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Avatar m tn s just that so many sites keep saying HIV can be transmitted through oral sex and right now, even the test is negative, I feel kind of weird and sick.
Avatar m tn I sincerely hope that my 7 week, 4 day negative test, along with my 2week negative quantitative RNA can conclusively or almost conclusively rule out HIV, even though it was a rapid and not a newer generation. I feel a lot better now but sometimes it still all feels like a dream. Any thoughts, words of encouragement, or caution? Thanks a lot guys, for being there through the whole process.
Avatar n tn I had a negative HIV test result at 9-10 weeks after my possible exposure. Is this conclusive? Should I take another test later on?
Avatar n tn Are my test solid enough to positively say that I am do not have HIV with a Negative Antibody Test at 13 weeks and a Negative HIV-1 DNA, Qualitative PCR at 39 days? Sorry for wanting the excessive re-assurance.
Avatar m tn my negative result is accuracy or i need to rested! i there any chance after 11 months test came negative and after is positive?
Avatar m tn hi guys just get my 82 days negative test.. Got question in my mind not is that im doubting the test. Is it possible to re used a lancet needle? Because ive done a finger pricked rapid test. What kind of lancet needles is having a safety feautures that will retract the needle that impossible to re used again. If it is not a pen typw lancet needle is it possible to re use a lancet?? Is it possible to get infected by hiv virus by reused lancwt.. Thanks...
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Avatar m tn I was tested at 5 and 12 weeks exactly with rapid tests both were negative, i also tested negative for all stds.
Avatar f tn t have HIV when you use a condom, so your test was a waste of time. You are safe and can move on from HIV.
Avatar m tn How confident should I be from a negative antibodies test taken at the 5 1/2 week mark? Is it only definitive at 3 months? What is the accuracy of test at the 5 1/2 weeks? Thanks to anyone who can help.
Avatar f tn There is no risk for you and your HIV test result has prove this.
Avatar n tn i know that sometimes it takes years before an HIV+ person can show symptoms. And that it is possible to get a false negative test early after having contracted HIV. My questions is if somebody is showing symptoms early after possibly contracting HIV (within 3 months) and they test are negative even after 5 months , what are the chances that they are actually positive? Is it possible to get a false negative while showing symptoms uptill 6 months?
Avatar f tn The rapid blood test by clearview stat pak states in the DOCs, if you had no risk in the prior 3 months of using this product and you test negative, your results are conclusive and you do not have HIV. This proves the reliability of certified rapid blood tests. Need more? As RubyWitch said, "You obviously have some doubts, so for your peace of mind, get a lab test.
Avatar m tn Are NAT and PCR synonyms. Does HIV DNA by PCR and HIV NAT by PCR same. Have you ever prescribed this test that I took Dr.Edward. Asking since FDA did not approve and the test itself says they do not know the timing. Asking since from your experience did you see this specific test turn positive after 4 weeks for anyone. Due to technicians manually have to see the length of the pro viral DNA and determine.
Avatar n tn I got tested for HIV-1 abs test in july 2010 at lab corp and my test came out negative. I was just wondering if i can be still HIV positive if my results were HIV negative? I am so scared and can't stop thinking about it. This is what my report says. HIV1/0/2 Abs-ICMS HIV 1/0/2 Abs Index Value <1.00 Index value reactivity relative to negative cutoff.
Avatar m tn No factors you describe can interfere in your HIV antibody test. Hence, your HIV test at this juncture has been very indicative. I can comment on the other STIs, you might want to take that to the STI forum. A 3 months test will be conclusive for you. A 6 week negative changing ahead is very unlikely though.
Avatar n tn Got negative test for 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 monts after the exposure…And last year also I got my annual vacation so I had an sex with my gf back in Philippines and I inform her that i had another sex with prostitute and she had a six months negative test also…She’s working now in hotel she got her negative test when the hotel give her a medical check up before she start the work.. My symptomps. 1. Rashes in My Arms, Rashes in my Face, Rashes in Hands, Rashes in Armpit.. 2.
Avatar f tn I also have anxiety when it comes to HIV I kno how it feels but dnt worry if ur test came back negative then your fine trust me.
Avatar f tn rash,seizures,low level fever,headache, back pain,pain in legs,vaginal pain. after 6 months i go for test that hiv test was negative 1and 2 antibodies 0.015 in hiv result but liquid saliva in mouth in morning i am still facing. Can hiv positive person got hiv negative test?
Avatar m tn I took the below screening test at 90th and 100 days ..which came negative..These tests are conclusive? ? Is this test was 3rd generation test?? TEst : SEROLOGY HIV 1 & 2 (Quali) Method :Immunochromatography Kit : Determine HIV 1/2 Result:Nonreactive Now am experiencing knee pains and some pain at neck.. small bumps on gentle area (in the hair)... some pain at right side abdomen. . After 8 week of exposure. .I took the vdrl and other std tests ..
Avatar m tn Having these antibodies means you are infected with HIV. If the test is negative (no antibodies found) and you have risk factors for HIV infection, you should be retested in 3 months. THEN WHAT THE MEAN OF NEGATIVE ...AND WHICH RESULT WILL SAY NO HIV FOREVER ...AND PLEASE TELL ME AFTER HAVING ORAL SEX HOW LONG SHROUD I WAIT TO TAKE HIV TEST PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ HELP ME .......
Avatar m tn GEEEEEEEEEEEZ you have a conclusive negative test result...proving that you were LUCKY and didnt contract hiv. move on, as you do not have a hiv concern.
Avatar m tn A false negative can happen with any test taken to early. OI doesn't happen until a person infected with HIV has a CD4 count below 200. So yes, that is during advance HIV infection and usually only happens with people not taking HAART or having a resistance problems with the medication that they are on. People with CD4s that low are always put on antibiotics to help prevent OIs. I've been on antibiotics w/HAART for the last three years.