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Avatar n tn 2) You can trust the test results in standard HIV testing centers, pretty much anywhere in the world and certainly in the US and other industrialized countries. 3) Yes; see above. There is no realistic possibility that results have different reliability at 89 versus 90 days; that's a major hair-split. 4) Hyper-conservative sources sometimes recommend waiting 6 months for reliable testing. They are in the small minority and most experts disagree, as I do.
Avatar n tn would testing at 3 months be considered conclusive for one time unprotected vaginal sex. also if pcr hiv testing is not used to diagnose hiv infection then how come all of the testing centers promote it and are allowed to do so.
Avatar m tn Sorry... correction...You do NOT need testing for HIV.
Avatar f tn Even i have very busy working life here and language problem. I tried more but could not find any anonymous testing centers. I cant go my home country within next 2 years. So i am in big trouble now. I have not eat much, could not sleep and breath freely. I am always thinking to end my life. I have not any sence what to do. Sometime searching internet ease my mind bt sometime makes me more tough. So plz help me what is my risk of hiv from this expouser and what can i do from here??
Avatar m tn If I was infected with humman papiloma ,hiv 1 and hiv2 at the same time would this not warrant testing over a year.I am not sleeping and suffering badly from this act of gross stupidity.Secondly are the fast testing kits at moble centers reliable or I need to have a laboratory blood draw.
Avatar n tn The patient brought in a form letter from this center which had several selections with a check mark beside HIV 1/2. I called the plasma center and inquired as to what HIV test they run on donors. The person who I talked to at the plasma center was supposed to call me back, but did not. My thought is that the test was probably a preliminary screening test and that there is at least a slight possibility that this person could have a false positive.
Avatar m tn Took two rapid tests in different clinics (community health centers) one at 83 days after and the other 85 days. Both resulted negative. Do I need anymore testing? Should I trust these results? Why some people talk about a six month window? My test are considered to be in the three month period, right? The tests were taken in the U.S. Thanks in advance for your consideration.
Avatar m tn We know approximately how long it may take a person to produce antibodies to HIV based on years of data, research and advancements in testing. A person who has contracted HIV may show up positive as early as two weeks after the time they were infected. According to page 11 of the Module 6 Training Manual from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the vast majority of those who contract HIV will show up positive between 4—6 weeks after infection.
Avatar f tn Regarding your HIV testing numbers in the UK, I would say that if those statistics were broken down by Testing Center Location, Testing Centers in "Low Risk" communities would have significantly lower HIV + test results whereas the testing centers in homosexual/high-risk communities would yield the higher percentage of POSITIVES. Keep in mind as well that centers in LOW-RISK communities often experience a HIGHER rate of FALSE POSITIVES than in those HIGH-RISK communities.
Avatar n tn Australia has some of the top HIV research, testing , and treatment centers in the world.
Avatar f tn Anyone with a few hours of training would be qualified to administer the tests. There are testing centers like that all over the country that cater to at-risk people and it is not unusual that a thrift store in Hollywood that apparently caters to gay people would offer rapid testing. I see no reason why you should be concerned.
Avatar n tn I have gone to hiv testing centre to undergo hiv testing for my job.on the way to my home,I felt that I had my,after returning to my home I touched my vagina without washing my hands to check my I'm depressed,if something was transferred to me from my hands to vagina.please help me will it transfer HIV to me? And it will take only about 5 minutes for me to reach my home from my HIV centre.
Avatar m tn STDAlert offers such a test at their testing centers/hospitals. They claim The "RNA test is 95% accurate after 10 days, 99% accurate after 28 days." Anybody know of the accuracy of this test at such a short time? Thanks.
Avatar m tn * HIV Duo (Ab HIV1 / HIV2 + Ag p24 - ELFA Vidas Biomérieux) * HIV 1/0/2 (Advia Centaur) Both test came back negative I have been experiencing some symptoms : * at 3.5 weeks post exposture - bilateral groin pains & mild sore irritation (at this time, I went to my GP and he told me there were no abnormal swollen lymph nods and no throat infection) * at 6 weeks post exposture - persistent headaches (similar to sinusitis) for approx.
Avatar m tn Ok you think I should still get testing?? Also I forgot to mention I had unprotected sex in March that resulted in no ejaculation also it was very brief and half if my ex penis was in only the tip of his penis. 3 weeks from that encounter I got tested and was negative. I then got tested 5 weeks after and it was negative. I haven't finished up bc there aren't any local testing centers where I'm from. I decided to go in 2 weeks since stars when I'll be closer to a testing center.
Avatar m tn when I get checked for hiv in french anonymous testing centers some doctors tell me that a 4th generation test is conclusive 28 days (4 weeks) after exposure. Some even tell me that for extremely high risk situations the same test is a rather good indicator. of course official recommendation is 6 weeks.
Avatar n tn If you believe you have been exposed to HIV and want help to judge your risk, would like advice about HIV testing, or have questions about the effectiveness of condoms or risks associated with specific sexual practices, this is the site for you.
Avatar m tn 1996 announcement, But today is 2008 ============= The test, to be sold under the name Abbott HIVAG-1 Monoclonal, is an enzyme immunoassay (EIA), and is the second FDA-licensed HIV antigen detection kit intended for use in blood banks and plasma centers nationwide according to new FDA blood screening recommendations. Abbott HIVAG-1 Monoclonal is also cleared for prognostic use in HIV-infected patients.
Avatar m tn I was just curious why none of the testing centers I have been checking with offer the 4th gen DUO test in the U.S? Or at least when I tell them where I live they don't offer it here. They only offer the RNA early detection test or just a standard 3rd gen antibody test. Anybody have any insight on this?