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Avatar m tn Under what circumstances is a PCR-RNA and P24 test used and does that give you a more conclusive result?
Avatar m tn I read the article, and it seems that they are talking about drug resistance screening, not HIV screening in general. So those cases are about people who have viruses that would test incorrectly on measurements seeking to treat their HIV infection. But, those people would still test positive under antibody ELISA tests. Hope that helps.
Avatar m tn Has the HIV PCR RNA or HIV PCR DNA test been approved by the FDA for diagnosing HIV yet? Or is the 3rd and 4th generation antibody tests still considered the "gold standard"? Thanks for your input and time!!!
Avatar m tn Can RNA-PCR test detects the HIV infection earlier than HIV if yes then how early
Avatar f tn I have done unprotected vaginal with a woman unknown hiv status. I will having a hiv test with cmia methods generation but I'm confuse there are some opinion that said 6 weeks better and the other 8 weeks.
Avatar m tn I have an expousre about 41 days (nearly 6 weeks) , and took a test and received a negative result after one hour. I worried about the test methods that the clincic used. I know they used rapid test (quick test, antibody) but I don't know what exactly it is (ELISA or Determine 1/2, 3rd or 4th generation). I read many posts that you said that only 6-8 weeks we can know someone have been infected by HIV. 1/ My question is which testing methods can be applied in 6-8 weeks?
Avatar n tn Call the lab and speak to them about the test and methods. They would be the best resource.
Avatar n tn everything came out negative at 5 months. later got tested for hiv with rapid test where they use oral fluid and this was negative. this about 6 months after last sexual activity. is this conclusive and is rapid test reliable? read on aids website that a series of tests is recommended at 6 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months.
Avatar f tn I know that this forum has said that unprotected cunnunglus is a very low risk factor to contact HIV. However as the forum knows people still are nervous and worried. I had a HIV 1&2 antibodies test thinking that I was 90 days out from contact. The woman that I was with contacted me saying that she gave me the wrong date. This meant that I was only 55 days out from being with this woman. My doctor said that the HIV 1&2 antibodies test is at least 90% accurate.
Avatar m tn HIV test is required ONLY IF you've had UNPROTECTED vaginal/anal sex or shared needles for injecting IV drugs with an HIV positive person or someone of an unknown status. If you've had any of the exposures I've described above, then retest at 3 months to receive a conclusive and reliable negative result. Having a 6 week negative test results, it is unlikely it will change by the 3 months mark. So the odds are highly in your favor.
Avatar m tn It has been a month and I am planning to do home test. (7) Can I trust iCare Home Rapid HIV Test Kit? Is that test kit really accurate? I am waiting for your responses, guys. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Once I found out, I did some research and found out that the blood center uses two methods of HIV/STD testing. The first method being the NAT RNA (pooled) method followed up by an anti-body test. I found out by some research that the NAT RNA method will detect HIV at around the 12th. day of exposure ( the only difference between the "pooled" method of NAT RNA is 99.0% at day 12 and the individual NAT RNA is 99.
1485826 tn?1309926347 And if so, would I need to specify which HIV test I would like to receive? Whatever the case, any information you can provide would help. Thanks immensely for your time and sorry about the length of this email. Sincerely, Chocabo PS I'm really impressed with the work you do on this website and the help that you provide to hundereds if not thousands of people. Is there any way I can donate?
Avatar m tn Is this test conclusive for anything 3 months prior? At the sametime, does HIV screening yield result this fast?
Avatar f tn Does anyone here know if an Influenza vaccine can alter my HIV rapid testing over at planned parenthood??? My doctor 2 weeks after exposure had a CBC done on me, not sure if that meant anything regarding testing for HIV or not. I had an influenza vaccine done last week and I am supposed to get an HIV rapid test or oraquick test done tomorrow since it's 6 weeks after my exposure. I am so nervous because I know the one i had done at 4 weeks didnt mean much.
Avatar m tn Hello, well, i had a non protected relation with my girlfriend. it was really brief, about less than 1 minute. Both were virgin, then did it twice with condoms, the last one we were in a hurry, so didn't used any. so i began having a fear, paranoia, etc ... We are 17 both. i had an oraquick test at 70 days, and it was negative. Well, i had one, in the morning, but i didn't swab it, just make it touch my gums about 4 times, then did the test, and it was negative 20 minutes later.
Avatar m tn My mom was diagnosed hiv positive with 3 methods. And then WB test shows GP160, How does GP160 represents? The hospital tell my mom to test again one month later.