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Avatar m tn Hi- 40 days ago, I was at a party and do not remember what happened at all. It was a big club and also the next day I woke up with a gigantic bruise on the left side of my belly as well as a sore body. I was thinking that I might have been raped, however, there were no signs of anal rape. I don't remember anything and I am worried sick about HIV, since one friend said as a joke "maybe you got raped".
3140641 tn?1342878073 while surfing net i came across oral hairy leukoplakia and i found the web pictures resembling with my tongue .. i am totally confused . should i go for hiv test again.
Avatar f tn Oral sex is not a risk for HIV. But all sexually active people should test every 6 months if not in a committed relationship. While you had no HIV risk from oral you do have STD risks, if you want further info please post in the STD forum. If you have these issues I would suggest using condoms for everything and or not have sexual contact with people until you are in a committed relationship.
Avatar f tn It looks like the rash from the internet pictures of an hiv rash. Also, two weeks after the exposure I had headaches but no fever and no swollen limfs. However, I have had a dry cough for over 3 weeks now..I will get tested again in a month but until then I can not think of anything else than that I got HIV. So my question is what are the possibilities of an rapid hiv test to show positive after being negative at almost 6 weeks past exposure? Thank you for any advice and words of comfort.
Avatar n tn You said you had a herpes zoster not me man. You have not had sex and what you mentioned is not test worthy, so the answer is no..don't test for std's or hiv because you never had a risk in the first place. Good-luck to you
Avatar m tn Herpes has always been more prevalent than HIV. Less than 1% of the population has HIV, and about 20-25% of the population has hsv2. In recent years, hsv2 infections are actually declining, while genital hsv1 infections are increasing. Your article seems dated - I couldn't find a reference that was less than 10 years old. We also don't get into morality judgments here.
1749417 tn?1331996992 I have posted a couple of pictures of my mri ,could someone please look at them and tell me what you see. If i did them right they are in my profile....
Avatar m tn I went to an stud clinic to get tested. Cleared on a swab test for clmmydia and gohnorea but handed in urin samples also. I will go back in two weeks to get blood tests for syphilis and hiv. When I got home from the test yesterday I noticed a small (couple of mm) bump or spot on my pens head. I have been looking up syphilis and am petrified it might be this. I also did catch hiv a number of years back but have had no outbreaks in a year. So what does it sound like?
Avatar m tn Last year in July had sex with a call girl and condom got ruptured. After a month I went for HIV tests which were negative. In september I saw a white spot on my penis glans. I visited a urologist and he said that it was balanitis. He asked me to apply clotrimazole and take fluconazole tableets orally. But it didn;t help and penis glans soon filled with rashed. I visited another doctor who said that it is Erythroplasia of Queyrat.
Avatar m tn Yes I know the only way to diagnose HIV is through a test but I am only 3 weeks from my exposure risk -- a tattoo (and i went for an antibody test already.. although i don't know how accurate it would be at this time..
Avatar n tn I had sex with a girl who said that someone she had sex with had herpes. If my HIV test came up negative, does that mean i still may have herpes?
Avatar m tn Protected sex is safe sex when it comes to HIV. You had no risk and don't need to test. When condoms fail, it will be very obvious, like a peeled banana.. You can't miss it. In your case, your condom worked. Be safe.
Avatar m tn The clinic i am going to has suggested i take an HIV test. I have had some unprotected encounters with people i condsidered safe (I know stupid because clearly not), but never thought anything would happen. I assumed i was low risk and that since their junk/they looked normal etc that i was ok. Now that ive been slapped in the face with these two STDs, I'm absolutely petrified that I may have HIV.
Avatar m tn What was your risk that you think you might have HIV, and did you take HIV tests and if so what kind, and how long after the incident?
Avatar m tn If you were to test at this time, you would be testing at a time when over 95% of HIV transmitted over 6 weeks ago would be detectable. No matter when you test however, your tests will show that you did not get HIV from this exposure. I hope my assurance will be helpful to you. Take care.
Avatar n tn This is anyway confirmed with the negative HIV test that you had at 26 days, which can really be considered conclusive as there is not any significant statistical difference between 26 and 28 days for this test. What I can see from the pictures is mainly just balanitis, which is usually caused by a fungal infection and might clear with a simple cream like Canesten.
Avatar f tn I've read info stating it can be small and dark raised bumps on skin to red patches on torso. Often different sites and opinions don't distinguish clearly between a newly infected person's rash to an hiv rash later in hiv stages. Online pictures are often unclear as well. I'd actually say they're more unclear than the written information. I understand symptoms should never be used to diagnose and that's not my intention.
Avatar m tn I had a brief "dipping" experience with someone of unknown status, but claimed to be clean almost 10 weeks ago. I have had virtually no symptoms except for a white coated tongue, which may be thrush, but doesn't look as bad as most of the pictures I have seen since searching pictures online.
Avatar f tn does anyone know how the hiv rash looks like? is it a distinct type of rash where it is easily identified? do they look like hives?
Avatar m tn you need to wait 6 weeks after the encounter for a syphilis blood test. being seen now, if they feel that these are syphilis related, they can do a culture on the symptoms.
212161 tn?1599427282 Oh never mid I see need pictures to see that, don't understand why they don't do the one with pictures everytimethey to just be on safe side, I would feel better knowing they could see blockages