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Avatar n tn Can anyone help and inform me where to get HIV test in UAE. Location and name of the clinic / hospital. Reliable in outcome since I am only an expat here in Abu Dhabi. Thanks.
Avatar n tn The test was a HIV 1/2 standard antibody (MIEA) which included subtype O.
Avatar n tn UAE is very strict on HIV they dont allow people with HIV into the country so maybe rare!
Avatar n tn Handsfield, I had posted on this forum earlier and was recommended by Dr. Hook to get an HIV test. Its been 9 weeks now to my possible expsoure and my results have come out non-reactive. This is what it says: Cut off Value: 1.00 Patient Value: 0.17 Note: Test to be considered "Reactive" if patient rate is equal to to greater than cut off value.
Avatar f tn E.C.L.I.A P24 + Abs HIV 1/2 Non-Reactive Please can you explain this test and if its accurate ?
Avatar n tn The tests have been done at accredited lab in DUBAI – UAE. First test was on 1st FEB 2012 this test was after 35 days of the first exposure and 24 days of the second exposure. (Result Negative) Second test was on 14th March 2012 this test was after 77days of the first exposure and 65 days of the second exposure. (Result Negative) As we you can see the second test is after 11 weeks of the first exposure and 9 weeks of the second exposure.
Avatar n tn Doctor, I just got back my results of a T-cell blood test (my provider didn't want to test me for HIV till next month since I just had a test 2 weeks ago). The results show my CD4 count at 466. I'm very worried by this number because it seems so low (assuming I'm HIV negative). So my question to you is should I be worried by such a low number? Again, I'm freaking out and sooo scared right now. Please respond. Thank you in advance.
Avatar n tn Hi There.. Just a quick question.. any idea how I could get HIV 1&2 tested in UAE because if the authorities would find out that the person has HIV they would cancel the visa end export the person from the country immediately. So, I have used the Rapid Test Kits (2nd to 9th week – each week I got tested) that I have ordered on line and the results are negative Thanks God but still not sure that these online Chinese test kits from Singapore are reliable enough to get me the right results.
Avatar m tn Now I'm facing itchy skin. Please help me out. I'm living in UAE So I cannot get the HIV test normally. Please please help me out.
Avatar f tn Am i at a risk of HIV, because we stay in UAE wer medical test are done every 2 years ww renew our visas n shes been here for 3 to 4 years may be!! Pleasr i am freaking out with guilt, fear and what not help me!!
Avatar n tn I was living in Australia at the time where HIV is rather scarce among females, only around 80 diagnoses per year so I keep thinking odds are heavily in my favor. The problem now is that I live in Dubai in the UAE which Deports people if found to be HIV positive hence my fear of getting tested :< When I went to the doctors he gave me some acid reflux pills.
Avatar m tn 80 days these also came back negative, on 82th day i came back to UAE and gave VISA medical, ( Please note in UAE HIV testing is mandatory for new visa/renewal visa), i got visa that means 82th day test also came negetive, can i consider these my 4 HIV negetive test on 76 , 78 ,80. and 82 th day antibody test as conclusive?..Still i get freequent fever/ cold.. what could be the reason...still chances of HIV?
Avatar n tn The main reason is there are chance to suiside if he/she came to know HIV infected. In the same time if anybody going for HIV Test in Private labs without any consultation of Doctor, if his/her test report is HIV + ve , the lab authorities are giving wrong negitive report. Because, if they give the actual + ve report the person may chance to suiside. It cannot belive, anybody heared such stories anywhere. It is belivable...........
1503835 tn?1302984542 I learned that HIV is rare in commercial sex workers in Dubai, including the many non-UAE sex workers there, and that new HIV infections are rare in Dubai, if they occur at all. It has been a couple of years, but I doubt things have changed very much.
Avatar m tn // As per experts advice, i am confident that I am not a victim of HIV and a good lesson learnt for the whole of my life. But recently , I am offered a job in UAE and as a part of pre-employment check up, I need to undergo HIV test. So before putting my resignation at my current orgnaisation, I wanted to be sure that I don't have HIV.
Avatar m tn Sir I was in UAE where I had sex with a commercial worker from nigeria ,after 5 minutes I came in her and my semen flow into her vagina ,now I was a wearing a condom,but it was broke ,I am already circumcision .Now I am really worried I took in 10 days already 2 tests and both r negatives .What r the odds that I will be infected .
Avatar n tn I am not going into the symptons thing but since - as reading here, the mean nothing - then had a PCR test done for HIV at 10 days and the two rapid tests (finger ***** ones) done at 40 and 69 days for HIV. I am planning a 13 week test (Elisa test shortly).
Avatar n tn Does anyone know of a lab where you can get an HIV test in Dubai Confidentially?
Avatar m tn Sorry, you have posted your question in the wrong forum. Either you failed to read or chose to ignore this statement in the Disclaimer message at the top of the page: "For questions about HIV prevention...please visit the HIV Prevention and Safe Sex Forum located at ". I suggest you spend some time reading that forum before you spend the additional posting fee.
Avatar n tn and this is a big however, if you are coming to the UAE from a country which has the certified GCC Medical Testing Centres (GAMCA) - these include Pakistan, India, Philippines etc, you will have to go through a pre-employment medical and they DO test for HCV. If found, they stamp your record UNFIT irrespective of whether UAE will treat it that way or not. With an UNFIT, you will not get an entry permit. tayyabahmad is from Pakistan.
Avatar n tn There are only 1000 HIV cases in the whole of UAE. See
Avatar n tn Inmy life I have never had sex without protection, and I am so worried sick. Have tested today for HIV will test again at 28 days as well, and wut abotu HERPES? How long before herpes can be tested for. My question is what are the chances of me of me catching HIV from this episode? This has been really worrying me. Any facts and figures will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn In the hospital the Doctor told me to retest after 90 days another doctor which i phoned yesterdays told me retest after six months (after my last test). A well known lab in Dubai consider HIV DUO test conclusive after 8 weeks is this correct? Why they recommend to test after 90 days or 6 months if the DUO test is fully conclusive after 9 weeks? When the antibodies will start to form and when the antigen starts to disappear? When the antigen and the antibodies can be detected?
Avatar m tn HI First I would like to thanks to all Docs for wonderfull forum I had an Exposure with CSW in UAE , after the exposure i didnt got any type ARS but i was worried and I test at 49 days after exposure for HIV 1/2 AB and P24 Antigen (HIV Duo) both come result come negative and my doctor told me that result is conclusive and no need for further testing , But For peace of mind I took test on 60th day HIV 1/2 AB and P24 AG againg both came negative Doc said no need for testing it is sure that you
Avatar m tn 4. Your 27 day test proves that you did not get HIV from the relatively low risk exposure that you describe. The combination HIV p24 antigen/HIV antibody tests provide totally reliable results at 4 weeks (for you 27 days is close enough) following an exposure. Thus, there is no reason for concern related to the exposure you describe, no matter what the exposure was. 5. If the condom broke while you were receiving masturbation, there is no reason for concern.
Avatar m tn 40 days ago, I had unprotected sex with sex workers in UAE. It was my first sex experience in life. I am not sure about her hiv status. after that day i am constantly thinking and worying. I am stress till now. After 21 days I did HIV antibody and antigen P24 test (HIV1&2 Abs + p24 Ag Methodology CMIA ) it came 0.11 non reactive (non reactive < 1.0). and i repeat the test in 28 days it came 0.11 non reactive, and i repeat it in 40 days it came 0.31 non reactive.
3112163 tn?1341743740 Test : Anti HIV Results : Non Reactive , Rate : 0.12 Comments : Anti HIV is a Chemiluminescent microparticle enzyme immunoassay for the simultaneous qualitative detection of HIVp24 antigen and antibodies to HIV type 1 and type 2 in human serum Method : Test is performed on architect employing Chemiluminescent microparticle immunoassay. -18th May i had sore throat for a week , I did strep test with negative infection. I had pain in my upper back bone for a week later on.
Avatar n tn Dear Dr. I had sex with a prostitute on June 13, 2008 at UAE. I don't know her HIV Status (I think she may HIV +). I had used condom. The sex was viginal intercourse. But I have doubt how much safe I got from that Condom. This was my first and last in my life. I had HIV Screen tested at 8 weeks. It came out Negetive. Agian done a HIV 1&2 Antibody (Elisa) at 9 months. It has also came out Negetive (0.02).