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Avatar m tn At 8 weeks virtually everyone who is going to develop HIV antibodies will have done so. Furthermore, the test you took will give results for HIV-1, HIV-2 and type 0.
Avatar m tn Two Rapid Tests on December 18th of 2009; Two Rapid Tests on January 7th of 2009 - ALL NEGATIVE ELISA 4th generation (antigen/antibodies) on January 19th of 2010, February 13th of 2010, March 9th of 2010 - ALL NEGATIVE RNA PCR Ultra-Sensitive and ELISA 4th generation on March 31st - INDETECTABLE / NEGATIVE **So, that last testing was about 158 days after oral sex and 165 days after anal sex (as mentioned above). My questions are: 1) Am I HIV negative for sure?
Avatar m tn com at the moment, but who knows what they will go to later. So far they have been oral-hiv-testing, home-hiv-testing, and oral-aids-testing. Their website was also one of the first suggestions to choose from when I typed in -buy orasure hiv test- on a search engine. Bottom line should I use this product?
Avatar n tn Hi all, just had a question of testing accuracy, im planning on taking a HIV-1 DNA PCR and includes a HIV-1 antibody with reflex to Western Blot Confirmation test along with hep c and b test 2 weeks after exposure, provided by They assured me that it would be the most accurate and told me to take it at 2 weeks and that i wouldn't need any further testing, but i just wanted to make sure.
Avatar f tn I was tested for HIV on July 26. 85 days after my exposure on may 1st. The results where negative. What concerned me is the nurse told me I was negative for any exposures before I believe she said apr 26 but was not conclusive for exposures after that date. This did not include my may 1st exposure date. Being I am in Canada she may counted 90 days as 12 weeks. Is my 85 day test result conclusive?
Avatar m tn She told me that I was the only guy she had sex with this year (2009), She went to two clinics and did 2 rapid HIV test and both came out negative. She also had the paper to proof that she was non reactive (She did this test on December 22nd/09) however she also tested positive for Chlamydia as well. She kept telling me that she isn't lying about having sex with anyone before she met me this year. Im pretty scared to tell the truth.
Avatar m tn (full panel 3 test for Hep B as per hepatitis B foundation Guidelines) Just a last query, should I be testing for Hepatitis D virus? Or I can move on now..all my other test negative. First time asking a question about about Hep D.
Avatar m tn As of November 2009, 23,731 HIV/AIDS cases have been reported in the country (National HIV/AIDS Program of the Ministry of Health). The Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) estimates that in 2007, 35,000 Salvadorans were living with HIV (UNAIDS 2008 Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic). Incidence appears to have declined since 2004, but there is a fear that HIV/AIDS cases are underreported due to lack of an effective monitoring system.
Avatar m tn your symptoms are NOT indicative of hiv. hiv cannot be diagnosed by symptoms...only a test can do that.
Avatar m tn This is the scientific basis for the confidence of virtually all US and European public health officials responsible for HIV prevention that combo testing at 1 month is conclusive. These considerations can be different in those parts of the world where a significant minority of HIV infections are caused by HIV2, like much of Africa and parts of the Indian subcontinent.
Avatar n tn I am an ex-IV drug user and got clean in 1987, long before the new testing guidelines. I tested out to a year and I was never as paranoid as 99.99% of you folks and I HAD a risk. I did share needles and got Hep C. I became very dear friends with a young lady who had AIDS and I became her care giver for the last 9 months of her life. I changed her bandages and I laid in bed with her and hugged her. I drank out of her glass. I ate off of a plate with her.
Avatar m tn Then after finishing my antibiotic course, the fever and tonsillitis came down but i was still feeling tired all the time and on 31st December 2009 diarrhea started. I went for HIV antibody test on 3rd of January 2010. and got it negative. all this time till today i still have swollen lymph node, diarrhea and night sweats. When i visited my doctor again she prescribed medicine for diarrhea but it didnt help much.
Avatar n tn Public Health - Seattle & King County offers HIV antibody testing and counseling to all people at risk for infection. All test results are confidential; anonymous testing is also available. HIV antibody testing is also available at a variety of other sites, and HIV home test kits are available in local pharmacies. For risk assessment and referral to testing sites, see resources for testing. a..
Avatar m tn Guidelines for Assuring the Accuracy and Reliability of HIV Rapid Testing: Applying a Quality System Approach Makes for intereseting reading.I await yor comments. You are right in stating that CDCguidelies need updating. Perhaps Dr Cummigs ad other experts who have an adequate evidence base for HIV testing should challenge the status quo.
Avatar m tn You all strictly follow the testing at 3 months only conclusive for unprotected sex as per CDC guidelines. But you wont accept as CDC says "Unprotected oral sex can also be a risk for HIV transmission, but it is a much lower risk than anal or vaginal sex." Even though low risk, testing is essential or not?
Avatar n tn Here are the guidelines for testing: Gonorrhea and chlymida-1 week post exposure HIV-3 months post exposure Syphilis-6 weeks post exposure Herpes-4 months post exposure These time frames will give you 100% conclusive results. So match up what you took to when you took them to the chart above and it will give you an indication if you need to test again. You used a condom for intercourse so that means you do not need to test for HIV-you were not at risk.
Avatar f tn // The need for a repeat HIV test if still within the window period after a specific exposure should be discussed. Although fourth generation tests shorten the time from exposure to seroconversion a repeat test at three months is still recommended to definitively exclude HIV infection. nPEP - http://findarticles.
Avatar m tn You are in anxiety right now. Even if the condom has broken then also you are HIV negative. HIV antibody testing results after 3months (12/13 weeks) is conclusive.Your doc is sticking into conservative and outdated 6 months window period. So have a glass of water.Calm down and forget about HIV.You need to go offline for some days .Talk to your folks and friends about something else to get this fear out of your mind. RELAX Johnny!!!
Avatar m tn I had a possible exposure last May 1, 2009. I was tested using the Oraquick oral method on October 22, about 5 months and 3 weeks later. The test was negative. However, now I am torturing myself and thinking every symptom I have is HIV. How reliable is a 5 month result using Oraquick? I have had no risky behavior and no possible infection since the incident occurred on May 1st.
1583226 tn?1297770275 Last time of sexual intercourse(protected) was in 23rd Oct 2009. Haven't had sex since. Last HIV test was 08th FEB 2011. But received oral sex from a girl (Asian) while having sores on penis due to her aggressive masturbation! Apparently on the internet they state people have been infected this way. And certain sites still say its still a risk to get infected! I don't know what is true! I would like detailed info to help me through this please! I understand its a anoyying thing!
Avatar n tn According to the general guidelines, every unprotected vaginal/anal penetration requires testing. Logically, short-term penetration and absence of semen reduces the risk of HIV, but if I were you, I'd get tested for my own reassurance.
Avatar n tn CDC doesn't say 6 months. Those are the old guidelines on testing. Your four day short is not going to change your result and yes an ICMA test is FDA approved and reliable.
Avatar m tn Garcia that he didn't need any further testing... I mean , i understand the CDC guidelines of 3 months, but one would think that maybe the guidelines does cross the mind of some of the highly respected Dr's who specialize in HIV and infectious pathogens....
Avatar f tn Nov 2007 – One unprotected vaginal exposure (Tested for EVERY std and HIV 3 months later, all negative), October 2009 - Unprotected Oral/Protected Anal (HIV test at 10, 12 weeks, and 6 months, donated blood) August 4th of this year I received a 5 second blowjob from a woman before I stopped it. I felt her lips (and possibly tongue) on the head of my penis. ALL encounters have been with the same woman. The woman is 45 years old, white, and swears that she practices safe sex.
Avatar m tn The first was that oral fluid testing -- using the OraQuick Advance device on a oral fluid swab -- detected only about 86% of all of the cases of HIV that were actually present at testing. And this is because it missed not only all of the acute HIV infections in that 14%, but also some antibody positive infections that turned out to be positive on standard -- other antibody tests and on the western blot. So we identified that the OraQuick had not performed very well when we used oral fluid.
Avatar f tn Not even a good excuse. You know we don't talk about symptoms on this forum and you already knew the testing guidelines.
Avatar n tn Perhaps we all need an update here? I'd like to believe ONLY what I am hearing here too... [2009] >Oral sex has been shown to be a less risky activity than these practices, but is definitely not risk free. >You are at more risk of being infected with HIV from oral sex if you have cuts, sores or abrasions in the mouth or on the gums. >Oral sex will therefore be more risky around the time of menstruation. >Look after your mouth.
Avatar m tn // Hope you dont have any risks..
Avatar m tn Not knowing which generation or what not is it just didn't think I would have to research the testing methods since its 2009 and now 2010 and pretty sure that a NYC free clinic would use up to date tests. Thanks for reading and Happy New Year.
Avatar n tn Much news back during Boston Conference suggested FDA and Vertex where working toward defining next guidelines for Phase III of VX-950. Then not much since then. It is December 10th and I assume the FDA will go into a holiday period in a few weeks. Is there any expectation of news about FDA guidelines and Phase III of VX-950? Or, did I miss something/misunderstood?