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Avatar m tn there was no need for HIV testing. (And anyway, if this concerns you, HIV is a much lower risk than hepatitis B or C.) That said, your negative test result at 83 days is 100% reliable. My guess is you actually had a 3rd generation antibody test; I'm not aware of any 2nd gen tests that include HIV-2 (although I suppose such tests may exist in India). But even this doesn't matter.
Avatar n tn OK Teak even if the tsting equipment wasn't as modren as you guys in the first worl have ?
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor, I had two test done after the 3 months window one at 4 months and one at 6 months and both were -ve. I live in a third world country and I am not sure if the equipment used here is the latest like you guys have in the US. would you recomed me to do anmy more testing? Both test were done in the two biggest hospitals in the country I live in. thanks.
Avatar n tn HIV is not your problems. You have a conclusive negative test. If you have symptoms see your doctor they are unrelated to HIV.
Avatar f tn To clarify about testing to soon is that there is a list of about 40 different body conditions that could attribute to this including natually occuring antibodies.
Avatar m tn In the Bronx or anywhere else where HIV tests are given.
Avatar f tn This answers all of your HIV questions, and if you can think of any more just reread about the 3. You had zero risk therefore testing is irrelevant to your situation because you had zero risk. HIV is a fragile virus, which is instantly inactivated in air and also in saliva which means it is effectively dead so it can't infect from touching, external rubbing or oral activities.
Avatar m tn ve learned about the virus is that unsterilized dental equipment is not really a concern for HIV since the virus is fragile. Therefore was the requirement for hiv testing of the patients in Oklahoma truly necessary?
Avatar m tn one last concern, i got my hiv(hiv1 and hiv2)test report and the entire testing process took 4hrs. So do u think its 3rd gen rapid test or elisa test?
Avatar m tn The equipment is furnished by the World Health Org and it's not substandard. Take any further questions to the HIV Anxiety Support Group.
Avatar m tn t say anything about hiv, anyway, did You mean that i can forget hiv and regard that i do NOT have hiv, and only i should see a psychologist for mental problems?
1621133 tn?1310046041 Typical HIV early symptoms come up 2-4 weeks post-exposure but they can be misleading, so get tested at 3 months post-exposure for a conclusive result on your HIV status.
Avatar f tn There is no evidence that having any two infections, or acquiring them simultaneous -- whether HIV, HCV, or any others -- interferes with testing for either of them.
Avatar m tn The article you reference makes no mention of HIV - that is because HIV cannot be transmitted that way. If you have other questions about the safety of using dental equipment, we suggest visiting the Dental Health forum, as this forum is HIV specific.
Avatar n tn It isn't possible to acquire HIV from such events. No way. It that sort of non-exposure to blood could transmit HIV, AIDS would be a hundred times more common than it is and it wouldn't be classified as an STD. Follow safe sex guidelines and don't share injection equipment with other people. That's all you need to do in order to avoid HIV. You do not need testing. No "yes but" or "what if" follow-up questions, please.
Avatar f tn For many many months I suffered with the irrational fear that I caught HIV from a low risk situation, so I finally got the courage to go and get tested yesterday. The result was negative, but I am very afraid that the rapid test I took at the public health STD clinic in NYC was reused.
Avatar n tn About half an hour later, I use the equipment. The equipment attached to my skin tightly.I was worried about it. If the blood was from infected guy, Am I in a risk? The doctor removed it from a guy before me ,and used it on me directly.Can I also have unprotected intercourse with my wife?
Avatar m tn Or, do I need to investigate myself by calling the hospital lab to ask them the generation of the testing? Is the Generation of testing the actual equipment that they use to test the blood? I've been told that I'm not at risk but my worrying is overwhelming.
Avatar m tn ) Assuming a worst case scenario and that the needle I was tested with had been re-used and was contaminated by HIV how long would the HIV remain viable and able to infect inside the contaminated needle (would the virus be exposed to air while dormant in the needle?)?