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Avatar n tn Ok, I just had my one month test (just 1 day shy); oraquick, and negative; yes, you will say, it means nothing; anythoughts; now I have incredible back pain, pain in my joints; arms, and what not; my cough stil remains; and stuffy up still. Any help please. My ladyfriend I had sex with will test tomorrow; and it will end tomorrow.
Avatar f tn i took my 3 month hiv test yesterday with one of those 20min rapid test 1.are rapid test good to take to determine for sure u dont have hiv on antibiotics for a staph infection i had(mrsa) can that cause false neg.
Avatar f tn look all drs will say test out to 6 months their covering there rears thats all move on test today are more sensitive if you had hiv one of those test would have picked it up your negative let it go
Avatar m tn Hi can any one tell me what is the chance of 4th month HIV1/HIV2 negative screening test(3rd generation) turning positive that is reactive at 6th month after exposure.
Avatar f tn *sigh* Unfortunately, I'm back. I couldn't stay away from the Internet and I keep on hearing about people testing positive after 8 weeks. I don't want to go back for my 12 week test because the clinic probably thinks I'm crazy, but I feel so nervous that my 12 week is going to be positive. I have been looking at the expert forums daily and they say that 8 weeks is good, but I don't know ...
Avatar f tn nt take it anymore so i retested for hiv at 23 weeks and 2days which is 163 days after this incident again this test cam back negative is it safe to say I am truly hiv negative finally or should i have waited to like the 26th week? A Doctor told me that 3 months past exposure was enough but another Doctor told me 6 months so should i just stop thinking about it or still have a little worry?
Avatar n tn Its the type of test Blood Banks use when you donate blood. Its one of the most sensative test created to help reduce the risk og HIV through blood transfusion.
Avatar m tn jeneration machine this is rule here minimum 3.
Avatar m tn s that have stated certain autoimmune diseases can cause false HIV negative tests within the 3 month window Does anyone know exactly what ailments/medications could cause someone to have to get tested at the 6 month mark, does colitis fall under that category? Thanks.
Avatar m tn I had sex with a girl 3 around 20 times in a month. I had her test and she was negative They gave her a combo and an elisa one week apart then I had sex with her. She agreed to test since she is an escort and I paid for that. Now I read all these things about windows and all. That means she could been infected and yet tested negative due to window?
Avatar n tn i have done my elisa for hiv1 and hiv2 and the result came non reactive... but one month before the blood test i on my chlymadia meds that is antibiotics and injection... does that affect my results? does clyhmadia infection affect the results?
Avatar n tn wow Teak 23 years you must be what they call a non progresser so how would someone know if they had a suppressed immune system and needed testing out to 6 months?
Avatar m tn My blood sugar has been tested,urine culture 3 times, stool test,TB test, diabetic test all them are done. Even i started taking B12 . It seems its improving ut suddenly sometimes it comes back. I was vy healthy like used to go to gym regularly, no smoking at all no tobacco. I want to start my routine again. Moreover i would like to ask whether acidity can cause uneasiness, disturbance in sleep like that..
Avatar m tn on 7 and a half month mark ive learned that my former co-worker was hiv positive and i know that he have sex with that the same girl before me,i feel nervous and stressed, i lose appetite and got only few hours of sleep,after a week,i suffer from low grade fever for 2 weeks but only for few hours a day and sometimes my temperature is below normal and i have only one throat ulcer that heal for almost a month.what is the chance of being hiv positive? please help me! i am very worried.
Avatar f tn Ok here is my 3 month HIV testing results. Do know wht it means so any info Is appreciated. HIV 1/0/2 abs-icma HIV 1/0/2 abs index value < 1.00 index value: speciman reactivity relative to the negative cutoff. HIV 1/0/2 abs, qual non reactive Is this negative?
Avatar f tn Extremely worried. I know that my negative 89 day Oraquick test is suppose to be conclusive (last sexual encounter with ejaculation was on 1/11/08-I'm a woman). But as I said I gave him oral sex on 2/1 with ejaculation in mouth but did not swallow...spit out and rinsed. This has me worried because I have had major sinus issues and swollen lymph nodes on my neck for 2 months...never had this before. I did go to an ENT and he prescribed Avelox 400 mg and it doesn't seem to be working.
Avatar n tn also I have these wierd tiney dots on my leg but they happened only 4 days afeter the wardorbe malfunction. If I test at one month and it is negative can relax at leats a little. How accurate is a one month test, or should I just tough it out. I have not slept in about three days. I have lost 12 poumds in about 28 days i need help. Btw mya last his test was negative and had not had any sex for a whole year prior to that test. Thanks if you can help.