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Avatar m tn Hey. I tested negative for hiv 1/2 through an ora rapid test. It was a free test. But I only took it 7 weeks after i had unprotected sex with a girl from africa.. I have no idea what part. Well.. they told me at the clinic to come back after 3 months and I tested again negative!. BUT they were out of the rapid tests so i had a test that was sent to a lab (still an oral test. no blood) well, it came back negative and they told me at the clinic to let it go now.
Avatar f tn I also have anxiety when it comes to HIV I kno how it feels but dnt worry if ur test came back negative then your fine trust me.
Avatar m tn i had protected sex with a prostitute after 6 weeks all test negative including hiv antibody no pcr just elisa after 9 weeks all negative now after 11 week n 2 days i got elisa negative i was told that they check for antigen n antibody here in uk when check for hiv so now u dont have to be tested after 12 weeks or 90 days should i go for further test after 3 months can u plz help me is thr any possibility that u r negative at 11 week n get positive after 12 weeks thanx
Avatar n tn I get tested for hiv after 9 months and 20 days from possible exposure. My hiv test result is: HIV Antibody(1&2)- "NON-REACTIVE TO HIV ANTIBODY" What does this mean??
Avatar m tn My latest antibody test are as follows: 8/11/10> negative 6/08/10>negative 7/12/10> negative 4/21/10>negative 3/31/10>negative 2/24/10 >negative The possible exposure was 8/3/09.From your response I gathered that negative test trump all symptons. I plan to take one last test on 9/22/10and if it is negative i should be able to drop this and move on. thanks for replying.
Avatar m tn ) It's just that so many sites keep saying HIV can be transmitted through oral sex and right now, even the test is negative, I feel kind of weird and sick.
Avatar f tn Please tell me hiv test conclusive at 3 months instead of 6 months so stressed out
Avatar n tn Swollen glands under armpit ,recently white spots on one tonsil. sore joints that have lasted a month. If the test was negative am I hiv negative or should I test again a year out?
Avatar n tn I had a negative HIV test result at 9-10 weeks after my possible exposure. Is this conclusive? Should I take another test later on?
Avatar n tn Hey So I tested negative to HIV 4 weeks, 5 days or 32 days post exposure. Can i take comfort in that test result? I know everone says 3 months, and I will do a follow up, but just wanted to get a feel for this so I can relieve my anxiety.
Avatar f tn I took a hiv regular test an it came bk negative now I got take a hiv western reflex screen why do I have to an I'm pregant do anybody know why
Avatar n tn I got tested for HIV-1 abs test in july 2010 at lab corp and my test came out negative. I was just wondering if i can be still HIV positive if my results were HIV negative? I am so scared and can't stop thinking about it. This is what my report says. HIV1/0/2 Abs-ICMS HIV 1/0/2 Abs Index Value <1.00 Index value reactivity relative to negative cutoff.
Avatar m tn my negative result is accuracy or i need to rested! i there any chance after 11 months test came negative and after is positive?
Avatar m tn Hi, i've done the test after 5 months and 13 days. Hiv Ab/Ag Negative. It's a combo hiv? In the paper aren't write if have tested with elisa or WB..It's sure? Can i repeat the test? Exist false negative? thanks to all.
Avatar f tn first i got nausea and white liquid saliva in morning then seizures,low level fever diarrhea rash it all takes 4 months now i am fine have no symptom except liquid saliva in morning which was first symptom i got hiv test that was negative have 1 and 2 antibody elisa i have no autoimmune disease no flu symtoms .Can hiv positive person gain hiv negative test after several months?
Avatar n tn That was March fourteenth of this year. I took the Home Access Test on June twenty eighth. My test results came back negative. During that window period though I had a sore throat with swollen glands. Developed white blemishes in my mouth and later had diahrea for more than a week. Can I be certain that I don't have it? What COULD these symptoms be? Thankyou.
Avatar n tn Well took the test today and was negative. I was told condoms barring breakages stop hiv 100%, but aren't 100% guaranteed to stop chlamydia which conflicts with info on here. Anyway my chlamydia and gonorrea results arrive on monday.
Avatar m tn I sincerely hope that my 7 week, 4 day negative test, along with my 2week negative quantitative RNA can conclusively or almost conclusively rule out HIV, even though it was a rapid and not a newer generation. I feel a lot better now but sometimes it still all feels like a dream. Any thoughts, words of encouragement, or caution? Thanks a lot guys, for being there through the whole process.
Avatar m tn How accurate is a negative HIV test at 4 weeks post exposure? Also with a low risk exposure.. kissing protected oral, unprotected insertive oral and being rimmed?
20853006 tn?1547670089 I was able to get my OB-GYN to do a viral load test after I had two HIV antibody tests done. I am happy to say that every test I have had done has came back negative. I still do not know what is wrong with me, but I guess I do not have HIV/AIDS. I am sorry for all of my questions and anxiety. Thank you to everyone that has answered any of my questions that I have posted on here.
Avatar f tn he was HIV positive..... they did the tests 4 times and its all positive i did mine and it came up negative. just to let you kow that we are in a relationship since feb 16th 2010 i just wanna know what is the posibility that i'd get a positive result in few months time?is it like about time to show on the blood test or what? im lost confused and scared he is leaving the country and going back to his...i cant eat sleep or think.
Avatar f tn rash,seizures,low level fever,headache, back pain,pain in legs,vaginal pain. after 6 months i go for test that hiv test was negative 1and 2 antibodies 0.015 in hiv result but liquid saliva in mouth in morning i am still facing. Can hiv positive person got hiv negative test?
Avatar m tn I have always wanted to get tested but i'm ashamed to do so. So i found out about HIV Test Kits, Just this year March. The one i bought was from a website called 1mintest.The testkit is called EZ-Trust. Its an approved test kit listing in USAID. The result i received was negative. I read online that cunnilingus carries very low risk and using a condom could greatly reduce the chance of contracting HIV.
923497 tn?1243898324 My question is, how long do I REALLY have to wait to get tested? Like I mentioned, I honestly don't believe he was sleeping with his wife and he did test negative. This is driving me bananas! I'm sorry if this was confusing, but I'm so scared and hurt and alone. Any help and/or comfort is greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I had a possible exposure a couple of years ago and have recently had three different hiv antibody tests done. All were negative. Two were at one lab while the third was at another. Is it possible that three tests can be wrong or maybe not pick up on an infection from that long ago? I have read where there are various strains. Do these tests test for all strains and how common are some of these stranes?
Avatar f tn The rapid blood test by clearview stat pak states in the DOCs, if you had no risk in the prior 3 months of using this product and you test negative, your results are conclusive and you do not have HIV. This proves the reliability of certified rapid blood tests. Need more? As RubyWitch said, "You obviously have some doubts, so for your peace of mind, get a lab test.