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Avatar m tn I has not been in a good sleep for two weeks. All my mind is about hiv,hiv,hiv.. and im stress out which driving me crazy.. and now i always see some skin rash over my body. I cant really go to work. I have a lot of working been pending from last week. Now i really know how much i love my gf. I am a jerk.. Please help me doctor..
Avatar f tn Hello everyone, I have a few questions about testing anxiety while you’re testing for HIV etc.. let’s start. I had a boyfriend (we started our relationship in May and we broke up in September) he was the first person with who I had closer contact ( sexual contact) we were using condoms but we had some moments when my partner was inserting his penis with no condom but then we used them.. we were talking about testing and he said that he was testing and he is clean..
Avatar m tn in her four years at this location she tested only 1 with a positive result. In the month of April they had a special for HIV testing. They tested over 400 people that came in and ZERO were positive. 400 people thought they were infected and NONE were. Forget about symptoms, be safe, get tested and move on with your life.
Avatar f tn I know I posted a few days ago on this forum and I apoligize for posting again, but I am overwhelmed with anxiety. I tested for HIV back in 1996 and then again in 2003. They both came back negative. I have been with my husband since 2002 and no one else. I have suffered from anxiety over the years on and off and it recently came back again. I have been drinking heavily and recently stopped 10 days ago. I went to the doctor last week and was told that I have anxiety.
Avatar n tn are the current generation HIV researchers/doctors/scientists interested in coming up with a HIV TESTING method, which can detect the virus as early as possible (instead of Waiting for 3 months) , wouldn't that be an end to HIV Phobia , OCD, Anxiety, and thousands of posts and replies on risks ,symptoms and exposures.
Avatar n tn Seroconversion is just the transition of a test from negative to positive and has nothing to do with symptoms. Among the minority of persons who have symptoms with their initial HIV infection, serconversion typically occurs 7-14 days after onset , i.e. 2-3 weeks after exposure. I already said that your 5-week test is accurate. Almost all HIV infected people are positive by 5 weeks, probably 98-99%.
786232 tn?1241745656 Dear Experts. Is ELISA/EIA HIV 1&2 antibody test detects all Groups and subtypes of HIV virus?? I did ELISA/EIA test for HIV 1&2 in Malaysia following the window period suggested. 6 wks..19 wks..25 wks..35 wks & 37 wks...(Due to my high anxiety level).. all came back negative... Just want to learn something for the peace of mind...
Avatar m tn You are conclusively negative.
Avatar m tn At 8 weeks virtually everyone who is going to develop HIV antibodies will have done so. Furthermore, the test you took will give results for HIV-1, HIV-2 and type 0.
Avatar n tn I know the only thing that will put my mind at rest will be a negative result, but I am still only two weeks into the window period, and scared stiff. My questions are therefore based on the testing. After 3 months if you have a HIV duo test at a private clinic in which the results are available the same day are those results as reliable as the ELISA assay offered by the NHS which takes 4 working days.
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Avatar f tn Most, if not all of your symptoms, including the short period, are due to anxiety. Stop Goggling the HIV symptom sites!!!! Tell your doctor the truth so he/she will know what to test for. Some STD's can only be found through blood labs.
Avatar n tn i had a 4 week rapid hiv test from exposure i know i need more testing to be 100% sure i am not infected, but what is the probabilty of being infected having a neg result at 4 weeks?
Avatar n tn My question is basically that since HIV is hard to detect with-en the first few weeks or months because of the window period and they ran blood tests and urine tests on her and they all came back negative is it possible she could still have HIV? Are there tests for HIV that are accurate enough even if the sexual intercourse just happened a week ago. She said all the tests came back negative, but i'm still curious that she could still be at risk. Thank you for your help.
Avatar m tn No you do not need further testing for HIV.
Avatar n tn theres no way i can wait til my 3 month period so im gonna go for the 6 week which is next week for me but i wanna know accurate it would really be? and does anyone know if a standard hiv test costs anything?
Avatar n tn HIV testing is conclusive at 3 months so you need to retest. That being said your symptoms sounds nothing like HIV.
Avatar n tn com sells HIV home testing kits in which you take a ***** of blood and mail it back to a lab, it all costs $39, it is called HomeAccess and claims to be 99.9% accurate, and it's FDA approved, am curious to hear what the Doctor thinks of these tests as it would help alleviate a lot of anxiety for some people.