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Avatar n tn I can tell you that Red scrotum and these other symptoms you mentioned are in no way related to HIV. Symptoms for HIV will usually appear in the 2-4 week post-exposure anyway. Be happy with your new pregnant wife & relax. You are fine and just feeling guilt from exposing yourself to an otherwise harmless situation. Enjoy the holidays.
Avatar f tn Is Hiv testing mandatory while your pregnant? I live in ny and today when i went to my ob the front desk wanted me to sign a paper for hiv testing and she said it was mandaroy and required by law BUT ON THE paper clearly said its voluntary any input??! I got tested in july and i know im clean just gets me upset that they said its mandatory i refused to sign and the lady was really annoyed and angry. Is this true??
Avatar n tn Most, if not all, pregnant women are tested for HIV (it is MANDATORY to offer this testing to all pregnant women, most do accept testing). Yet no testing is offered or done for HCV (remember, it is 4 TIMES AS COMMON as HIV), unless the woman either asks for it or confesses that she uses IV drugs. I know of a woman who had a history of multiple transfusions who was NOT offered testing!
Avatar m tn when I explained my risk to my nurse at the labor/delivery unit, she told me the same thing (I had my babies BTW) and over a month earlier my OB told me I didn't need more testing. Since pregnant women have the option of getting tested at L&D, I went ahead and did it since it was almost 4 months since my first exposure. It was negative and though I've been having a low grade fever since I left the hospital I feel a little nervous but I'm trying to rule that out.
Avatar m tn C sections are recommended for CO INFECTED HIV/HCV pregnant women, or for women who are experiencing a Herpes outbreak at the time of delivery, however if you ONLY have HCV they are not recommended. Any hospital or doctor who is recommending them is doing so for some other reason(liability) and NOT for you and your babies' best interest. Far too many c sections are done for liability reasons in the US unfortunately and not for the "right" reasons.
Avatar f tn Even with this outbreak that I am currently experiencing will the six week antibody test be reliable for an hiv diagnoses? Thank you all for your time. I would appreciate any accurate and helpful information you can provide me with.
Avatar m tn I'm about 9 weeks pregnant and my doctor called me today to tell me that my HIV test result is neither positive nor negative, but indeterminate (I believe this is the result of a Western Blot). I am concerned, to say the least! I have been with only my husband for about 5 years. Prior to that I had some unprotected encounters. 3 of those encounters were vaginal sex without ejaculation with white, non-IV drug using heterosexual men (these were 6-8 years ago).
Avatar n tn This is almost certainly a false positive result, which is not uncommon for pregnant women, nothing to worry about. Follow through with all the testing that doctors are suggesting, but don't lose sleep over it.
Avatar m tn They are concerned about syphilis and gave a blood test for HIV and Syphilis. Both came back negative. They said that it means nothing until 90 days, so come back in 30 days. Since the lesion came and went already, what are the chances that I had a false negative reaction at 8 weeks. I am too nervous about this to wait 30 days. Will the test be any more accurate at nine or ten weeks?
Avatar m tn I freaked out when she got a yeast infection at the start of pregnancy, but learned quickly that it's common for pregnant women to have all sorts of funky things. So naturally, I am killing myself. I have at moments just wished I was dead cause I am such a pathetic person. Part of me wants to have HIV just to end it and come out about my sexual addictions.....I feel that I _deserve_ it, you know? But she does not, and that's the greatest thing that causes me to worry.
Avatar m tn 1,2) Your negative test result are reliable and I see no need for further testing. 3) None; see above. 4) You didn't need testing for any of the infections you mention, if this is your only potential STD exposure. All sexually active persons (outside mutually monogamous relationships) should be tested from time to time for chlamydia and gonorrhea, so you might talk to your provider about having them now if not done recently. But not because of the specific exposures you describe here.
Avatar m tn Certain immunologic diseases can cause it, as can allergic reactions to some drugs. BFP's are quite common in pregnant women, obviously not an issue here. HIV is not a cause; to my knowledge, Lyme disease doesn't do so either, but I'm less certain on that one. Bottom line: Double check with your doctor that a syphilis confirmatory test was done and negative. If not, have that test. If it was done, follow your doctor's advice about whether or not further evaluation is needed.
Avatar n tn If not, how frequently would you advise a sexual health screen and what should be tested for apart from HIV ?
Avatar n tn That recommendation is fairly new, so it is no surprise it wasn't done during your previous pregnancy. But now HIV testing of pregnant women is normal, expected, and nearly universal--just as are syphilis testing and chlamydia testing (which probably were done in your previous pregnancy). The HIV test has nothing to do with whether or nor you believe you were at risk, or whether your doctor believes you are at risk. Every pregnant woman should be tested and most are.
Avatar n tn I thought that whatever the WB came up as was the final results. It sound like I am negative for HIV but not sure because the made me come back in right away, so am I really negative?
Avatar n tn The new findings, which are reported in the Journal of Medical Virology, are based on a study of 22 pregnant and 120 non-pregnant women with chronic hepatitis C.In the pregnant group, two women permanently cleared HCV from their blood after delivery and one women temporarily cleared the virus, Dr. Masashi Mizokami, from Nagoya City University Graduate School of Medical Sciences in Japan, and colleagues report.
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Avatar m tn I ask you because we received amazing news that my wife is pregnant, and I have heard that HIV Testing is done at some point during the pregnancy and often times women get a false positive. Based on how stressful my last six+ months have been, a positive test from her will be bring back all the anxiety around this horrendous lapse in judgment and the potential for HIV.
Avatar m tn It's funny cause in school and growing up all people tell you to worry about is getting someone pregnant. Knowing what I do now about things like STD's and HIV... Getting pregnant seems like a blessing.
652407 tn?1300740799 21. July 2010 Early HIV treatment can save more children's lives Efforts worldwide on access to treatment for children with HIV have reached a new milestone, with 355 000 children receiving life-saving HIV treatment at the end of 2009, compared to 276 000 at the end of 2008; but many more lives could be saved if more infants started on medication earlier according to new recommendations from WHO.
Avatar n tn All pregnant women automatically get tested for HIV as part of their check-ups, but there may be a consent form, which I am not sure about. If you fear passing HIV to your baby you definitely should get it done, that is precisely the reason pregnant women get tested, so that they do not pass it to their babies, OK? It's a responsible thing to do. As far as your chances of having HIV, they are very small and you should not worry about it.
Avatar n tn I found on this forum that HIV can create an itchy skin, but I am not sure if that can happen in the early stage. Can that be a symptom for HIV? I was negative 3 weeks ago. I also had a diarrhea that did not last too long (just enough to bring worries). Another question is related to HIV testing. I know I should wait 3 months for antibody test, but offers HIV PCR test at 28 days for about $200.
Avatar n tn If someone possibly has hpv or genital warts would that affect a hiv blood test as for as FALSE POSITIVES are concerned?
Avatar m tn a) please advise. I am risk for HIV or any STD? Why the symptoms - isnt that a weird coincidence? Should i get tested? Please advise. I really need your help. My mind is taking over with catastrophic thoughts of what I could be facing. Thank you Doctor.
Avatar m tn Most of the woman I knew have gone on and had kids im not sure if they have mandatory hiv testing for pregnant women in Pa. Now I have been in a relationship for 5 years and she was recently tested about 4 months ago and she was negative. We didn’t use protection during this time (5years). But during off and on time I was with 2 other woman not in the past year though. I got tested basically because of fear and worrying myself.
Avatar f tn I was tested with my 2 younger kids when iwas pregnant for hiv, thank God that was clear I just assumed they tested for all other virus to , I was so shocked when i found out i had hcv after a routine blood exam, because i was for certain id been tested for everything and was free and clear... I asked the hep nurse why dont they test the pregnant women for hcv and she said because transmission chances are small...
Avatar n tn You are not at risk for HIV. Your test for that is fine, since you weren't at risk for that in the first place. Your gonorrhea test is accurate at that time, and technically you could test again for syphilis, but if you've had no symptoms, you don't need to test. Syphilis is pretty uncommon in the US. I really think you are fine.
Avatar f tn For the life of me I can'nt understand WHY,WHY, do they not test women for hepititis c when pregnant!!They test for hiv and everything else !! it Angers me that I HAVE HCV i HAD THREE BABIES AND WAS NEVER TESTED ! WHERE'S THE LIABILITY it should be a law ! I love my children and woulden't tradem for the world!!!But if i'd known i could have infected them at birth maybe i WOULD HAVE WAITED TO TREAT BEFORE HAVEING MORE ! now i have to deal w/ this stress too!! IT'S NOT RUTINE WELL IT SHOULD BE !
Avatar f tn it is not uncommon for this to happen to women who are pregnant. relax...if you have not had an "exposure"...then you cant have hiv.
Avatar n tn No Teak what I said is every United States hospital are required by federal law to test a pregnant women for HIV. Not all countries do this testing. So if Teed1 kids were born in the US there is no possible way he had HIV!