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Avatar f tn Indetrminate hiv test result, last contact was oral sex 4 weeks ago. Partner was recently tested as hiv negative. Waiting for further blood test results today. Im worried. Am i at large risk?
Avatar n tn I recently took a HIV test and it came back Indeterminate. I was looking at some of the causes and I had hepatitis A as a kid. and various vaccines for Hepatitis B. I havent been with anyone but the last i was i had unprotected sex... but he said his test came back negative... can HAV be one of the reasons that my test came back indeterminate?
Avatar f tn My ex and I had not had sex vaginal of oral for approx 5 weeks and I went into get tested for everything. My hiv test came back indeterminate and positive to one antibody? I cannot speak for my ex behavior so I have no idea what he did of didn't do? In my fear I purchased an at home oral hiv test kit a d took it. I tested negative. I'm concerned about the results from the doctor? He will retest again in a month but in the mean time I'm falling apart.
Avatar f tn She had just divorced her husband who had been cheating on her but she said she got tested and was clean but I have no way of proving it. I had the WB test done 28 days after the encounter and it came back indeterminate because the gp41 is equivicol. gp160, absent gp120, absent p65, absent p55, absent gp41, equivicol gp40, absent p31, absent p24, absent p18, absent Now I am freaking out and went and got another WB test today.
Avatar n tn Today my OB told me the HIV test in my OB bloodwork screen came back as "indeterminate". They took another blood sample and are doing an HIV-1 Proviral DNA test. I am not sure what kind of HIV test was done originally. Does this happen very often? I had HIV tests with my first two pregnancies and one for life insurance a few yrs ago - all were negative. Also, I gave blood back in spring and was not flagged for any problems. I have been married and faithful for 13 years.
Avatar f tn Going through the process of getting blood work done for the fertility specialist, my HIV test results came back indeterminate in April. The specialist sent me to an infectious disease specialist where I have taken two more tests, since April and they all keep coming back indeterminate. My last test was this past Tuesday, July 14th. I received the call today that my test results are still indeterminate.
Avatar n tn If you are developing a positive HIV blood test, that test would be expected to be positive at this time as well Hope this helps. Please let us know what turns up as your evaluation continues. Take care.
Avatar n tn I really wasn't aware that you could get indeterminate results from an HIV test. My concern was in possibly getting infected with HIV from being impregnated with his sperm. Could someone tell me what could cause false positives and indeterminate results on the Elisa? Now I am curious...
Avatar m tn Hello About 5 weeks ago i had sex with prostitute. It was a protected sex (with condom) all the way (oral and vaginal), no kissing. As far as i checked, condom did not break or tear. The girl stated that she was tested for STDs recently and had none (this cannot be checked independently, of course) After regretting it all the way after, decided to do STD test in a primacare location (walk-in clinic).
Avatar m tn Asked the girl about STD's - she said she tested negative shortly before (not sure if i can believe her). Decided to do HIV testing - Western blot came indeterminate, showing equivocal p24 only. do I have to worry about it? I'm sure i was HIV negative before this encounter. Is that possible that this p24 antibody is produced by smth else? I do not know if they ran other tests such as Elisa as the doctor only shown me WB results.
Avatar m tn So can you please elaborate more about what indeterminate HIV antibody test result means because it is mentioned a lot here and in the experts forum.
Avatar n tn 6 days later I get my results back and I get a indeterminate test results HIV on p24 and p40. The doctor asks me my sexual history in the past 6 months and I tell them that the only person I was with was heterosexual sex with a college student that I am dating that had a STD check back in august and was negative for everything.
Avatar m tn So what's the odd of me getting hiv positive from the 2nd test? And can I rely on the rapid HIV test? I'm feeling terrible since knowing the news.
Avatar m tn Hi so do u suggest that I am infected by some hiv virus tat cause the positive elisa but somehow wb is indeterminate coz it is a specific test only for certain strain of hiv antigen eg HIV 1 only and not HIV 2 etc? thanks..
Avatar f tn I read the website that if it is indeterminate in western blot hiv1 then it means i have to check hiv 2, as i had sex in nigeria. I had indeterminate wb in nigeria at 4 months. On sudden went to india to recheck in rapid test it was negitive (tridot), doubth because in india there is no hiv 2. Sir, is western blot at 4 month will be conclusive and 2 bands indicates hiv 2. Please help me medhelp.
Avatar n tn My doctor agreed to retest since the original test was not done in his office but from another health organization. The Hiv test was reactive however the Western Blot was indeterminate. I am retesting, but what does this mean? I have lived with this stigma for so long and have been religious to my medication just to find out I may not have HIV to begin with. Has this ever happened?
Avatar f tn I am 28 year old female pregnant with my fourth child,I received a positive indeterminate hiv result.I immediatly freaked out I had high risks in the past but not since 2005.I was tested in 2007 and had a negative result.I have been retested now four weeks later by specialists my doctor sent me to and the result was negative.I am wondering if I need to be tested again or if this is ok.I also wonder what causes a result like this any info anyone can give me to ease my mind will be helpful.
Avatar m tn If you've always used condoms you've never had an exposure.
Avatar m tn Welcome to our Forum. I understand how concerning an indeterminate HIV test can be. Indeterminate HIV tests can arise in two ways- either because you are in the process of developing antibodies to HIV or because your body has antibodies which happen to cross react with some of the antigens (proteins) which are part of the HIV virus. This latter reaction is a false positive reaction.
Avatar n tn I came to Singapore in May 2006 and as per the immigration rule I have to go through the HIV test and that’s why I went there for the test then they told me my ELISA test is positive and then they send my blood for WB test and after that they clear me. But till that day I never had any sex with any one but I use to masturbate frequently. So I don’t know what is the reason behind ELISA become positive? Then I again did my HIV test after one and half year back in NOV 19,2007 .
Avatar f tn Around Aug 28 my doctors office called and said all test came back negative except HIV was indeterminate. When I asked nurse what this ment she said "I dont know, Doc wants you to return in 4 weeks to retest" needless to say I googled the hell out of it and since have thought I had every symptom. I called my friend and told him what doc said, he said he was positive that he did not have HIV and took a home Oraquick test on Sept 5, came back negative.
Avatar f tn Welcome to the HIV forum. Most indeterminate HIV Western blots do not indicate HIV infection, and gp41 by itself is meaningless; and yours is equivocal, meaning the lab techs aren't even sure that they could see a gp41 band at all. You don't need another WB or any other additional testing. Your risk of HIV was too low to warrant testing at all.
Avatar f tn I had to get a HIV and hepatitis blood test for a boxing match a couple months ago. Hepatitis ones were fine but to my fear the HIV ones came back Pos Elisa and indeterminate WB with traces of P24/P25 band. They did supplemental immunoassays which came back non-reactive (thank god). On my printed certificate it said because of the negative supplemental assays, it's unlikely I have HIV. But I haven't stopped thinking about it since. I had unprotected sex once 2 years ago.
Avatar n tn I have called so many phone numbers and the ones that have answered do not know anything about reading results of test. I am just so confused on what indeterminate means and why I could get test results like this when my husband is testing negative and I have not done anything to contract HIV. Could this be lab error for any reason? Is there any reason why control bands can show up when a person does not have HIV? How can I not have HIV and have 6 control bands showing up...