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Avatar n tn I know their questions have a few about have you ever had sex with someone who has hiv and such but you've tested negative a few times now and they use the best blood testing for hiv out there so I wouldn't worry about it.
Avatar m tn html#PART%20A%20-%20WHOLE%20BLOOD%20DONOR DISEASE MARKER TESTING Each collection of whole blood and blood components must be tested for anti-HIV, syphilis, and HBsAg. In addition, they should be tested for anti-HCV, anti-HBc, and anti-HTLV-I per recommendations from FDA. Testing for alanine aminotransferase (ALT) was implemented as a surrogate marker for viral hepatitis.
Avatar n tn Re-read my comment above: "...few escorts (expensive female sex workers by appointment) have HIV". Follow the rules about blood donation. But I don't see what is "very sad". They'll do fine without your blood for a few months.
Avatar n tn They will more than likely discard the unit. Also, blood donation is not a place to go to for HIV testing. I know... I worked in the business.
Avatar n tn Even though the safety nets are in place, and even though the testing is very rigid, there is still a small window of opportunity in between infection time/testing accuracy where your blood could contaminate the blood supply. Not that I'm implying in any way that you did this, but I am a recipient of 3 blood transfusions, and its a scary thing to think of someone who is afraid/embarrassed or has no insurance...and they figure that donating blood will tell them what they need to know.
Avatar n tn our system of blood donation isn't perfect but they do do the best testing possible. If everyone who had recently had unprotected sex with a partner who's std status they aren't aware of didn't donate blood, we'd have even less supply than we do now. if it was a high risk partner who you think could have hepatitis or hiv and it was unprotected sex then avoiding donating for 3 months is a good idea and they do ask questions covering those bases when you donate.
Avatar m tn is it still possible that we contracted HIV from having sex with each other? the doctor took my blood for testing and will inform me back in 1-2 months.... what is the percentage of the false positive if ur tested hiv positive on the blood screening test?
Avatar n tn 30 AM thanking me for my donation. Does this mean my blood has already been tested for HIV and other infectious diseases? If I tested positive, would they send this email anyways? this is the email: Dear _________ Thank you very much for your blood donation on September 24, 2012. We recognize that your time is precious and we hope that you will return to donate again when you are eligible. Please click here to complete our donor satisfaction survey.
Avatar n tn OHConcern - I can guarantee the blood transfusion service would have screened your blood for HIV using extremely sensitive PCR technology. These screens may miss HIV infections in the window period but do not miss 3 months out. You are very, very, likely to be negative for HIV, but you may want to test just to make sure and for your own peace of mind. This long post-exposure, you should be able to walk in and get a result in 20 mins....
Avatar m tn Will the person receiving the blood gets HIV? 2. Is it possible for testing the blood for HIV, coz it is only three days over after he had unprotected sex.. 3 . If so what is the technique used for testing the blood. Is it used world wide.
Avatar m tn Will the person receiving the blood gets HIV? 2. Is it possible for testing the blood for HIV, coz it is only three days over after he had unprotected sex.. 3 . If so what is the technique used for testing the blood. Is it used world wide.
Avatar n tn All antibody tests should detect the most common subtypes of HIV-1. The majority of HIV tests will also now detect HIV-2 and all but the very rarest of HIV-1 subtypes (usually only found in endemic areas in West Africa). A test that specifically detects the rare HIV-1 group O is also now available, though in most cases, a standard antibody test would identify a group O infection. For detailed information, see our page about HIV subtypes.
Avatar m tn This is what I was thinking. But, my brother asked what they test for(I think he may have been thinking the same way I am now, but not nearly as obsessive/paranoid), according to my brother, the person said, "We test for everything, so you'll know if you have anything." I have also read online that plasma places do not want you to donate within 3 weeks of an outbreak, so this made me think they would test for Herpes, as well.
Avatar n tn Apart from your risk was zero, I think (but I don't know for sure) that they screen all blood donations now with PCRs that are sensitive enough to pick up 99%+ HIV positive blood at day 28 and probably considerably earlier to reduce as far as possible the chance of a blood donation occuring from a person with HIV in the window period.
Avatar m tn I especially don't understand this because EVERYONE'S blood is checked for a number of infectious diseases, including, of course, HIV. I'm giving blood in 2 weeks and you can bet I'll be asking them this question!
Avatar n tn Is a negative result conclusive after testing 9 months from possible exposure? YES do they test for hiv during blood donation in the US? Most all do, but this is not a way to know your status. You DO NOT have HIV!
Avatar m tn Maybe this is not a question for hiv forum but it is on hiv testing.... so i figure to ask you guys I am not asking if i was infected with hiv by the test center i am asking if it is possible to get an infection or vein infection of some sort.
Avatar m tn Hi I did blood donation and they told me my blood donation is successful. I know it's not good but that was the only option I had. And my partner also did all test , and he is hiv negative whom within did sex three years ago. What you think now?
Avatar n tn I tested negative at 7 weeks, should I have tested again at another timeframe? 2) HIV 2 testing. If the modern Elisa Test for HIV 1 can pick up HIV2? Why do they still offer a separate test? or do they? 3)Is there anything I can catch deep kissing someone (other then herpes)? This person was an escort, so I truly don't know where her mouth has been. Since then, I get these canker sores in my mouth sometimes. They come and go and last about 7 to 8 days.
Avatar m tn A test result that is nonreactive does not exclude the possibility of exposure to or infection with HIV-1 and/or HIV-2. Nonreactive results in this assay for individuals with prior exposure to HIV-1 and/or HIV-2 may be due to antigen and antibody levels that are below the limit of detection of this assay". But H. Hunter Handsfield, M.D. say: «There is no such thing as a false negative duo test more than 4 weeks after exposure». Prompt, results in my case are how reliable?
Avatar m tn It means that you go to the doctor and he will run the needed tests.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the reply doc... to answer your wondering.. I received a letter saying more or less: "Your blood donation tested positive for HIV using antibody screening tests but negative using the Western Blot and Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests. You are considered not infected with HIV." It's good they didn't tell me the positive before doing the comfirmatory tests, but the way the did it is not comforting at all to someone who prior to this had no knowledge of any of these tests.
Avatar m tn I understand PCR RNA HIV test is expensive and takes longer to perform. Blood banks seem to be extremely cautious when it comes to testing blood as they use more than one method. QUESTIONS 1.Why shouldn't the GUM clinics just follow the same algorithm as the blood banks use for testing blood donor? It would make sense right?
Avatar m tn I wonder what the blood donation uses for testing of hiv. because if it uses the antibody test or duo test, thats not enough for screening hiv in blood because of window period. I heard it uses nat test or pcr test to screen the blood, is that true ?. what is the difference of NAT test and PCR test ?. and when we use pcr test and the result is negative even though we are still in window period, does it mean we are hiv negative ?.
Avatar n tn Teak, thank you very much for the answer about HIV 1 group O,N and P testing. In your opinion every strain can be detected by ELISA test, but how would you explane that you can't donate blood if you are from certain contrys from Africa...? Does it mean that some strains can't be detected? Plus, some articles from the internet give information that there are some cases of HIV 1 group O infection were missed. How can I trust test result?
Avatar m tn I am a regular blood donor, and on the 4 July 2011 gave a regular blood donation to the red cross. I am feeling ill (sore neck, burning armpits, tired etc...) for several weeks now. I am fearing this is HIV. However, nobody phoned my from the red cross to say my blood was contaminated. Or don't they check all blood? I was told they check all blood donations every time for HIV and other that true. But there again it was only a month between my possible risky episode.
Avatar m tn Is this just a precaution by the medical industry...or is it proven that the person who donates his "SCV BLOOD " will infect other blood?....reason why im asking is because there is a real shortage blood donation here in Canada...
Avatar m tn situation (one time situation) with my girlfriend. Before me she only had a boyfriend that tested himself for blood donation and were negative, after 2 years of being together she tested herself with a 4th generation test and for other dts and were all negative. My question is (I'm assuming that she has something when nothing appoints that, but ok...).. I've made a 4th generation test with 11 weeks (74 Days), a rapid test with 12 weeks (81 days) and another rapid test at 13 weeks (91 days).
Avatar n tn Hello, I never gave much thought about HIV testing or other std's etc...I am 22 yr old straight female have only been with two guys who both were virgins(and yes couple incidents unprotected). I do get my annual gyno visits and have had vaginal swab for stds but not any bloodwork for hiv, syphilis, or hepatitis. Last sexual encounter summer of 2006 but i did go with a friend this summer 2007 to donate blood. Now i didnt go to donate blood to get tested and answered all questions honestly.