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Avatar n tn I'm very scared and I'd done a test at the end of one month which came negative. could you please let me know what r the odds of my test at one month of being a false negative (considering an average rate). Do i need to go for another test?
Avatar n tn i have done my elisa for hiv1 and hiv2 and the result came non reactive... but one month before the blood test i on my chlymadia meds that is antibiotics and injection... does that affect my results? does clyhmadia infection affect the results?
Avatar n tn Ok, I just had my one month test (just 1 day shy); oraquick, and negative; yes, you will say, it means nothing; anythoughts; now I have incredible back pain, pain in my joints; arms, and what not; my cough stil remains; and stuffy up still. Any help please. My ladyfriend I had sex with will test tomorrow; and it will end tomorrow.
Avatar f tn Please tell me hiv test conclusive at 3 months instead of 6 months so stressed out
Avatar m tn I had negative abtibody test after 87days and negative HIV PCR RNA after 40 days post exposure. i still have minor headache in front and back of my head most part of the day. also i have a swollen lymph node on the left back of my head and a slight swollen lymph node on the right side of my neck. when i started to have HIV symptoms i didn't have swollen lymph nodes instead i started to have pain in my lymph node under my neck after week 11 on both sides.
Avatar n tn also I have these wierd tiney dots on my leg but they happened only 4 days afeter the wardorbe malfunction. If I test at one month and it is negative can relax at leats a little. How accurate is a one month test, or should I just tough it out. I have not slept in about three days. I have lost 12 poumds in about 28 days i need help. Btw mya last his test was negative and had not had any sex for a whole year prior to that test. Thanks if you can help.
Avatar m tn On October 11th, I took a rapid HIV test and was negative. Today, I have less groin pain, no rectal pain, some pain in my testicles, and the left side of my penis head hurts slightly to the touch. What is your evaluation of my situation? What more could I be doing? Where do I stand? Thank you.
Avatar f tn i took my 3 month hiv test yesterday with one of those 20min rapid test 1.are rapid test good to take to determine for sure u dont have hiv on antibiotics for a staph infection i had(mrsa) can that cause false neg.
Avatar f tn I received oral sex. A gay sucked my penis less than ten seconds that I don't know he was hiv positive after two months I suspect that he was positive. And then went to test luckily that was negative this test was after 70 days of exposure. Then I took western blot p24 antigen that was also negative viral load not detected or bellow the range of assay. But my cd4 cells are very poor they are only 174. They make me more tensed. I am worrying and scarring.
Avatar m tn Is there any way that me taking one Vitamin D pill a week before my hiv antibody test would affect the 4 month negative result? I know Vitamin D helps protect the immune system but would one pill do anything to my test?
Avatar n tn Just wondering, what method of testing did you use? Most all say 3 months conculusive in here. It would be wise to get another test done at the three month mark. I seriously doubt your results will change, and I wish you luck accepting your negative results.
Avatar n tn I test antibody elisa one month later both my and her and was negative. . Do I need more test. Moreover she did hiv test three month earlier .
Avatar m tn Dear Sir, before 12 weeks i had a sex with(sexworker) .
Avatar m tn Hi can any one tell me what is the chance of 4th month HIV1/HIV2 negative screening test(3rd generation) turning positive that is reactive at 6th month after exposure.
Avatar m tn dear Dr. Sorry for my english , i have sex with rusain sex worker in Dubai , un protected normarl sex , in same time she was use anti sparm she but inside her befoer we start the sex ,, this was in 21.08.2013 ,, my test was as following : at 30 days Neg. normal AB 1&2 test at 46 days Neg. DUO for AB AG at 46 days Neg. PCR Test for HIV1 at 60 days Neg. normal AB 1&2 test at 90 days Neg. normal AB 1&2 test ( done two time in diffrant lab in same day ) at 4 month Neg.
Avatar m tn First of all i really apriceaite that you and your team doing a great job here to help people who are worried about hiv my quastion is i had sex one month before with women she is not a S.W but i dont know the status hiv of her that episode just was brief (i inssert my penis inside of her just a quater not even half within 5 to 7 second i relised this is not good so i take it out and she help me to cum through blowjob) and i had just one time with her.
Avatar f tn look all drs will say test out to 6 months their covering there rears thats all move on test today are more sensitive if you had hiv one of those test would have picked it up your negative let it go
Avatar m tn alex, its simple if you had unprotected vaginal or anal sex with or without ejaculation, and especially with a known infected partner,according to cdc you need to test at 3 and 6 months to put things to rest, so its all about risk factors, for example if you used a condom, and u suspect and not sure it broke then a 3 month is ok some recomend a test at 8 weeks , or say you inserted for just a couple of seconds unprotectd then again a 3 month test or a 8 week is ok, .
Avatar f tn Also, been having dry mouth and a white coat on tongue for month as well. WIth the results, he ran a full blood one too and said he thinks I have nothing to worry about and that my liver and kidney function/ blood count was all fine. I am reading everywhere on here that a 28 day test is conclusive. I know I need to test again but just to calm my nerves a few questions. Would these ars symptoms last continuously a month if I i had a weakened immune system.
Avatar m tn I had a risk relation 9 weeks ago, yesterday I made an HIV test and it was negative, can this be true? or how long I have to wait to make the test?
Avatar f tn Both these encounters were sex with Condom and Oral with condom on both ocasions my condom was fine did not break. Would you consider risk.
Avatar f tn You never had an exposure and you were advised of it here and on another forum.
Avatar m tn I had unprotected sex two months ago and i made HIV 1 & 2 by elisa one month later and the result was NEGATIVE and i made another test by Western Blot 59 days from the exposure and it was also NEGATIVE . and my question is whether these tests are reliable or not specially i didn't complete the three months ?
Avatar n tn wow Teak 23 years you must be what they call a non progresser so how would someone know if they had a suppressed immune system and needed testing out to 6 months?
Avatar n tn hey, i just made last night HIV rapid test and it was exactly 3 month after Exposure. so my question now is that enough ? or i need anther test ? but i guess 3 month is more than enough right ?
Avatar f tn is any deley or to long time take conformation hiv test at 6th week and 3month other wise am i wait up to sex month plz help me
Avatar m tn i used a condom and it Did not slip or cut off.... after 76 days i made a hiv antibodies test and after 86 days i made another one and both were negative..... now after 4 months i have Sore throat and Diarrhea and Night Sweats and Tonsillitis . i am tired all the time..... a can not stop thinking about hiv all the time.... please help me doctor ... What happens with me??? should i redo the test .... or the time was Enough....