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Avatar n tn I didn't request the other STD test. Just curious, is it true in the state of New Jersey all pregnant women are required to get tested for Syphillis???? In the office pamplet it stated the others tests were suggested but syphillis testing is required by law. Seems weird, that is a requirement while HIV test is not Thanks for reading!!
Avatar n tn Any idea where I can get a DUO HIV test? I am in the New York / New Jersey area. I can not find a place that offers these tests. Thanks for your help.
Avatar m tn Sorry for asking you again I wanted to know the risk including HIV and all other STDS? This happened in New Jersey in US..
Avatar m tn In which the now former lady friend confessed her true HIV+ status. Since then I had a full blood test done in July (non reactive result), another in September, (rapid HIV mouth swab, non reactive). The first test did show immuno response to HSV 1-HSV2. Had fevers swollen lymphs, sweats disiness, and skin blemishes. I have an appointment for another test in Nov. I do need advice. Not feeling well.
Avatar n tn What percentage of white escort women have hiv in New Jersey/New York? Is four weeks enough time to get tested? Have you ever heard of a sitituation like this where a man got hiv, and you belive that they weren't lying?
Avatar n tn What percentage of white escort women have hiv in New Jersey/New York? Is four weeks enough time to get tested? Have you ever heard of a sitituation like this where a man got hiv, and you belive that they weren't lying?
Avatar m tn You don't need a test for HIV. Oral sex is not a risk of HIV transmission. No incident HIV infections among MSM who practice exclusively oral sex. Int Conf AIDS 2004 Jul 11-16; 15:(abstract no. WePpC2072)??Balls JE, Evans JL, Dilley J, Osmond D, Shiboski S, Shiboski C, Klausner J, McFarland W, Greenspan D, Page-Shafer K?University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, United States Oral transmission of HIV, reality or fiction?
Avatar f tn I am 25yrs male and I have visited an asian massage parlor in new jersey usa and had sex for the first toke with a sex worker. She was iin her 40s and during the vaginal intercourse my Condom broke and I was inside for One minute and after ejaculation I have found that my condom was broke. I am uncircumcised and have the fore skin covering even the pink top almost completely even during erection.
Avatar m tn 201-926-8008 New Mexico 800-545-AIDS New Orleans 800-992-4379 New York -- In New York: 718-638-2074 -- In New York (counseling): 800-872-2777 (M-F 2-8, Sat/Sun 10-6) -- Taped information, 24 hrs.
Avatar m tn I have tested negative for every other STD (including HIV). Can I trust these 4.5 month test results once and for all or do you think I need to seek out a Western Blot test?
Avatar m tn Hello, I am new to this and after reading about hiv and the different symptoms that come along with it I began to get extremely worried. About 8 weeks ago in the first week in August, I had brief sex with a prostitute in AC, New Jersey. However I did wear a condom and the encounter lasted only around 2-3 minutes and i was not fully hard. I am almost positive the condom did not break. This encounter was late at night and I did not sleep much for the rest of the night.
Avatar n tn Everything came back negative. This included a urine test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, and a blood test for HIV, Hepatitis, and Syphilis. - At 2 weeks I had a 3rd Gen rapid test for HIV done at a Planned Parenthood. This was negative as well. - At 5 weeks I had a 4th Gen HIV blood test, which at 5 weeks is apparently extremely accurate, according to the nurse practitioner at Planned Parenthood. At this time I also had a NAAT (urine, not swab) test done for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.
Avatar m tn Tomorrow I'm going for a rapid test and wanted to know is it ok if I post the results to give other people in my shoes a sense of relaxation knowing they'll be ok? Also I get my results from the test I took a week ago next week, I'll repost those as soon as I get them. I just have two more questions and I'm done: 1) I have heard there have been no reported hiv infected people from my incident (being sucked) is that true?
Avatar m tn she was in her 30-40's from New Jersey but recently moved to New Mexico, was using the drug oxycodon( am not sure of others), had children, worked as a nurse for Dr. Doyle (which I searched and there is a doctor by that name in that state), she insured me that she was clean and won't be doing this if she had any STD's but I think she could have been lying because she needed the money.
Avatar n tn Man, I keep hoping each new drug coming to trial is the Silver Bullet. Maybe, just maybe ...!
Avatar f tn An intact condom means that youve had safe sex and didnt expose yourself to hiv. You had no risk. see a doctor for your ailments. Theyre not hiv related.
Avatar m tn Also, is it standard to test for both HIV-1 and HIV-2? Labs don't test for only HIV-1 anymore they test for both types?
Avatar m tn Hope to get news from you Greetings from new jersey
Avatar n tn A week ago, I had sex with a prostitute in New Jersey. I had protected vaginal intercourse for less than 30 min. I remember inserting my index finger 2 times in her vagina each for less than 2 sec. The intention in this case was not fingering as I did not oscillate my finger to and fro. Please dilute my the following concerns : 1) My penis at that time was not completely erected, but I had a condom throughout the duration (which was intact and not broken).
Avatar m tn Since last two weeks (after almost 6 weeks of these incidents) I have started to have dry throat at night. I am living in New Jersey and my guess is it's because of winter and room heater. I might need to get a humidifier. But its happening almost every night and want to know if I need to worry about this with regard to HIV. 3. Also one final question, Does deep kissing i.e.
Avatar n tn For that reason--and to discourage others from doing the same thing--my only reply to your question is that there is no risk of HIV from the events you describe and there was no reason for you to have an HIV test. I will have no other reply and will delete any further comments or requests for clarification.
Avatar n tn A good illustration of the buildup of hiv antibodies with time (which indicates the effectivenss of the hiv antibody test) is given in an article by the state of New Jersey mentioned by JohnnyV last weekend. This article can be found at: The graph on page 2 of this article illustrates the rapid buildup of hiv antibodies after 30 days.
1250603 tn?1269465483 or has paranoia gotten the best of me? My girlfriend took a Rapid HIV Antibody test( Oral Fluid) on a AIDS awareness yesterday in New York City. It came out negative, but that is no surprise. Even though some of the doctors on this site and others claim that it takes as little as 5 weeks, I'd feel a lot better if I waited three months. Sometimes I don't know what site to trust anymore. Medhelp, Webmd, and the CDC site have all sorts of different information and opinions.
1122973 tn?1269735728 I've done well to stay off for a couple weeks and try to be around friends which has done me some good. However this time, I am dealing with a whole new set of HIV/STD anxiety related qualms. Two weeks ago, I did something I feel may have conflicted with my sero-negative status and I am scared and depressed beyond belief. I had protected sex with my ex boyfriend, he did not ejaculate from the sex.
Avatar n tn it came back negative and I was so relieved. I felt brand new. Even though I new I was fine I became paranoid of HIV meaning that I wasnt doing anything to get HIV but like if I cut my finger on something ill freak out and start thinking stuff like what if somebody with HIV cut their finger on the same thing before me. I would worry about it for a few days and then I wouldnt worry about it anymore and I have been like that ever since.
1235186 tn?1549261219 In 1986, Twenty eight years ago at the age of 29 with a 3 month old baby I became widowed. We had only been married for 4 years. When I met him he was facing 6 months in jail for theft. He was a recovering drug addict. He had also used heroin. I had met him through a mutual friend. I had used alot of drugs recreationally. I was a older teenager and in my twenties in the 70's. I had never done any opiates or heroin. He served the time in jail.
Avatar m tn Drs, Last week, March 19 I went to a strip club in Northern New Jersey. Before I left I went in the back with one of the dancers and had protected vaginal penetration with this dancer. I sat on the couch as she went into her purse I assume and took out a condom and put it on me. She sat on me with her back facing me. The sex lasted no more than 5 minutes.
Avatar n tn Have any suggestions on Counseling Places around New York/ New Jersey?
229411 tn?1189759425 I think I will go on Monday to the city public health for my 4 week HIV test. If it is negative, I have decided to moveon with my life and accept the result as conclusive. I dont care what the CDC says. I believe Dr HHH and he says most people who are truly positive get a positive test result at 4 weeks. I have always been a part of the majority my whole life in everything, I'm not the sore thumb, so I am confident I will be conclusive at 4 weeks.