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Avatar m tn If it is arteritic then large doses of oral cortison are needed to get the sed rate down. The section on emedicine is especially good. If its non-arteritic there is no treatment for the eye problem and visual recovery is usually good. Again emedicine entry is excellent.
Avatar m tn s a very complicated disease and not easy to describe. I suggest you do internet search on WebMD or emedicine and see if you have any further questions. Starbursts are not a common symptoms in AZOOR and more suggestive of cataracts, cornea problems, need for glasses or new glasses RX or macular problems.
Avatar n tn It is not possible to have HIV and have both negative HIV RNA testing and negative HIV antibody testing at the times your tests were done. I repeat: not possible. And test results always overrule symptoms and exposure history. The tests prove beyond all doubt that you did not catch HIV. Believe the results. You are home free and do not need any additional testing.
Avatar f tn my accurence happened on 8/22/2008 elisa on 10/30/2008- non reactive 11/03/2008 hiv 2 dna/rna qualitative real time -not dected 11/03/2008 hiv-2 proviral dna qualitative, pcr - not deceted means that im hiv neg. no further testing needed? i thought that i had to test again at 90 days and 6 months. Reported Report this Spam Abuse Was this comment helpful to you?
Avatar f tn It is LONG past time for you to move on. You were advised previously that your tests are conclusive. You do not have HIV. There is no such thing as HIV "hiding" from the tests. MOVE ON.
Avatar m tn This subject is discussed here ad nauseum. Anyone is free to decide for themselves when they feel comfortable testing. ON THIS FORUM, we adhere to the official guidelines, the doctors take a more liberal stance. Dr. HHH often posts a few links to posts he's made that explains in detail about testing protocols, and why they give the advice THEY do, and why we give the advice we do. They are a good read.
Avatar f tn The basis would be improved symptoms, as the degree of physiologic response to luminal dimensional change may be assessed by correlation of exercise capacity (your symptoms improved by exercise testing?) with quantitative measurements of the obstruction diameter at the lesion sites. The extent of quantitatively assessed luminal stenosis has been shown to be directly related to the degree of impairment of coronary perfusion.
Avatar m tn Receipt of oral sex from a commercial sex worker in Ireland, followed by condom protected vaginal intercourse carries virtually no risk of HIV at all and no testing is needed, from a medical perspective for this exposure. Most CSWs do not have HIV and even if your partner did have HIV, the activities you engaged in id not put you at risk for HIV. Thus testing is not needed. You do not need to worry that the condom may have failed.
Avatar f tn During the early testing phase 80-90's but today hiv test are so sensitiveas 4th gen test can detect as early as 2 weeks. So no you do not have Hiv beleive it.
Avatar n tn Yes, they do have such HIV test. Check with your local HIV specialist.
Avatar m tn With regard to HIV testing, how come my clinic's website is saying it may take up to 6 months for antibodies for HIV to show up? I thought 3 months was accurate?
Avatar f tn 5 months, you can be confident that you do not have HIV. You do not need further testing. You do not have HIV and have no reason to worry aobut HIV.