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Avatar n tn Herpes, but then they will dry in quite quickly Syphilis based on your symptoms I would have STD test. For most STD's you can do that in 2 weeks post exposure. For HIV, Syphilis 6 weeks (in my country to be conclusive 12 weeks) and for Hep-B 12 weeks.
Avatar m tn Last year in July had sex with a call girl and condom got ruptured. After a month I went for HIV tests which were negative. In september I saw a white spot on my penis glans. I visited a urologist and he said that it was balanitis. He asked me to apply clotrimazole and take fluconazole tableets orally. But it didn;t help and penis glans soon filled with rashed. I visited another doctor who said that it is Erythroplasia of Queyrat.
Avatar f tn A combo test is conclusive 4 weeks after any HIV exposure. You tested negative so if the test was past the 4 week window, then you do not have HIV. HIV doctors can't diagnose from symptoms so neither you nor I can either so it is time to stop trying to link your symptoms with a diagnosis of HIV. SInce you work in a clinic I hope you can get more info on HIV there, so you will accept your negative tests.
Avatar m tn Hi- 40 days ago, I was at a party and do not remember what happened at all. It was a big club and also the next day I woke up with a gigantic bruise on the left side of my belly as well as a sore body. I was thinking that I might have been raped, however, there were no signs of anal rape. I don't remember anything and I am worried sick about HIV, since one friend said as a joke "maybe you got raped". I got tested on Wednesday on this month and received the results Thursday afternoon.
Avatar n tn My doc who is an HIV expert recommended me to test for Hep B and C and Hiv at 7 weeks...however at 3 months plus test...he recommended only i dont think hep c interferes with the result..othewise he would have again asked to me to do hep test...
3140641 tn?1342881673 while surfing net i came across oral hairy leukoplakia and i found the web pictures resembling with my tongue .. i am totally confused . should i go for hiv test again.
Avatar m tn I am extremely worried becuase I have read that this condition is present in large number in HIV patients, especially since they keep spreading, etc. I got tested the 17th of July with a rapid test, negative for HIV antibodies, and then again with a 4th generation Combo test the fallowing week, around the 21st, just for good measure. Both were negative.
Avatar n tn [b]hello folks....i have these ugly blisters in my mouth as u can see in da pictures below...its not in just under my lips but around the cheeks inside, under the tounge and also deep down my throat...nd when i try to eat or swallow my sliva it hurts real bad..ive had these before too but they went away and now they came back after i had real bad fever...i went to my Doc. and she prescribed me some anti-biotic (Clotrimazole 10 MG) but its not helping ....i also got my blood test done...
Avatar f tn does anyone know how the hiv rash looks like? is it a distinct type of rash where it is easily identified? do they look like hives?
Avatar n tn You have not had sex and what you mentioned is not test worthy, so the answer is no..don't test for std's or hiv because you never had a risk in the first place. Good-luck to you
Avatar n tn It's not a lump like on the most pictures, it doesn't hurt at all nor do I feel it under my fingers, but it's very visible, like my neck got real chubby over night. Seems like I've experienced all the ARS/HIV symptoms. The test is a week away. What are your thoughts? How worried should I be? Could the zit on the penis or canker sore be the entry point for the HIV? Standard answer here is that oral is not an HIV risk, but why am I getting all the symptoms then?
Avatar n tn Seems like I've experienced all the ARS/HIV symptoms. The test is a week away. What are your thoughts? How worried should I be? Could the zit on the penis or canker sore be the entry point for the HIV?
Avatar m tn The poster doesn't need an HIV test he never had an exposure. MOVE along.
Avatar m tn i went to the doctors for an std check up everything was negative that was about 6 weeks after exposure, i didn't test for hiv. im just stressing out, i know that being sucked is low risk for hiv but i cant get it off my head, ALL i think about is hiv. i sit on the computer for probably 12 hours a day looking up hiv stuff.
Avatar n tn org/posts/HIV-Prevention/4-MONTHS-VE-ELISA-AND-INDETERMINATE-WESTERN-BLOT/show/1131950) and to relax myself from HIV fear I did HIV test today morning in the clinic and I have asked them about the best HIV test and they recommend HIV combo ab & ag which can reduce the window period to 6 weeks instead of 3 months and the result was negative! 1- is this true people might be HIV+ after 4 monthes ?
Avatar n tn or NONreactive. HIV. came back NONREACTIVE. I'm so very scared still till this point. I dont know how that test works I had intercourse 5 months ago unpretected can the test show neg. still and still have it? I also had a redish/whit patchy thing on toung which my doctor looked at and gave meds for and went away. But my other rash on body seems to faid but still there like a scar.... What does all this sound like? I need answers..... My doctor seems to just think everything else but HIV.
Avatar n tn Although its reassuring to hear no risk it would educate me and others to know what the hiv rash looks like.. I have had test for everyother std bar hiv and been negative so you can understand my concern with passing it on.. I just am not educated enough to know what other std can have these symptoms ..please please enlighten all about the rash..
Avatar m tn Screening for other STIs can be done at this time and testing for HIV with a combination p24 antigen/HIV antibody test at 28 days will be conclusive for HIV. In the meantime, I would not worry, your risk for infection is quite low. I hope these comments are helpful.
Avatar m tn Thank you for the message Joe 147- My main issue now is that I can not explain my partners new leg rash....I have seen pictures and it does resemble HIV rash. Again I had an ELISA at 4 weeks when I had all those symptoms myself- continue with some muscle fatigue. Although it might be stress induced- my partner and family has become my main concern now.
Avatar f tn That's what people do when they have symptoms that concern them. Have an HIV test for reassurance; it will be negative. Please return to let me know the result.
Avatar m tn On the 16th day post exposure, I had a fourth generation test and an HIV 1 RNA Qualitative test and the results for both of them were negative. based on my results: 1- how reliable/accurate are my results since I took both of these tests on the 16th day post exposure? 2- can I consider myself free from the infection based on these results? 3- is there any need to take any further tests in the future? thank you so much to all of you in advance.
Avatar f tn Now 4 weeks later I have a stuffy and running nose, and a bit of congestion as well as that tickle still. I got a rapid HIV blood ***** test 19 days after incident, and it was negative. And another at 26 days and it was negative. I have had no fever, no sore throat, no other ARS symptoms that I've read about. 1. Is there a significant risk? 2. Are my symptoms ARS related?/ Does this sound like ARS? 3. Is my 18 and 26 day negative test enough to be able to move on? 4.
Avatar f tn Some information also suggests that an additional test after 6 months is sometimes warranted. Get tested - HIV is a difficult virus to catch so a negative test result would surely put your mind at ease. Also, another lesson to be learned - if you often have memory lapses from a "night of it" you might want to limit the number of drinks you have when you party and keep your wits about you! Good luck!
Avatar n tn He also did a complete gyno check, and said everything looked fine. All my Paps over the last 4 years have been normal. Am I at risk for HIV? Are my most recent symptoms due to severe stress and anxiety? My boyfriend is also under a lot of stress with work related issues. I know I need to go get tested, I was just wondering if I could have your opinion in the meantime. Thank you so much for your time. I really look forward to hearing your opinion.
Avatar f tn -/ ?!?!?!!!!! by veryscaredandworried26, 15 hours ago Hi, Thanks for reading this. I am a caucasian female aged 26 from the UK and I am very very scared and worried about potential exposure to HIV. :-/ One night 4 weeks ago i made the mistake of being very drunk and remember hardly anything. (something never to happen again!!!). I was at a flat with several people and was apparently kissing a (nigerian) man.
Avatar f tn Oral sex is not a risk for HIV. But all sexually active people should test every 6 months if not in a committed relationship. While you had no HIV risk from oral you do have STD risks, if you want further info please post in the STD forum. If you have these issues I would suggest using condoms for everything and or not have sexual contact with people until you are in a committed relationship.
Avatar m tn Herpes has always been more prevalent than HIV. Less than 1% of the population has HIV, and about 20-25% of the population has hsv2. In recent years, hsv2 infections are actually declining, while genital hsv1 infections are increasing. Your article seems dated - I couldn't find a reference that was less than 10 years old. We also don't get into morality judgments here.
Avatar f tn It looks like the rash from the internet pictures of an hiv rash. Also, two weeks after the exposure I had headaches but no fever and no swollen limfs. However, I have had a dry cough for over 3 weeks now..I will get tested again in a month but until then I can not think of anything else than that I got HIV. So my question is what are the possibilities of an rapid hiv test to show positive after being negative at almost 6 weeks past exposure? Thank you for any advice and words of comfort.
Avatar m tn After doing some research, I saw that the symptoms I was experiencing may be a sign of a recent HIV infection. I took the oraquick home test and it produced negative results (it has been over 90 days since the encounter). The rash on my upper body looks like pictures of the “hiv rash” I have seen online. This has me very concerned. Should I be confident in the results and could another illnes be causing these symptoms?
Avatar n tn Well I know you probably think I'm crazy for paying another $22 dollars to basically ask the same question, but here it goes. I posted a few weeks back inquiring about ARS symptoms I was having about 2-3 weeks after I had sex with an escort in the Washington, D.C. area. She told me that she was originally from Brazil, but currently lives in Miami Florida. I won't go into the symptoms again, but Dr. Hook did tell me that my concerns about HIV "were appropriate".