Hiv test negative after 2 months

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Avatar m tn i swallowed semen and then a month later developed lumps in the back of my through, it has been 2 months and i still have it. I had an HIV test 2 months after having sex (it was protected but unprotected the second time) He says he had an HIV test just recently it was negative and it has been 106 days since the encounter. Should i be worried i have HIV, is this sore through HIV symptom?
Avatar f tn I have my HIV screening test as negative after 2 month of possible disclosure. My question is : Is my 2 month HIV screening negative result reliable or conclusive regardless of any types of testing method ?
Avatar m tn I had 2 blood test done one was after 4 weeks the other was after 8 weeks, both turned out negative, and in fact the antibody count decreased in my second test. However after 16 weeks i suddenly got a fungal infection, i got Jocks itch. I got scared but i know that it was probably due to my poor hygiene however after 24 weeks i got it again.
Avatar n tn A negative test at 2 months after your last exposure is a VERY good sign. Follow up your test at 3 months for a conclusive result. After you collect your's time to commit to a safer lifestyle. Then, you won't have to go thru this kind of ordeal and stress again. Best of luck.
Avatar m tn 18 Vdrl, Tpha negative Cymaidia negative My question is 1) I m HIV negative r should I repeat the test after 1 year 2)did HIV transfer from saliva 3)Should I repeat the same test after 1 year Please,please help me out I can't able to sleep from last 6 months I m not able to concentrate on my job and I'm not able to concentrate on my career plz plz help me out
1883607 tn?1320775762 I also did PCR test after 2 weeks of exposure also negative. very much worried because I read that it will take 6 months in rare case. So what are the rare case situation?
Avatar n tn NO. You would know if you had an organ transplant that required an anti-rejection med I would hope. Flagyl is NOT an anti rejection med!!!
Avatar m tn Hello Doctor, Greetings to your hard work, I have checked Hiv 1 & 2 abs test after 4 & 5 months, is it conclusive or i have to wait for anohter 1 month for extra sure. What is known as elisa method? whether hiv detection has to be done only through elisa or normal hiv 1 & 2 Abs test is enough. When is normally a hiv test should be done after a possible exposure for 100% sure. Kinldy do the reply to relive by fear.
Avatar n tn Relax. With a negative HIV test 2 months afterward, you can be 100% certain you did not acquire HIV during the sexual encounter you describe. Sinus symptoms are not like those of acute HIV infection; and in any case, symptoms NEVER are a useful indicator for or against HIV. (And by the way, it isn't at all surprising that your "sinusitis" did not respond to antibiotics.
Avatar n tn 1. My Six month negative test is conclusive? Or I need to Take Another HIV Test? 2. You have any idea which hiv test is using in Philippines? 3. There is a possibilities that my symptoms is related to HIV?
Avatar m tn Dear Doctors and Gentlemens, I had an exposure 110 days ago, I had an protected ( but really I am not sure that yhe condom faıled or broken or ıt has some holes on ıt, the exparatıon date ıs okey but) sex wıth a sex worker, My concern ıs about HIV-2 because I had 4 test after the exposure, the test are wrıtten below, Some ınternet news or forums I have read that hıv -2 ıs less vırulent and there ıs no enough research about hıv-2, the wındow perıod wıll be more than 3 months or 6 months.
Avatar m tn I got tested after 5 months. and the test was negative. (1). Does that mean I can stop testing? (2). Can the hiv virus stay dormant in my lymph nodes for 5 months? (3). Should I get a follow up test? (4). Are swallen lymph nodes a strong sign of hiv???
Avatar f tn I am anxious because I had an unprotected sexual relationship with a woman I knew in a Bar and 8 months later I got a HIV test and turned negative. my question is 1- a is the test result final or should I test again? 2- test done in a private and expensive hospital but worries about the fact that only the HIV should read should I be worried about hiv 2? I've heard that it's a duo, but I do not know exactly.
Avatar n tn I get tested for hiv after 9 months and 20 days from possible exposure. My hiv test result is: HIV Antibody(1&2)- "NON-REACTIVE TO HIV ANTIBODY" What does this mean??
Avatar m tn itchy eyes lower back pain sometime sometime bad breathing my wife also has little diarrea since 1 month but her 2 hiv tests after 7 months unprotected exposure with me are negative. vdrl- negative for palm rash hsv 1 and 2 igm negative hav 1 and 2 igg positive but doctor says igg is nothing. i m not asking to teak and lizz to ans it because they already help me very much . i want to ask from anyone who has same experience in past kindly share it.
Avatar n tn I was scared for many months, but after 2.5 months I went and got tested and the test came back negative. Now many years later, I am still scared and am just wondering how accurate that test was and if I should be as worried as I am. From literature I had read many years ago, I found that after one month of possiable exposure the HIV test is 90% accurate, so how accurate would it be after 2.5 months. How worried should I be.
Avatar n tn hi i had a test 2 months after possible exposure it came out negative know im at 3 months and scared im having arm pain just in the left side and clear watery discharge my doc said it might have been a jeast infection and then he said to get a bv test can my test be wrong?
Avatar f tn - I tested negative for chlamydia, gonorrhoea and -syphilis 4 weeks after the exposure. - IGG positive for CMV and IGM negative - IGM negative for EBV no IGG test performed for EBV yet. - Physician diagnosed the white tongue as oral thrush, two weeks of nystatin did not help. - ENT thinks it is leukoplakia not oral thrush and does not seem to concern since I had two negative tests, but I don’t smoke and was not taking antibiotics.
Avatar m tn Hey. I tested negative for hiv 1/2 through an ora rapid test. It was a free test. But I only took it 7 weeks after i had unprotected sex with a girl from africa.. I have no idea what part. Well.. they told me at the clinic to come back after 3 months and I tested again negative!. BUT they were out of the rapid tests so i had a test that was sent to a lab (still an oral test. no blood) well, it came back negative and they told me at the clinic to let it go now.
Avatar m tn Your test after 3 months is 100% conclusive. You don't have HIV. Number doesn't matter as long as your result is non-reactive. Please see your doctor if you have any health issues and they are not at all related to HIV.
Avatar m tn i had protected sex with a prostitute after 6 weeks all test negative including hiv antibody no pcr just elisa after 9 weeks all negative now after 11 week n 2 days i got elisa negative i was told that they check for antigen n antibody here in uk when check for hiv so now u dont have to be tested after 12 weeks or 90 days should i go for further test after 3 months can u plz help me is thr any possibility that u r negative at 11 week n get positive after 12 weeks thanx
Avatar m tn HI Any one please tell me , last JULY month i have done protected sex with street sex worker but that time condom might be broken , 2 week after i am getting all the possible HIV symptoms like rashes , sore throat, full sick ness, 5 KGS weight loss, dull ness on my face i have went for HIV TRYDOT test after 2 , 3 and 4 months , the result came back -ve . but still i am facing rashes on my face and also sore throat never went out . still i have infected ??????
Avatar m tn Just 6 weeks ago, I had oral sex with csw and I have posted on this forum a coiple times, I got responses as NO RISK for protected oral sex even though i fingered the woman's vag-ina and put that finger in my mouth.
Avatar m tn i had a sex with condom and sudenly it remve and i use it again after 2 days i had infection in my urion i got tablet and antibytic from doctor and 1 week my test urion was good but in 7 weeks after that i had cold after 3,5 4, 4.