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Avatar f tn t know much about test. I did test on sexual health clinic sydney. They said test was highly accurate antibody test. However due the symptoms like mouth ulcers, frequent urination, constipation, white lips made me worry every time. I just want to do 100 percent confirmed test and heard about pcr DNA test. I have asked clinics about it but they said until the result is not positive , they can't do this taste. I want to find out, if there is any place to do it.
Avatar m tn I took a hiv test at Austech Lab in CanleyHeight, Aus but that is antiody test not combo . I really make me annoy although the result is negative. They told me combo test isn't available in their Lab. it really annoyed me cause i hoped Combo test.
Avatar f tn Also I had a test aft 8 days of exposure and results came back HIV negative and I only got infected with chlamidiya . I also gt a test done at 41 days after the risky encounter on febuary 04/02/2013 and my HIV result came back negative . Is a test of 41 days aftter exposure a relatively good test? And conclusive, it was done at an advanced sex clinic and I'm sure it was a antigen and antibody combo test.. .? Thankyou every much doctors for reading this ....
Avatar m tn I had protected vaginal and oral sex with csw in legal brothel in sydney she said she is std free, after few days i got oral thrush on my tongue, i got tested at 3 weeks for all stds hiv combo duo test, all was negative. Then for peace of mind got tested again with hiv duo test at 29 days at sydney sexual health centre, it came back negative, i dont have diabetes, no antibiotics, no asthma, then what caused my thrush, i am in under alot of stress. gp says its thrush gave me aphoticirin lozenges.
Avatar f tn No,it,s not a mode of transmission at all.I have worked with Hiv specialists in Sydney,who are considered some of the best Hiv specialists in the world.We also have the best testing clinics in Australia and the LOWEST incidents of Hiv infection in comparison to many other countries.There are only 28,500 people living with Hiv in Australia from a population of 22 million.The majority of those people are from the gay community and also reside in Sydney.
Avatar m tn All were licensed brothels. Since april i was really disturbed and was concerned of hiv. So i did a test on May30 and everything came negative. i am explaining my exposures below. can any one please let me know, if i require another testing.
Avatar m tn It makes perfect sense...why are there different tests that only test for certain strains like HIV 1 or 2. Surely we should just be using one universial test?
Avatar m tn I am sure that these are all due to aniexty and stress because here in Sydney, I attend the Sydney sexual health clinic and tested at 43 days after exposure with what they call the 4th gen elisa test. They run off the 6 weeks window period so after my test came back negative just like it did at the 4 week mark. The nurse told me that they will refuse to retest because I dont need it and that I am just going to have to accept the fact that i havent been infected.
Avatar n tn There are over 28,000 people infected with hiv of which 21,000 live in sydney,in a population of over 22 million people.
Avatar f tn Also I would like to say that it has been around six weeks since my last risky unprotected exposure with a CSw where I had unprotected vaginal and she also gave me unprotected oral also. I have taken a blood test at the Sydney sexual health centre after approx 6 weeks less one day. And the testing came back negative for HIV. I am still a little worried whereas I have had many many unusual symptoms, including sweating, oral thrush, white tongue, pain in my hand, arms, legs and feet, groin pain.
Avatar n tn You were never at risk for HIV and you never needed testing. You should accept your test result as proof that you don't have HIV.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure what you believe is "unique" about your situation. First some reassuring facts, then I will address your specific questions. The frequency of HIV in heterosexual men in Australia is extremely low, if they are not injection drug users, the regular partners of women known to have HIV, or immigrants from places where AIDS is more common.
Avatar m tn As you must well know, HIV is rare in CSWs in Australia and Sydney in particular. I understand from various reports / studies done by B. Donovan and others, that there's never been a documented / reported case of HIV from / to a CSW since the beginning of the epidemic. In addition, based on annual surveillance reports published by the University of NSW, HIV prevalence is similar and even lower for CSWs than the general population at less than 0.
Avatar m tn In fact, I want to get tested but I am very afraid. I want to buy a hiv test kit to test at home butthey are not sold in france in pharmacies.
Avatar n tn Most important, almost everybody with new HIV has a positive test by 4 weeks. Therefore, your negative test result is strong evidence you weren't infected. Finally, your symptoms don't even hint at HIV. In other words, you can be sure you don't have HIV, and there is no justification for being so depressed and anxious in this situation.