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Avatar m tn i,m back at leeds on the 28th and i have to take my first urine of that morning with me but according to my ivf diary it doesnt say anything about a blood test so i really dont know xx
Avatar m tn well just done my 6th and last pregnancy test since i,m at leeds on monday and it came back posative but this time it came back 2-3 not 1-2 so i think i can almost say yes i am pregnant but there is always that little bit of doubt though isn,t there xx
Avatar m tn Had a 32 day HIV finger test today result negative. My exposure was unprotected oral (receiving). How reliable is that test after 32 days? I know no-one has ever been documented catching it from that but I am testing to 12 weeks whatever anyone says. Also can you catch Syphilis from kissing? I have a slight red spot on my tongue not a spot as in a swelling etc just a red bit on my tongue.
Avatar m tn roll on monday, but all they are going to do is now confirm what we already know :) your PREGGERS :) xx
Avatar f tn A major new insight into how Hepatitis B Virus works could pave the way for new drug treatments for the infection which is the major cause of liver cancer worldwide. The team at the Universities of York and Leeds identified an "assembly code" in the genetic material of Hepatitis B Virus that allows it to create a protective casing in which it can produce new infectious virus particles.
Avatar n tn Some days before starting these symptoms I was so worry about the unprotected oral ex and I was so stressful and anxious. Can it Leeds to these symptoms? Homany percent can it be HIV?
Avatar m tn i dnt even think leeds do a blood test i just have to take a urine sample in and they test it but tonite i hav had real bad period pains r they normal to get these xx
Avatar f tn I'm originally from mobile Alabama. Just moved to Mississippi about a year ago.
Avatar f tn auto immune hepatitis,i came up positive for cocaine on a random drug screen,i work for the railroad,my primary doctor suggested to get a hair follicle test it came back negative,somehow both urine test and hair screen done at same lab,but railroad fired me anyway.railroad would not accept hair follicle,f.r.a. and d.o.t. don,t reconize hair screen,i don't do drugs!how is a person soppose to prove there innocent when they won't except evidence backed by my three forensic toxacolagist.
Avatar f tn One question which always comes to my mind is that as per the experts comment here in this forum that hiv virus dies as soon as it comes out of host body then how come uses of syrienge Leeds to hiv transmission as the virus is suppose to be dead as soon as it comes out of hosts body.
Avatar f tn i am a student at the university of leeds. I study product design and for my final project i am designing a pill dispenser. would anyone feel comfortable answering a questionnaire i have designed towards people who take regular medication?
901131 tn?1293744553 By analyzing the role of the AMP kinase enzyme in Hepatitis C viral proliferation, University of Leeds researchers have discovered that certain traditional diabetes drugs prevent Hepatitis C viral replication. New Use for Old Drugs in Treating Hepatitis C? August 5, 2010 Research led by the University of Leeds has found drugs such as anti-diabetic drug Metformin and AICAR, used to combat obesity, can prevent the hepatitis C virus from replicating in the body.
Avatar f tn Does anybody know if primark in Leeds sells maternity clothes?????
Avatar f tn Hi I'm from Leeds, England just wondering if there is any British mummys on here x
Avatar m tn all i no is that i have to take a urine sample to leeds on the 28th for them to test to see if im pregnant or not then if i am definatly pregnant i go back to leeds a couple of weeks later for a scan then they hand me over to my own doctor i don,t think they do a blood test or anything xx
Avatar m tn hi am a 45 yearold female yesterday i had my yearly so had a EKG so far yhey have all came back normal however yesterday this one came back abnormal fo rthe first time i had also just came back from the lab i had been fasting for 14 hours and was so stressed when i got to the office i was hiot and needed fluids badly so i aske dif i could wait a few hours to calm down before doing this test but they wantes to do it so moving on the lady who did the test didnt have the leeds on right also
175662 tn?1282213656 congrats hunny i kno i want to read all birth storys lol!
Avatar f tn Thank folks I could not have done it without this group forum, will post outcome when I know about test results but still have two weeks to go.
Avatar f tn Im 17 weeks 2 days pregnant. N I went for an early gender scan in Leeds at 16 weeks n found out Im having a lil healthy boy:) due on 27th July!!