Hiv test negative after 2 months

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Avatar m tn Dear Doctors and Gentlemens, I had an exposure 110 days ago, I had an protected ( but really I am not sure that yhe condom faıled or broken or ıt has some holes on ıt, the exparatıon date ıs okey but) sex wıth a sex worker, My concern ıs about HIV-2 because I had 4 test after the exposure, the test are wrıtten below, Some ınternet news or forums I have read that hıv -2 ıs less vırulent and there ıs no enough research about hıv-2, the wındow perıod wıll be more than 3 months or 6 months.
Avatar f tn I took a 4th generation test after 45 days and another after 55 days both negative. Now im having symptoms. Fever and fatigue for almos 8 days, white tongue, diarrhea. Should i take another test?
Avatar n tn Got negative test for 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 monts after the exposure…And last year also I got my annual vacation so I had an sex with my gf back in Philippines and I inform her that i had another sex with prostitute and she had a six months negative test also…She’s working now in hotel she got her negative test when the hotel give her a medical check up before she start the work.. My symptomps. 1. Rashes in My Arms, Rashes in my Face, Rashes in Hands, Rashes in Armpit.. 2.
Avatar f tn If you received a negative on the Elisa test 2 months after your risk (not sure what your risk was, do you care to share) ... that is a GREAT sign of your true status. Test again at 12 weeks and collect your good news!
Avatar m tn The result was negative and my life changed from that day. The test was done around 3.75 months after the possible exposure. My questions: 1. The nurse told me that it is 95% accurate? Does that mean I have to re-test after 6 months? 2. Are blood Rapid tests as accurate as other standard HIV tests? 3. Can it be a false negative? 4. Can I move on and have a regular physical relation with me wife?
Avatar m tn i have done 4 hiv test after 6 months, but now for past 2 months i have fever, which persistaining between 98 to 99F( Having headache,diarrhea,loss of appetite).but not more then 100. i checked my blood and diagonised with typhoid, i am taking treatment for that. but yesterday one doctor told me that it may be a chance ofTB also. i am feared now because TB is also one of the symptoms of HIV. so please advice me teak. As i can get some suggestion from you and from medhelp only.........
Avatar m tn Dear Dr, I got tested at 12 weeks of a protected encounter (unaware of the nature of the condom).. It showed negative in rapid card hiv 1 & 2 test.. Then ECLIA&CLIA duo test at 14 weeks also showed negative.. Is this conclusive? Do ars occur after 12 weeks? Kindly reply.. I am anxious..
Avatar m tn I took an HIV about 2 months after exposure and results came back negative. After my HIV test I had a fever and felt very week for a day and the next day it was gone. How long do "fever-like" symptoms last for??? Now i have this "pimple" like bump on the left side of my neck. I tried popping it, but nothing came out and it's somewhat sensitive. When i squeeze it hard i can feel some pain. Are these swollen lymph nodes???
Avatar m tn Persons at high risk who initially test negative should be retested 3 months after exposure to confirm results
Avatar n tn So I took a 3 month test for HIV. It came out negative, I went to the city clinic and they did an ELISA test on me by BIORAD that's the company that makes the test I think. And the main reason I posted is because I want to know whether ELISA's also test for HIV 2... That's my main questions, do ELISA's test for hiv 2 or just 1? I'm wondering because my risk exposure was out side the US. Also do you recommend testing in another 3 months just to be safe?
Avatar n tn Dear Doctor, I had a risky( not so high)encounter -unprotected sex with a status not known Indian woman-in October 2005.I am 42 year old Indian working in Middle East . In November I had a flu like symptom from where i got freaked , I was going through a lot mental deprssions, pressure . My marriage was on doledrums because of this and that also added to lot of mental stress that i had to take antidepressants and other medications .
Avatar m tn I had a HIV Duo quick test (biomerioux) after 16 days which was negative. After 7 months (today) I had a second test. I did it in the same clinic in the same manner so I assume they did hiv duo again. I received information back that it was "slightly" reactive from the doctor but since it is already 7 months he assumes nothing is wrong. In my panic I did a test in another clinic VIKIA hiv 1/2 biomerieux which was negative. Have to wait 2 days for the retest in the first clinic.
Avatar f tn I also took Hep A,B,C and syphilis tests at 4 months mark and they were also negative. My doctor says that I am conclusively negative after 6 months HIV test but I am still thinking about HIV. Thank you guys.