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Avatar m tn In Abu dhabi,UAE the medical test for visa is done in every two years which includes HIV test also. Apart from that there is Occupational health screening for food handlers and restsurants which is done every year(periodically) in al madina occupational health centre which includes blood test also. My question is does this medical include HIV test?
Avatar m tn 80 days these also came back negative, on 82th day i came back to UAE and gave VISA medical, ( Please note in UAE HIV testing is mandatory for new visa/renewal visa), i got visa that means 82th day test also came negetive, can i consider these my 4 HIV negetive test on 76 , 78 ,80. and 82 th day antibody test as conclusive?..Still i get freequent fever/ cold.. what could be the reason...still chances of HIV?
Avatar f tn Am i at a risk of HIV, because we stay in UAE wer medical test are done every 2 years ww renew our visas n shes been here for 3 to 4 years may be!! Pleasr i am freaking out with guilt, fear and what not help me!!
Avatar n tn The main reason is there are chance to suiside if he/she came to know HIV infected. In the same time if anybody going for HIV Test in Private labs without any consultation of Doctor, if his/her test report is HIV + ve , the lab authorities are giving wrong negitive report. Because, if they give the actual + ve report the person may chance to suiside. It cannot belive, anybody heared such stories anywhere. It is belivable...........
Avatar n tn I am very much worried and I am feeling extremely depressed and anxiety kills me. As I am working in UAE I cannot take a confidential elisa test. All these symptoms happens after I find out these are the main symptoms of HIV. I had no fever or headache or any cold. My anxiety making me crazy. And I am loosing weight too. Pls help me sir.
Avatar n tn you could not have caught HIV and therefore cannot infect your wife. 2) Have an HIV test in Dubai. 3) Have an HIV test when you arrive home, and avoid sex with your wife until you know the result. If I were you, I would choose number 1. That will be all for this thread. I will have no additional comments or advice.
Avatar m tn Here is my problem. I'm a male living and working in the UAE. The UAE method to deal with HIV is to deport everybody they detect. When you come here and if you want a "resident visa", so you can work here, you have to go through health tests and they are testing you for HIV. Before 65 days I had unprotected sex with a female sex worker.
Avatar m tn No more deportation for Hepatitis and TB carriers Khaleej Times (KT) reports 12 August 2010 that the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) website no longer includes Tuberculosis and Hepatitis B or C as deportable conditions for foreigners under the medical fitness rules, except for some worker categories.
Avatar f tn It isn't possible to have HIV if you are never exposed to HIV. HIV is not transmitted when using a condom that does not visibly break. There was no reason for you to test, and there is no reason for anyone else with no risk to test.
Avatar m tn now i get sufficient help i will try to forget my anxiety after 12 weeks i have 4 test in( uae dubai )2 test was chief and simple hiv i and ii antibodies screening by spot method both was negetive result. another two i explain above was hiv combi. i have a doubt that negetive value is up to (0.90) my 21 weeks result value is (0.451) i think it is greater than (0.90) can you clear my doubt thank u.god bless u.
Avatar m tn shaunw84 is rite ....follows what he say ...and if possible get the person to test for his hiv status ...rapid test should give u results within hour and ask about his recent sex activites and get it done in clinic, and see the result ... Next time please use condom .....
Avatar n tn Does anyone know of a lab where you can get an HIV test in Dubai Confidentially?
Avatar f tn You can ask about STDs here: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn This is true if even if they have cleared the Hepatitis C virus. A reactive antibody test requires an additional, follow-up test to determine if a person is currently infected with Hepatitis C But pcr-rt (quantitative) is I infected with hcv? No Is it possible for someone to become infected with HCV and then spontaneously clear the infection? Yes.
Avatar n tn Whats the chances of getting HIV from unprotected Oral. Should I have a HIV test and how long will it take to get the results?
Avatar f tn These events have occured less than 4 hours ago so its still way too early to get an HIV test but im sort of freaking out and I wanna get professional advice online. So basically i live in Abu Dhabi, UAE where the prevelance of HIV is very low, regardless i had an encounter with..lets just say a "professional"...that was unprotected. Im not into the whole hooker thing and do this extremely rarely. I had sex with her twice. Once with a condom, the second time without.
Avatar n tn Can anyone help and inform me where to get HIV test in UAE. Location and name of the clinic / hospital. Reliable in outcome since I am only an expat here in Abu Dhabi. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Countries that ban HIV tend to ban HBV too. UAE and the Arab Gulf countries ban workers in certain professional categories, such as maids, nurses etc,I think. I don't think they ban tourists.
Avatar f tn I'm a doctor working in emergency in Uae,.. I had exposure with a childs blood on my hand (the child is from Kenya and no visible cuts in my hands) My combo test(hiv1,2 and p24) were negative at 50 th and 70 th days Is it recommended to repeat the test at 90 days?