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Avatar m tn Thanks Lizzie, I'm dreading to go for a test, I need to get some guts soon, the sex I've had has been protected but some 10 days after I had sex with a girl (protected), I got strep throat, which was treated after 5 days with antibiotics, I then started getting pain in my armpits and neck, later on it radiated down the arms. I also started having pain in the spleen and liver area. It's been 5 months of pain with no cough nor flu, but it started subsiding this weekend, I feel a lot better.
1225178 tn?1318984204 A really smart fellow I admired on this board, Jmjm530, referred to it as chemo and if anyone knew that the 'correct' or best answer on a med school multiple choice test was immunotherapy, it was him. So sleep tight and good night. Susan P.S. It seems like yesterday (to me, anyway!) that you took your first injection and now you only have 39 to go. One shot at a time, one step at a time, and you'll be looking back at this from the SVR side. Hang in there, girl.
Avatar m tn Can HIV ANTIBODY TEST(ELISA<HIV ! & ANTIBODY) test after 6 months fi fully conclusive????? I hb done ELISA test aftr 6 mnths of exposure???? Can I be 100% confident tat I m HIV negetive as the test came back non reactive with ANTIBODY 0.020 OD........will I have to test aftr ! yr?
Avatar n tn PS Even odds are in your favour, of course you should test for HIV to be sure. All the best!
Avatar m tn For example if u go now at wikipedia it will say 97% of the people out there will test positive by 12 weeks. How can that be?????? I trust u and the doctor, but i dont think its fair for everyone out there to read stuff like that. If there was a study then things would be clarified.
Avatar n tn Because of my concern about my sexual encounter, 5 weeks after the sexual encounter and **my major concern** -- a month after I ended taking Laquinimod **-- I got an Orasure Rapid HIV test as well as an STD Screen (which actually included a HIV blood test). My question to you: Would this drug affect the result of an HIV test 1 month after the last intake of the drug? If so -- how long will I need to wait before being able to take a test without any intereference from the drug?
Avatar n tn 1) is 3 months after last dose of PEP 2) Wrong test is still conclusive at 3 months An antibody test at 3 months is still conclusive.
Avatar n tn Hi, Just curios, I have seen in Wikipedia about ELISA dilution as 1:400 of serum. I have seen some 4th generation ELISA kit package insert and the diltion mentioned as 3:4 of serum (eg: BioRad GenScreen). in some other assay dont use any dilution of Serum including HIV rapid test.e:g (Hot Gen Bio). Is that the case the old ELISA kit used less dilution and 1:400 or something wrong in the Wikipedia. Is anybody has any expert openion on this?
Avatar m tn This case is often referred to as a reason to test beyond 3 months. It is even mentioned on wikipedia under the 'HIV testing'. Wikipedia still refers to the 6 months for 'exceptional cases'.
Avatar m tn when I search for ars or acute hiv, most sites, incluidng wikipedia, which I understand is written by doctors, state that ars causes muscle pain, fever, diarrhea, sore throat, mouth ulcers, neurological symptoms etc. Ive had muscle pain, diarrhea, I dont know if fever since Ive taking pain killers, mouth ulcers, diarrhea and maybe polyneuropathy (hand numbness). In wikipedia it also says that hiv initially targets cells in the gastrointestinal area since lymphocytes are more abundant there.
Avatar m tn 3 months would have been enough--you over tested--you don't have HIV.
Avatar n tn I got tested for various STDs and HIV and I get the results tomorrow. No matter what the result is of the HIV test I plan to be tested again in about two months and again three months after that. I can deal with any other STD, but I can't deal with HIV. What do ya'll think about all of this???? Any opinions, advice, probabilities....anything would be helpful and infinitely appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar m tn My partner is pregnant and recently had a HIV Test. The test was 3.5 weeks ago, we still don't have the results. Can anyone please tell the normal turnaround time? Does the turnaround time increase when it is positive due to confirmatory tests etc.? I had unprotected vaginal sex with a Thai prostitute before i met my partner (around 3.5 years ago). Nervous as hell & guilt like you wouldn't believe for not testing myself earlier.
Avatar n tn According to Wikipedia: Three instances of delayed HIV seroconversion occurring in Health-care workers have been reported[5] ; in these instances, the Health-care workers[6] tested negative for HIV antibodies greater than 6 months postexposure but were seropositive within 12 months after the exposure [7]. DNA sequencing confirmed the source of infection in one instance. Two of the delayed seroconversions were associated with simultaneous exposure to hepatitis C virus (HCV) .
Avatar m tn -(((! After exactly 5 weeks I did a 4th generation duo test for HIV-1 and HIV-2, was negative! However it only calmed me down a little after I found out that 5 weeks mean nothing for a negative result. After another 10 days, exactly 6 weeks and two days on day 45 I took another 4th generation duo test which was also negative and a PCR test for HIV-1 which was also negative.
Avatar m tn Call your doctor's office -- I think you misunderstood what they said, or maybe a nurse or clerk misunderstood the lab report. No lab ever does HIV Western blot without first doing a standard HIV test. Even if the doctor ordered a WB, the lab would have done a regular test first. If you can't get clear information, ask the doc's office to give you a copy of the actual lab report, then you can tell me exactly what it says.
Avatar m tn Whatever HIV test you take the result will be negative. Save your money and never forget to use condom properly and nver share needles.
Avatar f tn What is the sensitivity of the ElISA blood tests for HIV? I have taken the test years after my high risk exposure but have a hard time believing it. Is it 99.7% (according to Wikipedia)? What is a more accurate test?
Avatar m tn We will not endores that you do not have HIV until you have a 3 month antibody test. We are not going to break what we believe and what we say. Does your 5 week Elisa test signal that you probably don't have HIV...yes, but as I said a 3 month antibody test is conclusive. The PCR while it is a good test it is not marketed as a diagnostic test. So in summary...
Avatar m tn However, i will monitor my health for any early HIV symptoms, if present then possibly do an HIV test. Thanks Teak and Vance.
Avatar m tn Also would like to add that i had bedwetting on saturday morning not sure but i read on wikipedia that it could be related to HIV infection :(
Avatar m tn The source was not correct. NGU stands for NonGonococcal Urethritis. That means "Any infection of the urethra that is not caused by Gonorrhea". Many different bacteria or viruses can infect the urethra. It can be caused by, for example: - adenovirus - which is typically associated with respiratory infections, but can infect the urethra during sex. It is NOT an STD. - herpes - chlamydia - etc. Your concern is STDs, not NGU!
Avatar n tn If you google Acute HIV Infection, the Wikipedia article is usually the 2nd or 3rd result. Acute HIV Infection illness takes 2 to 4 weeks to have symptoms. I believe the MedHelp article is also pretty similar. You can find it here: Acute HIV Infection is not known to present this quickly. Your doctor in Montreal should be able to determine the exact cause when you visit him.
Avatar m tn I somehow thought Cryptosoridium (google and wikipedia) was a sign of HIV. Worth mentioning that where I live Crypto is apparently quite common. Again this was not enough and the paranoia set in. Out of curiosity - What are the odds of contracting HIV through boob-sucking? Presuming the woman was HIV+ and pregnant and thus heavily lactating. And suppose I drank like a liter of the breast milk. And also I had an unseen cut somewhere in my mouth.
Avatar m tn Wake up man, before your questions are when you are hoping for an HIV- test result, at the very least USE A CONDOM. I hope these 'numbers' help.
Avatar n tn While I understand that I need to wait for 3 months to be conclusively clear of HIV given a -ve test, does a -ve test at 30 days offer much encouragement? I assume the 3 month window must be quite generous to allow for all cases. Is there such thing as a false -ve test?
Avatar n tn CD4 levels can be high in HIV-positive people and low in HIV-negative people. That test is a waste of money, unless you actually have HIV. So take an antibody test, if you are concerned. Anything from 6 weeks on pretty much proves that you are negative. A 3 month test is a CDC guideline for HIV testing.
Avatar n tn I went in for a test 24 days later on Dec. 3. Gon., Clam., HIV neg. I have recently noticed what I believe may be a swollen node, just right of center above my groin and below my stomach it is not in the crease of my legs/hip. It seems large to the touch and very soft. It moves around when i gently push and I can feel fluid in it. It does not hurt nor is it visible...UTI the reason? My guestions are: 1.