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Avatar m tn She thought I was overreacting but offered to do a blood test. So I did. Of course, I think it's HIV. I've only had a few symptoms, but I've been stressing this out. Last night, my sore throat went away, I had a bit more ( not a lot ) saliva flowing, and I was able to sleep without waking up in a sweat. My lips are still sticky, and mouth is still dry. But I feel a bit better. Does anything above sound like possible HIV to you? Or stress related symptoms.
Avatar m tn My first test was after 13 days, because I started feeling the symptoms I described previously within that period. When should/should I do another HIV test? I took another blood test to check for thyroid/diabetes/cholesterol, etc. I was told my cholesterol was a bit high on both good and bad. They also said my sugar was high, but it didn't necessarily suggest diabetes ( type 2 ). All of this is weird to me as I am 5' 10 177 pound guy who does the gym thing 5 days a week.
Avatar m tn Can anyone please let me know where I can get a HIV DUO test in Phoenix, AZ. I read that this test gives more acurate result around 99.
Avatar m tn I am asking a question about the test. The lab said it was a standard test (reflex test). By your knowledge what kind of test is this?
Avatar n tn On July 4th i went to a gay bar and ended up having sex with a guy who is from phoenix, arizona. We had unprotected oral and anal sex, me being the bottom. He told me he is clean but since i don't know him i don't know whether or not to believe him. I was really worried the next day so i contacted him and asked him about what happened, i wasnt too sure because i was a little drunk. He told me to not worry and he didnt even really penetrate me.
Avatar m tn Hello, I recently took a rapid hiv test after the 20min only one line was present which the kit told me means was negative. After 30 mins it stayed negative, after an hour the one line was the only one present and a white background. I kept the test to show my bf but after a day or so a faint purple line showed up and now u see one dark purple line and one faint purple line. Does this mean i'm positive? i'm freaking out and my bf is too can someone please help me please?
Avatar m tn In the interim, I have however had an OraQuick In Home HIV Test. This is the oral fluid swab test. I administered it myself at the 6 week mark. I very carefully followed the instructions in the package, waited the 20 minutes for the results, and received a non-reactive. The control line showed up very clearly while the test line did not; not even faintly. I understand that this result is in no way conclusive for the May 17th event.
Avatar m tn I have a real bad HIV phobia and it relates to my day to day life. Like if i cut my finger on a knife or something i start getting scared and thinking what if somebody else cut them selves on that knife before and they have HIV then i start getting panicky and i get anxiety. It scares the **** out of me. I am going through some hard stuff right now and ill explain it all.
Avatar m tn Every year about 43,000 people contract HIV (that is reported.) In Phoenix 6.8 (males) contract HIV out of every 1000 people. 1.2 (women) contract HIV out of every 1000 people. Yes looking at the statistics, 43,000 people who contract HIV every year is too much. 1 person is too much. But if you look at this logically, the amount of contractions are minimal compared to other countries, like FAR. This doesn't mean that you aren't gonna get it, but the likely hood is pretty out there.
Avatar m tn I used a condom for vaginal sex. I got tested on Wednesday afternoon for HIV etc (bloods) and a urine sample to be tested for chlamydia. I rang up today (Friday afternoon) two days later. They had my HIV and syphilis results - both negative. My concern is that the other result may not be in because I have chlamydia so they are retesting maybe.
Avatar f tn Well I went to an infectious disease doctor today to talk about my persistent fatigue that just won't go away. She insisted that I get tested for hiv, but maybe that's just a standard test when you go to an ID doctor. Could I be having symptoms of HIV this early?
Avatar m tn Thank you for your quick reply, I am going to get a 1month HIV test and then a 3 month test. Do you think my situation warrants this testing schedule?
Avatar f tn Unprotected Oral sex carries a very low risk for STDs. No risk of HIV. You do not have to test if you do not get any symptoms such as lesions. No need to worry here.
Avatar m tn At 5 weeks between 90 and 95% of HIV infections will be detected by an HIV test. Thus given all of the variables I have mentioned, it is most unlikely that you acquired HIV from the exposure you mentioned. I am confident your test will be negative. I hope my comments and this information are helpful to you.
Avatar m tn ok i recently moved to phoenix arizona.. on march 30 i went to a sexual worker from i went to her place and she gave a blow job and we had proctected vaginal sex i was drunk so dont remember much of it i dint check the comdon see if it was broken or not i gave her the money and i was on my way the next morning i freak out and though i caught something my main this is hiv like i said i dont remember if the comdon broke because i was intoxicated...
Avatar m tn Any risk for any STDs that might exist? Any STDs Hep B, C, HIV, Herpes, syphilis, chlam..and so on? Thanks in advance Vance or Grace. My life is better because of you people and I am trying to help people as I can and will always support you when I get time from work.
Avatar m tn Not necessarily as the prevalence of HIV in the US is low and chances of contracting HIV from one heterosexual vaginal encounter is around 1/1250. Should you get test at 28 days for HIV with a duo test? Absolutely! Should you get tested for other STIs? Absolutely! Should you overly worry about HIV? I don't think so...
Avatar n tn Why don't you go to the drugstore then, and ask for a home HIV test? They are just as accurate, especially since there is absolutely no way you can have HIV from the events you described. I forget the name of the test, possibly Home Access? I know they sell it at CVS and other major drugstores. Sometimes you have to ask for it, it's not always out on the shelf. You might have to search for it a little. I challenge you. If you say you'll be fine after a test, go get one right now.
Avatar m tn Knowing your "risk" you can test now and it will be conclusive because you had no risk.
Avatar m tn though im involving myself maximum in other activities to be able to cope with it... I am thinking to go for a test for peace of mind itself... HIV, Hep B, Syphillis and Herpes in 12 weeks (84 days).. do you think it will be okay? I am just doing it so as never in my life I have the impression that "what if" i had gotten something...thats all!! Thx for the help... after the tests by end of May, i will definitely go to see a therapist..
Avatar f tn He is a very untrustworthy person- but he showed me paperwork for a negative rapid test from jail. We used a condom. I had an HIV test 28 days later and I doc never called back (negative I suppose). I guess I should not worry about this? 7 months ago, I had an encounter with another ex, who was relatively safe about sex but he has slept with a lot of people and I don't know what he has been doing since we broke up 2 years ago. I inserted his penis into me for maybe 5 seconds.
Avatar n tn wasting time on hiv test? too low of the risk to warrant a test you mean? Thanks reg..
Avatar m tn Here in london--i spoke to three STD doc and they said with HIV DUO test at 6-8 weeks is almost conclusive and test at 3 months i.e. standard test is 100% conclusive.
Avatar n tn I think that most of the USA is 12 weeks so dont worry about what the doc said about 6 months. He is probably a general doctor and is not an HIV/STD expert. HIV experts will tell you 6-12 weeks depending on risk.
Avatar n tn Im 24 years old and I live in Phoenix AZ. Back in 2003 I had a pretty crazy year I was having unprotected sex with a few girls I didnt really now. I never really worried about HIV at the time, well about a year and two months after the last chick I had sex with I was watching tv one time and this thing came on about HIV and it got me thinking about that time in 03 with those chicks and I got really paranoid. I was so scared and I actually convinced myself that I actually had HIV.
Avatar m tn If you need to test, at 6 days tests for gonorrhea and chlamydia are entirely reliable at this time, Testing for syphilis (rare, not needed) would be reliable about a month after exposure and HIV testing using a 4th generation, combination HIV p24 antigen/HIV antibody test would be completely reliable but testing with a test which detects antibodies only would not be reliable until 8 weeks following exposure. Again, please don't worry. From what you tell me there is no need to do so.
Avatar n tn To be maximally safe, also have an HIV test in a few weeks -- but don't lose a lot of sleep about it in the meantime; almost certainly it will be negative.
Avatar n tn Of course it is impossible to analyse such experiences by a drug test model. There is a constant process of readjustment going on, and to get the best results you have to allow it to happen, allow the patient to be guided by their own best interests, not to mention their budget. If you haven't introduced so many different variables that statistical analysis is impossible, you're not doing it properly.
278680 tn?1190231017 From what I understand, there's alot of reasons a pap can come back abnormal. I once had an abnormal HIV test come back - wanna talk about a scare!! By the Grace of God, it was nothing (I found out later there are many reasons this can happen, but whoa!) Anyway, hopefully it's just something very very minor, or a glitch in the test, like mine was... Keep me/us posted, ok?
Avatar m tn com including a racing pulse and was sent to see a Heart doctor because of abnormal EKG and arrhythmias. They did all kinds of test (Nuculear stress test, 24 hr monitor etc...) but didnt seem to make much of it. I was put on meds for high BP and have had horrible stomach issues for years. anyway ever single symptom.