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Avatar m tn i had sex with street girl with no condom and i am very scared and after three months i tested by elisa test also p24 combo my result was that means i am ok and my result Conclusive....thank you very mcuh..........................
Avatar f tn The last three months has definitely been the worse for me. I contracted Chlamydia, genital HSV1 and HPV. I have tested negative for HIV at 10 weeks and will do my 13week this Thursday or Friday. I took the medication for the Chlamydia, I have not had another HSV outbreak since and I am scheduled to do my colposcopy tomorrow. God knows I barely have the money to go because I lost my job due to my lack of performance. Depression really got to me.
Avatar m tn Hello, Is the hiv antibody result conclusive at three months? I've read in some places that it's not conclusive until six months. I want to be completely sure.
Avatar f tn You are negative!
Avatar f tn Please tell me hiv test conclusive at 3 months instead of 6 months so stressed out
Avatar m tn 5% accuracy rate I figured two tests with the same results would make the % so small that I could stop the worrying. (Only because I was stressing like a nut!) lol One test at three months or more is what you need though. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Are ARS symptoms three months after exposure possible? Just curious, b/c it has been over three months since my last exposure and I have a sore throat, mouth sores, and sore glands all over my body. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I needed to ask you this because I read that the cdc still says 97% will test positive by three months. What can cause a false negative hiv test at thirteen weeks.
Avatar m tn Of course you should trust it. You don't have HIV if you had a negative at 3 months post your last exposure.
Avatar f tn Chances? Odds? It only takes ONE time!!
Avatar n tn Relax. With a negative HIV test 2 months afterward, you can be 100% certain you did not acquire HIV during the sexual encounter you describe. Sinus symptoms are not like those of acute HIV infection; and in any case, symptoms NEVER are a useful indicator for or against HIV. (And by the way, it isn't at all surprising that your "sinusitis" did not respond to antibiotics.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have been having the worst time of my life , worrying to death with HIV. Three months after the encounter, the HIV test that I took gave a negative result. I was wondering if it could be a false negative. How can I make sure this was not a false negative? Should I get a blood test in order to see what my cell count looks like? What if it's low? Does it mean I could have HIV?
Avatar m tn If you had an exposure you can obtain your conclusive negative test result 3 months post exposure.
Avatar n tn You need to test 3 months post exposure to obtain a conclusive test result.
Avatar f tn im having the same issue, they told me its normal to not have period on the pill but i've been on it for 3 years and a regular 28 day cycle and about 3 months ago my last period on march 13th was very light and only lasted a day and now its june 6th and three negative urine test.... i took a blood test and im waiting to hear the results.... if its negative what could be wrong.....
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex in January. I tested negative 2 months later for HIV. I have read that the window period is up to 3 months for the antibodies to show up but usually show up within the first month. Should I rely on this test or retake another one?
Avatar n tn A test at 3 months is conclusive not 6 months.
Avatar n tn Hiv testing is only accurate when it's done at the three months mark-34 days to go my friend. What was your exposure? If you don't mind...
Avatar m tn I had unprotected sex two months ago and i made HIV 1 & 2 by elisa one month later and the result was NEGATIVE and i made another test by Western Blot 59 days from the exposure and it was also NEGATIVE . and my question is whether these tests are reliable or not specially i didn't complete the three months ?
Avatar m tn HIV is not transmitted by oral sex and you never had a reason to test.