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Avatar n tn I was unconcerned about the chances of HIV until I was told about fake condoms being used in some areas. I had a test at an NHS gum clinic at just over 6 weeks after which came back negative. I am unsure however if I need further testing as I dont know what type of test was used. Can I take this result at conclusive? What is the standard NHS test used?
Avatar m tn I had a very low risk. After that I did HIV & STI screening in NHS UK by 10th week. It all turned to be negative. Can I consider it as conclusive?
Avatar m tn Before i get assaulted by the usual '3 month' replies, let me reassure you that i WILL be making sure i get tested at 3 months as that is still the recommendation in the UK also However, being from the UK and not America, i have to take solace in the fact that the British HIV association recommends this test 99.8% accurate at 28 days. Whilst i'm not technically out of the woods, it has helped my stress levels immensely.
Avatar f tn Hi all. Please help. I took a HIV test in Dec 2015 at a NHS walk in service in the UK. Was negative. However just reading that there are different types and strains of HIV. Now concerned my test did not test for all possible strains. I have no idea what type of test was taken, only that my blood was taken from my arm and sent off. Really worried about the possibility I was not tested for all strains. Please advise. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Also im not sure what tests my clinic do but i happened to see the paper on what my doctor was writing on and I'm pretty sure i seen antigen/ this a type of test? Then i here forums saying some clinics use 3rd generation test and 4th? i don't know what all this is. All i said to my doctor is give me the full works i want testing for everything possible and so they did, twice. Can someone give me advice please.
Avatar m tn I went for a HIV test 8 days ago, 1st August, to a NHS gum clinic in the UK, I'm just wondering how long does it normally take for the results to come back? Is it normal to wait this long or should I make contact with the clinic to see if my results are there?
Avatar n tn I have two questions and need some advice. I had a rapid finger prick HIV test yesterday and the result was negative. I cleaned my finger prick thing with a tissue and walked out of the room and since then I have become paranoid thinking that the door handle i touched to open door might have been contaminated by someone as it is a NHS HIV testing centre. What are the chances of getting infection in this way? Please help.
Avatar f tn According to US regulations, any HIV test is conclusive if taken 12 weeks after an exposure, but you can take them before that, 3rd gen will give you an excellent indicator about your status around 6 - 8 weeks after exposure and 4th gen 4 - 6 weeks after exposure. A result given in those times is very unlike to change, but only a doctor, based on your risk level and his experience could advice you to skip the confirmatory test after 12 weeks post exposure.
Avatar f tn Your test was conclusively negative back then, and you didn't need another test. If you can't accept the results of this test (which will be negative) and move on, you would be wise to seek counseling for your unfounded fears.
1024580 tn?1331577721 - HIV 1 and 2 antibodies and p24 antigen test (HIV DUO or HIV Combi test) This HIV test is licensed in the EU for use after 28 days after a possible exposure. It is probably much better than this and will probably identify the majority of newly infected HIV positive individuals at between 14 and 21 days. This HIV test is referred to as a fourth generation HIV test. Certainly in our clinic we have had many new diagnoses of patients using this HIV DUO test combination in that time frame.
Avatar m tn Hey, I recently got a HIV-1 RNA QUALITATIVE TMA test and I was wondering if the undetected result is near conclusive after unprotected sex 6 weeks ago. I was unable to find accurate information anywhere online and would like to relax a bit. Thank you!
Avatar n tn If she was infected, the chance you got HIV during a single episode of vaginal sex was around 1 in 2000. Also assume the test has a 1% chance of missing HIV. Your odds of having HIV despite the negative test are 0.1 x 0.0005 x 0.01 = 0.0000005. That's 1 in 2 million. Anyway, your partner says you didn't have sex, so the true risk probably is zero. Your problem is your guilt over your infidelity.
Avatar n tn I do not know why the thread are deleted but I can tell you one thing for sure BMI has nothing to do with hiv test results.untill or unless you have severe immune disease,organ Transplant,end stage cancer then you are safe and your result are fully conclusive.Time to celebrate mate you do not have Hiv.
Avatar m tn The following week I went to the doctor and had a full std and hiv test done. The only thing that showed up was bacteria on the urine test. Now for the past 2 weeks I have been having symptoms of HIV infection. Im not having any night sweats but have other flu like symptoms and having dry mouth. I also have this dry feeling on the inside of my lips. I have a minor sore throat. Now the thing that really confuses me is I have a spot on my penis.
Avatar m tn But of course the way to settle all this is to have an HIV test. Many (most?) NHS GUM clinics, and private HIV/STD clinics (e.g., Freedom Health, in London) routinely do the combo test for both HIV antibody and p24 antigen. This test is 100% reliable when done 4 weeks or more after exposure. ^ Quote from Dr.
1981617 tn?1333984221 i will go dentist and see if dentish find anything wrong (hope not)im only 27 i read the link and says no need more testing after 3 months what so i take my 8 months hiv 4th jen test was final and no need hiv i belive its not hiv now..
Avatar n tn If you feel the need for HIV testing, have a standard antibody test at 6-8 weeks. I recommend against early testing with NAAT. If you can find a provider who will do it, most likely it will be quite expensive and I don't think it's worth it. (I doubt it will be available to you at any of the NHS GUM clinics.) I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Hello please could Lizzie Lou or Teak please answer my questions Thank you Aweek ago i had 90 day hiv test done at nhs clinic the nurse taking my blood had a cold My question before she took blood from arm she to blow her nose at least twice i think she washed her hands and chanced gloves each time if any of her nose mucus (snot) was on her hands or glove could she transfer hiv to me if she was hiv+ when she took my blood it took her at least three four times to get blood and tried two veins so
Avatar n tn This was an unprotected sex with a stranger in a sex club. 11 weeks and 3 days after then i have been tested for HIV and the test came back negative. Please is this definitive(I live in England and was tested by the NHS) I dont know if the test method used (ELISA) is accurate at this length of post exposure. Secondly, the i came back positive on Chlamydia and have been given a dose of treatment which doctor says would take care of it. I'm in a dilemma on how to involve my wife on this...
Avatar n tn Helllo, I done a real stupid thing and had unprotected anal receptive sex 8 weeks ago now, it was a one night stand and I do not know the other persons history, I had a hiv duo test at 4 weeks and today at 8 weeks, I have two questions if someone can please help me. 1. Am I safe to believe I do not have hiv, now that I done the 4 and 8 week test and they both came back negative ? 2. Has anyone ever tested negative at 8 weeks, then tested positive at 12 weeks or after ?
Avatar m tn for the record my partner was 18 year old, English born female, and well 3 days after then (2nd February 2010) i came down with a horrid fever, and then a week after that i acquired tingling in my right foot which is ALWAYS with me, and for 4 months i've carried this around which is still getting on my nerves. Anyway, I had the following HIV tests at a UK NHS GUM clinic... ELISA tests; 4 weeks - post exposure 8 weeks post exposure 11.5 weeks (80) days post exposure ALL NEGATIVE...
Avatar m tn Do you have any comment with regard to the accuracy of HIV test after 4 weeks? Or any other comment on my symptoms. The rash on my back is worsening and I still have a fever, sore throat and aches and pains. Thank you for replying.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, I have an HIV test booked for tomorrow but I'm so wracked with nerves that I needed an opporunity to air my fears and perhaps for people to try and put my mind at rest ahead of tomorrows test. Since 2005 I have had 3 sexual encounters with other men, the last being around December 2007. On each occasion, the encounter was fairly brief but I performed oral on the other party each time, although never to completion.
Avatar m tn Hello Doctor, I have had my HIV test done at GUM clinic by NHS UK. The results were negative. I am worried about the incident happed while the nurse took my blood sample Nurse applied the Alcohol wipe and did he needle prick to collect the blood. Removed the needle and asked me to press the prick with cotton like thing I think they call it cotton gauge. She then checked if blood was stopped hence applied the sticking band aid and asked me to lower my sleeve.
Avatar n tn pagename=basics_home#testing Why do some sources advise waiting longer than 6 weeks for HIV testing? Most people will test accurately for HIV after 6 weeks have passed since their last risk. In very rare cases where a person has a highly compromised immune system, such as those in which a person has recently undergone chemotherapy or an organ transplant, it may take 3-6 months for their body to develop enough antibodies to test positive.
Avatar f tn Hello, basically, i understand a conclusive result occours at 3 months, but from browsing other sites and even looking at the NHS (National Health Service UK) website i found this info: "Anti-HIV testing (window period of 15 days, test sensitivity 99.9%, error frequency of 0.1%), or an HIV combined antigen/antibody testing (window period 11 days, test sensitivity 99.9%, error frequency of 0.1%), or HIV RNA testing (window period 9 days, a combined test sensitivity of 99.
Avatar m tn 3 months after the needlestick injury I had an HIV INSTI (Rapid) antibody test and the result was negative. I had another test a few weeks after which was an HIV DUO test and this also came back negative (the DUO test would have been at 18 weeks after exposure). The DUO tests for HIV antibody and P24. So both the 3 month antibody test and the 18 week DUO test were all negative. I am however still concerned.