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Avatar m tn 3 months would have been enough--you over tested--you don't have HIV.
Avatar m tn Can HIV ANTIBODY TEST(ELISA<HIV ! & ANTIBODY) test after 6 months fi fully conclusive????? I hb done ELISA test aftr 6 mnths of exposure???? Can I be 100% confident tat I m HIV negetive as the test came back non reactive with ANTIBODY 0.020 OD........will I have to test aftr ! yr?
523728 tn?1264621521 The American Cancer Society reports that "[t]here is no reliable scientific evidence that ****** therapy is effective in treating cancer, and the principles behind it are not widely accepted by the medical community. It is not approved for use in the United States.
Avatar m tn Thanks Lizzie, I'm dreading to go for a test, I need to get some guts soon, the sex I've had has been protected but some 10 days after I had sex with a girl (protected), I got strep throat, which was treated after 5 days with antibiotics, I then started getting pain in my armpits and neck, later on it radiated down the arms. I also started having pain in the spleen and liver area.
Avatar m tn -(((! After exactly 5 weeks I did a 4th generation duo test for HIV-1 and HIV-2, was negative! However it only calmed me down a little after I found out that 5 weeks mean nothing for a negative result. After another 10 days, exactly 6 weeks and two days on day 45 I took another 4th generation duo test which was also negative and a PCR test for HIV-1 which was also negative.
Avatar m tn My partner is pregnant and recently had a HIV Test. The test was 3.5 weeks ago, we still don't have the results. Can anyone please tell the normal turnaround time? Does the turnaround time increase when it is positive due to confirmatory tests etc.? I had unprotected vaginal sex with a Thai prostitute before i met my partner (around 3.5 years ago). Nervous as hell & guilt like you wouldn't believe for not testing myself earlier.
Avatar m tn Do you have an HIV question or a STD question?
Avatar n tn i got soo scared and develioped abdominal pain and paniked when i read that rash followed by abdominal pain on 6 weeks is a sign of HIV infection according to wikipidia. i lost a couple of kgs and then i said i had to go see my doctor. i told the doctor about everything and he told me not to worry and that i donmt even need testing becuase i was protected. i also got a stomach bug and got it treated buy doctor. i tested after the 3 months mark using rapid test it was -ve.
Avatar f tn What is the sensitivity of the ElISA blood tests for HIV? I have taken the test years after my high risk exposure but have a hard time believing it. Is it 99.7% (according to Wikipedia)? What is a more accurate test?
Avatar m tn I am absolutely not questioning your expertise, but on wikipedia it is stated that oral sex has a risk for HIV, albeit very small (1 per 10,000). And is it possible to have HIV for 11 years and not having any complaints at all?
Avatar f tn I have read a lot about "invisible cuts" permitting the entry of HIV. Take a look at wikipedia and masturbation. It states that "tiny mico tears" can allow for HIV to enter the body. Is this bs? Or true? Under what circumstances is it true?
Avatar m tn I am completely overwhelmed by this_ does hiv modify itself in certain population groups? and my symptoms on wikipedia point to hiv infection in the earliest stages (white tongue).Please tell me the facts, i am prepared for the truth however ugly it is...and i fully blame myself for my actions.
Avatar n tn Be careful reading lists of HIV symptoms on Wikipedia or any other online source. Every symptom caused by acute HIV infection is also caused by large numbers of other medical conditions, most of them much more common than HIV. Despite what you can find on line, symptoms almost never are useful indicators for or against a new HIV infection. In the future, you should avoid putting yourself in the situation you did -- i.e.
Avatar n tn the girl i mention is a hooker in bangkok whom i met about a year ago, thats why i freaked out occasionally. i did went to test for hiv and it was negative. oh yeah, and how long would it be considered latent stage of syphilis?
Avatar m tn Usually wikipedia provides reliable info as the info is checked by so many people . But what scared me most was that the doctors also told me that many infected people have ars sympthoms of tyredness and dizzyness and light sensitivity four weeks after infection. May i ask where you got your information from?
Avatar f tn Test have shown my white blood cell count is 2. i am having bone marrow removed in june for further tests. what could diagnosis be?
Avatar m tn Whatever HIV test you take the result will be negative. Save your money and never forget to use condom properly and nver share needles.
Avatar m tn hi teak, can i trust the blood test for HIV in china? i took the test around 6 weeks after protected sex with csw. should i take another test? like 3 months, or 6 months?
Avatar m tn I posted a question yesterday about the odds of getting hiv from having protected sex with a transsexual CSW. I got some reassuring feedback from some of the forum members mainly if I used a condom correctly and it didn't fail/rip i should be fine.
1264385 tn?1276246909 i went to see a consultant in london at the lupus clinic in st thomas hospital.after he checked me he suggested i had an hiv test done. which i did.and the reults came out postive, my question is is it possible wit all these medication to interfer with the result. also the test was done just afer my retuximub.