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Avatar m tn org/posts/show/1704700 2) Mo medicines have any effect on HIV test reliability, except possibly potent cancer chemotherapy and immune suppression drugs. Your antibiotics have had no effect on your tests. 3) No, these symptoms do not even hint at HIV. However, if the rash you describe keeps returning despite whatever lotion you are using, I would recommend professional evaluation. 4) HIV doesn't do anything like this.
Avatar n tn Welcome to the forum. I'm happy to confirm the accurate replies you had on the community forum. You had a zero risk exposure; few if any HIV infections have ever been acquired by oral sex. More important, test results always overrule symptoms and exposure history.
Avatar f tn From scrolling through the forums i concluded my best chance was to go for a 4th generation hiv test. So 30 days post exposure i went for a full std panel including the 4th generation test, everything thankfully came out negative! Although the nurse was very much against me taking the test this early which i found odd after the info i got from this forum.
Avatar f tn Did you test for HIV in June? If so, and your test was 4th generation, you are conclusively negative.
Avatar m tn Antibodys to HIV don't show up in a standard blood test. 3 months post exposure is when you can obtain a conclusive negative test result.
Avatar f tn I had unprotected vaginal sex. 3rd day i had fever of 37.6. 4th day after exposure i had weak legs and kidney, low back pain. At 6 th day i develop sore throat with white tongue. On the 8th day i felt slight headache and on and off fever normally in the afternoon. I went for a complete test at 32 days after my exposure. tje test result came out hiv 1&2 by elisa as non reactive but i was diagnosed with herpes 2. i know conclusive result is only by 3 or 6 months.
Avatar m tn t overthink it. There are no exceptions to HIV test reliability. If you have been tested (within the timeframes discussed in that other thread), the result is reliable and there are no factor that will change it -- so that will end this thread.
Avatar m tn hi guys.. i would just like to ask the reliability of the fujibio hiv test kit..i bought this online on a site in the philippines..i tested negative exactly 30 days after my possible exposure...
Avatar n tn It is mentioned often in the archives that no medical condition or drug alters the reliability of an HIV test. Last week I asked a more specific question about the possibility of hepatitis causing an hiv test to be inaccurate. I should have been more clear because my question in a more generally applicable sense is: Can the simultaneous infection of hiv plus any other or other(s) std during one sexual encounter (what i mean is that someone catches HIV and herpes, chlamydia etc.
Avatar n tn Because of this, we do not carry out this test anymore, and we prefer to use the PCR RNA test with a reliability of over 99%. A Duo test at 19 days, even though highly reassuring, it is not conclusive either and you would need to have it repeated after 28 days. The fact that you had a negative result after having had those symptoms, that would exclude that these symptoms have anything to do with HIV sero-conversion.
Avatar n tn I have an hiv test after 8.5 weeks, after the expposure that came back negative, but still i have the sympotms of hiv that is burning sensation in my hand, how much reliable is my test after 8.5 weeks plz help This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/666793'>Question about Reliability of test</a>.
Avatar m tn I get tested myself thrice on 4th day p24 antigen test,39th day rapid HIV test and PCR DNA DETECTOR test on 42th day all my results were negative and all were from reputed labs PCR from SRL RANBAXY and i have also taken rapid HIV test of that girl 5th day after possible exposure, she was also negative. But the question was she might be in a window period .Now i just want to ask you whether i test myself once again or can i move on.
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Avatar n tn I was only able to wait 7 weeks and a few days to take an HIV test due to paranoia, stress and depression. My tests came back fine but Is that long enough for me to rest easy...or should I keep putting myself through torture?
Avatar m tn I posted in this forum a couple of weeks ago about my worries of possibly having contracted HIV or an STD and was advised that HIV tests are highly reliable at 4 weeks after potential exposure. Exposure was low risk but I'm a bit of a worrier. I had my test at 35 days (5 weeks) after and I have read and been told that a HIV test at this point is reliable over 97% of the time. I'm just wondering is this figure accurate?
Avatar m tn Are they always gonna stay around each other - the normal IgG and HiV IgG? Maybe at the moment I swabbed my gums, the HiV antibodies were not around my gums... Please somebody clarify the mechanism to me..