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Avatar m tn I had Protected sex with a guy of unknown status 3 months ago. At 4 weeks I got tested for STD's including HIV and everything was negative. At 2 months I got tested again as instead of havIng to make another trip to come in and get the results they told me if they didn't call then everything was okay and if they couldn't reach me by phone then they mail a letter saying I need to come in. I didn't get a call or a letter and that was a while back.
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Avatar n tn A couple of years ago I gave blood at a red cross for my school and they sent me a letter in the mail saying that I tested positive for HIV because my white blood cells were high or something but at the bottom of the page it said they tested with a more accurate test and it said negative. I was just curious if I should be worried? I'm really not that worried but I would like an experts opinion.
Avatar n tn 1) HIV has never been known to be transmitted by kissing. In addition to the mouth not being very susceptible, saliva inactivates HIV, so exposure to infected persons' oral fluids carries little or no risk. 2) Contact of HIV or body secretions with intact skin never carries any HIV transmission risk. The scrotum skin is no more susceptible to that on the arm or anywhere else.
Avatar n tn t live out side the body for long or outside it’s host so even if someone wanted to spread HIV, could they via mail? Because the packet was air tight and in the dark and a controlled temp couldn't the HIV have stayed alive?? I would say the HIV test was in the mail from any where to at least 3 days to a week and a half. So what I need to know, if some wanted to, could they have spread HIV to me this way?? If everything was air tight and done correctly could they have?
Avatar m tn The fine print of whatever you signed prior to your saliva testing could have permitted HIV testing (I have major reservations about testing people without their knowing but some health care providers do this nonetheless). Second, in reviewing your exchange with Dr. Handsfield earlier in the Spring, I concur with him that you are at virtually no risk for HIV form the activities you mentioned to him. The chances that you are infected are VERY, VERY low. So, what to do?
Avatar m tn t need any more testing, youe negative result was conclusive. You do not have HIV. Put this behind you and forget about it.
Avatar m tn As for time to positive HIV test, your biology of disease lecturer is talking theoretical outcomes. With modern HIV testing, for practical purposes there is no such thing as having a negative HIV test more than 3 months (maybe very rarely 6 months) after infection. Putting all these facts together, it is simply impossible you have HIV. I hope this helps. Let's not have an ongoing follow-up discussion.
Avatar m tn I think you can go to the Home Access website and even order a test. I'm certain there's a way for you to get your results - even if you can't call the 800 number. You're going to be negative ... and again, there's no need for testing. I hope you'll be able to put this down, because trust me, HIV anxiety can be a VERY slippery slope.
Avatar m tn Dears, I am a mail and I had an encounter, where a massage lady gave oral sex for about 5 seconds. I was advised by local authorities that there was no need of spot testing for this case, but obviously I was very worried about it. So I took all the tests below with different windows period, I would like to know if you would consider conclusive my results: 30days. HIV Ag/AB (rapid, result in 1h) and PCR qualitative test. Negative 42 days. HIV 1/2 AB/Ag (Result in 4h). Negative 44 days.
Avatar n tn You need to realize this and stop worrying abuot whether or not some nefarious person is trying to infected persons with HIV with contaminated, fake HIV testing kits. Forget it, You do not have HIV and do not need further testing. Further anxiety driven confabulation will be deleted without comment.
Avatar m tn if your dr told you that kissing someone with hiv will give you hiv...then he is NUTS ! ! !
Avatar m tn Well I went to the doctors and my blood and urine was tested she told me I had CMV (cytomegalo Virus) but she also said i had a low White Blood cell count and said she wanted to do more blood testing for other stuff and she said HIV I as of today am terrifed i have it ...
Avatar m tn is it possible to get hiv by inserting a finger into a womans anal briefly, for about 5 seconds and not very deep. No cuts on the finger and no sign of blood on the woman. is it possible while the finger is inside the anal for the womans blood to get under a finger nail and create a risk of contracting the hiv virus for the male?
Avatar n tn you had a risk by having unprotected sex with multiple partners.symptoms mean nothing when it comes to HIV since the symptoms of HIV are quite nonspecific.go and TEST.only a test can tell you if you have HIV or not.neither we can nor anybody else in the world.DO it.and don't try to judge ur status by ur symptoms.
Avatar m tn I am confused. When i asked by e-mail to a doctor, he said "From your note, I would assume that your risk is low. However, I would encourage you to get tested at a local agency.
Avatar m tn Thank you for your kind reply. The existence of cold sores on the lips and the wound in inner side of the cheek frightened me. May I consider that there is no risk even the existence of cold sores and wound in the inner cheek? Thank you for your patience, best regards...
Avatar n tn hello, recently i have done a test for traces of stds and hiv. The doctor said that she will only contact me if there was a problem. It has been months and ive not received any calls. What still bothers me was that on the day of testing, I have noticed that my phone number was mistaken so I told them to change it on the paper as well as with the administration. Given that the contact number the doctor has is wrong, would she continues to try and contact me through email or mail.
Avatar m tn i have mentioned above on my above mail like i had done testing on 7 i am talking about relaiblity of rapid test, is that same like laboratory test. i was confussed and worried.
Avatar m tn herpes igm testing is greatly flawed testing and current CDC recommendations are that it not be drawn on adults for the purpose of diagnosing herpes. your igg testing was negative 3 months post encounter and you were never at any risk from herpes from the massage encounter. the lotions/oils they use at those places can cause a chemical urethritis. go and be seen again and get a urine culture and testing done to check for infection from the lotion being massaged into your urethra.