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Avatar m tn Can anyone please let me know where I can get a HIV DUO test in Phoenix, AZ. I read that this test gives more acurate result around 99.
Avatar m tn Hello, On March the 3rd, I had un-protected ( not the entire time but rubbing brief 40 sec intercourse ) vaginal/oral with a partner. Ridiculously irresponsible. The sex was dry and awkward the entire time. For 90% of it I had a condom on. I felt a tiny burning sensation afterwards and for a few days after when I had to urinate. I went to the doctor 6 days later and submitted a urine sample to test for chlamydia and gonorrhea. Nothing...In th clear.
Avatar m tn Knowing your "risk" you can test now and it will be conclusive because you had no risk.
Avatar f tn Maybe let him choose the middle name? Phoenix is a great name. Sounds good: Phoenix Michelle, phoenix miranda, phoenix sophia ..
Avatar f tn Well I went to an infectious disease doctor today to talk about my persistent fatigue that just won't go away. She insisted that I get tested for hiv, but maybe that's just a standard test when you go to an ID doctor. Could I be having symptoms of HIV this early?
Avatar m tn Thank you for your quick reply, I am going to get a 1month HIV test and then a 3 month test. Do you think my situation warrants this testing schedule?
Avatar m tn I am asking a question about the test. The lab said it was a standard test (reflex test). By your knowledge what kind of test is this?
Avatar m tn though im involving myself maximum in other activities to be able to cope with it... I am thinking to go for a test for peace of mind itself... HIV, Hep B, Syphillis and Herpes in 12 weeks (84 days).. do you think it will be okay? I am just doing it so as never in my life I have the impression that "what if" i had gotten something...thats all!! Thx for the help... after the tests by end of May, i will definitely go to see a therapist..
Avatar m tn ok i recently moved to phoenix arizona.. on march 30 i went to a sexual worker from i went to her place and she gave a blow job and we had proctected vaginal sex i was drunk so dont remember much of it i dint check the comdon see if it was broken or not i gave her the money and i was on my way the next morning i freak out and though i caught something my main this is hiv like i said i dont remember if the comdon broke because i was intoxicated...
374251 tn?1246235657 i have a quick question. has anyone on this site attended phoenix house for rehab? i'm getting admitted on dec.4th, i've read the manual and spoke with a "completer". the program can take up to a year, and from what i understand, is pretty demanding. i'm going no matter what, as i have lost complete control of my life and want it back. i just want to know what to expect as far as the demanding part entails, i've never done well with authority.
Avatar f tn I live in Phoenix/Peoria area and I'll be 14 weeks tomorrow :)
Avatar f tn So my boyfriend and I have already chosen Rose as our daughters middle name and now my brother wants her first name to be either Phoenix or Promise does Phoenix Rose or Promise Rose sound a little too tacky maybe??? We wanted a unique name from the beginning but are those options maybe a little too ??
Avatar n tn I recently had a test and EBV Ab VCA, IgG was above 2000. Does anyone know what this means?
Avatar n tn On July 4th i went to a gay bar and ended up having sex with a guy who is from phoenix, arizona. We had unprotected oral and anal sex, me being the bottom. He told me he is clean but since i don't know him i don't know whether or not to believe him. I was really worried the next day so i contacted him and asked him about what happened, i wasnt too sure because i was a little drunk. He told me to not worry and he didnt even really penetrate me.
Avatar m tn But hiv can transmitted through eyes right? im worry because i found that blood that enter eyes, nose and mouth can transmit hiv...
Avatar f tn Do any of you guys go to college online? I'm looking for a new school.. I tried university of phoenix and didn't like it, I'm going for my bachelor's degree ..any suggestions on schools?
Avatar f tn Hubby said last he heard they are going to be sold back to a guy in Canada. Thank God, hockey don't belong in Phoenix, too hot in Phoenix ( he said ). Yes, its a huge event here, plenty of media coverage. Hes a hugh hockey fan and watches every game. We go to Joe Louis Area ( Hockey Town) several times a season. Which is pretty much the only time I watch, is live games , or if those Red Wings are playing for the cup. We all know how much that is! Lol ! Have to be proud of our team.
Avatar f tn I love the name phoenix! Its gorgeous!