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Avatar f tn I had sex with hiv women for 6 months in nigeria. I tested positive in rapid test at 8 months and wb tested indeterminate in nigeria. I was afraid and went to india and tested with rapid tridot hiv1/2 negitive at 9 months. Please help : is hiv 2 slow pregress.
Avatar f tn Even with this outbreak that I am currently experiencing will the six week antibody test be reliable for an hiv diagnoses? Thank you all for your time. I would appreciate any accurate and helpful information you can provide me with.
Avatar m tn western blot testing at 8 months resulting indeterminate means negitive.
Avatar m tn You being pregnant opens up the possibility of a false positive...pregnant women have an unusually high prevalence of testing falsely positive.
Avatar m tn You require a full STD screen which includes Hiv testing aswell.All the best.
Avatar m tn Testing for HIV is not conclusive until at least 12 weeks post exposure...
Avatar m tn Thank you Vance. I assumed that was the case, but like I said... I had NEVER tested. It's funny cause in school and growing up all people tell you to worry about is getting someone pregnant. Knowing what I do now about things like STD's and HIV... Getting pregnant seems like a blessing.
Avatar m tn It is very difficult for me to believe that some doctor advises testing after 12 months. e.g. If someone is HIV + that means that one years of his life have already passed, and that person still do not know his HIV status. All antigens that you mentioned here (P55, P66, P51) are already detectable after 3-4 weeks with the WB tests. I do not know where your doctor find a period of 12 months.... If you did not had a test, take it now.
Avatar f tn And why first docter ask my for I dont need any futher testing after dna pcr test he told me tht test is the most sensetive test in market but my other docter told me is confusing test I dont understand
Avatar m tn // for very early screening. The CDC is correct. The other doctors are incorrect in my humble opinion. I would qualify that a little though and say that if you had a very high risk exposure - for example receptive anal sex with a male who was recently diagnosed as a newly infected HIV positive man, then I would repeat that test at 4 weeks with a 4th generation HIV DUO test for certainty.
Avatar f tn Of course you still have routine HIV testing if your doctor redommends it, as for all pregnant women. It would be silly and wrong to refuse because "the test alone brings a lot of anxiety".
Avatar f tn Welcome to the forum. You had a standard HIV antibody test, with negative results. It proves for sure you didn't catch HIV. Although standard advice is for testing 3 months after the last exposure (you're almost there), it really isn't necessary; with the standard tests in use today, negative results at 6-8 weeks are virtually certain. In case you are interested, here is a thread that explains this in more detail: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn First, you cannot transmit HIV to your unborn baby. HIV is contracted via blood, semen, breastmilk and vaginal fluids. The only risk to your baby would be during birth- and in that case they'd deliver them very carefully via c-section. If you were HIV positive your doctor would definitely notify you; whether they wait until your next appointment or not is per their discretion. Most of the time, if it is negative, they never bring the tests up.
Avatar f tn it is not uncommon for this to happen to women who are pregnant. relax...if you have not had an "exposure"...then you cant have hiv.
Avatar m tn They are concerned about syphilis and gave a blood test for HIV and Syphilis. Both came back negative. They said that it means nothing until 90 days, so come back in 30 days. Since the lesion came and went already, what are the chances that I had a false negative reaction at 8 weeks. I am too nervous about this to wait 30 days. Will the test be any more accurate at nine or ten weeks?
Avatar m tn Most of the woman I knew have gone on and had kids im not sure if they have mandatory hiv testing for pregnant women in Pa. Now I have been in a relationship for 5 years and she was recently tested about 4 months ago and she was negative. We didn’t use protection during this time (5years). But during off and on time I was with 2 other woman not in the past year though. I got tested basically because of fear and worrying myself.
Avatar f tn Umm, I have only been tested for stds/hiv in the beginning of my pregnancy
Avatar m tn I will plan to test at 14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23.24.