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Avatar n tn What percentage of white escort women have hiv in New Jersey/New York? Is four weeks enough time to get tested? Have you ever heard of a sitituation like this where a man got hiv, and you belive that they weren't lying?
Avatar n tn A week ago, I had sex with a prostitute in New Jersey. I had protected vaginal intercourse for less than 30 min. I remember inserting my index finger 2 times in her vagina each for less than 2 sec. The intention in this case was not fingering as I did not oscillate my finger to and fro. Please dilute my the following concerns : 1) My penis at that time was not completely erected, but I had a condom throughout the duration (which was intact and not broken).
Avatar m tn Sorry for asking you again I wanted to know the risk including HIV and all other STDS? This happened in New Jersey in US..
Avatar m tn Hope to get news from you Greetings from new jersey
Avatar f tn I am 25yrs male and I have visited an asian massage parlor in new jersey usa and had sex for the first toke with a sex worker. She was iin her 40s and during the vaginal intercourse my Condom broke and I was inside for One minute and after ejaculation I have found that my condom was broke. I am uncircumcised and have the fore skin covering even the pink top almost completely even during erection.
Avatar f tn I need to know if in New Jersey (Bergen County) I can find medical institution where I can bring my doughter for skin reactions to something that we don`t know what, without ensurance.
Avatar m tn So I got tested at a clinic more than two years after a sexual encounter. I got tested July of 2012 in New Jersey. They tested for syphilis, gonorrhea, and HIV. I called them after I took the test to confirm if they tested for HIV-1 and HIV-2, or just HIV-1. I was told over the phone that they test for both, that is why they send it out instead of doing rapid testing. When I called for my results a couple weeks later, I was told "syphilis negative, gonorrhea negative, HIV negative.
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Avatar m tn Dr. Hook, Thanks a lot for your expert opinion! It will certainly help to reduce my anxiety and move on with day to day life. However I still have couple doubts and hope you can help me to clear my mind.Please elaborate on these points 1. Is it even possible to get HIV infection even after using condom? I don't remember the type of condom that stripper gave me in first incident but second one I know it was good as I bought it. 2.
Avatar n tn My question if i wiped my lip with my jersey to used while playing basketball and if theirs a blood from another basketball player in my jersey? do you think i have a risk for hiv or hcv or HBV?
Avatar f tn Are there any new mommies in new jersey? I have no family here and I need friends. My daughter is almost 3 weeks old...
Avatar n tn We are searching for a neurologist in New Jersey who specializes in MS. Searching the NET has not given us much information. We did find an MS Care Center in Teaneck. Familiar??? Any input would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn (alternative) about this test he quoted 180 dollars which half of that is the lab cost which the Dr. has to send it from L.A. to New Jersey, I guess a lot of labs just do not do that test.
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