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Avatar n tn I was unconcerned about the chances of HIV until I was told about fake condoms being used in some areas. I had a test at an NHS gum clinic at just over 6 weeks after which came back negative. I am unsure however if I need further testing as I dont know what type of test was used. Can I take this result at conclusive? What is the standard NHS test used?
Avatar m tn I plan to take a HIV test, but the stuff in NHS G.U.M clinic told me that the test result should be known two weeks after test; so I want to seek another similar organization that could also provide HIV test besides NHS,but can give the result faster than NHS, do any British friends know about "Better2know"??? Is it qualified to offer HIV test as a private clinic? Is it authoried by UK government?
Avatar f tn Hi all. Please help. I took a HIV test in Dec 2015 at a NHS walk in service in the UK. Was negative. However just reading that there are different types and strains of HIV. Now concerned my test did not test for all possible strains. I have no idea what type of test was taken, only that my blood was taken from my arm and sent off. Really worried about the possibility I was not tested for all strains. Please advise. Thank you.
Avatar f tn On day 30th day my cheast and neck start getting  redish if I tuch it or itch it  hard get more red and bumpy rash, I am now 5 weeks and three day from expected explosure, I went to my GP yesterday and showed my rashes he said the same thing that is urticaria, and he gave me antihistamine and some tube of medicine to take a bath with that, but I am still worried because my rashes are not itchy, if I tuch my skin so I get it, my skin become so soft, specially my arms, my cheast, and my neck, ple
Avatar n tn I had an early duo test at 28 days (privately on Harley Street - London) and then a test on the NHS at 92 days. Both came back negative, however I occassionally find myself worrying again and again about HIV, I think because I have a family and guilt brings it on! Two days I developed a cold sore for the very first time and yet again I am worried. Four questions: Did I expose my self to any risk? Could the testing be wrong?
Avatar m tn I went for a HIV test 8 days ago, 1st August, to a NHS gum clinic in the UK, I'm just wondering how long does it normally take for the results to come back? Is it normal to wait this long or should I make contact with the clinic to see if my results are there?
Avatar f tn I worried though when I came across a post on the freedomhealth website, where someone else from UK asked if the test covered all strains of HIV, the Doctor replied the test from the GUM clinic on NHS would cover HIV 1 and 2 and most subtypes. I assumed any subtypes missing would be globally very rare? Because when I asked my GP she said it was a full HIV test.
Avatar m tn Provided you have been tested at least three months after the incident with either a third or a fourth generation HIV test, these can certainly detect the vast majority of all HIV groups and subtypes within HIV-1 and HIV-2, even the rarest of subtypes. In any case, it is believed by most virologist that all subtypes (even the newest and rarest) can be detected with these tests as they all share similar structural characteristiscs.
Avatar m tn But if you (as I take it, live in the UK), go to your local NHS Gum clinic at 4 weeks plus and ask for 4th GEN DUO test. All NHS GUM clinics use this now. I am sure you will be OK. All the best.
Avatar m tn I have had no other sexual activity since this incident and have returned to the NHS clinic for a further 4th generation duo test after three months from exposure, this test was again negative. My sporadic prickly heat (intense burning) and rash to parts of my body and white tongue still persist. My question is: are my symptoms possibly caused by HIV are my two tests conclusive?
Avatar n tn Not quite sure what you mean though cos I am afraid here, I live in London by the way, it is possible for the test results to take up to 4 weeks to come back... Back log on the NHS and so on... Regardless though, do you know how likely is it that I could indeed have HIV even though it's been 11 years since I last had unprotected sex? Thanks!
Avatar m tn I have had lots of 4th gen HIV tests across 10 years both private at your clinic and NHS. All negative. I would like to ask few questions about the latests HIV tests available at the end of 2013! I understand that PCR - RNA HIV test or NAAT is still relatively new and blood banks use it for testing of blood donors/organs. Surly that would imply that NAAT test 'much better' compared to antibody or p24 alone?
Avatar f tn And I did my HIV test from GUM clinic NHS Uk, and they toled me that is4 generation HIV latest test and it was negative after 28 day.
Avatar n tn At day 41 I had a rapid DUO test which was negative, I rang the manufacturer who produces it for the NHS and he assure me that I am negative and that the test is over 99% accurate at 28 days and closer to 100% at 41. My encounter was on 19th November and for the past week I have a bad sore throat, and today I have just noticed what looks to be an ARS or HIV rash. I have also been getting small individual red spots on my body which disappear after a day.
Avatar m tn I was up last Wednesday, and I am anxiously waiting results and was curious to know how long I would expect to wait if HIV or something that serious was found in my blood. It's all I can think about, ive already had to take time off work etc. I have heard two weeks quoted, and even 3 weeks. I am now past the 5th day and was thinking could I consider getting till the end of this week with no news as me being in the all clear?
Avatar m tn im also confused, (i actually had 3 tests, twice at 6 weeks, once with the british nhs and once with a private doctor as i was so parranoid, then another test at 8 weeks with the nhs again) due to the fact that the first nhs doctor told me that three months is conclusive, but the private paid for doctor told me 'dont worry, your not hiv positive' then the nhs doctor who gave me the 8 week test said only 6 months is conclusive,, im really confused ecspecially when two doctors from the s
Avatar m tn Hi I am in dire straits here. 12 weeks ago today I had brief drunken unprotected sex with an Asian sex worker. It lasted seconds. To this day I have not been the same - I had a test at 28 days by the p24 4th generation combo which was negative. I was confirmed 'all clear' by a private doctor at 5.5 weeks and therefore had unprotected sex with my girlfriend. Since I have experienced long mild headaches, muscle aches and my eyes are slightly sore and blood shot.
Avatar n tn I was so upset and I did a biggest mistake of  my life, I had sex with sex worker, it was with condom, but before doing virginal sex and to put condom on my penis, she touched my penis with her *****, and then put condom on my penis, I was worried I went to NHS Gum clinic on 09 day of expected exposure and did HIV test.