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Avatar m tn Recently when i spoke to HIV testing centers in US I know ELISA after 3 months is conclusive But my questions is are this facts what they told me are true 1. 50% of people who get -ve result in Elisa after 6 weeks , can get +ve after 12 weeks test 2. PCR DNA test after 28 days is negative you dont have to go for ELISA after 12 weeks 3 .
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Avatar n tn Since the onset of HIV/AIDS in the early 80's...HIV testing has come a LONG way. Back then it was 6 of infected individuals can be accurately diagnosed with HIV by 6- 8 weeks. The latest being 3 months...unless your physical health was already jeopardized (as I stated above) by a pre-existing medical condition that affects your immune system. The chance you fit this scenario is as much as me waking up as a woman tomorrow and driving to work in a Mercedes.
Avatar n tn This hasn't been studied carefully, but many experts feel that chlamydia may be missed in people tested under 4-5 days after exposure. 2) You can trust the test results in standard HIV testing centers, pretty much anywhere in the world and certainly in the US and other industrialized countries. 3) Yes; see above. There is no realistic possibility that results have different reliability at 89 versus 90 days; that's a major hair-split.
Avatar n tn Recently, after donating blood, I received a letter stating that my sample had tested postive for HIV with the ELISA testing, but this result had been proven to be false through the Western Blot Test, as well as through Nucleic Acid Amplification Testing. As there are very few threads (that I was able to find) dealing with false positives, I was hoping a doctor could shed a little bit more light on the stats about false positives on the ELISA: How often does it happen?
Avatar m tn * HIV Duo (Ab HIV1 / HIV2 + Ag p24 - ELFA Vidas Biomérieux) * HIV 1/0/2 (Advia Centaur) Both test came back negative I have been experiencing some symptoms : * at 3.5 weeks post exposture - bilateral groin pains & mild sore irritation (at this time, I went to my GP and he told me there were no abnormal swollen lymph nods and no throat infection) * at 6 weeks post exposture - persistent headaches (similar to sinusitis) for approx.
Avatar n tn I don't recommend any further testing for anything. But if you remain nervous about HIV despite the extremely low risk, have an HIV test 6 weeks after your last sex with him.
Avatar m tn Welcome to our forum. I'll be pleased to help. The exposure you describe was VERY low risk for HIV. the statistical risk that your partner has HIV is less than 1 in 10,000 and probably lower given what you've told me. The risk from a single episode of vaginal intercourse is less than 1 in 1000. Thus mathematically your risk is lower than 1 in 10 million- not something to worry about. Having said that, getting tested is a reasonable thing to do, as is testing for other, more common STDs.
Avatar f tn Could you please tell me is it possible to catch HIV from needles that are used for HIV testing? If the needle was previously used on HIV infected pearson or if HIV+ nurse previously pricked herself and left some blood on the needle? I appreciate your opinion, thank you.
Avatar m tn when I get checked for hiv in french anonymous testing centers some doctors tell me that a 4th generation test is conclusive 28 days (4 weeks) after exposure. Some even tell me that for extremely high risk situations the same test is a rather good indicator. of course official recommendation is 6 weeks.
766573 tn?1365170066 * The HIV test used in the project employs a mouth swab and takes about 20 minutes to yield an initial result. Pharmacies Offer HIV Testing Through CDC Program Daniel Weiss, Senior Editor Published Online: Tuesday, June 26, 2012 Pharmacies and retail clinics are offering HIV testing in an effort to help reach the CDC’s goal of testing every adolescent and adult in the country.
Avatar n tn would testing at 3 months be considered conclusive for one time unprotected vaginal sex. also if pcr hiv testing is not used to diagnose hiv infection then how come all of the testing centers promote it and are allowed to do so.
Avatar m tn We know approximately how long it may take a person to produce antibodies to HIV based on years of data, research and advancements in testing. A person who has contracted HIV may show up positive as early as two weeks after the time they were infected. According to page 11 of the Module 6 Training Manual from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the vast majority of those who contract HIV will show up positive between 4—6 weeks after infection.
Avatar n tn Are there any centers near you that give rapid HIV testing? I found one in my city and they give results in less than 20 minutes. I think thats cool because I can't handle the stress of waiting for results. I wanna do it tommorrow but I have work and school so I won't have much time. Plus I need to call and see what the process is. So I'll probably do it Wendesday. Wow thats the day before my birthday. What an awesome Birthday present!!! Being HIV negative!!!! Anyway....
Avatar n tn I believe hiv and hep b/c testing should be included in routine, yearly physical exams. Being tested for Stds and hep c in a yearly physical setting, where the blood sample is destoyed afterward is a lot different than donating blood for someone else to use as a way to get yourself tested. Can a person who is a drug addict donate blood? that is a scary thought. Most doctors will tell you not to donate blood or serum as a way to get tested.
Avatar f tn New York, NY (AHN) - New York City Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden has come under fire for trying to implement new national HIV testing guidelines. The federal Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta has revised its recommendations and now advocates that tests for HIV be a routine part of medical care without requiring the consent of patients......... Then let's pray that urgest on HCV testing too.
Avatar m tn First testing was on December 17th (54 days after last oral and 61 days after condom incident) - the test used was a Rapid Test HIV1/2 approved by government health staff - in testing centers in Brazil they perform two rapid tests from two different producers at the same time - BOTH NEGATIVE Second testing was on January 7th (75 days after oral and 82 days after condom incident) - again, two Rapid Tests HIV1/2 at the same time - BOTH NEGATIVE Third testing was on January 19th (87 days after or
Avatar m tn There are 2 types of PCR testing for HIV, DNA PCR and RNA PCR. The DNA PCR test looks for the actual HIV virus in your blood. So if it comes back non-detectable, that means that they weren't able to find the virus. Advanced Testing Center claims that the HIV virus replicates at such a fast rate that after 28 days, it would conclusively be dectectable.
Avatar m tn so why do so many doctors and sites and testing centers say retest at 6 months. its enough to get you crazy.
Avatar f tn Anyone with a few hours of training would be qualified to administer the tests. There are testing centers like that all over the country that cater to at-risk people and it is not unusual that a thrift store in Hollywood that apparently caters to gay people would offer rapid testing. I see no reason why you should be concerned.
Avatar n tn Doc, I have been searching online for more info regarding DNA PCR Testing of HIV. Across the boards I have seen a negative consenus on using this test for low risk exposures. What would be the right time window to take a DNA PCR test? The test looks for HIV virus DNA, so wouldn't be more accurate earlier than anti-body. Isn't the DNA present regardless of antibodies?
Avatar m tn It looks for the actual virus itself--from my understanding from the CDC and from the 15-20 different testing centers ive spoken to. either way, in your professional opinion, what are the odds of me sero conv?..and/or ELISA coming back with a different result? thanks.
Avatar n tn Not one person contracted hiv in that study with one of the couples was negative and one was positive. You've tested out way beyond the scope of HIV testing. It's time you look into getting mental help for you unwarranted worries.
101028 tn?1419606604 • The Gay Men’s Health Clinic in North Park, run by Family Health Centers of San Diego, offers STD and HIV testing on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. • UCSD offers HIV testing through the “Early Test” research study. Other places that offer STD and HIV tests are listed at or Third, remember to get tested every three to six months. It can be hard to keep track of when you’re due for your next round of tests.
Avatar m tn We agreed to get tested for the main, incurrable stds before having sex. I was wondering if plasma centers tested for hsv, and if they would tell you if you had it. I donated plassma twice with no problems or notification. I have became paranoid when reading up too deeply(according to my gf) on some stds. I read that one can get back aches if they have herpes. Well, since I was 20-ish, I have had sort of a recurrent sciatica. It has faded over time. I have never had an std.