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Avatar m tn Being that the rapid test was taken closer to the 3 month mark, and was negative, why were four tests by the state lab (taken much earlier) indeterminate? Is the rapid test that much different from the EIA/ELISA test? Also, based on my limited research over the past month, I've never come across anything that would indicate that the EIA/ELISA test could be indeterminate. It is usually positive or negative. I also find it strange that the state lab has involved the CDC.
Avatar m tn So can you please elaborate more about what indeterminate HIV antibody test result means because it is mentioned a lot here and in the experts forum.
Avatar m tn Hello About 5 weeks ago i had sex with prostitute. It was a protected sex (with condom) all the way (oral and vaginal), no kissing. As far as i checked, condom did not break or tear. The girl stated that she was tested for STDs recently and had none (this cannot be checked independently, of course) After regretting it all the way after, decided to do STD test in a primacare location (walk-in clinic).
Avatar n tn 'An indeterminate Riba may represent a true Hcv infection, depending on the pattern of the Riba.' 20% to 50% of indeterminate Riba tests with pos C22 OR C33 marker are hcv pos by Pcr. Almost no indeterminate Riba tests with pos C100-3 OR 5-1-1 marker are hcv pos by Pcr. Remember, an indeterminate Riba is positive on ONLY one of the markers. Pos riba is positive on ANY combination of 2. Pos riba means you have Hcv antibodies in your blood stream.
Avatar m tn The test was coded as "non-diagnostic." If it said any of the other options (non-reactive, indeterminate, inconclusive, etc) I think it would be much less confusing. She had a shingles and hepatitis vaccine prior to testing, so perhaps this caused some weird reaction with the test. She is obviously freaking, but my rational mind believes she is fine.
Avatar m tn Since you repeated the RIBA test with the same indeterminate results, it sounds like the next step is to do a RT-PCR HCV RNA test. This test will tell you if there is HCV present and the current viral load. Further reading: An indeterminate RIBA result indicates that the anti-HCV result cannot be determined (Box).
Avatar f tn My ex and I had not had sex vaginal of oral for approx 5 weeks and I went into get tested for everything. My hiv test came back indeterminate and positive to one antibody? I cannot speak for my ex behavior so I have no idea what he did of didn't do? In my fear I purchased an at home oral hiv test kit a d took it. I tested negative. I'm concerned about the results from the doctor? He will retest again in a month but in the mean time I'm falling apart.
Avatar f tn Indetrminate hiv test result, last contact was oral sex 4 weeks ago. Partner was recently tested as hiv negative. Waiting for further blood test results today. Im worried. Am i at large risk?
Avatar m tn Welcome to our Forum. I understand how concerning an indeterminate HIV test can be. Indeterminate HIV tests can arise in two ways- either because you are in the process of developing antibodies to HIV or because your body has antibodies which happen to cross react with some of the antigens (proteins) which are part of the HIV virus. This latter reaction is a false positive reaction.
Avatar n tn Thank you. I really wasn't aware that you could get indeterminate results from an HIV test. My concern was in possibly getting infected with HIV from being impregnated with his sperm. Could someone tell me what could cause false positives and indeterminate results on the Elisa? Now I am curious...
Avatar f tn I read the website that if it is indeterminate in western blot hiv1 then it means i have to check hiv 2, as i had sex in nigeria. I had indeterminate wb in nigeria at 4 months. On sudden went to india to recheck in rapid test it was negitive (tridot), doubth because in india there is no hiv 2. Sir, is western blot at 4 month will be conclusive and 2 bands indicates hiv 2. Please help me medhelp.
Avatar m tn you mean the 8.3% would give an indeterminate test. BTW an indeterminate is when the control line does not show up, right? Thanks Vance. I keep doubting these results because of these symptoms that won't go away even after 6 months.
Avatar m tn As I had unprotected sex with + women and had rapid ( Deteminate strip )hiv test at 5 Months positive and indeterminate western blot and again at 6 months rapid test it was negitive with rapid ( TRIDOT Strip). What should i belive - is it Determinate strip which was done in other country or TRIDOT Strip which is done in INDIA.
Avatar m tn please help me i am help less, Dr did not clear me any thing he said the test is not done properly so it mean Indeterminate so we need to test again is it true? i read on internet its looks its positive in first test and second test not clear, pleas help me, i am help less.
Avatar f tn After 10 days, I got my blood test result with HIV indeterminate result.I feel very sad and I get insane. Then I didnt know what should i do. So I went to another hospital to make blood test again. The send test is 2 weeks far from the first one. After 5 days , i got my result with HIV negative result. I was so happy. But please someone tell me. Should I trust my send time negative result ? I dont believe myself now cause i got indeterminate result first time. Please someone help me.
Avatar m tn I recently got a quick checkup test report for applying for a job, everything was fine except for the hiv which came out as "hiv ab/ag raised value and hiv WB indeterminate" and they then took another sample and I was asked to wait for a week for the final result. This report along with the noticeable concern of the specialist planted an unbearable anxiously in me such that i can't eat nor sleep nor anything.
Avatar f tn It's not intermittent either, it would be indeterminate.
Avatar f tn had unprotected sex with hiv positive women; tested hiv rapid test at 2.8 month negitive; at 3 month tested with wb resulted indeterminate, again tested 4 months resulted indeterminate: i have uric acid high and fibrogloria, body pain and thypoid again and againz. Is it hiv2, as i am working in nigeria.
Avatar n tn (You can read about these in the archives.) An indeterminate HIV test is not a positive test! Are you really out of the woods? Yep. In fact, you were never even in sight of the trees! No need for retesting or nervous breakdowning either! Dr.
Avatar n tn Back in October, I was tested for HIV as part of prenatal case. The result was an indeterminate Western blot and a negative PCR-DNA. My husband got tested and was negative. Now, about ten days ago, the nurse practitioner re-did the test as a regular procedure and, guess what, today I found out the Western blot was indeterminate again, so now the long wait for the PCR results. My problem is now I am 37 weeks and showing signs of labor.