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Avatar m tn i had sex with street girl with no condom and i am very scared and after three months i tested by elisa test also p24 combo my result was that means i am ok and my result Conclusive....thank you very mcuh..........................
Avatar m tn I believe six months was the old standard. Currently three months is the magic number. The experts on here always say three months too. If you are negative at the three month mark you have a very high % of the test being conclusive. Obviously the anxiety with this is very high, so if you feel a six month test would seal the deal for you and allow you to move on then test again at six months, but expect the same negative result.
Avatar m tn Three months post exposure is when one could obtain a conclusive and reliable negative test result. Your test at the 3 months mark proves you weren't infected with HIV at the time you had the test. Test ONLY IF you've had unprotected vaginal/anal sex or shared needles for injecting IV drugs since your last HIV test.
Avatar m tn Check-ups should be performed two and six weeks and three months after exposure. A further test (after six months) is appropriate only in exceptional cases, for example, if there is suspicion of acute retroviral syndrome. 3. A negative test result is dependable only in the case of no re-exposure within the past three months (from the time of the original exposure).
Avatar m tn Your test results thus far are excellent,just make it official and test at 3 months and you can move on.
Avatar m tn I followed the testing guidelines and tested negative three months after the exposure. I moved on from this even thought I have not been feeling unwell ever since, I figured residual anxiety, depression, ect. My problems are the following symptoms: -purple blotches in the form of a lesion formed on my forehead, separate ones, one of them very large and spanning from almost the whole left side of my temple. -The whites of my eyes are dull,.
Avatar n tn In two hours I am going to take my three months test. I donot know if you remember me. I had protected sex three months ago with an escort, however the week after I was found with e.coli which makes me to believe I have touched condom and then urethra. I have taken a two week and 6,5 week test and was negative. Please, let me say something I havenot said. Two weeks after the incident I asked and took pep (combivir), with very strange side effects.
Avatar f tn Chances? Odds? It only takes ONE time!!
Avatar f tn Have you ever seen someone had high risk expose and test negative at three months then transmit HIV to other ?
Avatar n tn hiv is a surprisingly hard virus to catch, if you didn't have any other std's at the time of the date rape chances of you getting it is favorably low. Due to your unfortunate incident you should get a hiv antibody test at 6 weeks which is up to 95%, then another one at 3 months. until then try not to loose sleep over this and good luck.
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434357 tn?1204199563 For most people the test can find an infecection if the blood sample was taken at three months after a person got teh virus .Unknow if less than three months have passed since your last unsafe actand the time of you test. the test may not find the virus. Hope this hope and stop living in fear cause I'm going throw it and getting help over what happen . Listen and dont put your self at risk !
Avatar f tn I have had a herpes outbreak for almost three months straight. It's gotten better, but not gone away, a few times. My test results have came back negative twice since my first outbreak two years ago. Valtrex and valcalor or whatever the prevention medicine is called has not helped make it go away. It helps with the pain for a little bit but sometimes it is so uncomfortable that I can't sleep. I don't have blisters, just lesions (like cuts) on the left side and the top.
Avatar n tn I also went to an STD clinic (exactly three weeks since possible exposure) yesterday and got tested for HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, among other things. The result of the rapid HIV test came back negative and I am waiting on everything else (10 days until results) Again, I am very stressed out about this and it is affecting my sleep and general well-being. I have another HIV test scheduled for next Friday.