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Avatar f tn I am wondering how high is the rate of hiv-2 in Germany? I seen someone say once they were at a clinic in Germany and the doctor there said they never had one case of hiv-2 but I don't know if that comment is real. It wasn't sex with someone that is in the US that is why I'm worried. I took a 4th generation of hiv and it came negative but I'm worried maybe it ain't showing.
Avatar m tn I would greatly appreciate it if you could address all of my questions and concerns. Risk: (male 24) Protected sex followed by unprotected oral sex w/ a female I know in Germany. I know these are low risk activities, but my fear is I don't remember everything due to heavy drinking that preceded the encounter (I passed out/blacked out during oral). But, the girl maintains these are the only 2 activities which took place.
Avatar n tn You only need to do the hiv test which is done through a blood test, also a herpes test which is also done through a blood test.
Avatar m tn I had for a short time (couple of minutes) unprotected sex by the end of July 2009 Later while having sex with condom, the girl bleeded (she told me she had only sex with her ex-fiancee). Exposure 2: Mid of November 2009 I had a long french kiss. As the girl I kissed in November was a model, I was afraid of HIV, and I started looking in the internet for information about the virus and its tests. 1.
Avatar m tn you are negative and will most likely stay negative no one has ever gotten hiv from unprotected oral.a condom provides effective protection against hiv.if you are experiencing any symptoms it is most likely due to some other cause .
Avatar f tn I recently just got tested a clinic down where I live and they checked me with I think 4th generation hiv test and also a pcr test I don't know if it was RNA or DNA and were negative. My risk was months ago it might sound wierd but I'm still worried cause the guy I had a risk with was from Germany and he slept with people there. I'm all the way in NYC.
Avatar m tn I am from Germany and I have make a hiv-test after 6 weeks and 1 day after my contact in the laboratory, which was negative, Then I asked the doctor who carried out test there, and he sent me these two things via email ( The wonders of Labor recorded HIV test has been performed in Stennestadt and with high security on a Centaur with the CLIA test performed (test of the 3rd Generation) (we use the HIV test is a test of the 3rd generation, exactly one antigen-bridging Immuno-assay and detecti
1470597 tn?1286869087 Background:A friend in Germany was diagnosed with UC and HIV in 2009 when he was very ill.I believe that he is not pos.,based on the info he gave me on symptoms of his illness and the questionable test results due to having a poss. autoimmune disease as well as being over-vaccinated for 14yrs by the military.I insisted he be retested after I put him on a high-fiber diet (only) and took him off Atripla.After not taking Atripla for approx.
Avatar n tn Dear Doc After a high risk ( unprotected anal Sex given to a male on the Philippines) I did at Day 37 a HIV duo Test AG/p24 and at Day 54 a rapit Test AG in Germany at a Lab. They are coming up negative! 3,5 Weeks after my risk I had lots of HIV Symptomes. How Conclusive can I take this Test or how accurte are they. Do I need to Test again?
Avatar m tn HIV-1/2-Ak (Architect Ag/Ab Combo, CMIA). Tomorrow its going to be 6 weeks and 3 days (45 days) am going to do the combi test again i hope its negative.
Avatar m tn I am currently residing in Germany. Are you aware of any clinic or center which conducts such anonymous test in Germany or around? Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn only a test... designed to detect hiv...will tell one's status.
Avatar n tn the exposures you describe are rather low risk for HIV. Few heterosexual women in Germany have HIV and the quoted figure for HIV risk, if one has oral sex with an infected partner is less than 1 in 10,000 and, in my estimation that is too high. Some experts state there is no risk at all from oral sex. Neither of us on this site have ever seen or reading the medical literature of a convincing instance in which HIV was passed by oral sex. thus your exposures were low risk.
Avatar m tn intercourse and kissing on 4th / 5th Jul 09 with CSW in Germany. Three weeks later, I developed Herpes Zoster on 25th Jul 09. I got the first HIV DUO test (AG + AB) on 27th Jul (3 weeks and 2 days post exposure) and it was negative. I had taken Acyclovir during the time of this test. Then on 5th Aug (4 weeks post exposure) i did Tri Dot Card Test (AB test) and it was negative. On 25th Aug (7 weeks post exposure) I again got HIV Duo test (AG+AB) and it was negative.
Avatar m tn For accurate HIV test results, you need to wait until 4 weeks following exposure, at which time you should be tested with a combined HIV p24 antigen/HIV antibody test (these are sometimes referred to as DUO tests). When you do get tested, if you decide to, I am confident your results will be negative. I hope my comments are helpful. Please do not worry and do not give up your commitment to consistent condom use.