIV hotline, posted on HIV forum, and called doctors. ALL TELLING ME THAT I HAD NO RISK!!! (protection = no risk). In total, I have talked to about 15 professionals, and they don't recommend testing and said that if they were in my situation, they would simply move on. For some freaking reason I can't seem to absorb these facts....
Avatar f tn Looking at your posting history, I see that you've been to the HIV Prevention Forum a couple of times as well as the HIV Anxiety Forum. I see that you understand what you need to do regarding testing. What I am wondering is if you were raped. Were any friends with you when this happened? One question I have is why you didn't call the police? It's pretty normal that while waiting to be tested, you would be feeling some intense anxiety, even panic.
Avatar f tn Duo is conclusive after 4 weeks so you should stop testing and move on from hiv. Everyone on this forum uses this 4 week guideline for the duo so you won`t get any different "opinions".
Avatar m tn Talked to a HIV hotline and they said if I havent' gotten really sick or no fever, i should be good, but still would test. I read here that after 6 weeks the test is fairly accurate and have tested again and waiting results. Thougths to my risks?
Avatar m tn no with hiv this is not the case anyone can be up to 6 months....
Avatar n tn I would suggest to wear condom next time unless your're really sure she's not HIV positive. I would you also suggest an HIV test 3 months after your unprotected sex and I'm confident you will be negative. It will be better for you and your GF to know your status than not knowing it. I hope this helps stay safe...
Avatar n tn i tested negative at 5 and 8 months (with elisa and oraquick). I don't have lupus, but when i called the hiv hotline, they said lupus is something that could delay a diagnosis for someone who's hiv positive...would it delay it past 8 months?