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Avatar m tn - and she masturbated me and gave me we baby wipes to clean. Any risk? - Should i take a test? any risk of HIV-2 because of African girl?
Avatar f tn I am wondering how high is the rate of hiv-2 in Germany? I seen someone say once they were at a clinic in Germany and the doctor there said they never had one case of hiv-2 but I don't know if that comment is real. It wasn't sex with someone that is in the US that is why I'm worried. I took a 4th generation of hiv and it came negative but I'm worried maybe it ain't showing. I never seen a test result from this guy and I heard he went with random people in Germany after I had sex with him.
Avatar m tn Hello! In Germany the health institutions recommend people to make a hiv test (elisa p24/Antibody HIV-1/2) 12 weeks after sexual contact to get an accurate result. Many doctors in this forum talk about a 28 day duotest. I wonder if these tests are the same because I read about the implementation and it seems to be the same. I had in Germany two elisa-tests (5 weeks after encounter and 8 1/2 weeks after encounter) both came out negative now I'm not sure if another test is necessary.
Avatar n tn the exposures you describe are rather low risk for HIV. Few heterosexual women in Germany have HIV and the quoted figure for HIV risk, if one has oral sex with an infected partner is less than 1 in 10,000 and, in my estimation that is too high. Some experts state there is no risk at all from oral sex. Neither of us on this site have ever seen or reading the medical literature of a convincing instance in which HIV was passed by oral sex. thus your exposures were low risk.
Avatar f tn 3 month antibody test is conclusive. A 28 day DUO test is a good indication or a 6 week antibody test is also a good indication. But 3 month antibody test is conclusive.
Avatar m tn My behavior is vaginal sex with woman who got hiv.(lately i knew) with condom in shanghai. i afraid of the broken of the condom without notice in that time. 40thday i caught a cold and my anus feel not comfortable .The symptoms also include diarrhoea and it happen after my every also last 7 days.what is my risk . what is the risk for catch hiv. i know my condom is not very good. thx .needing the way i already test at 6 8weeks. 1 how dangerous the behavior is ?
Avatar m tn That would mean that's every drug addicted would have too wait very long until he can test himself conclusively? I hope you understand my problem. In Germany they say the test is safe at 6 weeks. Thx for your answer and sorry for my bad English.
Avatar m tn - PCR RNA test after 10 days, reliability approx. 99.89% - HIV Duo (including p24 Antigen) after 28 days, reliability approx. 99.98% (p24 antigen is already detectable after 14 days, but with a negative result, it cannot be considered conclusive). It is certainly not reliable at 10 days only. You need to be tested for the common infections like Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea as they would be much more likely than HIV, though they are all treatable.
Avatar f tn Thus you can have complete confidence in both your 11 an 16 weeks test results- you did not get HIV from your ex. I am not sure what doctor you are referring to however the data are that acyclovir is thought by some to reduce risk for HIV. There are no data to suggest that acyclovir slows or prevents development of positive HIV tests. Believe your test results. I hope my comments are helpful.
Avatar m tn Hi Dr I'm a monogomous, i make a biggest mistake, and this is the only exposure in my life Back on last end of november 2012, i has received a hand job from prostitutes at red light district frankfurt germany Its only a handjob, no penetrative vaginal, anal or oral sex, and the CSW panties is never off I didnt touch her private part, i only kiss(with my outer lips) at her body , neck, and her nipples accidently get into my mouth just for a second , i didnt suck it, during her performing
Avatar f tn After 8 Werks i have make a hiv rapid Test combo it was negative... One Week later again Test on laboratory... With Hepatitis and Syphilis all negativ... Then After 10 weeks and 5 days again rapid test vika... And it was negativ... My question... Can i get now 100% secret to iam negativ.. To me i smoke since 5 years weed.. And i have perhaps chlamydien... Doctor give me Antibiotika.. Can i relax and These Tests are all right an i Need no more test???
Avatar n tn The PCR HIV test usually returns in 5 to 7 days. We offer the HIV PCR DNA test along with the Standard Elisa HIV Test. The Standard Test usually returns the next day. This testing combo is the best and only way to detect early infection. PCR is so sensitive, that there is a possibility of false positive results. Indeterminate results are also possible. It is our policy that any positive tests will be repeated on a new blood draw sample at no additional cost to you.
Avatar f tn Cumming, I'm writing you from Germany with a problem which gets more serious to me every day. I did an HIV-combination-test (HIV 1/2 - antibodies / p24 Ag) here in Germany last friday. It was negative, i got my results a few hours later that day. My "risk" might sound a bit stupid, I got pretty drunk on the evening of 1st may this year, I was going home by cab that night, but several scenes of this cab ride are simply missing, e.g. the few steps from the cab to my house door.
Avatar n tn hello guys i live in germany. i took a 4th gen. Antibody and p24 antigen test at 27 days(26days 10 hours) for free in germany. i dont know if it is duo or combo. i asked the man who works there and he didn't know as well. But there were 2 negative on the papier so it's possible to be DUO. and also he said that this test should be taken at 6 weeks 1. Are there any kind of 4th gen. test except duo or combo ? 2. Does it change after 27 days and have you ever seen or heard after 27 change ? 3.
Avatar f tn Dear doctors, I'm carrying around my worries for almost 6 months now, trying to get more confident, but sometimes my panic still get's me. Here's my story, thanks in advance for taking time to read and answer! I quit a relationship in December last year, my ex-partner and me both tested HIV-negative. About 7 months ago I was invited to a party, where I got very drunk...which I'm still so ahamed of...a good friend of mine called a cab for me, which semmed to bring me home safely.
Avatar n tn My question is related to the reliability of the HIV duo test at 28 days? I had unprotected oral sex with an African sex worker in Germany five weeks ago. There is a possibility we had sex, but due to being heavily drunk I honestly cannot remember. She spoke fluent German so I presume she has resided there for some time.
Avatar n tn Then she put a condom (Condomi Hard - German Brand electronically tested). She performed oral sex for a couple of minutes and then we had vaginal protected sex, first me on top (2 minutes) then she on top. As she was on top my penis started going down and the erection became less (probably due to my level of alcohol intoxication). She was on top for about five minutes, 3 of those minutes I was half erected but always with the condom on.
Avatar f tn Thanks so much. I did the test in Germany and they told me it’s only safe after 6 weeks (I tested after 5 weeks) so I was concerned it was too early.
Avatar m tn A lab duo test after 4-6 weeks or still an antibody test at 12 weeks (CDC), or it depends on the specialist guidance ? I guess in UK they rely on the duo test after 4 weeks and Germany 6 weeks, if I am not wrong. In Brazil, it seems public health rely on the window period of 30 days.
Avatar m tn Thanks for answering, so you mean it was a mid risk. You sad i dont have HIV due to the negative combi test after 33 days, but why in germany i have to wait till 3 month? ist to be accurit and presise or what for? Can you say anything about hepatits B is the time enough (8 sec. in her vagina) to get infected?
Avatar m tn hi how accurate is this? hiv antibody test at 5 weeks negative hiv duo test at 5 1/2 weeks negative hiv antibody test at 7 weeks negative ?
Avatar m tn What are the chances that the HIV Antibody test result at 5 weeks could change at the 4 month mark?
938921 tn?1257299856 Except in gay men and injection drug users, HIV is rare in Germany, especially in non-immigrant ethnic Germans. More important, your negative test results are virtually certain proof you were not infected. Given the combination of a low risk partner plus the negative test result at 5-6 weeks, you really have no worries. However, if you remain nervous, you could have one final test after 8-12 weeks. Assuming you have no other risks, that result will also be negative.
Avatar m tn after that i became tired and i felt something in my throat . i did many test after 23 + 32 + 42 days (HIV P24 AG\AB COMBO TEST) all of them negative. and i saw some answers for Dr. H. Hunter Handsfield & Dr. Edward W Hook , they said p24 combo after 28 days 100% reialable. so just i want to ask it's 100% reialable or no, because i'm so worried and afraid .
Avatar m tn You should ask the doctor to interpret your test, although any doc that gives you an hiv test for no risk might not be great at explaining test results either. But to make it short, you are negative and need to move on from hiv, instead of wondering about blood counts and other irrelevancies.
Avatar n tn I meant to say 'the' in the first post and i corrected it... You only need to do the hiv test which is done through a blood test, also a herpes test which is also done through a blood test.
Avatar m tn 2) Your doctor is correct. Persistent cought is not a symptom of a new or early HIV infection. 3) All HIV strains that exist in Germany and other industrialized countries are covered by the tests you had. 4) No, it never takes 6 months -- especially with a 4th generation ("duo", "combo") test for both HIV antibody and p24 antigen. Your fears are irrational, and obviously they are not going to clear up merely by repeating the scientific facts as I have done.
Avatar f tn Cummins and many more as well as countries like France Germany Australia and many other places considered an HIV test using the 4th generation combo test conclusive at 6 weeks. So even after that test came out negative my lymph nodes are still swollen even though my doctor says that they're not I can feel a bump in my neck just under my jawline on the left hand side I have weight loss during this entire.