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936016 tn?1332769204 // ) and also our information on novel testing methods for more information ( ) What happens during seroconversion? The article ( ) also gives a rough timeline of the different stages of HIV infection. Day 0: A person is infected with the HIV virus.
Avatar m tn The most commonly cited risks for transmission, if the vaginal or anal partner has HIV, are averages of once for every 2,000 vaginal sex events and 1 in 500 for anal. Don't assume annual STD testing includes HIV. Usually it would, but it's best to ask to be certain. The standard HIV antibody tests are virtually 100% accurate any time more than 6 weeks after exposure, even though official advice cites 3 months.
Avatar n tn If you don't develop such symptoms in the next 10 days, you can consider yourself home free. Finally, I never recommend STD/HIV testing after single low-risk events like this. People who are sexually active outside committed, monogamous relationships should have routine STD/HIV testing from time to time, like once a year. If you haven't been tested recently, this would be a good time, since it is on your mind. But not because of the risks associated with this particular event.
Avatar n tn So I go to planned parenthood anonymously for testing 9 years ago. Everything came back negative. Now Even just a month ago I pay for testing again for the following: HSV 1 = .08 HSV 2 = .10 RPR Syphilis Serology = Non Reactive CT/NG Amplified DNA Probe Chlamydia AMP. DNA = Negative GC Amplified DNA = Negative HEP B Surface AG = Non Reactive HCV AB = Non Reactive HIV-1 AB. Screen (EIA) = Non Reactive Ok so all that is good. But after about a week of the first initial symptoms...
Avatar n tn They also would not be caused by Herpes 1 in people with no other apparent serious health problems like HIV. Bacterial Vaginosis and Yeast Infections may cause inflammation and small cracks in the folds of the skin, they do not cause cuts in center areas of the skin, and they heal without reoccurance once the infection is treated. An anal fissure can sometimes occur in the center area of the pernium (between the front and back) because of straining or constipation.
Avatar n tn After it stopped, I mentioned it to my doctor in mid-December who listened but did not suggest any specific testing to address the symptom. It started up again this week. I am curious to hear what others learn.