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Avatar m tn Antibodys to HIV don't show up in a standard blood test. 3 months post exposure is when you can obtain a conclusive negative test result.
Avatar m tn Quick question. Is the HIV test (combo or elisa) user friendly? I live In a remote country and doubt that the technicians know how to use it? Or it's just automatic?
Avatar f tn I had unprotected vaginal sex. 3rd day i had fever of 37.6. 4th day after exposure i had weak legs and kidney, low back pain. At 6 th day i develop sore throat with white tongue. On the 8th day i felt slight headache and on and off fever normally in the afternoon. I went for a complete test at 32 days after my exposure. tje test result came out hiv 1&2 by elisa as non reactive but i was diagnosed with herpes 2. i know conclusive result is only by 3 or 6 months.
Avatar m tn since then i have taken many test a blood test a 2 weeks another at 6 weeks and oral test a 8 and 12 weeks all negative i know most would say that i am freaking out. but i know my body pretty well all symptoms have gone away except for an on going dry cough can some on please tell me the reliability of the oral tests.
Avatar f tn Gonorrhea and chlamydia are accurate at about week, syphilis is at 6 weeks, HIV is at 3 months, and herpes is 4 months, though many test positive long before that for HIV and herpes. You had the HPV prior to this encounter, as that takes at least a month to show up.
Avatar m tn Hello all, i had unprotected sex with a csw (very stupid i know) i had a full std including hiv at 5 weeks. All negative. I repeated the hiv antibody blood test at 8 weeks, came back negative. Now at 12 weeks i took the oraquick home swab test and came back negative. I repeated the same oraquick home swab test at over 13 weeks (93 days) also negative. Are this reaults conclusive? Is the oraquick home swab test reliable?
Avatar f tn Did you test for HIV in June? If so, and your test was 4th generation, you are conclusively negative.
Avatar m tn i was more worried about hiv because i know it takes a while for the body to build up antibodies for it, so i repeated the hiv antibody test at 8 weeks. came back negative. ive heard the 3 month rule thrown around a lot so i took the oraquick home test at 89 days and then again at 93 days, which is a lil over 3 months. now i had some weird symptoms throughout this time. i had very dry skin on my penis which caused penile lesions around my shaft which was corrected by lotion.
Avatar n tn Dr I posted early on the forum with questions regarding symptoms and exposures, I tried to continue with another question but It didn´t work so I´m just here to make a question about test reliability since I already took my test. I took a general stds and hiv 1 2 antibody test with negative results at almost two months after the first exposure and 5 or 6 weeks after the second exposure. Can I rely on the results?
Avatar m tn Since then I have taken two hiv antibody tests through The specific test is called HIV IgG Antibody by ICMA from Labcorp. I took one test at 4 weeks and one test at 8 weeks. Both came back as non-reactive which I assume means negative? 1. Is the specific test I mentioned above reliable? 2. Do these test results at 4 & 8 weeks mean I'm in the clear? Can I go on with my life now and not worry at all about hiv? 3.
Avatar n tn No matter how high the risk (as already noted, yours was low) and no matter how typical symptoms may be for a new HIV infecrtion (yours are not typical, despite what you think you have learned by online searching), the test results tell the truth. Your test results prove you don't have HIV. For more discussion of this, see the thread linked below (just two questions before your own). http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn From scrolling through the forums i concluded my best chance was to go for a 4th generation hiv test. So 30 days post exposure i went for a full std panel including the 4th generation test, everything thankfully came out negative! Although the nurse was very much against me taking the test this early which i found odd after the info i got from this forum.
Avatar m tn Why I have an impression that there pretty much doubt about reliability fo 6 weeks test as there is about 13 weeks test? Why go through all the trouble if there is so much uncertainty? It seems to me that European agencies (for what they are worth) keep things simpler - tests are very much standardised and teh advice is very much standardised with 12-13 weeks being as close to 100% as we can get.
Avatar m tn I get tested myself thrice on 4th day p24 antigen test,39th day rapid HIV test and PCR DNA DETECTOR test on 42th day all my results were negative and all were from reputed labs PCR from SRL RANBAXY and i have also taken rapid HIV test of that girl 5th day after possible exposure, she was also negative. But the question was she might be in a window period .Now i just want to ask you whether i test myself once again or can i move on.
Avatar m tn I know of no expert who has seen a person develop positive antibody tests in more than 8 weeks unless that person was taking medications to try to prevent HIV (i.e. medications for HIV treatment). The PCR test becomes positive well before the antibody test. thus, as AI said before the combination of the two tests serves to prove that you did not get HIV, if you had sex at the time you describe. 2. No, your tests rule out more long standing infection.
Avatar m tn I had a negative Rapid HIV test, and a negative pooled NAT test. Afer risk period below ; 1. 8 Days (Antibody and NAT test) = Negative 2. 3 weeks (Antibody and NAT test) = Negative 3. 6 Weeks (Antibody and NAT test) = Negative Do I need to test again since I was short of the 12 week mark? How realiably ?
Avatar n tn - 1. HIV Duo at 34 days - Negative 2. Rapid HIV Insti test at 73 days - Negative 3. Rapid HIV Insti test at 84 days - negative After 5 months past the exposure I have following symptoms and feel worried about them:- a. Feeling of Dizziness b. Sometime I get the feeling of nausea c. I noticed a lump near outer part of thigh. (I think the lymph nodes are in groin and not outer part of thigh is this understanding correct?) d. Throat pain for last two days.
Avatar f tn So, at this moment, I did 4 hiv test, all were negative. - HIV-1/2 antibodies (4th generation recombinant) at 48 days - negative - HIV-1/2 antibodies (4th generation recombinant) at 56 days - negative - HIV test (ECLIA) - 63 days - negative - HIV antigen / antibody combo - 87 days (12 weeks, 3 days) - negative I also did STDs test and were negative. But I am still worried because I read the results are conclusive at 3 months but also 6 months!!
Avatar m tn hello Doctor i going to the rapid blood test before on one day I took 2 capsules (cialis and i everyday taking oil fish omega3) can cialis or oil fish omega3 affect an hiv test rapid reliability or any test for hiv ?
Avatar n tn It is mentioned often in the archives that no medical condition or drug alters the reliability of an HIV test. Last week I asked a more specific question about the possibility of hepatitis causing an hiv test to be inaccurate. I should have been more clear because my question in a more generally applicable sense is: Can the simultaneous infection of hiv plus any other or other(s) std during one sexual encounter (what i mean is that someone catches HIV and herpes, chlamydia etc.