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Avatar f tn I live in kuwait .. I had portected sex with a sex worker .. after that I took hiv ag/ab test and it came non reactive at 14 days post exposure and after 18 day post exposure i ordered a multiplex pcr rna test for hiv 1 hiv 2 hbv hcv and it came not detected for all the 4 viruses * the hospital in kuwait send my blood sample to a london labartory ...
Avatar m tn I recently took a HIV 1/ HIV 2 Test here in Kuwait at post nine week potential exposure. The lady I was involved with took the same test at four weeks and nine weeks, both of our test came back negative. I have two questions. How reliable are HIV test at nine weeks? Do you know what type of HIV test are used here in Kuwait? All HIV test here must go to the Ministry of Health.
Avatar m tn I live in Kuwait. I had sex with my exgirlfriend, which is filipina. I caught clamydia from her. This happened August 2008. I have white tongue, but Ive had that before and it wasn't hiv. I went to the doctor and he said my tongue was normal and that it is uncommon for people to have a little white on the tongue, especially towards the rear. I dont have vomiting, sweats, diarea, or loss of apetite.
Avatar f tn Twas on january 17-20 as far as i remember and i had my checkup in kuwait on february 15-17 of the same year also. I know its the worst decision i made in my life but somehow the result was Negative through blood test by finger-pricking. The question goes like this: 1. Is it a reliable result? 2. When you say finger-pricking blood test, what kind of hiv test is it and its reliabilty? Its my 6th month now and all i experienced was just a slight muscle pain for an hour or two.
Avatar m tn I am a government contractor working in Kuwait, before coming here I had had about 3 years of moderate to sever lower back pain. For the past 1 1/2 yrs prior to coming here I was prescribed all sorts of meds to try to help me manage my pain accordingly, so that I could proceed with work and continue doing what I needed to do. Finally, the doctor did prescribe me Hydrocodone 7.5mg and this seemed to help the best.
Avatar f tn i want to retest, but here in Kuwait am scared because if i test positive i will be deported, hence i need to wait to go back to my home country. The test i did in Lebanon was negative, and am not sure which generation it is, and whats keeping me worried is this tingling and wierd feeling in my armpits, i cant tell if its pain or not, but its there. I know symptoms mean nothing, buti keep reading about armpits,and stuff in the mouth.
Avatar m tn I told him I have no problem in payment. He replied that you can come in any time to do this test. He also said I Can do PCR RNA test befor 10 days. Q1. I want to ask you about the credibility of this laboratory for I can make PCR RNA test before 10 Days? Thank you again. Honest I have relaxed me a lot ..
Avatar m tn So I asked the lady I was with what her status was and she said she was HIV negative which I have no reason to think she is lying but also I do not really know this person so I wanted to test for peice of mind. Here in Kuwait when you get an HIV test done at a private clinic they send your blood to Biomnis in France. The test result came back negative after 3 and 4 weeks.
Avatar m tn Your genital exposure was protected, thus no risk and the odds of you getting HIV from your partner had HIV which is unlikely in and of itself, is less than 1 in 10.000. Thus, even before you were tested, changes that you had HIV were very, very low. Now you have had multiple negative HIV tests including a negative ELISA assay 11 weeks following exposure. AT that time the ELISA would have detected about 99% of infections which are going to occur.
Avatar m tn Not even HIV2, do you recommend me to go to HIV 2 PCR test or a western blot to make sure it is not hiv causing my symptoms and start looking for another reason?
142354 tn?1228246748 My question is will a positive antibody for HCV make you unfit for residency in Kuwait ? or will they test PCR ?
Avatar m tn 2 + P 24 antgen, test was done in November sometime and came back negative, than a secon test in Jan this year, than a third in Feb and last one i had was in May 2011. so a total of 4 tests done in a time of almost 6 months after that unlucky encounter, i got on medications like cipralex and xanax due to that scare i had and than i stopped after the test of 6 months came back negative.
Avatar m tn hello doctor i would like to ask you i did external sex with girl which i dont know very well and i dont know if she has hiv or not , it was only oral sex with condom then i moved on her butt and i teased it out without penetration just out side friction and while friction the condom went out (removed) and only i touched her breasts is that dangerous realtionship if there is any lquid from her mouth on example touched the penis i am not sure if it is happened or not may me leaked from condom
Avatar m tn That is mean only unprotected intercourse anal or vaginal penetration and sharing needles with drugs addict otherwise there is no other way hiv can spread in adults and no need for hiv test right
Avatar m tn The owners of laboratories in Kuwait say that you can test from after the last sexual encounter suspicious than a week to 3 weeks. But after that period this test does not work? and the sample will be sent to Germany or France.
5674430 tn?1377507862 im just only waiting for my visa in kuwait,i have a 2nd medical here in the phil and the 3rd is in can i overcome this is posible to negative a HbsAg Reactive...what can i do? please help so depressed and suffering from this kind of virus..
Avatar m tn Welcome back to the Forum. Overall, the risk that this woman has HIV is quite low. Here in the U.S. fewer than 1 in 10,000 women have HIV and if she has kids, she was certainly checked for HIV at the time they she was pregnant with them. In addition, there is nothing in the activities that you describe to suggest that this woman could have transmitted HIV to you. HIV is spread only through genital or ano-genital penetrative sex of injection of infected material deep into tissue.
Avatar m tn Sorry Sir I did not get what do you mean by " You don't fall in that catagory " please bare with me I am very worried and you seam to be a very knopldgable person. Is thier any medical condition that might effect the results of my test?
Avatar f tn Just want to ask if this is dangerous. And also i am applying for work in kuwait.
Avatar m tn Having said that, of course a sharp instrument injury in a medical setting could carry some risk. But a negative 4th generation HIV test (i.e. combo test for both HIV antibody and p24 antigen) is 100% reliable any time 4 weeks or more after exposure. Your test result proves unequivocally that you did not acquire HIV from the needlestick event described.
Avatar f tn Am going to my home country to get tested in 3 days, and am really anxious to know if my 48 days post exposure test in conclusive, i need to get back to my normal life, i have been living in hell for almost 7 weeks now, i have experienced some symptoms of ARS as am always googling for stuff, and everything symptom i google, i will definetly get it.
Avatar f tn nkpagwork po aq sa pinas n ang result ng medical q negative after that my visa came nagpamedical po aq negative din ang result .ng nand2 n po aq sa kuwait ngmedical din aq negative ulit....anu po ibg sbhin nun?mgling n aq?pwde bah aq mgpahepa vaccine?so far po 4yrs n aq d2 sa kuwait as nursing assistant...and im planning po n tapusin ang nursing q kso nttkot aq bka pagmgmedical ulit mgpasitive....