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Avatar f tn This answers all of your HIV questions, and if you can think of any more just reread about the 3. You had zero risk therefore testing is irrelevant to your situation because you had zero risk. HIV is a fragile virus, which is instantly inactivated in air and also in saliva which means it is effectively dead so it can't infect from touching, external rubbing or oral activities.
Avatar n tn OK Teak even if the tsting equipment wasn't as modren as you guys in the first worl have ?
Avatar m tn In the Bronx or anywhere else where HIV tests are given.
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor, I had two test done after the 3 months window one at 4 months and one at 6 months and both were -ve. I live in a third world country and I am not sure if the equipment used here is the latest like you guys have in the US. would you recomed me to do anmy more testing? Both test were done in the two biggest hospitals in the country I live in. thanks.
Avatar m tn Hello doctor and sorry for my bad language but i am from Greece and i don't english well enough. I wanna ask you some question about HIV testing. I had a sexual encounter with a sex worker. Oral sex was unprotected but anal sex was with protection. I was feeling very anxious about this encounter so i decided to get tested for HIV infection. I was taken a rapid test with a blood sample from my finger at 6 weeks and four days after the encounter and it came back as negative.
Avatar m tn one last concern, i got my hiv(hiv1 and hiv2)test report and the entire testing process took 4hrs. So do u think its 3rd gen rapid test or elisa test?
Avatar f tn you definitely can rely on your negative test results. With all HIV tests in routine use, if testing is done sufficiently long after the last possible exposure, the results outweigh all other considerations, such as exposure history and symptoms. Even if your partner had HIV (statistically, it is unlikely she did) and even if your symptoms were typical (you don't describe them, so I can't judge), the negative oral fluids antibody tests at both 6 and 8 weeks were 100% reliable.
Avatar f tn I had done Unprotected vaginal sex with a girl who has a std but unknown about her Hiv status,How fool I am!!.....Then I tested...25 days..NEGATIVE,40 days NEGATIVE,60 days NEgATIVE....all of this test are the very simplest one....Today I got my 75 days NEGATIVE(By ECA) result...Do you people think I am safe?or still I need to test more?
Avatar m tn so,my problem is 1) am i possible to infected by hiv? 2) should i go for hiv testing? 3) when is the best accurate day for testing? 4) I came from Malaysia, possible that the equipment at my country is outdate and the after windows period check must more than 6 month? thank you!!!
Avatar n tn Follow safe sex guidelines and don't share injection equipment with other people. That's all you need to do in order to avoid HIV. You do not need testing. No "yes but" or "what if" follow-up questions, please. There is no information you could possibly provide that would change my opinion or advice.
Avatar m tn so,my problem is 1) am i possible to infected by hiv? 2) should i go for hiv testing? 3) when is the best accurate day for testing? 4) I came from Malaysia, possible that the equipment at my country is outdate and the after windows period check must more than 6 month? thank you!!!
Avatar n tn Hello, Thank you very much for your post and welcome to our HIV forum. From the point of view of HIV infection, I would like to reassure as I agree with the health care worker you consulted. First of all, your sexual encounters did not involve any significant risk of HIV infection at all whatsoever. To confirm that you also had a negative HIV Duo test at three weeks following the last encounter.
Avatar n tn I don't recommend any further testing for anything. But if you remain nervous about HIV despite the extremely low risk, have an HIV test 6 weeks after your last sex with him.
Avatar f tn Is Hiv testing mandatory while your pregnant? I live in ny and today when i went to my ob the front desk wanted me to sign a paper for hiv testing and she said it was mandaroy and required by law BUT ON THE paper clearly said its voluntary any input??! I got tested in july and i know im clean just gets me upset that they said its mandatory i refused to sign and the lady was really annoyed and angry. Is this true??
Avatar n tn From the incident you mentioned you did not get hiv. If you had no other exposure to hiv then you can not get hiv so from that perspective You dont have hiv and so your wife too does not have hiv!
Avatar m tn Or, do I need to investigate myself by calling the hospital lab to ask them the generation of the testing? Is the Generation of testing the actual equipment that they use to test the blood? I've been told that I'm not at risk but my worrying is overwhelming.
Avatar n tn In other words, investing $20 in the lottery could be viewed as a wiser investment than spending it on HIV testing. Hepatitis C virus is not sexually transmitted, contrary to popular beliefs; and your symptoms aren't even remotely suggestive of that infection. I'm not sure why that possibility is even on your mind.
Avatar f tn today i have my 13 weeks rapid test same hiv testing equipment and should be out after 1 hour...... what is the accuracy of a hiv rapid test?...does all hiv rapid test have same accuracy as elisa test?.... can i really on my hiv rapid test @ 13th week to be conclusive with my symptoms of i have?.... hiv antibody rapid test here in philippines and all over the world have same accuracy? thanx.. for response...
Avatar m tn Therefore, we don't test for it in my STD clinic unless someone has a real HCV risk, such as drug injection with shared equipment. Therefore, I don't keep up on testing technologies etc. But to the best of my knowledge, even you had a had a significant exposure, the negative results at 4 months are reliable.
Avatar m tn It is unthinkable that the gauze would have been used on a previous patient, but even if it was, there would be no risk of transmitting HIV or any other blood borne infection. You do not need testing and of course do not need PEP. (You wouldn't be able to find a legitimate doctor or clinic who would be willing to prescribe it.
Avatar n tn HIV is not your problems. You have a conclusive negative test. If you have symptoms see your doctor they are unrelated to HIV.
Avatar m tn ) Assuming a worst case scenario and that the needle I was tested with had been re-used and was contaminated by HIV how long would the HIV remain viable and able to infect inside the contaminated needle (would the virus be exposed to air while dormant in the needle?)?
Avatar m tn there was no need for HIV testing. (And anyway, if this concerns you, HIV is a much lower risk than hepatitis B or C.) That said, your negative test result at 83 days is 100% reliable. My guess is you actually had a 3rd generation antibody test; I'm not aware of any 2nd gen tests that include HIV-2 (although I suppose such tests may exist in India). But even this doesn't matter.
Avatar n tn No, you did not have a risk for contract hiv in that manner. I wouldn't make a habit of letting anyone else use your equipment.
Avatar n tn 3-Is this test accurate? 4-Am i going to get my own little testing kit? i.e. is it one piece of equipment that they use and they just change swab part for everyone?
Avatar m tn It's not low risk - it's no risk. HIV, in adults, is ONLY transmitted by 1) having unprotected, penetrative anal or vaginal sex, or 2) sharing IV drug equipment with other IV drug users. You had protected anal sex, and unprotected oral is not a risk. Whatever symptoms you are experiencing are not due to HIV infection.
Avatar m tn I have already had a negative oraquick HIV test. I think I should also test for hepatitis and do an HIV blood test. 1. How would you suggest I move forward with testing? Specific tests I should request? Any other tests I should look for? HTLV perhaps? 2. I don't know what risk category I fall into. I imagine I could qualify for high risk even though my drug use was brief, or is that category resolved for street drug users who regularly share needles? 3.
Avatar m tn My EP says the problem with robotic equipment is it has no "feel" to it. It just goes where its directed. He prefers to hand thread and manipulate the catheter because he can feel where it is in the heart; no punctures, less potential damage.