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Avatar n tn This was asked several years ago (2007, but I'm wondering if things have changed. It's hard to believe that the city where Dr. Handsfield works still has no 3rd gen testing locations (at least available to the public). And Seattle is a pretty reasonably sized city to not have this. Does anyone know of anything in Seattle/King County?
Avatar f tn I waited as long as I could, and I went and took an HIV test at the fine Harborview Medical Center in Seattle (what type of testing do they use?), that is where I live. I took the test at 41 days. It came back negative. Harborview's wonderful people told me the testing time was fine. Now my throat is killing me and I have been experiencing night sweats! I am trying to stay calm and not test like a maniac, just want to make sure I am in the clear.
Avatar m tn (age 54) On the 11th day of my 1st encounter, 9 days 2nd encounter and 6 days 3rd encounter I had and STD test for (HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia and Syphilis) and came back negative. 1. Is the test good enough to move on with my life or do I need another test? 2. What was my risk of HIV and Syphilis? Worried about the balls licking.
Avatar n tn For instance, I noted that one of the doctors has mentioned that about 90% of the time people will test positive for HIV antibodies - either by mouth swab or by blood - at about 4 weeks. Could the 85% figure in this study represent a good portion of people who were testing at around 3 and 4 weeks? This would easily explain why there might be around 15% false negatives and it would actually be expected.
Avatar n tn Ask them. A plain ole ELISA test is one of the best.
Avatar m tn 3) Online testing services have their place, and in fact I recommend them strongly in some circumstances. (I'm well aware they serve only as agents for indepedent labs, like LabCorp or Quest.) Such testing is often a good option for someone who has been sexually active in general, but has no symptoms.
Avatar n tn and hand-genital contact probably never transmits HIV, even when genital fluids are used for lubrication. Finally, HIV is rare in commercial sex workers in most of the US, and that inludes Seattle -- so it is very unlikely your partner had HIV. From a risk assessment standpoint, you do not need to be tested for HIV. (If I were in your situation, I would not get tested and I would continue unprotected sex with my wife, without fear of infecting her.
Avatar m tn I would like to wait 10 days and go to the Harborview STD clinic here in Seattle for an RNA test if possible. The more I think about it, the more suspicious this transsexual woman's background is and I would really like to put this worry to rest. What is your recommendation? Thank you, -- Worried Grad Student.
Avatar m tn At the Seattle-King County STD clinic, we routinely do pooled HIV RNA testing for gay men, but for no other group." And check out their website: As I have said I hope you and Dr's Hook and Handsfield are right regarding the risk level and I will be very happy to post negative results for all tests when I receive them.
390916 tn?1204840470 I'm going to Seattle for a wedding and we've decided to spend a week since we've never been out there. Has anyone been out there who can advise on getting around. My right leg is pretty weak and, with an AFO, I can usually walk up to one half mile. We've always been great walkers on vacations to new places and this is going to be a new experience. Any suggestions or advice?
Avatar m tn HHH had posted recently about the Oraquick test missing over 15% of all true positive test and is only 85% accurate. So my question is this...were all the rapid test I took two years possibly wrong? Was my test taken 3 weeks ago wrong? Could these shingles be related to acute viral syndrome? What should I do now? Please help.
Avatar m tn - 2 weeks post exposure, HIV antibody negative (oralquick advance, tested via finger poke). HIV RNA viral load test negative (undetected/less than 40 copies/ml). - Monotests neg (hetero antibody), blood count had one red flag: lymphocyte is low: 16.6% at 3 week post exposure. monocyte is on the high: 12.2%. 1. how risky is the exposure?
Avatar m tn Yes, I have been sexually active but plan on getting married now and stay loyal with my partner. I am from Seattle and all these incidents happened in Seattle. I am a heterosexual male and do not use any drugs. Here is a brief description on the sexual intercourse - I have had protected oral (given to me) and protected vaginal intercourse with all 4 escorts.
Avatar m tn I know you guys are saying I dont have a risk. However, a negative test would help out significantly. I also see where everyone says an RNA test is not approved for diagnostic purposes per the CDC but then everyone says that oral sex is no risk but the CDC says it is. I called the two city run clinics that administer the RNA test (S.F, and Seattle) and they both said testing negative after two weeks is conclusive in their mind.
Avatar m tn All I will say, first go test for all the STD s, Stds can be detected quick after being infected and if you want you can also test for HIV but for HIV the test not might be accurate. It can be accurate more after few weeks. And after all, please always protect yourself and dont get drunk and bad things.
Avatar f tn Smoking k2 or spice will not affect HIV test results. The immune response to HIV (which is what the HIV antibody test measures) is unaffected by marijuana or close substitutes." Would you agree with this? This is all.
Avatar m tn i wanted to know if any of you had seen the latest hiv rapid test study done in seattle, wa in regards to the accuracy of the oraquick hiv rapid test? was this study concerning the oral rapid test or the blood test? the report was not really clear in which test this study was done on. dr. hhh mentioned he thought it was the blood test. but after reading the report again, it would appear that the study was in regards to the oral test. can i trust my test results of negative.
Avatar m tn A rapid test would be fine. Heterosexually transmitted HIV is very rare in the west -- maybe a focus here and there in Los Angeles, but otherwise almost absent especially in Seattle, Portland and the PNW in general. I don't remember the last time I saw a heterosexually acquired new HIV infection.
Avatar f tn s advice (or the advice on the HIV community forum) that you were given. Your risk of HIV was too low to even need HIV testing, except for anxiety relieve. The negative results you have had prove you weren't infected with HIV. Oral fluids and other rapid tests continue to be widely used in certain circumstances; they remain reliable in most settings. I do not expect any official guidelines on testing to change in the foreseeable future.