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Avatar f tn I don't know much about test. I did test on sexual health clinic sydney. They said test was highly accurate antibody test. However due the symptoms like mouth ulcers, frequent urination, constipation, white lips made me worry every time. I just want to do 100 percent confirmed test and heard about pcr DNA test. I have asked clinics about it but they said until the result is not positive , they can't do this taste. I want to find out, if there is any place to do it.
Avatar m tn Does anyone know of a place in Sydney, Australia, that offers rapid HIV tests? I don't even want to wait a few days after i have my test. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Hello, Just being curious, how accurate is the "hiv h duo test"? I had one done at 32 days, which was negative. I then had the same test done at 49 days which was also negative. Is this test really safe and accurate or am I just being paranoid about having HIV?
Avatar m tn What is the window period of hiv duo test AG/AB assay used in sydney? Is it 4 week or 6 week or 3 months?
Avatar m tn I also had a proviral DNA PCR HIV test NEG as well. 6 weeks gen 4 HIV TEST ALL NEG 7 weeks Swollen lympnode glands in groin, sore throat again and sores in lip of mouth and lump on in side of right check. 8 weeks gen 4 HIV test NEG My question are 1. Should I take these tests as conclusive or should I test again at 12 weeks? 2. Can P24 antigen still be detected at 5 weeks and is the DNA proviral test accurate at this time? 3.
Avatar m tn Hi Steve, A combined HIV 1 and 2 antibody and p24 antigen test (HIV DUO or Combo) is very reliable from 28 days after the event. An accuracy level of 99.89% is obtained at 28 days after an event like this. At six weeks you can rely on the test as as near to 100% as is possible using abiological test. I really do not believe you are HIV positive.
Avatar m tn Hi, Does anyone know of an over the counter test kit for HIV in Australia?
Avatar m tn I took a hiv test at Austech Lab in CanleyHeight, Aus but that is antiody test not combo . I really make me annoy although the result is negative. They told me combo test isn't available in their Lab. it really annoyed me cause i hoped Combo test.
Avatar m tn hi, any one know where to get "4th Generation HIV ab/ag Combo Test" in (Dallas TX, USA) i dont see any where in and around this city. please help me if any body know it. thank you sooo much..
Avatar n tn Could you please confirm the accuracy of my test at the period I had my test and what are the propabilities for me to catch HIV. For example would you say that the test is 90%, 95%,100% etc. accurate and is this test the best to have for early detection or should I have another one. I would really appreciate your feedback.
Avatar n tn "I had 5 exposures in total all with sex workers." Since you had protected sex these don't count as 'exposures'.
Avatar f tn Also I would like to say that it has been around six weeks since my last risky unprotected exposure with a CSw where I had unprotected vaginal and she also gave me unprotected oral also. I have taken a blood test at the Sydney sexual health centre after approx 6 weeks less one day. And the testing came back negative for HIV. I am still a little worried whereas I have had many many unusual symptoms, including sweating, oral thrush, white tongue, pain in my hand, arms, legs and feet, groin pain.
Avatar n tn i am in sydney at the moment ~last week i took the 10 weeks hiv test and has a negative result~ is it the 10 weeks' reuslt reliable enough ? wat generation of test using in sydney ?
Avatar f tn What I'm concerned about given I can't remember is if it came off etc My wife is pregnant and I'm scared of having sex with her in case I caught HIV Should I be concerned?? Is a test after 2 weeks accurate at all?
Avatar m tn ~ 2 weeks after the encounter I noticed what appeared to be a mild rash (really just a mottling of the skin which has persisted on and off since – I suspect this might even be pre-existing and I simply did not notice it until after this encounter. At ~ 4 weeks I had a mild sore throat. To be overly cautious I decided to test for HIV and other STD’s. - 4 weeks negative for HIV and common STD’s - 6 weeks negative for HIV My doctor stated that 6 weeks was the “all clear”.
Avatar n tn i am currently in sydney now~last week i took my hiv test for 10 weeks after exposure. is that result reliable ? Do i have to need to take the test after 3 months ? My GP told me that the time of antibodies come out are different to differnt people. will the antibodies come after 10 weeks ?
Avatar m tn In fact, I want to get tested but I am very afraid. I want to buy a hiv test kit to test at home butthey are not sold in france in pharmacies.
Avatar f tn All said u have low risk of hiv bt u should get tested for other stds like chlymedia and gonorrhea!! I went for the test on 23 of jan and all came negative including hiv!! Then also my anxiousness remained the same and now on 30 of jan i felt like there is some wound on my throat not paining bt feel like there is some scratch or something on mu throat!! Now i began to be more afraid!! Do u have any suggestion regarding this?? Plz help me!!
Avatar m tn All were licensed brothels. Since april i was really disturbed and was concerned of hiv. So i did a test on May30 and everything came negative. i am explaining my exposures below. can any one please let me know, if i require another testing.
1568660 tn?1298360568 In addition, we have innumerable times on this forum that symptoms are never useful indicators for or against a new HIV infection. It is true that some of your symptoms are typical for HIV. But they also are typical for at least a hundred other conditions that are much more common than acute HIV infection. White coated tongue occurs in almost any viral infection and any number of other disorders; most cases are not thrush (yeast infection).
Avatar m tn Came back home (Sydney) and had HIV DUO ab/ag tests on 5th, 12th, 16th and 28th day, with HIV negative results in all of them. I also got tested for Syphilis, Gonorrhea, HEP A, Herpes on various occasions in past 28 days, luckily all STD tests were negative. This is my 33rd day and I haven't had any obvious symptoms except bit of soar throat which is very normal for me. ## My Question ## - Considering all the above facts, what is your opinion on my HIV status ?
Avatar n tn i m running my life without sleeping ,after 16 days i got fever ,i feel that is that symptom of hiv infection i went to fbc test result is wbc 15.7 k/ul neu 12.0 76.0 %n lym 2.42 15.4 %l MONO 1.22 7.73 %m doctor wbc count is high is syptom of hiv?????
Avatar m tn I think it is worth 1) seeing a doctor 2) having std tests including syphilis 3) having an HIV test - but I would be surprised if any were positive. 3. If my lymph/s were to swell would it/they do it straight away? No - they may vary - usually you develop an acute swelling within a few weeks - but actually they may go on for literally months or years. 4. How big would they swell? Variable. 5. Would only one swell or more?
Avatar m tn I am a 30+ year man and had sex with a (south korean) sex worker (female) in Sydney. I have no idea of her HIV status. Essentially, had - 1 x unprotected oral sex, where she provided fellacio on my penis after licking my genetals - 2 x protected vaginal sex. I ensured that I removed the condom carefully, washed my hands with soap and then washed my gentials with soap before the 2nd instance of sex. I did the same after the 2nd time we had sex.
Avatar m tn And day before yesterday, after 8 weeks, I made ​​new HIV COMBI 4th generation HIV test, which was negative. Also at 6 weeks I did tests for hepatitis and syphilis. All were negative. What do you think? I expect you to answer! Thank you so much!
Avatar m tn Hi Doc I had an incident with a local working girl in Sydney where the condom broke. I saw my local GP who informed me that I needed to wait for six weeks to have an HIV test for true data based on window periods. Due to high levels of stress i took a test at day 24 due to a need to reduce my stress which can back negative. It was a Ab/ag? test I think.
Avatar f tn Most likely they will agree you don't really need HIV testing on account of this exposure or your symptom, although they might recommend routine testing just because you are a sexually active person who might not have had an HIV test recently. Whatever they advise, you can rely on it. In the meantime, my overall conclusion is a straightforward "no worries".